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Pebble Beach Resorts
Pebble Beach Corporation
Pebble Beach Golf Course
Pebble Beach, California
Pebble Beach, Illinois
Pebble Beach, New Jersey
Pebble Beach, New York
Pebble Beach, North Carolina
Pebble Beach, South Carolina
Pebble Beach, Washington

If you have come to this web page seeking any of the above or others, we apologize for the inconvenience and recommend you follow the links (if available). They are all fine establishments/cities and I'm sure they would appreciate your interest.

When the creators first began playing the game Teenagers from Outer Space in the late 80s, we developed a city. The name Pebble Beach came to mind as it sounds like a joyful ocean-side community that would be fun. It was not until the mid 90s that it came to our attention there was an actual city (actually seven cities at last count) and a golf course. We obviously were not big golf folks at the time.

We're about Aliens, Teenagers, High School, Anime, and the free wheeling chaos that comes with it all.

So laugh. It's good for you.