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Subject: Slumber Party  


[We pick up things in the Food Court of the Mall. Kali, Shumira, and Eric are talking about nothing in particular.]

Meimi comes in from the east wing.

Meimi has arrived.

Meimi says "Evening everyone."

Shumira says "Hello Meimi"

Kali nods, "Yes, I am looking forward to the opportunity to plan out the most audacious tactical maneuver of the century."

Shumira says "Trashing Richmont High's locker room during the big game?"

You say "Nothing so petty, I have not yet determined the ultimate objective, but it must be better than anything yet attempted. Greetings Meimi, I see you."

Eric Riches looks down at his watch and frowns. "Well...I gotta get going. Maybe I'll see you all later on, eh?"

Shumira says "Personally, I think itching powder in the jocks straps would be nice..."

Kali starts to say something but stops. "Who are you, anyway?"

Eric Riches looks at Kali. "Me?"

Kali nods, "Yes, you."

Eric Riches smiles. "Eric Riches. I introduced myself when you and your friend there were about to turn each other into electrical currents."

Kali snorts "I was not about to turn anyone into anything. I am Strike Commander Kali, 12the Striker Regiment. Called 'the Destroyer'"

Shumira says "I was just going to run"

Eric Riches chuckles. "Nice to meet you Strike Commander Kali."

Kali rises. "You also Eric Riches."

Eric Riches stands up and waves to the others at the table. "See you around."

Eric Riches stands and leaves Table 1.

Eric Riches has departed.

Mezerkos nods, "C-ya Eric."

Shumira waves "Goodbye"

You say "Farewell."

Eric Riches pauses and turns around. "Oh...since you are all Pebble Beachers, if you are up for a swim or pool or something, stop by my place." He smiles. "You can't miss it on Moreno."

Kali bows her head politely. "Thank you Mr. Riches."

Eric Riches says "Mr? Gah. That's my dad. I'm Eric."

Kali droops a little at the lack of formality. "Certainly Eric."

Eric Riches waves and heads out to the center of the Mall.

Eric Riches returns to the east wing.

Eric Riches has left.

Kali turns to Meimi. "Excuse me Meimi, but what time is the slumber event scheduled for? I do not believe you stated previously."

Shumira idlely threatens Mez with her mallet.

Meimi says "Well, do you know of any other girls who might want to go? If not, we can head back to my place and start it now."

Kali nods. "I do not know. Does anyone know if Kiwi is planning on attending?"

Shumira says "She said she was, but I don't know where she might be?"

Kali shrugs. "Then let us start and the others can show up when they may."

Shumira says "Okay"

Meimi says "Who doesn't know where I live? I think I mentioned it already."

Shumira says "I remember"

Kali "I remembner also.

Rusty wanders in.

Meimi says "Ok. Everyone meet there then?"

Kali nods, "Yes, I will."

[snip to]

Living Room
This room is a nice example of a middle class home. Nice soft colored carpet lays across the floor and a pair of reclining chairs sit in front of a good size television set. A small couch sits in front of a window that overlooks the street outside. Along one wall is a couple of shelves with books, a stereo system and a couple of other odds and ends that look in place here. Some pictures of the family also rest on the mantel. A small area off of this one leads to the kitchen and dining room area where a large table can fit eight people. All the neccessities for cooking are there.

To unlock the door, type "+doorunlock" and to lock it, type "+doorlock"
Obvious exits:
Backdoor <B> Parents Room <PR> Kid's Room <KR> Teenagers's Room <TR> Outside <O>

Shumira has arrived.

Meimi says "Let's get to the bedroom before my folks show up."

Meimi heads into Teenagers's room.

Meimi has left.

You head into Teenagers's room.

Teenagers Room(#2367RA)
* You see a room that is suprising clean for a teenager. The bed is properly made with pink, lace-trimmed blankets. Even the pillows and curtains in the room are pink. Arranged around the room are various stuffed animals. The desk is clean and has a small stack of comics on it. On one side of the room is a large closet, which when opened reveals a wide range of girls clothing.
Obvious exits:
Living Room <LR>

Shumira comes in from the living room.

Shumira has arrived.

Kali looks at the pink and lace and begins to shiver.

Shumira says "hmmm,....nice place...kind of small though, isn't it?"

Meimi says "That might be true, but I like it here."

Kali puts her duffel bag down. "Very modular. Efficient."

Shumira says "And clean..."

Meimi flops down on the bed. "So, what do you girls want to do first? Gossip, play games, what?

Shumira looks around for the cleaning robots

Meimi says "What are you looking for Shu?"

Kali considers the choices for a moment. "Target practice?"

Shumira says "Just wondering where you keep your robots at.."

Shumira sits down on the floor

Meimi says "No robots."

A female voice calls out from outside the room, "Is that you Meimi?"

Kali, seeing no chairs, continues to stand. "Then we will not be wearing pajamas?" She seems a bit relived.

Meimi shouts "Yes mother!"

Meimi makes room for Kali to sit on the bed if she wishes.

Meimi says "We put on the pajamas later, when the folks say it's time to go to bed."

Kali steps over to the bed and sits on the edge. "Oh, all right. What is gossip?"

Shumira says "talking about people when they're not around..."

Meimi says "Gossip is where you talk about people you know, talk about who is dating who, and stuff like that."

Shumira says "Such as...what's going on between you and Mez, Kali?"

Shumira smiles mischeviously

Kali frowns "There is nothing going on between Mezerkos and me. Mezerkos is a weevil hickey in a wool coat."

Shumira says "oh, reallly?"

Shumira says "Then why did you react so when you heard that I had him in my room?"

Meimi says "Oh, Kali was showing signs of jealousy?"

You say "I was concerned for your safety and reputation."

Shumira says "well, if you aren't interested, maybe I should go after him..."

Meimi says "Considering all the robots she has there, there was nothing to worry about."

Kali shrugs "I would recommend against it, but if you want to I have no objections."

Meimi says "Why would you want someone as uncultured as Mez anyways Shu?"

Shumira says "oh, I don't know...he's kind of cute."

Shumira says "besides, there is a shortage of boys around here anyway"

Kali leans back supporting herself on her elbows. "He is more lazy than uncultured. That is probably the only reason that he is not actively evil."

Meimi says "You know, maybe we should make plans for when the boys decide to crash our slumber party before we gossip much more?"

You grab the Boy/Girl Gun and whip it out, ready for action.

Kali smiles

Shumira says "Works for me"

Meimi says "Shu, do you think you could hold a boy in place long enough for us to put him in a dress and get a picture of him?"

Shumira says "Do we have any dresses to fit the guys when they show up?"

Kali ensures that the selector knob is firmly in the "To Girl" position before returning it to its hiding place.

You lug the Boy/Girl Gun into the folds of your clothes and try to conceal it.

Meimi says "I'm sure that some will fit after we turn them into girls."

Kali hmms, "Of course, if we outnumber them.."

Shumira says "Well, who is likely to show up?"

Meimi says "Well, Mez did seem awfully interested in the party. I don't know if Rusty will."

You say "On the other hand, if there are only one or two we might pin them to the ground and inject Cheese Whiz into their shorts."

Meimi says "And then there's that scumbag from the richy school. I think he might have heard about it."

Shumira says "oooh, I hope he showes up"

Shumira grins wickedly

Meimi says "If the scumbag DOES show up, I say we turn him into a girl AND put Cheese Whiz into his shorts."

Kali looks over to Shumira, her visions of Cheesy doom interrupted. "Who?"

Shumira says "That Kurt guy, from Richmond"

You say "I do not believe I met him?"

Meimi says "I think you were zoned out a bit when he showed up."

Shumira says "You stepped away for a bit when he showed up. The day we were thrown out of Uncle Lukes"

Kali winces at the memory. "How bad was he?"

Shumira says "Oh, he was typically obnoxious...but I put him in his place proper"

Shumira smiles at the memory

You say "Ah... What was his place?"

Shumira says "Phleghm"

Kali blanches a tad at the mental picture. "Uh... right. Good for you."

Shumira says "Not litteraly of course. Although, that would have been an improvement."

Kali sighs "I tend to miss all the good stuff."

Shumira nods sadly

Shumira says "We knew you'd be sorry you missed him. But I'm sure he'll show up again sometime"

Meimi says "Well, if any boys do try and raid us tonight, I'll let you have my share of the fun Kali."

Kali winces at the word 'fun' "Tactical engagements, even low key ones, are not /fun/"

Meimi says "Anytime you pull on over on the boys, it's fun. Doesn't matter whether it's a tactical engagement or not."

Your phone (or possibly another nearby) rings if you are ICly anywhere near it.
<OOC> Type 'answer Falynn' - or 'options' - if you have a coded cellular, or page Falynn to reply. Note that those about you cannot hear this message and you may wish to rp the phone ringing.

Kali's cell phone rings.

Kali removes her cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.

<Phone> You hear a click as the line is established.

(Directed into the phone) Kali says "Greetings, Kali speaking."

<Phone> Falynn says "I just wanted to say, I'm sorry"

<Phone> Falynn says "about.. before"

Shumira looks at Kali, curious

(Directed into the phone) Kali says "Indeed, I should hope that you are, however this is not the time to talk about it. Currently I am engaged in a Earth custom."

<Phone> Falynn says "what would that be?"

Kali holds her hand over the phone and whispers. "Jerk"

(Directed into the phone) Kali says "A slumber party. Girls only."

<Phone> Falynn says "cool.. well, talk to you later!"

<Phone> There is a click as the phone at the far end is hung up.

(Directed into the phone) Kali says "Yes, I am sure we will. See you then."

Kali clicks her cellular to disconnect the call and hangs up.

Kali shakes her head.

Shumira says "Who was that?"

Meimi says "Anyone we should know about?"

You say "Some guy named Falynn. He walked in on an argument that Mezerkos and I were having. He called us idiots, started throwing food at us, then sat down and claimed he was our friend. He just called to apologize."

Shumira says "hmmm, some friend..."

Meimi says "Doesn't sound like any type of friend I'd want."

Kali nods "Typical Human" she looks over to Meimi. "No offense."

Meimi says "None taken."

Meimi says "So, let's get back to gossiping. What do you girls know about Rusty other than his delusion about his guitar?"

Shumira says "Well, he's a new arrival here too...already has a girlfriend though.."

Kali sits back and says, "He also has a delusion about his keyboard and Bass guitar."

Shumira says "He's nice...just kind of flaky."

Meimi says "More delusions? And what girlfriend?"

Shumira says "Kayley, I belive"

Shumira says "Ther girlfriend that is, not the delusion"

You say "His girl friend is Kayley. I have met her once or twice. Nice enough."

Shumira says "She was there during the "fluffy incident" at the mall"

Meimi says "Oh her. I think I might have met her too. I didn't know they were going out together though."

Kali shakes her head. "They have not been since the 'eeper kissed her and gave her cooties. Now she gets sick around him."

Meimi says "You think the 'eeper might be invovled somehow? and also the cause of his delutions?"

Kali blinks. "No, according to Fred Wiessman, I am the cause of his delusions." She does not look happy about this.

Shumira says "not you Kali...whatever's possessing you."

Meimi says "Speaking of which, how did you change back from that little girl?"

Shumira says "If we can belive what that nutcase says."

Kali mutters "..the blue dress..."

Kali looks up "I just woke up my normal self."

Meimi says "Oh. Any idea what caused you to change in the first place? And do you have that blue dress with you now?"

Shumira says "It's in her purse..."

Kali taps her purse. "I believe it was triggered by the stress of believing Shumira to be Hell-O Kitty incarnate."

Shumira says "I didn't really turn into a cat, did I?"

You say "If you did not, then you did a very good imitation."

Meimi says "Well Shu, it was more of you had the personality of a cat."

Shumira says "But, I"m not a cat. I mean, my people didn't decend from earth felines, we just look that way."

Meimi takes Phone out of her Ruby.

Meimi removes her cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.

Meimi says "And if I am?"

Shumira says "Gee, everyone's getting calls but me. Maybe I should get a phone"

Meimi says "Whoever that was."

Kali watching Meimi leans over and whispers to Shumira "Sounds like she is talking to that Falynn creep. Just from that response."

Meimi says "I don't know who it was."

Shumira shrugs

Kali sighs "Talked to you in a gruff voice?"

Meimi says "Yea. But not one I recognized."

Kali nods. "I have my suspicions."

Meimi says "Just who exactly is this guy anyways, and how would he have gotten my number?"

You say "I do not know who he is, other than what I have already told you."

Meimi says "Shu, you know anything about this creep?"

Kali sighs. "Is it necessary to talk about the negative examples of the Human race?"

Meimi says "So, who else is there to gossip about then?"

Shumira says "ummm...dunno"

Kali tries again. "I mean, if we have to talk about boys there is always Rusty." She pauses, smiling "Or Johnny."

Shumira says "Who's Johnny?"

Kali blushes a little. "He is a local boy."

Meimi says "Oh? Tell us more about him."

Meimi says "What's he look like? How old is he? Does he have a girlfriend? Will he be in our grade?"

Kali looks at her lap. "Well, he does not really have a girl friend. He is very handsome."

Meimi chants, "Kali has a boyfriend, Kali has a boyfriend." Then she grins.

Kali blushes a solid black and mutters "...not my boyfriend..."

Meimi says "Sure he's not. But do you want him to be?"

Kali swallows. Loudly. "He does not even pay any attention to me."

Meimi snorts. "So what. If you want him to go out with you, then we can make sure he will. And by the time we're done, he'll even be thinking it was his own idea."

Kali's fingers intertwine and separate, several times a second. "... make him?"

Meimi says "Oh, we won't hurt him or anything. Just talk to him about you."

Kali looks like she swallowed a trout. "You will not tell him the truth, will you?"

Meimi says "What, that you're interested in him? Of course not."

Shumira says "If you like him, you should go for him Kali"

Meimi says "The idea is to convince him that it was his idea to go out with you. Guys like to think they're the ones in charge, but it's really us gals who control things."

Kali swallows again. "I do not think he likes me. We had an argument."

Shumira says "So what Kali? We had an argument the other day, but we're still friends."

Meimi pats Kali's shoulder and replies, "Whatever the argument was, I can make sure he'll like you."

Kali watches the carpet go nowhere. "...."

Kali sighs, a great almost broken hearted sigh.

Meimi says "Let me check the door folks."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Kali, still absorbed in the details of her lack of love life, barely notices her leave.

To (Kali, Kayley, Meimi, Shumira), Mr.Hughes pages: in the essence of RP..ignore Mini-Mez please :) I don't have any other way to make this possible :)

You paged Mr.Hughes with 'Ignore the rat?'.

Mr.Hughes pages: yeah

Long distance to Mr.Hughes: Kali :P~~~~

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Shumira says "Who was at the door, Meimi?"

Meimi says "Kayley. She was just in the living room. I don't know why she didn't follow me in here."

Kayley comes in from the living room.

Kayley has arrived.

Shumira says "Hi Kayley"

Meimi says "There you are. I thought you might have gotten lost."

A quiet, drawn out scream is heard. It gets slowly louder, and seems to be flying towards you. Suddenly the shape of Mini-Mez appears above you, and he lands at Mr.Hughes's feet. Mini-Mez has arrived.

<<<OOC>>>Mr.Hughes points to the shrimp, "Ignore him."

Kali just sits there and looks sad.

Meimi sits back down next to Kali on the bed.

Kayley waves to everyone, dropping her shoudlerbag against a wall. "Heya. What's up?"

Shumira says "Not much...we were just talking about boys"

Kayley ahhs. "Okay."

<<<OOC>>>Kayley dropped the bag, Mez. Against a wall. )

Kali notices Kayley and gives a halfhearted wave.

Meimi says "Yeah, we need to figure out how to get Johnny thinking he wants to go out with Kali here."

Shumira says "Whoever Johnny is..."

Kali hmmms "Johnny Hibachi"

Mini-Mez shakes his head as he comes to, then lies still, trying to figure out what's happening.

Kayley ums. "Hm. I dunno..."

Shumira says "I haven't met him yet, so I don't know much about him."

Meimi says "I don't know much about him either, but if Kali wants to go with him, then we girls should make sure he wants to go out with her."

Kali sighs. "He is a Ninja"

Mini-Mez shakes his head sadly, saying just under his breath, "Poor Johnny... gonna get waylaid by these girls..."

Shumira says "What's a ninja?"

Shumira perks her ears up

Shumira says "Did you hear something?"

Kali looks up blinking Hmmm? Oh, it is a type of Earth warrior. Very noble."

Mini-Mez goes very, very still.

Meimi says "OOh, you like the mysterious type."

Shumira says "More like the warrior type, I take it"

Meimi looks at Shu. "I didn't hear anything, why?"

Shumira shakes her head

Shumira says "I thought I did...must have been the wind"

Shumira says "It's kind of spooky here, so close to /the house/"

Kali smiles a little dreamily. "We met in the gym. Working out."

Meimi says "So he's the jock type. Tell us more."

Kali shakes her head, "He is not a jock, he is a warrior."

Mini-Mez carefully sticks his head out over the lip, careful to remain in the darkness to observe the girls.

The door creaks partially open.

Kayley nods vigorously. "There's a *big* difference between warriors and jocks.. at least where I come from

Kali nodnods "Buzz is a jock."

Shumira looks towards the door

The door then opens all the way and John, Meimi's little brother stands there in his pjs with a teddy bear. "Kin ah join?"

Shumira blinks

Shumira says "Awwww, isn't that cute"

Kali snaps to the sound of the male (well almost) voice, her hand making it halfway to her pistol before the boy registers.

Meimi pats the bed beside her (not the side with Kali). "You can join us for a little bit Johnny."

Little Johny runs in and hops on the bed.

Kali turns the motion into a stretch, trying to play it off.

Mini-Mez shudders slightly at Kali's responses, timing his movements with Li'l J's hop onto the bed.

Shumira, keeping in mind that there in a little set of ears in the room, says "What were we talking about again?"

Kali sighs again. "So, does anybody have a boyfriend besides Kayley?"

Meimi says "Not me. I haven't been in town long enough. And Kayley is dating the only guy who I think is worth it."

You say "I do not agree, I met a nice boy today. His name was Eric. Very polite and good looking.""

Shumira says "And rich...."

Meimi says "Well, I didn't really meet him yet, so I don't know. But I thought you were interested in John. Are you saying your interested in Eric now?"

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Kali blinks "Irrelevant in a well structured command."

Meimi says "Be right back folks"

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Kali looks up. "Door!"

Shumira says "I don't know...there just doesn't seem to be anyone around who is /interesting/ though..."

Kali crosses her legs under her.

Kayley grins slightly, waving her wings idly. "Rusty is very interesting," she asserts.

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Mini-Mez rummages through his Backpack.

Shumira says "Well, he's taken though, isn't he Kayley."

Shelly comes in from the living room.

Shelly has arrived.

Kali looks at the new arrival.

Shelly is holding a big sleeping bag and looks around shyly

Meimi says "Be right back again."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Shumira says "Hello"

Kali smiles at Shelly. "Nice colors"

Mini-Mez is inside one of the pouches of kayley's multicoloured bag, up against a wall with the rest of the stuff.

Shelly looks down at her clothes

Shelly looks at Kali. "Um.... thank you"

Shumira blinks and looks nervous for some reason, glancing in Meimi's mirror

Kali tugs at her own royal blue uniform

Shelly pushes up her glasses and looks around some more

Kali uncrosses her legs and stands.

.o0 ( Although, perhaps she could use some nice, pink ribbons in her hair, and some make up....)

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Katy comes in from the living room.

Katy has arrived.

Shelly looks around for a few more akward moments... then moves towards a clear spot on the floor to set down her bag and sit on it

Kali places one finger against her chin and declares. "I think a few improvements could be made though."

Meimi sits back down on the bed between Kali and John.

Katy pauses by the door, looking around for a moment almost as if uncomfortable, then straightening and apparently shaking it off.

You say "Does any one have some makeup? And a few pink ribbons. Cute ones.""

Meimi says "I do."

Meimi takes Timestop Makeup Kit out of her Ruby.

Katy shakes her head. "No..but I brought slam books and cooties."

.o0 (Fortunatnly, the feeling passes. Perhaps you're getting better at fending off these Barbie demons.)

Meimi gave you Timestop Makeup Kit.

Meimi says "Here you go."

Shumira says "I think we have enough cooties here already"

Meimi says "And I have some ribbons in the closet."

Shumira glances at Kayley

Katy smiles almost proudly "I read about them."

Kali looks down at the makeup case, her face stricken. "Uh..."

Katy just looked at you.

Kayley looks sulky. "It wasn't *my* fault. Sabeli ran Beeper over with her saucer.

Shumira says "I know dear, we are still trying to figure out how to get rid of them."

You say "I think I, um... changed my mind." She holds the case at arm's length.

Shumira peers closely at Kali

You say "Maybe we should all introduce ourselves?"

Katy moves over to find a place that's clear enough to sit down on, eyes flickering around the room. "The senior director for yearbook tried to get me to take one of the staff cameras...he's /such/ a boy."

Meimi says "Sounds good. I'm Meimi, your hostess. I just moved here recently."

Shumira nods "I'm Shumira."

Shelly tilts her head at Katy's comment,... gets out a small notebook and surreptitiously jots something down

Kayley's tail flicks about. "I'm Kayley."

Katy says "I'm Katy....I'm pretty new too, but apparently yearbook starts early."

Kali attempts to look imposing with the makeup case still dangling from her fingers. "I am Strike Commander Kali of the 12th Striker Regiment. Called 'the Destroyer'"

Katy tugs on a lock of her copper hair...then looks over to Kali, tilting her head and smiling to herself, just a bit.

Shelly looks up from her notebook... blinks... "Oh... I'm Shelly...hi?"

Kali sits back down on the bed, cross legged.

Shelly stuffs her notebook in the pocket of her skirt

Shumira looks at Shelly and shudders, then looks away again.

Meimi tickle/tackles John and says "And this little monster is my little brother John."

Shelly glances over at John quickly... then seems to be reassured that he's only a kid.

Kali, not entirely sure what to do with the makeup case, just holds it and says, "So, if Eric is not interesting, and Rusty is taken, who does that leave available?

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Shelly gets out her notebook and starts scribbling

Shumira says "Ummm, well there's Mez, but we've already rejected him. And Ghengis. But I hardly ever see him around"

Meimi says "I wonder who that is."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Katy nearly jumps out of her skin. "Whassat?!"

Kayley says "Door..."

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Katy relaxes a bit. "Ah." yeah, she was never scairt, nope.

Meimi sits down again. "Practical jokers. There was no one there.

Mini-Mez blinks, and thinks to himself. o 0 O (Rejected? Sheesh, get slammed a little bit around and miss all the interesting stuff.)

Shumira says "Good thing probably...if we get many more girls here, we won't have room to move."

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Kali thinks, trying to catalogue the boys. "There is Buzz, but he is barely sentient."

Shumira says "Maybe we should have had this at my place."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Shelly makes some more notes

Katy tilts her head and looks at Shelly. "What're you writing? Are we supposed to be writing, is that something you do at slumber parties?":

Shelly hides her notebook behind her back for a momment

Shelly looks around.....

Shelly says quietly... "Just... making notes... for.... a project"

Shumira tries to avoid looking a Shelly and glances at Kali instead.

Shumira says "You can put down the makeup kit, Kali..."

Katy says "A project? what kind of project.....are we supposed to be thinking about projects?"

Kali drops the kit, paling at a sudden thought. "We are not going to take one of those magazine quizzes, are we?"

Shelly looks interested, "Why? do you have any new ones?"

Shumira says "hmmmm, it's a thought...but I didn't bring any."

Shelly says "They're such useful res.... earch"

Katy says "Projects? I'm thinking of some...research ones research, you could say."

Kayley perches someplaceorother, wings waving idly.

Shelly suddenly blushes and rummages in her bag...

Kali eeps. "Um... maybe we could plan a raid?"

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Katy's eyes turn to Kali. "On who?"

Meimi flops down on the bed mumbling about stupid pizza boy jerks.

Shelly tilts her head at Meimi's comment and makes some notes in her little notepad

Shumira says "I'm kind of suprised...I would have figured one of they guys would have made some attempt to get in here by now. I guess they just didn't have what it takes..."

Shelly looks up, "Boys? Here? Oh I _hope_ not"

Shelly blinks for a while

A knocking sound comes on the window.

Katy hmm's and moves over to sit closer to the window.

Kali perks up and replies to Katy "The Richmond Academy comes immediately to mind."

Shelly slides over near to Meimi

Katy nearly jumps out of her skin again as a knock sounds just above her. She peers out the window.

Meimi says "Who's out the window Katy?"

Meimi says "I'ld rather not talk about it Shelly."

A boys face appears at the window, and it seems to be that of a geeky looking pizza deliver boy, "Miss. Miss, you have to take these pizzas!" His voice is high pitched and scratchy.

Shelly nods and blushes... "Ok, Meimi..."

Shelly goes back to her sleeping bag

Katy turns around. "It's the pizza boy....where's the money?"

Meimi says "Did someone here order pizza? Cause I know I didn't"

Shumira says "Kali...perhaps a zap gun payment would do?"

Katy clears her throat. "Why didn't you come to the door? I'm pretty sure that pizza is supposed to come to the door...right?" she looks to the other's for reassurance on that.

You say "Um, I would rather keep my pistol, thank you."

Shelly looks up at the window... belatedly notices the pizza boy... blushes and frantically looks down and rummages in her bag

The scratchy voice perks up again, "I tried....she shut it on me....I have to deliver these pizzas or it comes out of my salary."

Shumira says "No, I mean the buisness end of it..."

Kayley chirps, "Shoot him, Kali."

Meimi says "Did you order the pizzas Katy? If so, then you can pay for them."

Kali blinks "Why?"

Katy takes her camera out and flashes it at the pizza boy. "You only have to deliver them? NO...I didn't order them."

Shumira reaches into her purse and pulls out the over-sized zap gun, flipping the power switch and letting it build up with a whine

Shumira says "Open the window Kay, and step back"

Shumira has a reckless grin on her face

Kali frowns "There is no enemy Shumira. Why are you arming?"

Katy blinks. "It's just a pizza boy...."

Mini-Mez looks up and follows Shu, then stays inside his bag.

Shumira says "Bye bye, pizza boy....."

Shelly continues to rumage through her bag, refusing to look up at the window

Shumira starts to swing the gun around towards the window

Kayley appears to change her mind. "Aw.. I'd pay him if I haad any money..."

Kali sighs. "Amateurs. They are always over eager."

Kali steps between Shumira and the window.

Katy says "Tell you about you give us the pizza's, and you leave here without peanut butter poured down your pants?"

The pizza boy spies the gun and screams, "AIIEE!!!" He disappears and runs from site, "You'll pay for these!!! And That!!!" His voice fades away.

Shumira says "Awww, you're ruining my shot Kali"

Shumira giggles and puts the gun away

You say "What do you intend to shoot?"

Shumira says "that got rid of him"

Shumira says "Nothing, but he didn't know that."

Meimi says "Good. Someone wanted to try and ruin our party."

Shumira says "Deserved it though...Little pervert, looking in a girl's bedroom."

Shelly continues to look in her bag fora bit more and then stops... whispers, "Is he gone?"

Kali, not quite sure what Shumira is talking about, sits back down.

Kayley sighs. "poor guy.

Katy scowls. "He didn't even drop the pizza."

Meimi says "Yes, he's gone Shelly."

Shelly relaxes and puts her bag down...

Shumira settles back down and smiles to herself

Shelly looks around the room for a while

Meimi says "Has anyone seen Kiwi? I think she's the only one not here."

Little Johny plays with his bear some more.

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Kali shakes her head, "I believe she stated that she would be late."

Meimi says "That might be here. Let me check."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Johny stops with his toy and peers about the room. He slides off the bed and moves over towards Kayley's backpack.

Katy keeps her perch near the window, looking out it every once in awhile.

Kayley watches the munchkin, reaady to claim her bag if he starts absconding nwith her property.

John pauses, then turns to Kayley and gives a bright, exagerated smile as he side steps over to the bag.

Mini-Mez's eyes bulge, then he dives to the bottom of the pouch, gripping tightly to the fabric there.

Shumira swivels her head and tracks John's progress

John raises his hand and points behind Kayley, "What in the world is THAT???" (<<<OOC>>> all ya ladies..+sroll cool/Mr.Hughes please :) )

Kali makes a cool roll (to Mr.Hughes): 8

To (Kali, Shumira, Katy, Shelly), Mr.Hughes pages: Awww...John's too cute....and so convincing too...there _must_ be something there and he's not trying to trick you. (IE: Ya all look ;) )

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Shumira turns to look at where John's pointing

Kali's eyes snap to where John is pointing, her hand falling to her holster in case the threat is serious.

Meimi says "Hey everyone, Kiwi's here!!"

Kiwi comes in from the living room.

Kiwi has arrived.

Kayley blinks, and looks.

Katy turns her head, looking over Shelly's shoulder.

Shumira looks straight at Meimi as she enters

Shelly glances over at the bag

As everyone's head turns, John's hand dives into the bag, fishes around, and then grabs something. He puts his hands behind his back, "Oh well, musta been nothing."

Kiwi bounds in and waves enthusiastically, "I'm heeee-eeeeere!"

Shumira says "It's just your sister..."

Katy hmms, then turns to look at the new arrival.

Shumira says "Hello Kiwi"

Meimi looks around. "What's going on?"

Kiwi blinks and pauses, "Uhm. Crowded, huh?"

Kali looks up at Kiwi's arrival. Smiling she says "Greetings Kiwi, I see you."

Kiwi's arrival make John smile, "Hi! I go now." He scoots out of the room past Meimi and Kiwi.

Shumira makes room for Kiwi, moving some things around, and knocking over Kayley's bag by accident

Mini-Mez squirms, but keeps quiet and hidden.

Kayley heaves a big sigh and rescues her bag.

Nothing comes out of the bag except Kayley's stuff.

Meimi sits back down on the bed again.

Shelly pushes her glasses back up on her nose

Kiwi says "Hey Kali, Shu-chan."

Kayley also rescues her stuff, since it's spilling.

Shumira says "Sorry Kayley.."

Kayley says "'Sokay."

Kayley rummages through her Shoulderbag.

The clouds split and a long, thin wooden cylinder descends from the sky and comes to rest behind . The Pool Cue of God(tm) draws back, and then smacks him to a new location....

Mini-Mez has left.

Kiwi blinks. "I missed alot, didn't I?

Kali shakes her head. "No we just started."

Shumira says "Yeah, a lot more people showed up than expected"

John moves quickly into the living room.

Meimi says "Yeah. I think some people might have to sleep in the living room."

Shumira says "Only boys though were the pizza guy and Meimi's brother...disapointing, really."

Katy says "And we've been dodging pizza."

Kiwi points at the smoke trail Mez left, "Whaddabout..?"

Shumira says "So, what now? More gossip maybe?"

Meimi says "Yeah, who has any more juicy gossip?"

Kali leans against the wall. "I believe we have exhausted all the possibilities on boys."

Kiwi goes wide-eyed, "MORE? What didn't I hear?!"

Shelly looks disappointed at Kali's comment and starts to stuff her notepad back into her skirt

A beeping noise comes from somewhere near Shelly and she fumbles in her other skirt pocket for a moment.

Shumira says "Well Kiwi, we were just talking about the sever lack of decent guys around....and Kali's love interest in Johnny Hibatchi"

Kali changes the subject. "And we have safely escaped the specter of magazine quizzes..."

Katy tilts her head at Shelley, obviously curious about the beeping and what it might prophecy.

Shelly pulls out a small electronic device that seems to be the source of the beeping... looks it over for a moment and pushes a butten

Kiwi grins, "Johnny who?"

Shelly looks over at Katy. "Sorry... almost forgot to set Asimov's litter pan to clean beore I left"

Kali hmms "Someone suggested makeovers."

Katy mouths that sentence back to herself quietly, then nods "I forget to do that all the time too."

Kayley considers herself. "I could use a change. I'm getting bored with this look."

Shelly stuffs the device back into her pocket, "No reason to make him even more upset..."

Shelly shrugs, "But I told him... cat or not... it's a girl's only party"

Kali nods. "That is correct. No male Humans, no male cats, no male Barbie demons, no Male anything."

Katy says "Except for the little brother."

Kiwi nods, "Right, no males. We've established that. Now, Kali.... Johnny WHO?"

Shelly looks over at Kali, "Barbie.....demons? What planet are they from?"

A quiet, drawn out scream is heard. It gets slowly louder, and seems to be flying towards you. Suddenly the shape of Mini-Mez appears above you, and he lands at Mr.Hughes's feet.

Mini-Mez has arrived.

John comes back in, smiling as he holds his teddy in one hand. He plops back down on the bed.

Kiwi blinks

<<<OOC>>>Mr.Hughes says "oops..not here agian ;)"

Shumira says "'s getting kind of crowded around here isn't it?"

Shumira makes shooing motions at John

John comes back in, smiling as he holds his teddy in one hand. He plops back down on the bed. (mini-mez is no where in site....)

You say "I have no idea where they come from. they are just here."

Kiwi says "Coming out of the woodworks..."

Katy says " did invite /everyone/"

Katy hmms "Though, it does make it hard to talk about whoever's not here."

Shumira says "So, we talk about the guys!"

Kiwi says "Hey, there's a plan."

You say "We can always talk about each other. Take turns leaving the room."

Katy says "Well, I /did/ bring a notebook..we could...write things instead of having people leave the room."

Shelly starts to get something out of her pocket while Shumira and Kiwi talk... then stops when Kali makes her suggestion... she starts looking back and forth like a spectator at a vollyball game....

Kiwi says "I still like Shu-chan's idea. Doesn't hurt anyone's feelings."

Kiwi adds and grins, " Well, anyone worth mentioning."

Kali looks at Shelly. Her face concerned she suggests "You should not do that, you will get neck lash."

Shelly blinks at Kali and pushes her glasses back up on her nose.

Meimi says "Well, we definately have enough girls now to take out any guys who decide to try and crash the parth."

Kali returns her attention to Kiwi. "Which boy have we not already talked about?"

Shelly slips a small notebook out of her skirt pocket

Kiwi says "Well, I wasn't here for any of the boy-talking. I'm seriously feeling deprived, here!"

Katy says "What's everyone taking next semester?"

Shelly nods a little bit to Kiwi...

Meimi says "Let's just discuss the boys again, one at a time. That scumbag from Richmond first."

Kali leans back "I do not know anything about him."

Kiwi rolls her eyes, "Oh, *jeez*. HE'S got a very large pole stuck up his rear."

Katy says "Who's that?"

Kali nudges Shumira.

Kali renudges Shumira. "You know the most about the Richmond Guy?"

Shelly makes notes in her little notebook. She murmurs to herself, "Arrogance..... undesirable"

Shumira says "hmmm, what Kali? Sorry, I was dozing off there."

You say "we were reslamming the boys. Working from the bottom up."

Meimi says "Well, from bottom up would be a close tie between Mez and that Richmond guy."

Kali thinks "The jerk on the phone."

Shumira says "Oh, Kurt...yeah...he is about as low as you get..."

Katy laughs softly. "Pizza boys."

Kiwi scratches her head, "I dunno, Mez isn't half bad, ya know?"

Kali nods her head. "That is because he is to lazy to make the effort to be total scum."

Kiwi thinks about it, then shrugs, "Of course... he's not half good, either."

Kiwi says "Can't win 'em all."

Shelly makes some more notes and mumbles, "ensure... high... goal-setting variable"

Kali restates her position. "Mezerkos is a weevil hickey in a wool coat."

Shumira says "Like I said earlier...there just seems to be a lack of available guys around. Ghengis seems kind of decent...even if he looks somewhat like a jock"

Katy says "methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Shumira looks at Katy confused "Who?"

Meimi says "Yeah, who is Ghengis?"

Kiwi echoes, "Ghengis?"

Shelly looks up at Katy....

You say "The guy with the police car hair?"

Shumira says "Oh, he lives near me. Kali has met him, and so has Rusty"

Katy says "I haven't run into a Genghis."

Mini-Mez mumbles inside is safe pocket behind Johny's bear, "I do /not/ wear a wool coat."

Kiwi says "Speaking of Rusty... Did you ever find out anything, Kali?"

Shumira says "He's really big...probably go out for the Team"

Kali slides into a slump. "About what, Kiwi?"

Kiwi says "About, well, him."

Shelly scribbles and mutters "Maintain balance.... strength.... muscle-bound"

Shumira glances at Shelly, then away again

Kali hmms, "Oh, he caught Barbie demons from my dress." her eyes shift to Shumira. "The blue one."

Shelly hides her notebook in a fold of her skirt for a while....

Kiwi snaps her fingers, "That's right! Duh, me."

Kiwi spots John's teddy bear and smiles widely, "Awwwww, what a cute lil' bear! Mind if I hold him?"

Kali shudders at the C word.

Kiwi says "I simply ADORE stuffed animals."

Meimi smiles and says "I'll be counting mine when you leave then Kiwi."

Shumira says "So do I should see my collection sometime"

Shumira smiles

Kali examines the bear in question. "It appears to be about the right size for 50 yard target practice."

Kiwi laughs, "I won't take any! But I do wanna see this adorable little teddy bear, it's just *so* cute!"

Shumira rolls her eyes at Kali

John look at Kiwi, then the bear, "Mah bear."

Shelly starts to scribble... "stuffed ani..." she stops... looks up... blinks as if confused and then scratches out whatever she was writing

Kali starts shaking. "Kiwi, please stop using that word."

Kiwi smiles cutely at John and bends over slightly, "I'll take reeeeally good care of it!"

.o0 ( You is cute...)

Katy looks to Kali. "What, 'cute'?"

Kiwi crosses her heart for more effect, "Promise."

Meimi says "John, why don't you go play with mommy now. I want to talk to my friends in private."

Kali sits back up and leans forward a little. "Actually, it is pretty cute."

.oO ( Although putting it at fifty yards does have it's advantages....)

Shumira looks at Kali nervously

Kali blinks, her face frozen.

John holds his bear tight.

Meimi says "Um, Kali? Are you feeling ok?"

You say "Ummmm."

Meimi looks to John, "John, I think you had better leave. NOW."

Meimi starts to shoo John out of the room.

Kiwi bites her lip and holds back tears from her eyes, glancing at John sadly, "I.. I guess.. if you really want to hold it.. then I don't mind, I.... I was just lonely.. and I thought your bear would make it all better, I.. I.."

Katy looks around "What, what?"

John pouts, "I don't wanna leave. Mom said I could stay."

Shelly looks up distractedly and pokes John's bear in the arm then turns to her notebook

Kali scoots back against the wall. Pale and shaking.

Shumira tugs on Kiwi's shoulder

Meimi says "Well, tell Mom that we want to talk girl stuff that you shouldn't hear. But leave NOW.""

Shelly scribbles and mutters, "Stuffing and cloth.... too soft...."

Kiwi whispers out of the side of her mouthto Shu-chan, "I'm in the middle of a performance here."

John hrmphs and turns to the door, "Fine, no cookies for you." He walks out.

The clouds split and a long, thin wooden cylinder descends from the sky and comes to rest behind . The Pool Cue of God(tm) draws back, and then smacks him to a new location....

Mini-Mez has left.

Kiwi jumps back up and snaps her fingers, "Man!"

Meimi looks back to Kali. "Kali? Are you ok?"

Shelly scribbles and mutters, "Plastic? .... vinyl?.... wool?... no.. scratchy..."

Kiwi turns to Kali, blinks, and crosses her arms. "I saw this really violent show today. Had lots of guns and killing and alot of military stuff."

Katy says "I think she's dead, jim."

Kali blinks. "umm, I think I am better now."

Meimi says "You know, we really need to do something about that curse of yours."

Kiwi grumbles to herself and baps her right fist into her open palm, "I'll see that bear. Oh, yes. I will."

Kali shrugs. "Well, unless you feel like traipsing across half the galaxy looking for Bob Gucci, I will just have to learn to live with it."

Meimi points to the desk. "If you really need to hold onto a stuffed animal Kiwi, there's a stuffed Cabbit on the desk over there."

Kiwi says "But I want the bear, I tell you! The be--.." and trails off as she spots the Cabbit. "That is SO CUT--.. Er... so fluffy."

Meimi says "So, Kayley. Tell us about Rusty. How long have you two been going out? Has he always talked to his instruments? Is he a good musician? Talk to us!!"

Kayley blinks, and flushes a little. "We haven't been going out *that* long..."

Kiwi shakes her head and glances around, "Woah. I zoned out. WHO hasn't been going out that long?"

Shumira says "Well, how about some details?"

You say "Remember, Kayley has cooties and can not go out with Rusty right now."

Kayley says "There aren't many. I got cooties right after we started going out..." She nods to Kali "So we never really got to go out."

Shelly scribbles in her notebook "Disinfect regularly"

Kiwi frowns, "That stinks."

Katy says "How do you know you have cooties?"

You say "Has anybody figured out how to cure cooties?"

Kayley answers Katy, "I feel sick around boys."

Shelly looks up at Kayley and blinks, pushing her glasses up on her nose

Kali counts on her fingers. "Mezerkos, Ghengis, Kurt, Rusty... How about Eric Riches? Buzz? Falynn?"

Meimi says "Buzz? Who's that?"

Kiwi blinks, "I don't know Kurt or Falynn."

Kayley eews. "Falynn has spoo for brains. He's no good."

Kali looks up from her fingers. "Buzz is a semisentient boy like object. He is on the team. As long as you do not get between him and food he is decent company."

Shelly scribbles and mutters, "Minimum IQ... 110"

Kiwi says "Then, who's kurt?"

Meimi looks at Shelly. "Just what are you mumbling and scribbling over there?"

Kali shakes her head. "We already spoke of Kurt."

Shelly blinks and stuffs her notepad into her skirt

Shelly says "Just... some... stuff"

Meimi says "Kurt is the dweeb from Richmond."

Shelly says "Project"

Kiwi says "OH. THAT'S his name."

Shumira says "no, his name is Phlegm"

Shumira grins

Kiwi slaps her forehead, "Silly me."

You say "I believe you are confused Shumira, that is his title?"

Katy seems to be counting them up in her mind, then..."what are they all doing tonight?"

Shumira says "I just call him phlegm because scum floats. I don't want to be accused of flattering him."

Kali sits up and stretches. "Well, that covers all the boys I think."

Shumira says "A depressingly short list..."

Kali raises her eyebrows. "Next subject?"

Meimi says "Any girls who aren't here we can gossip about?"

Kiwi rests her head in her hands and thinks... "Or did you already play Truth or Dare?"

Shumira says "This is more people than I've met since I moved here"

Kali tilts her head to one side. "What is Truth or Dare?"

Shumira says "No, we haven't"

Katy blinks. "Truth or dare, what's that?"

Meimi says "No, but that will probably be next if we're done gossipping."

Kiwi pauses, then looks at nothing in particular, and concentrates...

Kiwi says "I do believe.. That if someone were to try and crash us again.. they'd do it very soon."

Meimi says "So, no more gossip?"

You say "So, no more gossip. How do you play Truth or Dare?"

Meimi says "Well, you pick a person to start. That person chooses someone and asks them a question. The person can either answer the question or take a dare."

Meimi says "If they choose to take a dare, They HAVE to do the dare."

Kali blinks, uncomprehendingly. "That is a game?"

Kiwi says "Yep!"

Katy says "That sounds like how they torture criminals on my planet!"

Meimi says "You could call it a game."

Kali says, "So just tell the truth."

Kiwi laughs, "Well, some dares ARE torturous..."

Kayley queries, "Do I have to play?"

Shelly blinkblinks and pushes her glasses up on her nose

Shumira points at Kiwi "What's the chemical composition of Sulphuric Acid?"

Kali blinks "H2SO4?

Kiwi blinks and goes wide-eyed, "Ah.. Uhm.. What.. she said!"

Meimi says "Like we could dare someone to kiss Kurt the next time she sees him."

Shumira says "Kali, that was Kiwi's question..."

Shelly blinkblinkblinkblinks

You say "But why would anyone accept a dare? Why not just tell the truth?"


Katy says "it sounds like maybe we all have to play."

Shumira says "Well, what if someone asked you a real embarassing question?"

Katy looks to Meimi "Is this something that you have to do at a slumber party?"

Kali blushes, "Sorry Kiwi, the answer just popped into my mouth."

Kali shrugs. "I am very good at being embarrassed."

Kiwi looks at shu-chan, "Then either you bite the bullet or take a dare. That's the point of the game, to get the juicy stuff!"

Shumira says "No, no...I was answering Kali's question."

Shumira says "Well, it's your go Kiwi...who will you pick?"

Kiwi blinks and shrugs, "Uhm... Kali. Uhm... hmmmm.."

You say "Yes?"

Meimi says "Well, it's traditional to play Truth or Dare, but we don't HAVE to."

Kiwi says "I got it! Have you ever kissed someone? If so, details! Details!!"

Kali 'erks' and looks like she just coughed up a major internal organ.

Kiwi smiles sweetly and looks at Kali expectantly.

Shumira says "ooooh, sounds like we have a live one here...."

You say "Uh, how is the game played again?"

Kiwi says "Answer the question or take a dare."

Meimi says "If you choose not to answer, you take a dare from the person who asked."

Kali looks Kiwi over, head to toe. "Um.... I think..."

Kiwi raises an eyebrow, "Yeeeees..?"

You say "Well, I was in the, um Al's place...""

Shumira says "Aha! You did kiss Johnny!"

Kiwi shushes Shu-chan and looks back at Kali, "And? And?!"

Kali's fingers fumble around her belt. "Um, yes, well, we were eating a hamburger.."

Kiwi says "Go ooon."

Kali blushes more. "Well he was, I had Cheese Whiz.

.o0 (And Johnny had the cutest eating technique, the way he my heart flutter.....) (or something liek that ;)

Shumira says "Enough food commentary, how does he kiss?"

You say "And he was just soooo cute...."

Meimi says "Yeah. Did he, like, use his tongue or anything?"

Katy seems to take very quiet but completely attentive note of every detail.

Shelly's pencil is poised over her small notepad

Kali sighs, her eyes glazing over. "just the way the light fell across his face, he was... I do not know, just wonderful.

Kiwi sighs happily and goes starry-eyed, "Aaaand?"

A small pin falls off the desk, bouncing on the floor with a loud *PANG*

You say "I leaned forward a little...."

Shumira jumps slightly, startled

Kiwi continues starring at Kali, unscathed, "yes? Yes?!"

You say "Then he leaned forward a little. So handsome, I just had to..."

A golden glow surrounds Kali as suddenly starts to shrink. She keeps shrinking until she has lost about two and a half feet worth of height. As she grows smaller her clothing does a slow dissolve. The glow keeps you from seeing anything interesting as another set of clothing materialises around her, a Japanese school girl's uniform. The glow falls to the ground as slowly dissolving star dust and she stands revealed: Sailor Kali!

Sailor Kali giggles.

Shumira colapses

Katy blinks. "I think that's worse than cooties."

Kiwi blinks and falls over, "Eeeeeh?!"

Shelly blinkblinkblinkblinkblinks and her glasses almost fall off her nose

Shumira says "Not again!!!!"

Sailor Kali bounces up and down, clapping her hands. "Whee!"

Meimi sighs and says, "I was afraid something like this might happen. Kiwi, please give her the cabbit."

Katy says "Definately worse than cooties."

Shelly takes off her glasses and cleans them vigorously, squinting the entire tiem they're off her face

Kiwi says "But I like the cabbit!"

Sailor Kali sights the Cabbit "KAWAII!"

Meimi says "Fine, then give her the bug off the bookcase over there."

.o0 (By now the Barbie demons seem to have lost their grip on you.)

Meimi points to a stuffed Ah! My Goddess bug.

You say "NoNoNoNo! I want the Cabbit!""

Katy says "This makes cooties look like a hangnail...scuse me."

Katy takes out her camera and starts taking pictures.

Kiwi hugs the cabbit, "No way!"

Shumira buries her face in the carpet, sobbing slightly

Shelly pushes the glasses back onto her face and looks again at Sailor Kali. No amount of glass-cleaning or blinking seems to resolve this picture

You paged Mr.Hughes with 'I have gone beyond the Barbie demons!!'.

Sailor Kali reaches for the Cabbit "MineMineMineMine!"

Kiwi snatches it away and sticks her tounge out

Sailor Kali stands on the bed, her fists on her hips, her tongue extended.

Kiwi keeps a firm grip on the cabbit, "Go play with the stupid bug!"

Meimi says "Be right back. someone is ringing the doorbell."

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Katy gets pictures from every angle, and puts her camera away.

You say "You play with the bug!!! I want the Cabbit!"

Kiwi shakes her head violently, "Nu-uh! You!"

Shumira mumbles "no...make it go away"

Shelly gathers up her sleeping bag and backs towards the living room... "I.. I... forgot to feed Asimov.... um.. yeah... gotta get those kitty treats"

Shelly heads out to the living room.

Shelly has left.

Sailor Kali starts bouncing up and down "Ca-bitt! Ca-bitt! Ca-bitt!"

Kiwi puts the cabbit on top of her head and makes a face at Kali, "Nyaaaa nyaaaaaaaaa!! Go get your own!"

Shumira pulls a blanket over her head and attempts to hide

Kayley pulls her legs up onto the desk. "Give her the cabbit before she does something deflicted."

Cindy comes in from the living room.

Cindy has arrived.

Sailor Kali jumps, reaching for the Cabbit "No Fair!! You are too tall!"

Meimi comes in from the living room.

Meimi has arrived.

Kiwi cackles maniacally and waves the cabbit around, "I'M TOO TALL! FOR ONCE, I"M TOO TALL! WAHAHAHAHA!!"

Sailor Kali drops to her knees and trys to bite Kiwi's knee.

Kiwi ack's and jumps back, "Stop that!"

You say "Gimme the Cabbit!"

Kiwi says "No way!"

Kayley's tail lashes. "Give her the cabbit already!"

Kiwi frowns and looks between Shu-chan and Kayley, then back at Kali, "But.. but.."

Sailor Kali flounces back to her spot on the bed and sits down, her arms crossed, her face screwed up in a mighty pout.

Kiwi tosses the cabbit at Kali and crosses her arms stubbornly, "Fine. I didn't want the stupid thing anyway!"

Sailor Kali picks up the Cabbit and throws it back. "It's too late. So there."

Kiwi says "Well fine. I don't want it anymore either."

Kiwi says "..So THERE."

You say "HA! I didn't want it first!"

Kayley covers her ears with her hands.

Kiwi puts her hands on her hips, "Oh yah?! You were SO not the first, because *I* was the first!"

Sailor Kali crosses her arms tighter. "Double yah, HA! Was so first!"

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Kiwi looks away uninterested, "Fine. First is the worst, second's the best!"

Shumira curls up into a little ball and retreats from reality

Kayley jumps up. "I'll go get it." She seems eager to escape the room.

Kayley heads out to the living room.

Kayley has left.

Sailor Kali turns her head "I'm rubber you're glue. Bounces off of me, sticks on to you."

Kiwi says "No way. I'm titanium. It slides off!"

Sailor Kali casts about desperately. "Yah? Well... well... How does Teflon stick to the pan, miss smarty pants?"

Kiwi falters, then scoffs, "Glue. Duh."

Sailor Kali blinkblinks "Oh."

Kiwi looks around the room, noticing for the first time the mising people. "Er, where'd everyone go?"

Sailor Kali blinks some more. "Um, away?"

Kiwi shrugs, "Good enough for me."

Sailor Kali's face drops "They don't like me."

Kiwi thinks the prospect over, then looks down herself, "No, it's not you, it's me."

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Kiwi jumps at the loud sound, seemingly forgetting her minute depression

Sailor Kali shakes her head violently. "Nonono. They all like you. Every thing was fine until I showed up. They don't even like big Kali."

Kiwi says "I think they left cause we were fighting. And of course they like big Kali!"

Sailor Kali makes a rude noise. "Big Kali is a poop head."

Kiwi laughs and shakes her head, "Why would you say that?"

You say "'Cause she is."

Kiwi says "But what makes you THINK that?"

Meimi heads out to the living room.

Meimi has left.

Sailor Kali says, "She is no fun at all." She smiles "I'm fun!"

Kiwi laughs, "You're fun, yah. But big Kali can be too. And.. there went someone else. Maybe if we go out there we'll flush 'em all back in here!"

Sailor Kali watches Meimi leave. "There goes another one."

Sailor Kali jumps off the bed. "OK"

Kiwi says "goodie!"

Kiwi heads out to the living room.

Kiwi has left.

You head back out to the living room.

Living Room

This room is a nice example of a middle class home. Nice soft colored carpet lays across the floor and a pair of reclining chairs sit in front of a good size television set. A small couch sits in front of a window that overlooks the street outside. Along one wall is a couple of shelves with books, a stereo system and a couple of other odds and ends that look in place here. Some pictures of the family also rest on the mantel. A small area off of this one leads to the kitchen and dining room area where a large table can fit eight people. All the neccessities for cooking are there.

To unlock the door, type "+doorunlock" and to lock it, type "+doorlock"

Obvious exits
Backdoor <B> Parents Room <PR> Kid's Room <KR> Teenagers's Room <TR> Outside <O>

Sailor Kali claps her hands in delight "People!"

Kayley nods. "Yep."

Meimi looks to Kiwi and Kali and says, "Kayley got locked out."

Kiwi says "Here you guys are!"

Sabeli has arrived.

Kiwi blinks, "Really?"

Kayley just looked at you.

Kiwi spots Sabeli and waves, "Hi there!"

Sailor Kali looks at Sabeli's finger nails. "Ooooo."

Sabeli walks in, waving cheerfully and gesturing to the overnight bag over her shoulder. "Where do I put this?

Kiwi points to the room on her right, "Meimi's room'll be fine, I guess."

You say "Yah! On the floor!"

Kiwi says "I wanna get some fresh air.. anyone wanna join me?"

Sailor Kali nods "Backyard or front?

Kayley says "Nah, I think I'm gonna go get changed."

Sailor Kali's eyes bug. "My jammies won't fit!"

Sabeli grins and heads into the indicated room.

Kiwi says "Er, front. I guess."

Kiwi says "just don't lock us out!"

Kayley heads back to the room.

You unlock the front door so that anyone can get in now.

Sailor Kali nods. "There, I unlocked the door."

Kiwi grins, "Good. Shall we then?"

Kiwi opens the front door and heads outside.

Kiwi has left.

You open the front door and head outside.

[Kiwi and Kali go outside and chat a lot about boys, the universe and everything. Some icecream gets eaten]



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