Here, preserved for your edification (that means enlightenment for those of you who haven't had Sophmore Year English with Mr. Maddox yet), are a few of the TFOS Mux Roleplaying Logs. These logs are in roughly chronological order, very rough at that as we cannot recall the exact order of the early ones and represent a good selection of what Roleplaying is like on the MUX. Any Player is allowed to submit a log (you can e-mail me if you have questions).

Dahk’s Logs: A collection of logs from Dahk’s old site, taken by request before the site could go *poof*.


When Buzz Met Kali Yes folks, the first ever meeting between Buzz and Kali. Setting up a pattern of cluelessness and drool that has been followed ever since. Told from Buzz's point of view.
Dancing On The Beach Our heroes decide to have a party! Lacking suitable accommodations they go off to the municipal beach. Buzz's point of view.
Slumber Party Rather long and probably of no interest to anyone who was not there. Every girl on the MUX gathers to dis the boys and chat. Kali's point of view. Note, the occasional thought baloons .oO(Like this) are the evil staff types inserting insanity into my head. It should be obvious by the end of the log what it is about. Also, this is the second apperance of Sailor Kali. See how quickly she clears the room.
Lunch at McDoggies Several of the Pebble Beach teens head out to McDoggies for lunch. The results are both typical and predictable. With no staff types on line, Kali takes duty as the GM type. Buzz's point of view.
At The Movies Buzz, Kali and Shumira try an experiment in consensual movie watching. It doesn't work to well due to the small number of people and Shumira having to leave early. Several [Public] and OOC comments are left in to explain the rules. Now sit back and relax as we watch 'Patch Adams Saves Private Ryan From the Titanic. Based on a true story (or three).' Buzz's point of view.
Getting Chibi With It A rhapsody in three parts. This is what happens when players get bored, Kia ran a little three day plot based on the concept that all the school's nerds (except us) had gathered under the leadership of one Melvin P. Simon. His insidious plan? To un-age the entire student body so that the nerds could push the resulting little kids around and rule the school. They started with us. Kali's point of view. Occasionally you will find Kali talking to some one by the name of 'Captain Annie', that is an Orphan Annie doll with the apron removed and colored in a cammo pattern. It was in my desc the second and third days, but I forgot to look at myself.
The French Frying Legion Again with the bored players, this time Shumira (here playing the part of her identical cousin Marlene, ala The Parent Trap/The Patty Duke Show) throws in a little pose about the indignities of being a light snack. It quickly gets out of hand in true TFOS style. Shumira/Marlene's point of view.
A Prank Prince Philip Charming, Jr. is angry at Mr. Mauler and ropes a few of the local teens in on his revenge. Glue is involved, as is a toilet seat. 'Nuff said. The prince's point of view. There were, alas, recriminations, results, fallout.
Payback! (Bum-bum-BUUUUUMMMM!) Mr. Mauler's (!!!) point of view.
Wierd Science Fair This year's Weird Science Fair went well: we only lost two students to a buggy hyperdimensional portal this year. Bad puns, running gags, and Kali and Shumira's farewell performance make this a hysterical and historical event. Mr.Mackey served as Faculty Advisor, and this comes from his point of view.
Assault of the Little Green Men Chaos and confusion at Al's Grill as the Teens are attacked by a bunch of little green men who do not approve of Truth or Dare! Seen from the viewpoint of Ves.
Haircut or Bust! During a typical day at the mall, Rin, Manzi, Arianna, and Zure all head in for a haircut. Meet Fabian, Super Duper Cuts head hair stylist!
Power Sander! Told from the viewpoint of Ves, this one involves a power sander, Sunday drivers, and a rather bewildered Tanaka.
Beach Concert From the viewpoint of Manzi, it's the first Pebble Beach Beach Concert. Includes a surprise guest!
Escape From The Truant Officers From the viewpoint of the Referee - Kai and Pixy try to elude the Truant Officers after having been turned in by a bus boy at the Beach House. All the excitement of a Jerry Bruckheimer film!
Egg Stink-tion: Mrs. Dhivael and Vione explain how dinosaurs went extinct.
Attack of the Goblin Clones Sent in by Kai, goblins attack Al's.
Book burning: Poor Tal. Mrs. Dhivael decides to burn some books as a lesson on electicity (with encouragement from Minthe, Holly and Vione).
What's in a name?: Seen from Anne's point of view, her friends try to explain Holly's brother's name 'Just'. And, later, Aidan tries to explain Easter.
Seldarine On the Scene: Seen from Seldarine's point of view. Beware the robbers!
Annie Get Your Gun: Tal gives Anne a present (Please note: The gun featured in this story is a custom gadget and not available for purchase.)
Truck-a-saurus: Anne uses her present and the result makes some people angry. Very angry. (Please note: The gun featured in this story is a custom gadget and not available for purchase.)
Cannonball: Tal makes an interesting appearance
Dating Confusion: See below.
Meatysaurus: Meatballs attack! Eee!
Marius' Concert See below.
Lies, Spies and Mud Pies, pt. 1: Seen from Mrs.Dhivael's point of view (though Mrs.Dhivael never shows up), this is what happens when you try to drink but you're not old enough. Eavesdrop prefixes have been preserved, at least for now. At the end, the scene splits for a few minutes into two locations before all are together again.
Lies, Spies and Mud Pies, pt. 2: Seen from Anne's point of view. It begins where part 1 leaves off. Just about everyone turns into geeks, Anne shoots a lot and gets shot a lot.
Deeandee: Jill and Kai decide to try to teach Minthe how to play D&D.
Pretty Hair: Anne’s lost her memory and is mesmerized by Dahk and his ‘Pretty, Shiny hair’.
The Black Knight: Dahk? Afraid of girls? Who’d have thought....

Logs to come:
Dating Confusion: Vern asks Jill out, then takes Anne to La Masion Rouge. Marius talks in his sleep. This log is included, but hasn't been completely edited.

Marius' Concert! I promise I'll get this one up! I will. It's something like three, four separate logs.


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