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City Information
Pebble Beach is located six miles from the Ocean, making it a natural tourist attraction. Two Highways cross the city - Highway 12 to the west and Highway 3 which heads into the mountains to the northeast. The nearest large city is Arlington City (pop. 456,000) two hours to the south. A beautiful beach lies to the west along with a sizeable stadium for multiple sporting events.

There are three Elementary Schools that serve grades K-6 (Bryant, Lincoln, and Cherish - a private institution), one Junior High School serving grades 7-8 (Washington), and two High Schools (Pebble Beach Public and Richmond Academy - a private institution).

The current Mayor is Richard Doubletalk. He has held the position for the past sixteen years. A new Mayor and City Council is elected every year with a campaign season limited to only ten months.

Places of Interest

Pebble Beach High School - 200N Bleakhouse
The Public High School is the largest in the city. It is a huge structure, built very much like a 16th century prison complete with ramparts and narrow windows that provide a glimpse of freedom while preventing all but the skinniest or morphiest of Aliens from escaping. Hall Monitors keep a constant eye on the corridors to make sure no one runs, is late to class, or attempts to ditch school. Further information can be found at

The Student Parking Lot adjoins with 100 Hanson. During the summer, it is a huge stretch of burning asphalt five miles across. During the school day, it shrinks to the size of a postage stamp and is considered a free-fire zone between robots, science projects, saucers, and cars. Students have a saying - "No one is safe in the parking lot. No one."

The Faculty Parking Lot adjoins with 200N Paideia. This is home to the vehicles driven by the hard working, long suffering men and women of the High School Faculty. Hall Monitors keep a watch to make sure students do not park their vehicles here.

Alien Control Offices - 100N Paideia
The ACO, Earth's last bastion of defense against the destructive super powered Teenagers that have invaded the planet. These fine men and women (mostly Human with a handful of highly conservation Aliens who would rather not see species intermixation) are equipped with the finest gear and equipment the universe has ever known. On occasion, they will also receive training in how to handle such items. Alien Control Officers all dress alike in shiny black suits and mirrored sunglasses. They are a mix of the Truant Officers and Super Cop. Weighed down with bandoliers of gadgets, huge weapons, and driving cheap remakes of the Batmobile, they tend to cause more destruction than any Teen is capable of. Typically, the ACO spends their time making 'incursive assaults' on students sneaking off campus, punitive strikes against beach parties, and are often hear saying things such as 'We had to nuke the High School to save it'.

Al's Grill - Intersection of Peck and Greyhound
Al's Grill provides every Teen with their daily allotment of grease and cholesterol. The diner is something straight of Happy Days with a 1950s decor, cheerful staff, and an authentic jukebox that plays modern day records (records, not MP3s or CDs). A stage is present as well for up-and-coming bands to perform.

Nothing New Antiques - 200S Bleakhouse
Shoe-horned into a little space between other buildings, Nothing New Antiques offers exactly that - nothing new. In the long, narrow aisles of this business are displayed antique furniture, old cars, paintings, dishes, mummys, silverware, and practically anything else that might cause your grandparent to go into a long spiel about how they had one when they were your age.

Arnold's Used Cars and Saucers - 500 Elm Street
Arnold's Used Cars and Saucers takes up one entire city block and is the place where virtually every Teen purchases their first car. Arnold never has anything new in his lot - just the old, rusted beater that no Teen every wants to be seen in yet they always own for the simple reason that 'it builds character'. Arnold has been likened to a shark, always eager to seek out another victim.

Autoshop - 500 BMDRH
The Pebble Beach Autoshop is home to all the gear head dropouts from shop class hang out. Having recently undergone extensive reconstruction, the Autoshop has reopened with a dizzying array of products for which to tweak and explore the potential of your vehicle. The ordinary Teen often finds themselves here seeking to get a little bit more out of that old rust bucket they own.

Barber Shop - 100S Greyhound
An old fashioned barber shop and a good one at that, the Barber Shop is owned by Ralp Omega, a four armed Yasil from Quadrant Seven of the Milky Way galaxy. As a result, he can cut the hair of two people at the same time with great efficiency. Ralph, unfortunately, has watched too many movies with stereotypical barbers and being an Alien, believes that is the only way it should be done.

The Beach - Beach Road
Due to the constantly warm temperatures, the light tan sands of the beach are constantly packed. Humans and Aliens enjoy riding the surf, swimming, basking in the sun, or visiting the beach house for dinner. The Surfin' Shop tends to everyone's surfboard needs. A small island a short distance off shore (reachable only by boat or swimming) plays host to many small private parties. Visitors should note that Jet Bikes and Saucers are strictly forbidden over the water.

Building Buster Video - 600 Hanson
The size of a small apartment complex, Building Buster Video is packed to the brim with videos (every time in existence) and DVDs. There is essentially nothing that cannot be found here - even your fourth grade Christmas Choir Recital practice, though often at a steep price.

Car Land - Intersection of Peck and Alamo
Devoted to car of all types - from miniature RC cars up to the latest Galaxy NASCAR Star Ship Series, Car Land is a motorhead's paradise. It is a mixture of museum, arcade, and store. It also is host to a sizeable Go-Kart Track.

Chapel - 300N Greyhound
One of the more notable places of worship in the city, the chapel is a huge gothic style building. No one is quite sure what religion is worshiped there and very few people are ever seen entering or existing the place. In general, it has an eerie felling that keeps most of the curious away. There is, however, a sizeable graveyard in the back that is a tempting shortcut for many Teenagers as well as a place for midnight dares.

City Hall - Intersection of Hanson and Alamo
The center of the Pebble Beach Municipal government. Consequently, almost nothing is accomplished within this grand structure topped with a dome of gold leaf. During much of the year, each City Council member meets with their staff to prepare their upcoming campaign for re-election. The courtroom, city records, and Mayor's office are all located in City Hall.

Phantom Kitty Cosmo Comics - 100S Greyhound
The Phantom Kitty Cosmo Comics store is the most popular comic book store in town. Despite its small size, the owners manage to stock it chockfull of a wide variety of American, Japanese, and Intergalactic comic books, DVDs, games, and memorabilia.

Co-Op Records - 200 Moreno
Co-Op Records is an independent music store and quite often the best place in town to get your favorite CDs, DVDs, and other entertainment needs. The owner, Mike, is slightly on the loopy side after having been a roadie for the past thirty odd years. His collection consists of everything from the beginning of music (i.e. rocks banging on other rocks) to the latest ultra modern Alien music. There is always a funky smell in the air when in Co-Op Records.

Dan's Cafe - 100S Alamo
A small cafe located in the affluent east side, Dan's has a tendency to attract those with wealth. One will frequently find hippies or Richmond Academy students hanging out. The menu comprises mostly of coffee and sandwiches.

Darley Havidson Jet Bike Dealership - 200 Elm
Interested in a Jet Bike? Boogie Board? Then look no further, Darley Havidson Jet Bike Dealership of Pebble Beach has exactly what you need! In operation since 1996, this business deals in only the finest of machines. Darley himself will be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.

Daycare Center - 200N Greyhound
Once a small business, the Daycare Center has been forced to expand to handle toddlers of all types - Human and Alien. Unfortunately, the poor owner Luann has vastly underestimated the work involved in caring for Alien toddlers who can Shapechange, Monster Out, or Zap a worker when feeling cranky or in need of a bottle. As a result, many of the workers in the Daycare are very stressed. They also receive frequent visits from the ACO.

Derkins - 100S Paideia
Derkins Country Dining is patterned after an old-fashioned American Midwest farmhouse and serves a wide variety of foods. Open twenty-four hours a day, it can be considered more upscale than a fast food joint, but not quite as fancy or pricey as La Masion. It is famous throughout the state for its cherry pie.

McMartin Drug Store - 600 Hanson
The McMartin Drug Store likes to paint itself as the rival to nearby Gwedo's Antidote Shop, but in reality it is just your typical neighborhood drug store. Everything from hair loss treatments to over the counter medicines to engine oil to clothing is sold within the aisles, along with a heavy dose of sugar laden candies near the cash register. It also has one of the best pharmacies in town and is the place most doctors recommend you go.

City Dump - Intersection of Moreno and Paideia
Once owned by city hero Randall Wiley, the City Dump is now under the control of the city Sanitation Engineers department. There is little for the tourist to see her aside from garbage, more garbage, and maybe even something interesting. On occasion, one will be able to find something very interesting. It is not uncommon to see Humans or Aliens digging through a pile, once again demonstrating that the two species have completely different views on what is garbage and what is not.

Esperanto World Grocery Store - 100S West
A pleasant little neighborhood grocery store that specializes in foreign foods. Great species and recipes can be found here to make an authentic, ethnic meal. Despite the Alien influence in the world, Esperanto's carries only Earth food.

Fire Station - 300 Elm
Despite the size of the city, this is Pebble Beach's only Fire Station. It was formed by volunteers and run as such until the early 90s when they discovered that they could indeed be paid for something like this. Now they are paid and unionized, resulting in most of the firefighters spending their days washing the truck, sliding down the firehouse pole, or waiting for another Alien to accidentally start a fire or for the High School Chemistry classroom to go up in smoke again.

Floaters - Intersection of Hanson and West
The largest grocery store, Floaters is not actually in the city but hovers over the streets using Star Trek style transporters to move customers to and fro. The busiest hours are usually SUnday and Monday mornings. Teenagers are frequently seen here, picking up small and trivial things for their parents.

Gas Station - 100N Bluebird
One of the scattered gas stations in the city, this one serves Cars and Saucers alike. Though all of the pumps are automated, there is an old, overweight man who sits inside a little shack ignoring all requests for directions or assistance.

Gwedo's No ID Liquor - 600 Elm Street
Run by the mysterious Gwedo (of whom no one has ever seen aside from a shadowy silhouette), Gwedo's No ID Liquor is a favorite of Teenagers, winos, drunks, frat boys, and undercover police officers. As the name implies, no ID is necessary to purchase liquor, but the Police have been unable to put a stop to the business. Patrons are advised the local Neighborhood Watch keeps a camera trained on the store at all times.

Gwedo's Antidote Shop - 600 Hanson
Another shop run by the mysterious Gwedo, the Antidote Shop actually serves a useful purpose and has not yet been a target of shutdown by the city. Antidotes for every known illness, disease, curse, poison, or whatnot can be found somewhere among the crowded shelves of this store. Most of the time that is. Occasionally stock shortages will mean you will have to wait until the following Tuesday to receive the item you seek. There have been rumors of side effects arising from antidotes as well. Even the simplest antidote is expensive, though Gwedo has been known to accept favors in exchange.

Hobbies Limited - 100S Bluebird
The local hobby shop, Hobbies Limited caters to all your roleplaying, wargaming, card addiction, or other nerdy needs. It also has a vast stock of paint for models and lead figurines. This store was once known as Hobbies Unlimited, but was forced to change its name following a court case that revealed it did not carry an unlimited selection of items.

Hungry Harry's Chicken Palace - 500 Peck
Slightly better than a fast food joint, but no where near a gourmet restaurant, Hungry Harry's Chicken Palace fits into a happy medium for those who need to dine out. Take out is also available. This business serves buckets of friend chicken along with sides of potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuits.

LaLa's Bowling Alley - 500 Elm Street
Named after the not-so-great bowler, LaLa, who perished after bowling a high score of 10, the Bowling Alley is a relatively new addition to the city. It has the smell of used bowling shoes and plenty of lanes for a cheap date or evening on the town with buddies. Every type of bowling in the galaxy is here from simple Earth Bowling to Candlepin to Ultimate Multilevel Illusionary Tilta-Bowl (legal in only two states and requires parental permission).

La Masion Rouge - 200N Alamo
La Masion Rouge offers the highest class gourmet dining experience in Pebble Beach, hands down. If one wishes to impress their date, there is no better place to take them. Be sure to bring along three forms of identification in the case an emergency loan is needed. A strict dress code (Black Tie and Dress) are required for entry.

Maneki Neko - 100N Greyhound

Visitors to Maneki Neko Karaoke and Noodle Palace are greeted by its mascot - a smiling cat with a paw lifted in greeting. Stop by for a good time belting out bad tunes or visit the noodle shop for authentic Japanese cusine. Stop by with the kids and get their pictures taken with the Neko mascot!

McDoggies - 500 Peck Avenue
Having proudly served over eight trillion burgers in the Milky Way alone, McDoggies is a household name. A fast food joint in all forms, even if one of those forms are Aliens who order grease straight from the fry vats, McDoggies is popular among Teens and the busy alike. During the lunch hour, most of the patrons are here from the High School, making it a popular location for Truant Officers to bust students.

Military Surplus Store - 100N Bleakhouse
With the Arrival of Aliens, nearly all Earth based military supplies and weapons became obsolete. As a result, surplus stores such as this one popped up all over the place. The store has everything from army dogtags to Zap Guns to spare parts for a nuclear fission Electric Nosehair Trimmer. Anything that is legal and explosive can likely be purchased here.

Mini-Golf Land - Intersection of Moreno and Greyhound
Mini-Golf Land is home to 18 glorious holes of putt-putt entertainment and excitement. It offers two separate courses - one easy, one hard. It is a popular hangout for Teens, though one may find an occasional pro golfer teeing up.

Nuclear Power Plant - 400 BMDRH
Owned by the Burns Corporation, the Nuclear Power Plant provides the city with an abundant amount of power. Aliens seem to enjoy basking in the soft green glow that emits from a large crack in one of the reactors, a feature that is identified by Plant Management Safety Inspector Simpson as 'a cooling mechanism'. Despite a large number of safety violations, the plant continues to operate without prosecution due to a substantial bribe budget and the fact that the city could not exist without its power. The plant is also conveniently located across the street from the Colonial Hospital, but claims it has nothing to do with the high number of radiation cases or mutations in cafeteria food.

Ottoman Furniture Store - 500 Moreno
An old furniture store that has remained closed for quite a few years. Dust has gathered on the windows and no one is quite sure what goes on inside, but it is obvious from the flashes of light and sounds that someone still occupies the building. Back in the day, the Ottoman Furniture Store was renown for the goods it sold.

Paideia Apartments - 200S Paideia
One of the largest apartment complexes in the city, Paideia Apartments houses several dozen families and is expanding all the time. Though not as roomy as a normal house, the apartments are complete with three bedrooms, a living room, and balcony with a guaranteed view of Pebble Beach. An underground parking garage is provided.

Park - Intersection of Peck and Paideia
Though just a simple park on the south side, this one sees a surprising number of visitors. Teens without a great deal of money or an early curfew hang out here. Among the amenities provided are a public swimming pool, playground equipment, picnic tables, grass, and wood chips.

Phil's Phamily Copying - 100S West
For all your copying needs, there is only one place to go - Phil's Phamily Copying. This shop has recently purchased a Xerox MultiCopier 256000 Series copier, capable of copying 300 sheets at once at a rate of 75 sheets per minute. Employees firmly deny rumors that they have earned their position as the top copier in town by using their suspected ties with the Rigel Seven Mafia.

Pizza PI - 200 Moreno
One of the two main pizza joints in town, Pizza PI's close proximity to the High School makes certain there is steady stream of customers. The store has seen better days, but its food is still good and well priced.

Police Station & Impound Yard - 200 BMDRH
The Men, Women, and Its that protect the city call this large building their base. Adorned with flags of the United States, United Nations, Intergalactic Police, and several dozen other law enforcement organizations, the Police are here to serve and protect. In reality, however, they spend much of their time chasing Teens around the city. The remainder of their time is spent at the nearby Donuttee Shoppe.

The Police Impound Yard adjoins to the Police Station. Surrounded by a tall fence, cameras, and guard dogs, the Yard is where lost, towed, or wrecked vehicles are brought. The Impound Yard staff are more than willing to release your vehicle to you provided you have a signed note from your parents and a 25 buck fine.

Quicky Construction - 600 BMDRH
Quicky Construction is one of the more prominent Alien owned businesses in the city. From the Qwentar System and looking very much like round balls with seven arms, the Quickys are able to build anything and fast. Very fast. After the destruction of City Hall following the Arrival, Quicky Construction rebuilt the structure in only two days. The one flaw the Quickys have is that they are an extremely trusting race. This has led to more than one incident of mischievous Teens being loaned wrecking balls or bulldozers.

Richardson House - Intersection of Peck and Bleakhouse
Also known as the local haunted house, the Richardson House was built in the late 1870s. Rumor has it that it was abandoned in the 1950s after one of the residents went insane and murdered the entire family. Horror stories are passed down from one generation to the next. Teens out breaking their curfew will run home and swear they saw lights or someone moving about in the old house. More than once, someone has tried to spend the night but no one in memory has been able to stay before fleeing in terror.

Ronnie's Wonderful Costume Shop - 600 Hanson
As the name implies, Ronnie's Wonderful Costume Shop is dedicated to providing the best in costumes. There is an enormous section dedicated to Halloween, another to Cosplay, and so forth. Ronnie and his two daughters (always dressed in costumes while in the shop) are even designers. Ronnie has a good heart and will perform shows for young children and Teens, even if they don't want him too.

School of Gung Fool - 100N Greyhound
The School of Gung Fool teaches the ancient art of self-defense known as Gung Fool, one of the more distant relatives of the art of Karate. Or so the instructors claim. There is little evidence to back it up. The school has a surprising number of students, mostly Teens from the nearby High School.

Ski Resort - Highway 3
A short distance past the infamous Deadman's Curve, the Ski Resort sports several bunny slopes and a number of more challenging runs. Located high in the mountains, it sees a constant amount of snow, despite Pebble Beach's warm climate. Skiers and snowboarders are welcome. A lodge, chairlifts, and excellent view of the city bring people back time and again.

Shades O' Rama - 400 Hanson
Shades O' Rama is built to look like a pair of Nova Sunburst sunglasses and as per its name, deals only in sunglasses and assorted eyeware. Some of the hottest and coolest fashions in the Galaxy show up here first. Some pairs of sunglasses have been known to improve one's looks or even make them cooler. Shades O' Rama sees a brisk business, which is no surprise having been situated in a city right next to an ocean.

Slice of Life Pizza Parlor - Intersection of Peck and Alamo
One of the better pizza joints in town, Slice of Life Pizza Parlor is renown for being able to make any kind of pizza. And they mean any kind. Using their special combination of oven/fridge cooking devices, they can produce everything from pepperoni to ice cream to salt coated slugs pizzas. The business is run by an Alien and his five apprentices.

The Mall - Intersection of BMDRH and Paideia, Intersection of BMDRH and Bleakhouse
The Mall - a huge structure built in the shape of a simple plus (+) sign yet somehow remains a confusing building no matter how many times one has visited it. Easily the most popular hangout for Teens of all walks of life, the Mall has many randomly changing exits, stores that are never in the same location twice, and a huge parking lot that is nearly as risky to cross as is the High School Parking Lot. Scores of different stores all reside under one roof to offer practically anything under the sun and then some.

Mall Management would like to stress that under no circumstances should any customer be in the Mall after closing time.

The Sports Center - Intersection of BMDRH and West
The Sports Center is the city's largest sporting good supply store. It carries every known type of Earth sporting equipment and as many Alien sports as possible to fit in the building. It also has a rec room, gym, eight lane 400 meter track, tennis courts, basketball courts, and Olympic size swimming pool.

Thousand Oaks - 200N Alamo
The Thousand Oaks Hotel and Ballroom is the site of many public and private events each year. It is a high class facility with hotel rooms often off limits to the general public. The High School hosts its prom and other formal dances here rather than in their own gymnasium. Weddings, birthdays, and corporate events are also held here.

Travel Agency - 300 Hanson
The Travel Agency is the only place in town to organize a good vacation - on Earth or away. Travel Doormats sell for as little as $50 though extensive packages can be purchased.

Uncle Luke's Music Store - 200S Greyhound
For the experienced or budding musician, Uncle Luke's Music Store has everything. Top notch guitars, drums, keyboards, or accessories are all available. No band is complete without a visit to Uncle Luke. Rumor has it that the namesake of this store was once a member of the red hot bad LOx.

Ye Olde Donutte Shoppe - Intersection of BMDRH and Greyhound
Situated in a prime location next to the Police Station, this is the most popular doughnut shop in town. Every hour, a new batch of doughnuts - sprinkle covered, frosting covered, or cream filled - are baked. It has had to make some adjustments to its menu due to the Alien arrival so the customer is warned that what they believe is custard could actually be Tornalian Mucas, a favorite of the Timexian race.

Zace Hardware - 300 BMDRH
Also known as The Man's Shop, Zace Hardware is the playground for the grown man and the child within. It carries a huge line of Earth and Alien tools. Anything that can be used in a construction project from hammers to wrenches to hyperspanic dodas to dynamite can be purchased here. Some items do require a valid construction permit in order to purchase.

Zoltar Wilson Memorial Stadium - Highway 12
Named after the great coach that led the Pingers Baseball team to its first .500 season, the stadium was built at great expense to the citizens of Pebble Beach. It is also called home by the Sand Dunes football team and Pebbles Astroball league. On rare occasions, the stadium will play host to concerts or other grand events.

Recently, a race track known as the Pebble Beach Speedway Complex has been built near the grounds of the stadium. The track can hold up to 30,000 spectators who are protected by a force field dome.

Zombie Zoo - 200 Peck
Taking up almost an entire city block, the Zombie Zoo is the hottest nightclub in Pebble Beach. Six floors of dark red, purple, orange, blue, green, black, and white, it constantly has a huge line outside it, all stopped by a bouncer who makes sure they are worthy of entry.

Zorkborger's Ice Cream Parlor - Beach Road
Providing some of the best ice cream in the city, Zorkborger's Ice Cream Parlor is perfectly located alongside the beach. With its Zorkborgian Automated Sundae Machine Mark VII, patrons can create just about any type of sundae they desire. Mr. Zorkborger is a polite, friendly Alien with six legs and four arms and awkward toupee on his head.




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