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Subject: Lunch at McDoggies  


[Unfortunately, my /recall snipped a bit of roleplaying. Ever since a bully Mr. Hole was running beat Buzz up in a tinyplot, Buzz won't return to Al's (the scene of the crime). When somebody suggests hitting Al's, Buzz comes up short and makes it clear that he's not afraid. As this scene opens, Al's was suggested and Buzz had expressed this fact quite loudly and Shumira, confused, asked what he's afraid of (or not). Buzz yelled at her and stomped off down the road. Now they're catching up to him.

Kali stops in front of Buzz.

Rusty wanders along, holding Kiwi's hand.

Buzz continues walking until Kali is /right/ in front of him ('noticable range'), and stops dead in his tracks. he then takes a deep breath, perhaps to prepare for a mighty roar...

Kali, crossing her arms and frowning, says "I believe I said, 'Greetings Buzz, I see you'."

Don Hua quickly claps his hands over his ears, the other two bracing..

Buzz nearly spits out the words, like a challenge. "Buzz see Kali..."

Shumira walks over next to Kali, looking sad

Kiwi blinks.

Rusty watches.

Shumira says "I'm sorry Buzz...I didn't mean to hurt your feelings..."

Don Hua just wishes he knew what was going on as he takes his hands away from his ears, and floats nervoulsy off the ground again, tail lashing..

Kali inclines her head slightly downward to meet Buzz's eyes. Elbowing Shumira discretely she says. "Buzz hungry?"

Buzz blinks. "Buzz not..." he explains, not feeling the need (or the ability) to finish the sentence...

Shumira looks up at Buzz with big, water filled eyes.

Kali says "Buzz like Kali?"

Buzz blink blinks, his brain trying to process 'food' and 'girl' thoughts so quickly together, as to slow thinking down to a crawl.

Buzz slowly admits "Buzz... hungry..."

Kali nods. "Good. Good Buzz. Buzz eat with us?"

You say "...where Kali go?"

Kali responds, rather ambiguously, "To eat."

Shumira stands by quietly

Buzz slowly formulates another sentence (this is hard work for the poor guy) "Buzz go wit' Kali..."

Kali nods and turns on her heel, heading south again. "Good."

[snip a trip to McDoggies]
The McDoggies main dining area is the epitomy of clean, wholesome, family eating. Or at least it tries to be. Colorful pictures and paintings adorn the walls, most clashing with the bright red and yellow paint which the establishment has chosen for their colors. Large windows present a fine view of the outside while permitting young kids of all species to make interesting designs on the glass with their food, mouths, and other body parts. Booth's line the walls while small four person tables fill the center of the room.

At the front of the store is a counter with four cash registers. Behind that counter are the ever viligiant and loyal McDoggies employees. A few seem extrodinarly bored with their jobs, whle others hustle around, pulling their hair (fur,pods, spines, etc) out over late food orders.
SIGN:Help Wanted
Obvious exits:
Kitchen <K> Parking Lot <PL>

Rusty comes in from the parking lot.

Rusty has arrived.

Shumira comes in from the parking lot.

Shumira has arrived.

Don Hua comes in from the parking lot.

Don Hua has arrived.

Kiwi comes in from the parking lot.

Kiwi has arrived.

Shumira pushes through the door and nearly colapses, wheezing...

Buzz follows Kali to the counter (fully equipped with suddenly-ill-looking-counterbeing)

Don Hua walks in, looks around, then grins and claps his four hands together at the 'meat' and rest of the food. He then drops from the air onto his feet.

Shumira says "you...didn't....have to run...the full way..."

Rusty yawns as he walks in.

Don Hua blinks at Shumira, and says "Erm...shoulda said something. I would helped ya along..."

As Kali enters the staff, to the thing, turns pale and tries to shove themselves through the kitchen entrance. Failing miserably they form a biological clog. When Buzz enters their feeble whining turns to outright sobs.

Shumira sits down at a table and tries to catch her breath, which was lefts somewhere near the Zombie Zoo

Kali says "I need the physical conditioning. Summer vacation put a few pounds on me."

Shumira sits down at Table 1.

Don Hua blinks again, then scratches his head, and rubs his chin...then decides not to bother and turns to the menu instead, a hungry grin on his face as his tail idly thumps the ground.

Kiwi sits down across from Shu-chan and leans her elbows on the table.

Kiwi sits down at Table 1.

Rusty sits down at Table 1.

Rusty sits down next to Kiwi.

Kali walks up to the huddled mass in the doorway and shouts. "HEY!!! WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET SOME CHEESE WHIZ AROUND HERE?"

Don Hua watches Kali deal with the crowd while edging his way towards the counter, making sure not to get in either her way or Buzz's.

Shumira wheezes and pants, trying to regain her composure.

Shumira says "Shoulda...flown...instead.."

Buzz waits patiently, studying the menu...

A 'volunteer emerges on the end of a proverbial ten foot pole. "Y-y-y-es?"

<<<OOC>>>Shumira says "a literal ten foot pole would have been better ^_^"

A 'volunteer' emerges on the end of a literal ten foot pole. "Y-y-y-es?"

<<<OOC>>>Shumira says "lol!"

Rusty puts his arm around Kiwi, "I hate school.."

Rusty blinks at the pole.

Kiwi leans against Rusty and watches the scene at the counter.

<<<OOC>>>Shumira says "trust me Don...the service staff here has much reason for fear ^_^"

Making the best of the break in their ranks, the rest of the counter beings vanish into the kitchen, to be replaced by a laser sighted zap bazooka. Oddly, the laser spot is centered on the Counter thing at the end of the pole.

Don Hua scratches his head at the pole, then floats a little higher to see over Buzz's massive shoulder....squinting an eye as he aims at the end of the burger chain, where the burgers come out nice and warm...then blinks at the zap bazooka.

Kali thumps the counter. "I SAID CHEESE WHIZ! I WANT IT NOW!"

Shumira calms down enough to lean back in her seat, just in time to be hit by a flying french fry, as tossed by an apparently young It.

The counter thing says, "Y-y-yes ma'am." Turning to Buzz and blanching it asks 'And you sir?"
Rusty whispers to Kiwi.

Shumira turns around to locate the source of the greasy projectile, who is now looking the other way.

Buzz waves a finger at the menu, and doesn't feel the need to say anything more

Kiwi smiles and kisses Rusty on the cheek, whispering back.

Rusty grins and hugs Kiwi, with one arm.

Don Hua bah's, as it's apparent the two giants aren't entirely easy to see through...then flies all the way up to the cieling, flips upside down, and 'stands' on it to get a better view.

Shumira watches the whispering couple again, pullin the french fry out from behind her ear.

The counter thing hits a large red button located next to the register. It ducks behind the counter and quakes in fear as a klaxon sounds. For several minutes the only sounds are screams from the kitchen area. However, eventually the dispatch chute starts to disgorge everything on the menu. Literally everything. Finally it peters out to a stop. There is a brief pause before it makes a pathetic 'urp' sound and spits out one last Cheese Whiz cone.

Don Hua squints down once more, watching where the scurrying Things put the burgers, aims....then blinks at the klaxon sounds and the HUGE order.

Don Hua gapes "Geeeez...."

Rusty looks at the order, "Yummy.."

Kiwi erks and covers her mouth with a hand, "Lovely.."

Kali nabs the Cheese Whiz cone and wanders over to join the others at the table.

Rusty lsmiles at Kali as she sits down.

Buzz grabs all three trays intended for him, using his mouth to hold the third as he makes his way to the table

You sit down at Table 1.

Shumira scoots over, so as not to get between Buzz and his snack.

Kali licks her Cheese Whiz delicately. "Sometimes I wonder why I ever come here. The service is so..."

Buzz takes up the remaining room on the table, and a bit of your personal spaces... but with every passing second his annexation of everyones table-space becomes more of a non-issue, as his food becomes history.

Kali dodges the flying bits.

<<<OOC>>>Buzz says "new evil idea. everyone roll Luck at me! ;)"

Rusty scoots back away from the table.

<<<OOC>>>Shumira says "errrk..."

Kali makes a luck roll (to Buzz): 12

<<<OOC>>>Buzz says "and add in any 'look pristine no matter what' knacks.. :)"
Shumira makes a luck roll (to Buzz): 4

Kali pages: Dive for cover +2?

You paged Kali with 'are you diving? :)'.

Kali pages: When it becomes evident what follows.

Kali pages: Kali dodges well.

Rusty makes a luck roll (to Buzz): 8

[look shumira]
     You see a drop-dead gorgeous alien girl. She is about five and a half feet tall, with a lean build, but curves in the right place. Her light covering of fur is a healthy, bright golden color and well brushed. The fur is very light over her hands and feet, leaving the palms and soles bare. Her fingernails are longish and well shaped, painted violet to match her eyes. Her long black hair is done up in a french braid and draped over her shoulder, reaching down across her breast.
     She is wearing a white flower print sundress, low cut to show some cleavage with thin straps over the shoulders holding it up. A violet sash ties around her waist, matching the flowers on the dress. A pair of black open toed sandles is protecting her feet
She appears to be in a happy mood, all wide grins. But there is something mischevious in the sparkle in her eyes...
Conner Standard Keyboard

Buzz obliterates one trayful of food, and starts in on the second. He unwraps a ExtraGreasyBurgerSupreme, tossing the wrapper absent-mindedly Rusty's way (which Rusty dodges at the last possible second). However, when he takes a Buzz-sized bite, the other end leaks ExtraGreasyBurgerSauce, which makes a large, disgusting stain on Shumira's dress.

Shumira shrieks "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

Rusty acks as he ducks.

Shumira wipes futlily at the huge, spreading stain.

Kali pages: *so* disapointed. Been puked on by so many things lately that I was expecting to see lunch revisited.

Shumira says "Buzz! Look what you did!"

Rusty grimaces, looking at Shu's stain. "Oh boy.."

Buzz finishes up Tray #2 while everyone's distracted. he's about to start #3 when Shumira yells at him.

Buzz looks up at the stain, and blink-blinks.

Shumira sobs softly

Kali works her Cheese Whiz into a nice little point.

Shumira says "now I have to go change...."

Shumira stands and leaves Table 1.

Shumira has departed.

You say "Shu got snack now!"

Kali looks over at Shumira. "Yes, that would probably be a good idea."

Rusty snickers, covering his mouth to keep from laughing.

Shumira stomps her way over to the Women's room

Buzz returns to his food as those who boggle, boggle

Kiwi erks and eyes Rusty, smacking him on the arm. "That's not funny!'

Rusty bites his lip, mumbling, "Sorry.."

Kali tries to sculpt the remaining Cheese Whiz into twin peaks with her tongue.

Buzz finishes off the last tray of food, and as it settles (or doesn't), he looks around at his companions.

Shumira comes back out of the rest room in a different outfit and walks back over to the table.

Buzz notices Kali's sculpting, and soon finds himself unable to look away

Shumira sits down at Table 1.

Shumira joins you.

Rusty looks up at Shu, then over at Kali's cone, yawning.

Kali, unable to get the second peak to stand up correctly, gives it up and just eats it.

Shumira sits as far away from Buzz as she can, given the small table

Buzz blinks, and comes closer to reality

Kiwi pokes Rusty in the side, "Tired?"

Rusty nods, "Very.."

Kali commences nibbling on the cone. "Any ideas?"

Buzz opens his mouth, but no sound comes out.

Shumira says "Ideas about what?"

Kali says "About what to do."

Shumira crosses her arms and leans back in the seat.

Shumira says "I don't know..."

Kiwi leans against Rusty, "You can snooze on me, Rusty-chan."

Kali winces at the Rusty and Kiwi-chan TC.

Rusty leans against Kiwi and shuts his eyes, "Okay.."

Extreme TC emits from Kiwi and Rusty.

Shumira looks at Kiwi and Rusty, then sighs

Buzz's jaw remains slack, his eyes are bugging-out much less now

Rusty yawns.

Kali whimpers.

Kali picks up a napkin and folds it into a neat dart.

Rusty has his eyes shut.

Buzz watches Kali, totally captivated

Kiwi yawns a little and looks around.

Shumira sits back and looks around the resturant, pouting

Kali scans the dining area for targets. Several more experienced diners quickly decide they are done and pack up and hustle on out.

Kali sights on a young teen sipping a soda in the corner. Pulling her arm back Kali makes several practice casts in the general direction. But not releasing.

Rusty yawns, leaning against Kiwi.

Kali, at the last minute changing her target, snaps the napkin dart across the table and towards Rusty's yawning mouth...

Shumira says "oh...I've done some more practicing..."

Kali nods. "That is good."

Rusty slumps a little forward as he shuts his mouth, getting nailed square (or circle and triangle or whatever) in the forehead. "Hey.." he says, blinking.

Shumira says "Do you want to hear?"

Kali peers sidelong at Buzz. "Um, maybe later?"

Kali searches the table to see if Buzz left anything useful.

Shumira nods

Buzz sees his opportunity when Kali looks at him, though it takes him several seconds to process that fact. "Kali wanna go?"

Kiwi blinks and kisses her finger, then puts it to Rusty's forehead.

Rusty shakes his head, rubbing his forehead.

Kali, finding a single fry (earlier discarded by Shumira), looks at Buzz. "Leave? Where to?"

Kali fidles with the fry, scanning for targets once again.

You say "uh...."

Buzz thinks. It seems to inflict a bit of pain upon him, as he winces when he does so

Rusty looks around.

Kali lofts the fry to a table across the room, scoring a direct hit on a medium drink.

Rusty watchs the fry go up and into the drink, nodding.

Buzz stops thinking as something clicks "Go Sport Shop!"

Kali's hand stretches out and snags one of Buzz's leftover trays. Across the room an elderly lady takes a sip of her drink and starts to gag. She continues on for a while before hawking up a much worse for the wear French fry.

Shumira watches Kali's exploits

Rusty cracks his fingers, then whispers to Kiwi.

You paged Kali with 'did you catch Buzz's suggestion? I don't think he has the computational power to realize he needs to repeat it.'.

Kali pages: Go to sport shop, try on bikinis?

Kali tries a few practice discus wind ups.

You paged Kali with 'yeah, something like that :)'.

Shumira tries to stifle a yawn behind her hand

Buzz looks hopefully over at Kali...

Kali blithely ignores Buzz as she launches the improvised disc. Whirling across the dining room it banks off the salad bar before burying itself in a large take out order. Unfortunately, the order seems to belong to a group of hyperthyroid Neanderthals.

The Neanderthals turn as one to the source of their lunchus interuptus. Growling softly they advance on the table where our heros currently reside.

Kali snags another tray and starts searching again.

Shumira taps Kali on the shoulder

Rusty uh ohs, and puts a hand in his pocket.

Shumira says "Uh...Kali.."

Buzz's hopeful expression slowly drains away, but never takes his eyes off Kali.

The Neanderthals gather around the table, the three of them somehow managing to form a circle around the table. The lead one (evidently) holds out a burger smeared tray. "Dis yours?" it asks.

Kali hmms? at Shumira.

Shumira points to Buzz

Rusty looks around slowly at the big dudes.

Shumira says "It's his"

The tray lands in the middle of the table with a clatter. Evidently unimpressed with Shumira's answer, but impressed with Shumira, the thing continues. "You owes us lunch. You wants to pay in smooches sweet thang?"

Rusty stands up, turning and pushing his way (or trying to) through the Neanderthals.

Kali spys something in the kitchen and pegs the tray in that direction. There is a muffled thud followed by the sounds of confusion.

Buzz is annoyed by the tray briefly interrupting his view of Kali (very briefly).

Shumira looks the neaderthal up and down.

Buzz looks around at the crowd, forgets what he was thinking, decides there's nothing interesting to look at over there, and turns back to Kali and Shumira, trying to decide...

Shumira says "here...I have something for you..."

Shumira rummages in her purse and pulls out some Hershey's Kisses

Shumira says "Here you go, enjoy."

The Neanderthal puts a hand in the middle of Rusty's chest and reseats him, causing Rusty to bounce in his chair. Leaning over he exposes his teeth to Shumira. "Wada ya say sweet thang?"

Rusty oofs and gets plastered to the seat. "Dude..out of my way.." he says, but doesn't get up.

Buzz notices something in his female-viewing-pleasure airspace again, and gets even more annoyed.

Shumira says "Oh, wait...I think I haves something here you could use more than that..."

Buzz looks up at said thing, already growling.

Shumira digs in her purse and comes up with a bar of soap

Shumira says "Try using this sometime. It helps."

The Neand-a-dudes laugh evilly at Rusty. One, not the leader, reaches out and grabs for Kiwi. The other one watches Buzz while the leader continues to grin at Shumira, slightly confused.

Rusty has his Zap gun out quickly, pointing it at the Neand-a-Dudes groin area, the one reaching for Kiwi. "'Scuse me..sir?"

The lead Neand-A-Dude tries again. "Gimme smooches babe!"

Shumira looks at the one reaching for Kiwi and growls, her fur standing up, and her ears flatening back.

Shumira turns to the leader with slitted eyes.

Shumira says "Time to"

Kali starts to take notice of what is going on around her. "I thought you liked Laz, Shumira?"

The Neand-A-Dude smiles larger and says "K!" Grabbing Shumira he heads for the door.

Shumira suddenly starts glowing with her battle aura...the GROWS in the neanderthal's grip, shooting up through the roof and stopping at about 20 feet tall.

Kiwi blinkblinks and goes wide-eyed, "What the..?"

The Neand-A-Dude, still clinging to Shumira's wrist, looks a bit discomforted before recovering. "I *Likes* big girls!!!"

Large pieces of ceiling colapse around the dining area

Neand-a-dude #2 releases Rusty from his seat and grabs Kiwi, "I likes 'em small'"

Shumira looks at the Neand-a-dude on her wrist, then casually flicks him off, sending him sailing a few blocks away to land in the back of a passing manure truck.

Rusty has his zap gun out, at N2's groin area, as he goes for Kiwi.

Kali whips her pistol free of its holster and draws a bead on the lead Neand-a-dude.

Kiwi erks and glares, struggling, at Na-D #2, "Get your hands OFFA me!"

Shumira shrinks back to her normal size.

Shumira stomps over to Kiwi and her attacker

Shumira growls in a low voice "She said...LET GO"

Neanda-dude #2 chuckles and leans forward making crude kissing sounds. The leader has a two handed grasp on Shumira and is attempting to pull her down to his level. Meanwhile #3 has noticed that although Kali is a girl, she is about to shoot something.

Off in the distance sirens can be heard closing.

Rusty glares at Ne-D #2, though it's not threating..just really cute, "Ya! Let her go dude!"

Buzz leaps up in a manner practiced frequently over offensive linemen. Once on the other side of ND #3, he grabs its loin cloth. In a flash of movement, Buzz performs the feared Atomic Wedgie maneuver, the waistband of the cloth now covering ND #3's eyes, ending the trip over his head.

Neand-A-Dude #2 smiles and freezes, something finally penetrating into its tiny brain.

Kiwi crosses her arms and hrmphs.

A squeel of tires can be heard in the parking lot. As the Neand-A-Dudes fall back into a defensive formation around their wedgied companion. "Aw come on, jus wana have fun."

Shumira reaches back and grabs the debugging mallet that appears out of thin air, then swings it around and hits Nead-a-dude #2 on the head.

Rusty grimaces painfully at the unfortunate wedgied dude. "Oow man.."

As the hammer bounces off the Neand-A-Dudes slopped forehead the doors to McD's burst open as the Tokyo Rubber Monster Squad piles in, goop guns at the ready.


Buzz slowly grabs a straw and unused (though not unharmed) napkin off the table, takes a huge bite out of the napkin, and readies the straw in his mouth

Kali chooses this moment to open fire.

Kiwi tries to squeeze out of #2s graps and sighs, "I thought these days were gone.. But noooo.."

The TRMS, faced with incoming, though poorly directed, fire dives for various cover and returns it with interest.

Rusty acks and dives down, unloading on the TRMS with his zap gun, "Kali! Why'd you shoot!"

Shumira dives for cover, turing over a table to use as a barricade

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "Everyone please give me a +sroll bod/kali"

Buzz dives for cover halfway across McD's...

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "and any defensive knacks."

Buzz makes a bod roll (to Kali): 11

You paged Kali with 'and he's kinda using Leaping Body-Smash The QB:1'.

As the goop flies about furiously, Rusty and Kiwi are romantically stuck together at the table. Kali and Buzz make gracefully leaps the end them up bonking heads behind the salad bar. Shumira ends up behind the counter with a Neand-A-Dude and a quivering Counter thing. The other two Neand-A-Dudes are crawling under the tables for the exit.

Rusty coughs, spitting some goop from his mouth. "Hi Kiwi.." he groans, straining a smile.

Kiwi srunches her nose up a little and icks, "Hi Rusty-chan.. Nice weather, huh?"

Rusty chuckles, "Very.." he trys to move, but his hands a stuck to Kiwi's butt. "Umm...I can't move.."

Shumira ducks and covers behind the counter, but boots the neand-a-dude out into the line of fire

Buzz makes a bod roll (to Kali): 9

Off in the distance more sirens can be heard.

You paged Kali with 'wrong person on that last page?'.

Kali pages: emit whacking your target.

Kiwi blinkblinks and blushes, "How convenient for you, Rusty-chan."

Kali pages: yep, gotta remember that equals sign.

Rusty hehs. " convenient.." he grins.

The second set of sirens doppler in.

Buzz takes aim at one of the TRMS goons, with his (slightly bent) Straw-O-Doom(tm) (pat. pend.). He loads up a spitball and fires.............<POCK!> Direct hit between the uh, eyes?

Laz comes in from the parking lot.

Laz has arrived.

The Nead-a-Dude, caught by a suprise attack from the rear, stumbles directly out into a goop crossfire, getting hit by a dozen rounds and winding up plastered to the back wall by warm marshmallow foam.

Laz looks around

Laz dives for cover

The TRMS goon, taking a hard one between the, ahem, eyes, doubles over and drops his goop gum.

Kiwi sighs a little, "You'd think a girl could grab a peaceful bite to eat... but nooooooo.."

Laz makes a fast dash acrosed the flore , atempting to grab the goop gun, as he changes hiding places

Rusty grins, "Hey...atleast we're together.." he forces his neck to the side, and looks around some.

Buzz is hiding out on the far end of McD's, Straw-O-Doom loaded and taking aim. in the parking lot a second set of tires can be heard squeeling to a halt. The sound of heavy boots can be heard hitting pavement. Shortly a bullhorn amplified voice can be heard. "This is the ACO. Come out with your paws up!"

Rusty is plastered, literally, to Kiwi, on the floor.

Shumira says "Eeek...ACO"

Shumira shouts "Kiwi! Get us out of here!"

Rusty groans, and whimpers, "ACO..."

Kali snaps a few shot through the window.

Laz is nailed by a goop blased dispite his blinding speed, he slides acrossed the floor and becoms stuck to table 1

Laz says "aghhhh"

Shumira cowers behind the counter

Rusty is stuck, not much movemnt anymore.

Kiwi sighs and stays where she is, not having much choice on the subject.

Long distance to Kali: Buzz nods. "another spitball at the ready, cap'n"

Laz barly breaks free and dives behind a table

The TRMS turns, as a man, and opens fire on the ACO unit in the parking lot. The ACO, recognizing a threat when it shoots at them, returns fire. The dining area becomes a cross fire of goop and zap bolts.

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "Everyone +Sroll luck/kali please."

Shumira says "Let's get out of here! Out the back way!"

Buzz makes a luck roll (to Kali): 8

Laz says "you guys go I will cover for you with the ACO"

Rusty strains, and with a *pop!* he slips off of Kiwi, but still covered in marshmallowy goo. He quickly slides behind a upturned table.

Everyone is miraculously unscathed by the exchange of fire, except Laz who hasn't rolled yet.

Kiwi blinks as Rusty gets.. unstuck.. and tries to do the same, unsucessfully. With a small sigh, she sits and waits.

Kali peeks over the edge of the salad bar and suggests "Tactical withdrawal?"

Buzz speaks up in a disagreeing tone "Buzz want RUN!"

Shumira says "Defintly!"

Rusty yells to Kali, "No! Kiwi isn't free yet.." he scoots over next to Kiwi, gun ready.

Shumira extends her arms to wrap around Kiwi and tries to pull her free

The fire fight between the TRMS and the ACO heats up as both side start taking casualties. Several of the TRMS falling bonked into the dining area.

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "Kiwi and Shu make +sroll bod/kali >6 to get her free."

with a loud, wet sucking sound Kiwi comes free of the ground.

Rusty eeews. "Nasty.."

Shumira says "got her! Let's go out through the kitchen!"

Several panes of glass turn into a molten shower of silica droplets and litter the insides.

Kali moves around the counter and goes into the kitchen.

Kali has left.

Rusty moves around the counter and goes into the kitchen.

Rusty has left.

Shumira moves around the counter and goes into the kitchen.

Shumira has left.

You step around the counter and head into the kitchen.


While the main restauran area is capable of seating up to 75 people, the kitchen has barely enough room for Beta Gama slug. A low counter is at the head of the room, where the orders are placed when finished. Behind that is the various cooking equipment. Two large grills for hamburgers and other assorted meats, a fry vat, bun toasters, slicing machine, soda machines, organic food generators, and a sandwich dressing table are all stuffed into this tiny area. Grease covers the floor, almost ankle deep, and the once bright yellow walls have been covered over with the remants of employee food fights. A small glass enclosed managers office is in the back corner and the employee break room is in another.
Obvious exits:
Managers Office <M> Break Room <B> Restaurant <R>

Kiwi comes in from the front room.

Kiwi has arrived.

Shumira says "arg! which way out?"

Rusty runs, as much as the goop lets him.

Kali looks around, over the sound of breaking glass and zap pistols she asks. "Now what?"

Shumira ducks around back

Kiwi yucks and tries to shakes the goop off as she moves. "You tell me, Kali-chan!"

Shumira leaves the kitchen and goes into the break room.

Shumira has left.

Shumira has arrived.

Shumira steps boldly into the Manager's Office, trying not to show her nervousness.

Shumira has left.

Shumira has arrived.

Shumira comes out with a paniced look.

<<<OOC>>>Kali says "Ok, we will leave through the front and pretend it was the back."

Shumira says "We're trapped! There's no way out!"

Rusty groans, pulling some goop from himself. "Out the back.." he says, pointing to the door.

Shumira looks at the door and blushes

Shumira says "oh...that door..."

Kali pounds toward the door and through it.

Kali has left.

Rusty has left.

Shumira dashes out the back door

Shumira has left.

Kiwi has left.



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