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Subject: Dancing on the Beach  


<we start logging in the middle of a discussion of watermelons>

Mercedes looks up, "Mellons full of water?

Kali says "*You* said melons of water."

Johnny Hibachi says "That was -amazing-. Those reflexes..."

Mercedes blinks, "I did? I said no more drawings of watermellons....

Kali blushes at Johnny's comment. "I cannot shoot anyhting" she says in a small voice.

You say "Buzz like drawing. taste good!"

Mercedes nods at buzz, knowing if she doesn't he'll keep repeaitng himself, "Yes Buzz, I know..

Johnny Hibachi says "But what you did with that straw..."

Kali says "Exactly... melons of water."

Mercedes blinks again and looks down at herself then back up blinking

You say "Buzz hungry..."

Kali says "You brought it up."

Mercedes says "Yeah..but I wasn't talking about THAT!"

Mercedes says "Just you know... the fruit..?"

Kali looks puzzled. "About what? What fruit? what are you talking about?"

Kali says "I thought you wanted to draw a serving of water in a melon?"

Buzz looks at the two girls like he was watching a tennis match.

Mercedes blinks looking confused too, "Um, watermellon? That's a fruit...

You say "Eat pizza now?"

Kali says "Is this an emergency?"

Mercedes blinks again and looks REAL confuse-ed, "What an emergency?

Buzz wittily grunts out a "huh?" in response

Kali looks at Mercedes with some iritation "The pizza"

Kali is looking you over....<She>

You say "Buzz hungry..."

Johnny Hibachi says "It might be from the look of it..."

Mercedes shrugs, "If Buzz is hungry it's an emergency.. He'll bite people...

Kali gives Mercedes a confused look, turns to Buzz then quickly turns away, and settles on Johnny. Realizing she is staring at him Kali blushes and trys to find somewhere to look.

Mercedes senses "Buzz winks at you, or at least you would think that's what he did if this wasn't Buzz... right after you said he'll bite people"

Kali chooses the better part of valor and retreats to a safe subject. "Eat your pizza Buzz."

Buzz glances down at the slice on his shirt, pokes at it, and then declares "Buzz want hot pizza"

Kali's eyes narrow. "There are ovens in the back....."

Mercedes looks around, "I don't know where .. unless you want to go to Al's.. *shrug*

Buzz shakes his head vigorously, and doesn't stop for nothin

Mercedes blinks

Kali ducks under the flying grease.

Johnny Hibachi tries to dodge but gets grazed by some.

Mercedes is too short to worry

Buzz keeps shaking his head. you may think you hear a rattling sound...

Kali hands Johnny a napkin. Then snatches her hand back.

Mercedes picks up a spare straw and tossess it at buzz, "Buzz, stop that.

Buzz stops shaking his head. he suddenly comes over all woozy, and slides off his chair with a loud THUD

Mercedes blinks, "Um, Buzz? You really shouldn't do that.... you'll kill like your brain cell..

Johnny Hibachi mops himself off with the napkin then watches as Buzz falls. "He do that often?"

Mercedes shrugs, "Yeah. He gets carried away and forgets how to stop shaking his head..

Kali takes the opportunity to do a quick search of Buzz's tray.

Sassinak comes in from the parking lot.

Sassinak has arrived.

Kali finds nothing launchable and pouts a bit.

Sassinak walks into the store...

Buzz's body sways in his position (sitting on the floor) until the dizziness passes

Kali looks up at Sassinak's entrence... then looks away.. then looks back.

Mercedes sighs some, "Sit down Buzz..

Kali says "Greetings Sassy...... um, are you like sassafras?"

Sassinak makes an order.

Johnny Hibachi frowns a bit at the door, and even more at Kali's reaction.

Buzz blinks. "what happ... hapuh... what Buzz do?"

Mercedes says "You started to shake your head again.. I told you not to do that.."

Kali blinks at Buzz. "You rendered yourself unconscience."

Sassinak turns towardfs the others, her order on a tray. She smiles, "Hey Kali, Buzz, Johnny."

Buzz climbs back up on his chair (much to the detriment of the chair), and surveys the situation

Mercedes shakes her head

Kali repeats herself to Sassinak "Greetings Sassy, are you like sassafras?"

[l sassinak]
This young teenager seems as if she is about fourteen or fifteen years old. Standing a mere five feet two inches high, she is fairly thin with a firm stomach. (She does not seem weak or frail though) Her ivory white skin bears the slight resemblance of a tan, showing that she doesn't stay inside all day doing work. Her long light brown hair goes down on her back till just below her shoulder blades. On the front it goes down to her eyebrows, though one lock on the side goes down on the front, one over each breast. Her hazel eyes, rarely hidden by shades, seem to dart around when she first enters, but they slowly settle on something. Her slight smile seems to emphasize her faces beauty effortlessly. Her clothing is rather plain. Navy blue shorts going down to slightly above the knees, showing off her thin, strong legs. A light pink T-shirt, a little tight but not very, seems to show her beautiful figure off. The arms shown are thin and strong as her legs. She usually wears white shoes and keeps her socks so that her ankles usually show. Based on her timing of slight smiles and winks, it seems obvious that she is fairly cool and, GOD...., is she cute.
House Key
Hyperdimensional Library Card
Hyperdimensional Library Card
Hyperdimensional Hammer

Sassinak blinks, "Sassafras?"

Kali nods "yes, sassafras."

Sassinak raises a brow, "Just what is Sassafra?"

Kali says "I don't know, I am attempting to find out."

Sassinak shrugs, "Then how I am I supposed to know if I am?"

Sassinak takes a seat.

Johnny Hibachi shrugs. "I couldn't say either..."

Kali says "I thought you might know, since it seems to be an Earth thing."

Sassinak nods slightly, "I might be able to find out."

You paged (Sassinak, Kali, Mercedes) with 'If you're looking cute at the moment, please +sroll looks/Buzz for me, and tell me if you have any knacks to increase your ability to look cute. thanks :)'.

Kali makes a looks roll (to Buzz): 7

Sassinak makes a looks roll (to Buzz): 7

From afar, Mercedes still has food

From afar, Sassinak is always looking cute....

Kali pages: lousy roll, but +3 looks cute in uniform.

Mercedes makes a looks roll (to Buzz): 10

From afar, Mercedes has flirt 1 .. and get a date 1.. and convince anyone 1.

You paged Mercedes with 'Flirt +1 will do it. just RP the flirt a little, and Buzz's attention will come your way. :)'.

Kali turns to Mercedes "are you like sassafras?"

Buzz glances around at the three girls.

Mercedes blinks at the question, "Like Sassafras? No, I think that's something you ea.....*starts to say eat but catches herself in mid-word and stops* Um, that's something else.. I'm just plain cute."

Sassinak begins slowly eating the food, trying to make sure she doesn't make a mess on her clothing.

Kali struggles with the conncept of plain and cute in the same sentence as she preens a little.

Buzz seems to agree with Mercedes, as he can't seem to keep his eyes off of her, nor his tounge in his mouth. A puddle of human drool gathers on the tray beneath his chin

Mercedes continues drinking Buzz's drink

Johnny Hibachi steals a quick stare at Kali before going back to his meal.

Kali looks around the table, noting the male to female ratio she starts to scoot her chair over. Only to be brought up short by the fact that her seat is bolted in place.

Sassinak eats slowly and carefully, staying quiet.

Buzz seems to address Mercedes when he asks "Party now?"

Sassinak raises a brow at Buzz's comment. She then glances at Kali.

Kali perks up at Buzz's soliliquey.

Johnny Hibachi quirks an eyebrow.

Kali says "I have been instructed to participate in this Human behavior."

Sassinak glances at Kali and grins, "Oh, so you are going to participate in an act of utter chaos?"

Mercedes smiles some, "Sure, know where one's at?

Buzz seems to be waiting for the Word of Mercedes.

Kali stares at Sassinak and blinks rapidly, "Noooo..."

Sassinak glances at Mercedes, "Ya know girl, we have enough to just start a party."

Buzz shakes his head, but remembers to stop this time

Mercedes looks around, "Not enough guys though..

Mercedes says "You two'll need some to pay attention to you won't you?"

Kali begins to get into the spirit of the thing "Will there be lots of guns?"

Sassinak shrugs, "So we are one short, no big deal."

Sassinak glances at Kali, "Usually not... but sometimes."

Mercedes blinks, "No.. no guns..

Sassinak grins, "What about mallets?"

Kali looks like you took her best friend away.. "No guns?"

Mercedes shakes her head, "No.. can't party with guns.. They don't know how to dance..

Sassinak laughs a little. She then says, "Want me to round up some cookies and drinks?"

Kali says "Dance? What is that? I might be able to do it with a gun."

Sassinak bergins laughing louder at Kali's comment....

Mercedes blinks, "Um I doubt it... Um, okie!

Johnny Hibachi answers seriously, "Moving in time with musical beats. Fun stuff."

Kali brightens up "Oh, marching!!" She seems to be satisfied.

Sassinak looks to Kali, "Wrong..."

Mercedes umm's

Mercedes says "Sorta......but different.."

Johnny Hibachi mmmms. "Not quite. It's something you've got to see first, I think."

You say "Party now?"

Kali's head does a Buzz like double take between Sassy and Mercedes.

Sassinak nods to Johnny, I'm sure you could teach her Johnny."

Mercedes looks between Johnny and Kali

Mercedes shakes her head, "I think he's too short...

Sassinak shrugs, "Well I'm shorter than Johnny."

Kali tries to to scoot her chair away from Johnny, but between him and Mercedes.

<<<OOC>>>Sassinak chuckles, "And she findsa the chair is still bolted down..."

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "Of course :)"

Mercedes shrugs, "You could demonstrate...

Sassinak finishes about half the meal and stands up.

Kali stops struggling with her chair and looks up at Sassinak.

Sassinak smiles to the others, "I'll go get some refreshments from my place, okaY?"

Mercedes nods, "Okie.

Kali says "Um, aren't there refreshments available here?"

You say "party NOW?"

Mercedes nods, "Party now.

Buzz beams.

Sassy begins slow dancing towards the door, acting as if she has a partner in the dance. To those who haven't seen dancing this prolly looks very funny.

Buzz leaps up, taking Mercedes' hand, and starts to head for the door

Mercedes eeps loudly bairly catching her egg-baby as it goes flying through the air

Kali looks at Sassinak, then Buzz and Mercedes, then at Johnny. Shrugging she gets up and heads towards the door.

Sassinak heads out the door, not realizing that she doesn't know where the party is.... (well I hafta go in about four minutes :( later all...)

Johnny Hibachi gets up and follows Kali for no discernable reason.

Sassinak goes home.

Sassinak has left.

You stand and leave Table 1.

Mercedes stands and leaves Table 1.

You leave the building for the parking lot.

McDoggies Parking Lot
A large parking lot, capable of handling about two dozen cars and saucers. The lot is almost constantly full as teeners and family folks move to and from the McDoggies Fast Food Resturant. The large building is painted red and bright yellow. A large yellow sign reads McDoggies-Burgers sold over 1,000 light years from Earth. Two glass doors lead into the building.
Volkswagon Bug (STREEK)
Obvious exits:
McDoggies <M> Street <S>

Mercedes arrives from McDoggies.

Mercedes has arrived.

Kali arrives from McDoggies.

Kali has arrived.

Johnny Hibachi arrives from McDoggies.

Johnny Hibachi has arrived.

Buzz gets as far as the curb before he stops. He scratches his head with his free hand.

You say "Where party?"

Kali stops abruptly, just short of running into Buzz

Kali says "Does anybody know where we are going?"

Johnny Hibachi stops abruptly, just -after- bumping into Kali. "Oh, gosh! Sorry!"

Mercedes shrugs, "Either of you have a house? And a lack of perental units?

Kali bounces off of Johnny and into Buzz. Realizing where she is, she pushes off of Buzz and back into Johnny.

Johnny Hibachi shakes his head. "Mom should be home. Dad's -always- home."

Buzz stumbles as he explains "Buzz house.......... <something mumbled> Mom..."

Mercedes looks back and forth betwen you three

Kali says "Do parties always take place at someone's residence?"

Mercedes shrugs, "It's easier than on the street usually..

Johnny Hibachi shakes his head. "Not all the time, but usually."

Kali says "Well, what other places might one party at?"

You say "Beach?"

Kali says "What about the beach?"

Johnny Hibachi says "That's a possibility."

Kali says "You can party on the beach?"

Johnny Hibachi nods. "I think so."

Buzz nodnods

Kali puts on a determined face. "Then let us go to the beach to commence in frivolous Earth behavior patterns."

Buzz nodnods "Party now!"

Buzz rushes off, with Mercedes in tow


200S Bleakhouse Street
200S Bleakhouse has a perpetual dullness which just can't be lifted. The homes here, all middle class and well maintained seem to lack any intersting features. Painted gray and similiar dull colors, the people here are just as boring. It appears that the favorite activity of this area is to sit on your porch and watch across the street as the cars and saucers pass by. Even the new alien guests can't spice it up.
Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR)
Obvious exits:
222 <222> 228 <228> 231 <231> North <N> South <S>

Kali comes in from the south.

Kali has arrived.

Johnny Hibachi comes in from the south.

Johnny Hibachi has arrived.

Buzz glances at a small piece of paper he pulled out of his pocket, and at the license plate of the Tryant.

Buzz smiles when they match, and he quickly unlocks his car

Kali gasps trying to catch her breath

Kali says "I sthis your car Buzz?"

Johnny Hibachi wheezes. "That's fast for a guy that size...."

You pull your keys out of your pocket, and unlock the doors on the Tryant 1996.

Buzz takes the keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door on the Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR).

Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR)
A pair of large bucket seats for the driver and front seat passenger are crammed at the front of the Tryant. The polyester interior is a deep brown, faded a little bit from sitting in a lot. A three person seat sits behind the bucket seats and behind that is a good size area for storing people or whatever you need to store.

You climb into the car.

Outside the car, Kali looks at Johnny, "Do you think we should get in?"

Buzz turns the key in the ignition and starts the car.

Outside the car, Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR)s engine begins to roar loudly as the driver starts the engine on the car.

Outside the car, Johnny Hibachi nods, knowing it's a potentially hazardous proposition. "Okay."

Outside the car, Johnny Hibachi has left.

Johnny Hibachi has arrived.

Outside the car, Kali has left.

Kali has arrived.

Buzz smiles at all of you

You head north on the road.

[snip drive to the beach]

Beach Parking Lot(#1291R)
The parking lot off of Beach Road is situated so that it comes right up next to the beach. Sand is strewn across portions of the lot as there are cars, saucers, and jet bikes galore. Large lights are placed at intervals along the rows in the parking lot to provide lighting for those evening hours. A couple of palm trees are also planted near the edges of the parking lot and a large concrete wall prevents people from driving their cars onto the beach.
Obvious exits:
Beach House <BH> Beach <B> Beach Road <R>

The Tryant 1996 cruises down the streets.

Outside the car, Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR)s engine is cut off by the driver.

Buzz turns the key to the off position, stopping the car.

You say "Party!!!"

You open the door on the car and step out, closing it behind you.

Kali steps out of the Tryant 1996, and closes the door behind her.

Kali has arrived.

Johnny Hibachi steps out of the Tryant 1996, and closes the door behind him.

Johnny Hibachi has arrived.

You pull your keys out of your pocket, and lock the doors on the Tryant 1996.

Buzz takes the keys out of his pocket and locks the door on the Dodge Tryant 1996 (BUZSKAR).

You head over to the beach.

The Beach of Pebble Beach is a large spanning area of tan sand that reaches for about a mile in both directions. Since the weather here is almost always great, the place is packed. The tan sand feels very nice under your feet (or tentacles or whatever) as you walk across it. Entire families have set up camp here with their towels spread all over the place. Towards the north you see more of the beach and sand dunes, an area that appears to be more populated with teenagers then anywhere else. To the south you can see a large restaurant that people are often coming and going from. Up on a small hill overlooking the beach is a Lifeguard shack with a little giftshop underneath it.
Obvious exits:
Beach House <BH> Ocean <O> To Beach Road <BR> South Beach <S> North Beach <N> Parking Lot <P>

Kali comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Kali has arrived.

Johnny Hibachi comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Johnny Hibachi has arrived.

Kali stands, arms akimbo, and looks at the beach. "Should I change into my bathing uniform now?"

Kali's eyes spread wide and she glances over at Johnny. "Uh, no, forget that."

Johnny Hibachi blinks and BLUSHES!

Kali says "Are we partying now?"

Johnny Hibachi shrugs. "Well, it's only necessary if you want to go swimming, I guess."

Kali says "Isn't that why you go to a beach? To swim?"

Kali edges away from Johnny, hoping the answer is no.

Johnny Hibachi says "Well, some people dance or eat or drink or socialize..."

Johnny Hibachi frowns, "Or..." he turns RED. "Never mind."

Johnny Hibachi says "Play games like frisbee or volleyball..."

Kali's brows furrow, "Weren't we drinking and 'socializing' at McDoggies?"

Johnny Hibachi shrugs. "Well, yeah, but the beach is a whole different atmosphere. More space than a McDoggies booth, and there's the fresh air, the night sky, the sound of the waves..."

Kali looks at you in an obvious state of advanced cluelessness.

Realizing she is staring, Kali quickly drops her eyes to her feet.

Johnny Hibachi sighs. "It's nice once you get used to it, I think. There's swimming too, but it's not a required thing."

Johnny Hibachi kicks some sand idly. . o O ( I'm SUCH a loser... )

Kali says "Um, yeah..." then attempts something witty about her great aunt's pancreas removal operation.

Kali points to the beach house and says "um, maybe I *should* uh, change.... that is.... proper beach attire. Um, proper uniform for the occasion...uh..."

Kali . o O (or just hide in there until tomorrow)

Johnny Hibachi nods. "I think I have my suit with me too..."

Johnny Hibachi . o O ( So I might go out and drown myself. )

Kali starts edging towards the beach house, "um... right..."

Kali . o O (Did I just say I was going to change?!? EEEK!)

Kali turns and almost bolts for the beach house

Kali heads towards the Beach House.

Kali has left.

From the porch, Kali comes onto the porch from the sandy beach.

From the porch, Kali heads into the beach house, the screen door slamming shut behind her.

Kali comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Kali has arrived.

[l Kali]
     Before you is a *very* attractive, tall, young NH girl. She is so tall, most basketball players have to look up to see her face. Formally known as Strike Commander Kali "The Destroyer", her pale silver/grey complexion is complemented nicely by her medium silver/grey hair and large red eyes. Currently she is wearing a royal blue one piece bathing suit that emphasizes her slender figure and long legs quite nicely. The suit is trimmed in gold and there are four rows of sew on ribbons decorate her left breast, emphasizing her already prominent bust. There is a gold augulet coiled on her left shoulder.
House Key
Lancer Keys (STRIKER)

Kali walks out of the beach house, trying to hide behind her arms.

Buzz comes out of his Mercedes-induced drooling coma as Kali walks by in her suit

Kali blushes, starting at her cheeks, a gray tone spreads across her face and down her neck, disapearing into her suit.

Johnny Hibachi comes back from another changing spot, dressed in just a somewhat snuggish pair of blue trunks(sorry no desc yet), and his eyes shut tightly.

As the gray spreads farther, Kali's cheeks grow darker and darker, until she is almost invisible against the night sky.

Kali says, in a small voice, "uh.... maybe this isn't a good idea?"

Johnny Hibachi hmmms? and cracks an eye open.

Buzz creates a small mudpuddle from the sand beneath him, and the drooling Kali has induced

Kali sees Johnny in his trunks and abruptly turns around, her back now to him. Only to find herself facing a salivating Buzz.

Johnny Hibachi's eyes nearly bug out of their sockets before slamming them shut again. . o O ( I'm dreaming. That's it. This is just some strange, amazing, wonderful dream... )

Kali turns around again, now facing Johnny and 'eeps'.

Buzz tries to give Kali the most charming smile he can manage. It ain't much, folks.

Kali almost whispers, "I think I changed my mind about wanting to party..."

Johnny Hibachi cracks an eye open again and 'EEPS' right back.

Kali spins back around, taking relative comfort in Buzz's familiar if somewhat disgusting form.

You say "Hi!"

Kali says "Hi Buzz. Um, are we partying now?"

Buzz nods!

Kali glances to both sides to make sure Johnny isn't coming around in front of her.

Kali says "Good, my Earth Host Family parental units will like that."

Johnny Hibachi shuts his eyes. . o O ( *sigh* If she's -that- *gorgeous* she's probably got someone already... 8 feet tall, gray, and probably able to benchpress muscleboy over there... )

Kali . o O (...)

You say "Buzz think party need music..."

Kali says "Music?? Yes, music!! I have a good colection of marches back home!!"

Johnny Hibachi says "Home... yeah..."

Johnny Hibachi opens his eye to take another look at Kali. . o O ( Is she still devastatingly beautiful? Yup. Dammit. )

Buzz shakes his head. "Buzz play music!"

Kali stands at attention, her back to Johnny and her wide open eyes not quite fixed on Buzz.

Buzz runs over to his Tryant and opens it up. he tunes the radio to a station playing something awesome by LOx, and turns it up to a suitable level for partying

Kali mutters, "Somehow, this just isn't the same as swimming with Sassinak."

Kali cringes as the music hits her.

Buzz rushes back to the party, and suddenly has to decide who to run to...

Kali bites her lip and looks around, trying to figure out what she is supposed to do.

Mercedes walks out from the house looking around a little confused, she glances at Kali and just shakes her head at seeing Buzz and Johnny swimming in their own bodily fluids.

[l Mercedes]
       Before you stands a stunning creature. She stands around 5'7" and has an unearthly figure, with long sender legs, curvy hips, a tiny wasp-like waist, and LARGE breasts which bounce as she moves about. She is wearing a short skirt which bairly covers all it's supposed to flairing out and it swings on her hips as they sway. Over her torso she wears a turtle-neck sweater which barley contains her ample bust and hugs them like a second skin. Her long emerald green hair falls in waves over her shoulders and down her back ending near her firm bottom and matches the color of her lips, lashes, eyebrows, and unpainted fingernails. Her deep green eyes shine with an inner glow whenever one of the football players passes, or whenever ANY hunk passes for that matter. Her skin is a pure white color, like that of milk, and looks smooth and flawless. Having attended the school for a while, you realize that this can be none other than that cheerleader all the guys have been talking about..what was her name? Oh yeah! Mercedes like the car.. Huh, the talk wasn't too accurate, as this creature is even more amazing in person.
Chicken Salad(#2502Qd)

When her eyes land on Johnny, she blushes and snaps her head back to eyes front.

Buzz chooses Mercedes in this round, and rushes up to accompany her back to the party

Mercedes walks with Buzz, no sign of the egg-baby anywhere to be seen.

Kali says "um, is this a party?"

Buzz nodnods. "Party now!"

Mercedes smiles some, "I didn't know we were going swimming..

You say "Buzz not swim. Buzz party."

Mercedes points at Kali, "She's going swimming?

Kali tries to blush harder but fails, her body having reached its limit. "I thought this was appropriate beach attire."

Mercedes smiles, "It is, I just thought you wanted to swim is all....

Johnny Hibachi sighs. . o O ( Maybe I should go before I make a fool of myself. ) He begins to walk off -without- his ninja gear and suit and stuff.

Mercedes looks over, "Hey Johnny? Come on chum, come party?

You say "Sadie dance?"

Johnny Hibachi says "I dunno..."

Kali's eyes are starting to show panic around the edges.

Mercedes shrugs some and flops down on the blanket layed atop the sand (once again, risking black eyes)

Mercedes says "Dance now? Why not teach Kali how to dance?"

Kali eeps quietly

Buzz pleads "Buzz want dance wit' Sadie..."

Kali hastily throws in a "Yes, Buzz and Sadie dance!"

Johnny Hibachi looks back. "I could..." . o O ( -NO-, don't even THINK it, Johnny... )

Kali says "Johnny and Buzz can dance!"

Johnny Hibachi erks.

Mercedes blinks and giggles, "Naa, Johnny, dance with Kali..

Kali locks up.....

Buzz shakes his head in a fit of panic

Mercedes sighs and grumbles getting to her feet rather akwardly, good thing she's wearing her uniform and not a real skirt..

Mercedes blinks as she looks up just in time to see Buzz whiping his head side to side, "What's with you Buzz?

Buzz mutters to Mercedes.

You mutter to Mercedes "Buzz not dance with GUY. Buzz dance with GIRLS. Like Sadie".

Kali whispers, to no one in particular, "What is dance?"

Mercedes smiles at Buzz

Mercedes looks at Kali, "Ok, hold on..

Mercedes says "Come here Kali.."

Mercedes makes her way over and stands clear of Buzz and awaites Kali..

Mercedes grumbles something about Men

Kali walks over to Mercedes, trepidation in every step

Buzz scratches his head, watching

Mercedes proceeds to explain what she has planed, which basiclly is demonstrating to Kali how to dance, this way she gets the idea without Buzz stomping on her or something.

Johnny Hibachi once again looks down at his toes with seeming fascination.

Kali absorbs the lesson, asking occasional questions. She seems to relax a bit when it becomes apparent that physical contact isn't actually required.

Mercedes ok's? as she finishes then motions for Kali to lean down so she can whisper to her..

Buzz watches attentively

Kali blinks once then leans over.

Mercedes whispers gesturing with her hands pointing at Buzz and Johnny although she thinks she's being subtle

Kali eeps at the mention of Johnny, then whispers back, "No, he doesn't like me at all."

Mercedes nods a bit too energetically, as she tends to do most things her hair whiping about.

Johnny Hibachi looks over at Kali briefly, as if on cue, and looks away again.

Mercedes hmm's and looks at Buzz and Johnny a couple times then at Kali then at Johhnny and then at Buzz

Buzz waves at Mercedes

Mercedes blinks and waves back to Buzz

Buzz smiles

Mercedes smiles happily at something she just said to Kali

Mercedes breaks the huddle she was having with Kali and bounces over to Johnny, "So, you get to pick first."

Kali straightens suddenly and eeps as her blush rockets back to full black.

Mercedes rocks back and forth on her feet in the sand waiting for Johnny's response..

Johnny Hibachi just sorta watches and sweats and looks generally nervous.

Mercedes waves a hand infront of Johnny's face, "Ello?

Kali watches the exchange casually, as if life and death did not depend on the answer.

Johnny Hibachi blinks, then swallows hard. Deep breath. "If it's okay, I'll try dancing with Kali..."

Mercedes smiles happily, "It's okie dokie!

Kali says "....eep...."

Mercedes spins around and smiles at Kali

Kali takes a halting step towards Johnny.

Mercedes smiles happily at Kali's ability to remain in an upright position, she then wonders over and occupies Buzz's attention

Johnny Hibachi takes a tentative step towards Kali.

Kali walks over to Johnny, managing to keep her feet under her the whole time.

Buzz smiles at Mercedes. "Buzz dance wit' Sadie?"

Johnny Hibachi takes another deep breath. "I guess we start dancing now?"

Mercedes shrugs and nods, "Okie dokie.. Oh wait..

Kali looks over to where Mercedes is not laying down fire to cover her retreat. "Um, yes. Dance."

Mercedes spins and runs over to Kali and Johnny, she snatches Johnny's hands and sticks em on Kali's hips, she then hops up and grabing Kali's wrists puts them on Johnny's shoulders, "There. You two dance like that. *smile* She then spins around and darts off before anyone can shoot or throw things or hurt her in some other way

Kali says "Erk"

Mercedes says "Okie! NOW Buzz and Sadie dance."

Mercedes smiles

Johnny Hibachi blinks! "Ummm."

Johnny Hibachi . o O ( Wow! )

Buzz smiles and puts his massive hands on Mercedes' hips. He moves his feet slowly, giving his victim.. er, dance partner, plenty of time to get out of the way

Kali has a certain 'deer in the headlights' look about her as her body automatically picks up the beat and starts to move stiffly.

Mercedes eeps but really doesn't have much of a choice getting Kali stuck in that prediciment, it's only fair, "Okok, just like don't step on me again, that hurts!

Johnny Hibachi moves just as robotically, looking up at Kali's face.

You say "Buzz not step on Sadie! Buzz have IDEA!"

Buzz stops dancing and mutters something to Mercedes.

Kali does a quick visual search of Johnny's body. When she realizes just where she would have to put her hands to keep from touching skin her blush darkens even more.

You whisper "Sadie stand on Buzz feet. Buzz lead dance!" to Mercedes.

Mercedes shrugs and hops ontop of Buzz's feet, "Okie!

Buzz smiles and holds Mercedes close, to keep her from falling off, of course, as they dance

Kali looks over to Mercedes to copy her actions and blanches at the proximity of her and Buzz.

Mercedes doesn't mind, being used to dancing and all.

Kali grits her teeth, swallows, takes a deep breath, and moves in until she is as close to Johnny as Mercedes is to Buzz.

Johnny Hibachi blinks again at the sudden closure of the gap between him and Kali. . o O (Ohmy)

Kali continues 'dancing' keeping an eye on Mercedes, waiting for clues.

Mercedes continues dancing with Buzz, letting him lead especially since she's really too damn little to dare to lead herself..sides Buzz's rythem is just slightly askew anyway..

You paged Mercedes with 'I can't really think of what should be there. I just nkow what has to go'.

The two couples turn slow circles to the frenzied beat of a thrashing guitar duel.

Johnny Hibachi lets a contented sigh escape.

Kali copies Mercedes every move, all but dragging Johnny along after her.

Buzz smiles down at Sadie

When the song ends, everyone continues dancing to a real estate commercial.

Mercedes may continue dancing but she's the only one here who's got no choice.. Buzz's kinda got a hold of her *ooc ;) * Besides, she seems to be listening to music in her own head by the look of it.

Johnny Hibachi has forgotten -all- about the music at this point.

Buzz stops dancing somwhere during the cola commercial, and reluctantly lets Mercedes go

Kali stops when she sees Mercedes dismount.

You say "Thanks sadie!"

Mercedes oofs falling backwards as she was half asleep

Johnny Hibachi blinks his way out of his trance-like state. He looks up at Kali again.

Mercedes blinks and looks around, "Um, sure Buzz....*scratches her head*

Kali just blinks

Buzz grabs Mercedes in a big hug.

Kali looks around, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings.

Mercedes eeps loudly

Kali slowly becomes aware of the fact that she is still holding Johnny.

Mercedes pretends not to notice the other two, distracting Buzz by pointing out a crab.

Johnny Hibachi is still staring up at Kali, not seeming to mind so much.

Buzz makes some 'ooooh, food' noises and keeps a close eye on the crab.

Kali jumps straight up, pausing at the top for her skin to catch up.

Kali comes straight down again, impacting on Johnny on her way to the ground.

Kali and Johnny hit the sand with a solid 'whump' ending up a pile of assorted limbs (mostly hers).

Mercedes looks over and blinks, "Wow, that's a new dance..

Johnny Hibachi is also in a nice Johnny-sized crater. He blinks a few times. "Ohhhhhh...."

Kali's head is surrounded by small orbiting stars...

Johnny Hibachi thinks. . o O ( This hurts too much to be just a dream. I -really- danced with her! We were -really- that close! I'm -really- passing oouuuuuuttttt...* )

Mercedes just blinks alot

Groaning, Kali levers herself up into a sitting position and scans the beach.

Kali's face falls and she asks in a hurt tone of voice, "Where did Johnny go?"

Johnny Hibachi just lies on his back staring upwards. "Big Dipper, Orion, North Star..."

Mercedes points to where Kali's sitting, "Um, you're sitting on him..

Startled, Kali looks down to see that she is sitting on Johnny, then she punches him and rolls off.

<<<OOC>>>Buzz says "Sorry folks, but I must go. thanks for the fun!"

Johnny Hibachi oofs! "Owww..."

Mercedes blinks, "What'd you do that for?

[Kali speaks: I remember there being a bit more. An explination of why I hit Johnny and a little more, but essentialy things ended when Buzz left.]



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