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Within these pages and preserved for your edification (that means enlightenment for those of you who haven't taken Sophmore English yet) are just a few of the TFOS Mux Roleplaying logs. These are in roughly chronological order (very rough as we do not know the exact order) starting with the newest and going down to the oldest. They represent some of the best of roleplaying on the Mux.

Logs marked with PRP are Player Run Plots with little Faculty intervention.

Any PC wishing to submit a log only has to follow the instructions listed under News & Rules - Roleplaying - Logs.

NOTE - As of July 19th, 2007, this page is not complete. It will be updated and modified in the near future to handle the large number of logs that we have available. Thank you for your patience.

Log Name
Point of View
When Buzz Met Kali The first ever meeting between Buzz and Kali, setting up a pattern of cluelessness and drool that has been followed since. Buzz
Dancing on the Beach A beach party. Buzz
Slumber Party Long log. Every girl on the Mux gathers to dis the boys and chat. Note - .oO(thought) marks thoughts passed by the Faculty to Kali. Second appearance of Sailor Kali. Kali
Lunch at McDoggies Several Teens head out to McDoggies for lunch. The results are both typical and predictable. With no Faculty present, Kali takes duty as the Referee. Buzz
At The Movies Buzz, Kali, and Shumira try an experiement in consensual movie watching - "Patch Adams Saves Private Ryan from the Titanic - based on a true story or three". Several [Public] and OOC comments are left in the log to explain the rules. Buzz

Getting Chibi With It


PRP. A rhapsody in three parts. Kia ran a three day plot based on the concept that all the school's nerds (except the PCs) had gathered un the leadership of one Melvin P. Simon. His plan? To un-age the entire student body so that the nerds could push the resulting kids around and rule the school. Note - The Captain Anne reference is to an Orphan Anne doll colored in a cammo pattern. Kali
The French Frying Legion PRP. Shumira (playing the part of her identical cousin Marlene, ala the Parent Trap/Patty Duke Show) throws in a little pose about the indignities of being a light snack. It quickly gets out of hand. Shumira
A Prank PRP. Prince Philip Charming Jr is angry with Mr.Mauler and ropes up a few of the local Teens to be in on his revenge. Glue is involved along with a toilet seat. Prince
Payback Payback and revenge for the previous Prank. Mr.Mauler
Weird Science Fair Only two students were lost due to a buggy hyperdimensional portal this year. Bad punds, running gags, and Kali and Shumira's farewell performance make this a hysterical and historical event. Mr.Mackey
Assault of the Little Green Men Chaos and confusion at Al's Grill as the Teens are attacked by a bunch of little green men who do not approve of Truth or Dare Ves
Haircut or Bust! Din, Manzi, Arianna, and Zure all head in for a haircut at the Mall. Meet Fabian, Super Duper Cuts Head Hair Stylist. N/A
Power Sander! A power sander, Sunday drivers, and a rather bewildered Tanaka. Ves
Beach Concert The first Pebble Beach Beach Concert. With a surprise guest! Manzi
Escape from the Truant Officers Kali and Pixy try to elude the Truant Officers after having been turned in by a bus boy at the Beach House. All the excitement of a Jerry Bruckheimer flick. Referee
Egg Stink-tion Mrs. Dhivael and Vione explain how dinosaurs went extinct. Mrs. Dhivael
Attack of the Goblin Clones Goblin's attack Al's Grill. Kia
Book Burning Mrs. Dhivael dedices to burn some books as a lesson on electricity with encouragement from Minthe, Holly, and Vione. Tal
What's in a Name? Anne's friends try to explain Holly's brother's name (Just) and later, Aidan tries to explain Easter. Anne
Seldarine on the Scene Beware the Robbers Seldarine
Annie Get Your Gun Tal gives Anne a present - a custom gadget. Anne
Truck-a-saurus Anne uses his present and the result makes some people angry. Very angry. Anne
Cannonball Tal makes an interesting appearance. Anne
Dating Confusion Unedited Log. Vern asks Jill out, then takes Anne to La Maison Rouge. Marius talks in his sleep. N/A
Meatysaurus Meatballs attack. N/A

Lies, Spies, and Mud Pies

  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Part 1 - What happens when you drink and are underage. Scene splits into two locations for a few minutes towards the end. POV - Mrs. Dhivael

Part 2 - Just about everyone turns into geeks, Anne shoots a lot, and gets shot a lot. POV - Anne

Mrs. Dhivael/Anne
Deeandee Jill and Kai decide to teach Minthe how to play D&D N/A
Pretty Hair Anne's lost her memory and is mesmerized by Dahk and his pretty, shiny hair. Anne
The Black Knight Dahk afraid of girls? Who would have thought? N/A





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