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Subject: When Buzz Met Kali  


200 Peck Avenue
This part of Pebble Beach is taken up almost entirely by the night life activities and the stores that need to support them. The huge Zombie Zoo nightclub takes up almost the entire side of one street, about six floors in height. A huge line of teenagers and aliens line up around all of the corners of the building. The rest of the buildings are small convenience stores, liquor stores, and other night life related places. It's a busy part of town and the police, as well as the ACO are present.
Ford Chaser (WEIRDR)
Volkswagon Bug (FRISBEE)
Obvious exits:
Zombie Zoo <Z> Parking Lot <PL> East <E> West &ly;W>

Kali comes in from the west.

Kali has arrived.

Kali says "Greatings"

Kali says "Well, @#^$! I meant Greetings"

Buzz is sitting on a large patch of sidewalk, across from the Zombie Zoo. He carefully studies anyone going in or out of the Zoo.

Buzz's sluggish thought proccesses register the arrival of someone, mere minutes after the actual event. He turns and offers a greeting. "Hi."

[look Kali]
Before you is a tall (6'5"), willowy (48-14-22), *very* atractive young NH girl. Formally known as Strike Commander Kali "The Destroyer", her pale silver/grey complection is complemented nicely by her mediun silver/grey hair and red eyes. She looks exceptionally cute in her uniform: royal blue pants with a gold stripe up the outside of each leg and matching royal blue shell jacket with gold trim worn over a white blouse. She sports four rows of ribbons and bears the rank and insignia of a Strike Commander in a Malefector striker regiment.
House Key
Hyperdimensional Library Card
Lancer Keys (STRIKER)

Kali lets a frown crease her face. "I said Greetings"

Buzz responds as is typical for a human male. he lets his tongue wave hello as he looks you over several times.

Kali steps back to avoid the saliva....

Kali says "Tell me, Earth creature, is this where one goes to "party down"??"

Buzz's tongue, fooled by his glands into believing there was food somewhere around here, now retreats back into his mouth. he manages to articulate "party?"

Kali says "Yes, you know.... groups of humans making loud noises and annoying everyone."

Kali says "I'm supposed to observe this behavior and *ugh* participate if possible"

Buzz puts two and two together, comes up with 3 point something. knowing nothing of fractions or rounding, he instead just nods a lot.

Kali sighs and moves upwind as she survays the scene.

Kali mumbles "note to self: have spell checker module added to English language translator."

Buzz quite clearly declares "Buzz hungry." whether he means for this to help you or not is anyone's guess.

Kali runs a highly critical eye up and down Buzz and states "eat your pizza."

Kali turns to the Zoo and stands, arms akimbo, while she watches the goings on.

Buzz looks down at his shirt at the slice. "No. Buzz save for emeuh.... ermeng... ermgen... <sigh> Buzz save for later."

Kali mumbles "... frontal asault ... armoured striker company.... tactical MOV unit...."

Buzz scratches his head.

You say "Eat now?"

Kali says "Yes. Eat now, Buzz."

Buzz jumps up to his feet much faster than a teener his size should. "McDoggies?"

Kali looks Buzz over again, more carefully. "You're the native... where ever you think is good.

Buzz blinks and shows every sign of not understanding what you mean

Kali says "Yes, buzz, McDoggies."

Buzz smiles a huge frightening smile, and dashes off to the east You head east on the road.

Intersection of Peck and Greyhound
Some of the nightlife from the west trickles into this area but the area still maintains a nice homey atmosphere. Street lamps sit on every corner and police regularly patrol the area. The homes are mostly normal looking with an alien one here or there.
Saturn Venus (SLR-MOON)
Dodge Tryant 1996 (JOOKIE)
Sitrus Speeder (CRAZY)
Obvious exits:
Al's Grill <A> East <E> North <N> West <W&g;

Kali comes in from the west.

Kali has arrived.

Kali follows Buzz

Buzz seems to run faster as he goes past Al's Grill You head east on the road.

300 Peck Avenue
A small little pond sits on one side of the road to the south and runs for a good one hundred feet. The water is relativly clear and during the summer people enjoy playing and swimming in it. Not to far from the pond are nice homes of all sorts and sizes. Cars and saucers go down the road here slowly as children seem to be abound.
Obvious exits:
304 <304> East <E> West <W>

Kali comes in from the west.

Kali has arrived.

Kali trots after Buzz

Buzz slows down a little, now just a fast walk You head east on the road.

Intersection of Peck and West

[snip to]

500 Peck Avenue
Two major fast food restaurants have taken up residency on this city block, resulting in some of the most fierce competition between rivals Pebble Beach has ever seen. McDoggies, the premier burger joint sits on the northern side of the street, a steady stream of vehicles move in and out of its parking lot. On the south side of the street is the largest chicken fast food restaurant in the galaxy: Hungry Harry's Chicken Palace. The Chicken Palace also has a steady stream of cars going in and out, leading to an impressive traffic jam in the middle of the street. Occasionally, after spending some time here, one can see an employee of one of the fast food places sneak out and cross the street for their lunch break.
Obvious exits:
Hungry Harry's Chicken Palace <CP> McDoggies Parking Lot <PL> East <E> West <W>

Kali comes in from the west.

Kali has arrived.

Kali surveys the chaos disapprovingly

Buzz takes a sharp turn into the McDoggies parking lot, causing two cars and a saucer to engage in spectacular evasive maneuvers Kali slows to a march and strides towards McDoggies.

You leave the street and go into the McDoggies parking lot.

McDoggies Parking Lot
A large parking lot, capable of handling about two dozen cars and saucers. The lot is almost constantly full as teeners and family folks move to and from the McDoggies Fast Food Resturant. The large building is painted red and bright yellow. A large yellow sign reads McDoggies-Burgers sold over 1,000 light years from Earth. Two glass doors lead into the building.
Volkswagon Bug (STREEK)
Obvious exits:
McDoggies <M> Street <S>

Kali arrives from the street.

Kali has arrived.

Leaving the parking lot you go into McDoggies McDoggies-Restaurant
The McDoggies main dining area is the epitomy of clean, wholesome, family eating. Or at least it tries to be. Colorful pictures and paintings adorn the walls, most clashing with the bright red and yellow paint which the establishment has chosen for their colors. Large windows present a fine view of the outside while permitting young kids of all species to make interesting designs on the glass with their food, mouths, and other body parts. Booth's line the walls while small four person tables fill the center of the room.

At the front of the store is a counter with four cash registers. Behind that counter are the ever viligiant and loyal McDoggies employees. A few seem extrodinarly bored with their jobs, whle others hustle around, pulling their hair (fur,pods, spines, etc) out over late food orders.
SIGN:Help Wanted
Obvious exits:
Kitchen <K> Parking Lot <PL>

Kali comes in from the parking lot.

Kali has arrived.

Kali sniffs the air... Then wrinkles her nose "Food?"

Buzz gravitates over to the counter, or vice versa. his large figure casts a shadow over the poor teener girl at the register (even under the seemingly-omnipresent fluorescent lighting). He grins, and she whimpers slightly.

Kali strides up to the counter next to Buzz, apparently taking notes.

Buzz points at the menu board. "Buzz want that." and the employee presses the big red button. Screams of pain coming from the cooks can be heard over the resulting alarm klaxons.

Kali's eyes scan the menu items behind the counter help. "Cheese burger, cheese taco, cheese rat, cheese log...

Kali says "Ah!! Food dispenser unit: Procure me a 'Cheese Whiz on a Bun'"

Buzz's order comes on three trays, which he scoops up in two large hands, and makes his way to a table.

You sit down at Table 1.

Kali looks on eagerly as the kitchen staff lays out an open bun and a can of Cheese Whiz.

Kali bats away the nervous hands of the assistant cook and sprays a neat pile of life giving substance onto the bun.

Kali takes her order and joins Buzz at the table.

Kali says "Hardly any Earth food is actually fit to eat."

Kali smiles "Luckily you do seem to have a fair idea how to manufacture standard field rations."

Buzz has demolished the contents of one tray, and much of the wrappings from it, and even a large bite out of the corner of the polystyrene tray. He's working on his second.

Kali takes several bites of her 'burger'. Stopping only to lick errent oozes of escapping Cheese Whiz.

Kali makes sure all body parts are clear of Buzz's delivery arc.

Buzz takes large bites out of large fistfuls of food, pausing only to down large amounts of carbonated beverages

Kali finishes her meal with obvious relish, then observes the goings in the dining room.

Kali says "Is this a party?"

Buzz shakes his head, causing special sauce from the three burgers in his mouth to splatter the parties at two nearby tables.

Kali ducks the incoming fire. "I'll assume that means 'no'."

Kali tosses a stale french frie at a McDoggies employee. Momentarily stunning it.

Buzz nodnods as he puts away the last of his order.

Buzz slurps his cola noisily before explaining. "party more fun"

Kali says "Indeed."

Kali practices ballistic estimation with more stale fries she found laying about.

Buzz nodnods his agreement, and then smiles. A small child at a nearby table, already covered in special sauce, is brought to tears at the sight

Kali says "It could hardly miss...."

You say "party now?"

Kali starts flipping cup lids at the throats of the patrons. Scoring about 98. One was carried away by the blast of cold air when an employee opened the freezer.

Kali has moved on to javilening straws into the meat patties when the assistant manager, a pimple faced kid in a loose fitting McDoggies uniform shirt, comes over and starts making nervous 'ahem' noises.

Buzz waves at the PFY (pimply faced youth) Buzz smiles at him too.

Kali ignores the PFY as she starts experimenting with the range of squirted ketchup.

Kali smiles at her results and writes her name (in her native script) across the rather narrow chest of the rapidly retreating PFY. She is somewhat disapointed at the PFY's lack of reaction, however, as he seems to be focused on Buzz.

Buzz points at the retreating PFY and explains to Kali "He not go party. Not in-vi-ted" (he sounds out the last word very carefully).

Kali says "Him... ah he shouldn't be invited into the gene pool."

Buzz seems a bit confused, which is to say that he exhibits no difference in his typical behavior. "pool party?"

Kali says "He'll never get that lucky."

Kali smirks at her own wit.

Kali attempts to form the remains of Buzz's trays into an airfoil, using various semi-liquids (special sauce?) as binders.

Buzz, without any other options in mind, smiles back.

Kali hoists her creation in front of her face... testing it for balance.

Buzz scratches his head

Kali, unsatisfied, grabs a burger from a nearby table and dumps it open over the vocal complaints from the previous owners.

Kali sees Buzz's confusion and says "The evening need not be a complete waste. I can do some physics homework."

Buzz devotes his full and undivided attention to you. mainly to your body, but the airfoil is in the way.

Kali tears off pieces of bun and sticks them to the body of the growing 'experiment', totally ignoring the cries of indignation from the next table. They are lost in the general clamor of frightened children and babbling adults anyway.

Kali is oblivious to your attention (although she does move her supply pile away from the growing pool of drool).

Kali checks the balance one last time, then launches it straight into the gathering crowd.... scattering the ring leaders.

Kali pouts as the airfoil come apart and augers in before decapitating the PFY.

Buzz laughs quite loudly when the PFY's head <POP>'s out of his collar seconds later.

Buzz returns quite naturally to staring at you, now that the show is over.

Kali says "Well Buzz I think I've had all the so called 'fun' I can stand for one night."

Kali smiles coyly at Buzz.

Kali says "You wouldn't know where...." Kali says "Um... where.."

Kali blushes

Kali says "where a girl... um..."

Buzz blinks

Kali says "you know.."

Buzz scratches his head and blinks again, dispelling the popular rumor that he can't do two things at once

Kali leans forward and whispers so no one can here her except Buzz.

Kali says "Um... they ... uh took my...."

Kali says "that is to say ... I'm ...."

You say "uh..."

Kali closes her eyes, grits her teeth and blurts out "theytookmygunbeforeIcouldcometoearthdoyouknowwhereIcouldgetanewone??"

Buzz deflates slightly

Kali blushes furiously, her right hand stroking the empty place on her right hip where a holster most obviously isn't.

Buzz thinks. You can tell because he sweats more than when he just stares at you.

Kali ignores the crowd which, noting her return to a noncombate state starts getting braver.

Kali hands Buzz a napkin.

Buzz smiles suddenly, making the crowd take a collective step back. He leaps up, grabs your hand, and starts for the door You can't leave.

You stand and leave Table 1.

Kali follows after buzz... With little choice.

[snip half a trip to somewhere]

Kali says "Where *gasp* are we going?"

Buzz shows that he's been keeping in practice since football season, in this 'impress the alien chick you're draggin along cross-city dash'

Buzz replies by stepping up the pace

[snip to]

100N Bleakhouse
A number of middle class style homes have been mixed in with a larger amount of businesses which seem to have been thrown in at random locations. Smells from a varity of resturaunts drift through the block. The most noticeable business here is the Military Surplus Store, looking like a green bunker in the middle of the city. Dwarfed next to it is a laundrymat.
Obvious exits:
188 <188> Military Surplus Store <MSS> North <N> South <S>

Kali comes in from the south.

Kali has arrived.

Kali looks at the Surplus Store with mixed emotions.

Buzz screeches to a halt in front of the bunker. The screeching comes from a crowd of tourists from a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse.

Kali thuds into Buzz's back as she fails to decelerate in time.

Kali peels herself off of Buzz with a small wet *schlurp* and brushes herself off.

Kali says " Surplus?? Well I supose its better than nothing...."

Buzz nodnods, and smiles more than he did before you pressed against him.

Kali saunters over to the Surplus Store... confidence already growing in her.

Kali heads into the military surplus store.

Kali has left.

You head into the military surplus store.

A large, slightly larger than your average human contraption surrounds the doorway. Strange pulsating lights bathe you in a /very/ unfashionable puke green colour. A small nozzle at the top suspicously appears to be a cross between a shower head and a howitzer powered goop barrel. Small bars on the ends appear to be able to lock the occupants in and prevent exits or entrances to the store.

A large red sign reads:

>>Shoplifters will be Gooped!<<

Obvious exits:
Out <O> Store <S>

Kali moves of into the store.

Kali has left.

You move on through the detector and into the store.

Cashier/Entrance -- Military Surplus Store
Waist-high display cases surround a ten-foot by ten-foot square of open space. Floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with gadgets and goodies line the walls behind the display cases. A series of megazillion watt lights illuminate the open area and the display cases, leaving everything else in comparative darkness. Small neon signs between the shelves indicate doorways to other rooms.
Obvious exits:
Ordinance Room <OR> Explosives Room <ER> Door <D>

Kali coos "Ooooh... Ordinance!"

Kali moves off into the Ordinance Room.

Kali has left.

You enter the Ordinance Room.

Ordinance Room -- Military Supply Store
Weapons from cannons which shoot corndogs to inkjet pens wallpaper the room here. Smaller items are protected by glass and the larger ones are bolted to the wall. Signs indicate the class of the weapons(Food, Classroom, Long Range, Self-Defense, Automotive). Small pads of paper near each weapon indicate the price and the item number.
Obvious exits:
Out <O>

Buzz follows Kali like a large, ugly, puppy dog (of the rotweiller breed)

Mercedes wanders in following the trail of screaming children, "There you are Buzz, sheesh, did ya like get out of practice early?!"

Kali smirks

Buzz snaps his head around to the source of that voice. He studies the body of the source of that voice for a while, then cheerfully yells "Sadie!"

Kali stretches to her full height and crosses her arms under her breasts.

Mercedes says "Anyway, when are ya gonna help me with this damn egg project anyway? Huh?"

Mercedes blinks her enormous eyes twice at Buzz, "Buzz sometimes I swear you're like...nevermind..

Kali pages: this is probably a good time for me to go... I have to get up early tomorrow.

Mercedes says "Look, I got the teach to give me another egg..I told her you ate it afterall and she kinda understood..."

Mercedes produces the egg dressed up with bright green hair and green lipstick for lips and two big green eyes and little hands sticking off the sides, all wraped in a pink bonnet.

Buzz scratches his head

Buzz smiles hungrily at the egg

Kali stalks out of the room in a huff.

Kali has left.

Mercedes watches the tall, top heavy girl leave and rolls her eyes muttering something about silicon derivitives..

You say "Eat now?"

Mercedes blinks and clutches the egg to her chest, her bust cushioning the egg between them, "No! Not this one, we'll find another one someplace.. sheesh she won't give me another one.. even if you DO eat it..

Buzz watches where the egg ends up, and it pulls him closer like a tractor beam.

Mercedes takes a step back blinking again, "Hey now, I'm not food...



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