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Subject: Getting Chibi with It - Part 2


Mini Sade says "Shushu! You can't drive!"

Sagittarius Star-Disc (CAT-GIRL)

You climb into the saucer.

You say "SHOTGUN!" <we gets in>

Not so Lil Shu turns the key in the ignition and starts the saucer.

Outside the saucer, Sagittarius Star-Disc (CAT-GIRL)s engine begins to roar loudly as the driver starts the engine on the saucer.

Chibi Kia says "drive shushu!"

Lil' Kali sits in the front passenger seat. "Dibs shotgun!"

Outside the saucer, Sagittarius Star-Disc (CAT-GIRL)s engine lets out a bone-rattling roar as the driver revs the saucer's engine.

Not so Lil Shu stomps on the gas pedal for the Star-Disc, causing the engine to rev and virbrations to go through the frame of the whole saucer.

Outside the saucer, Whhrrrrr..

Outside the saucer, WHRRRRRRRR


Not so Lil Shu says "hehe"

Not so Lil Shu says "Okay, let's go!"

You say "No fair! Why does Shu-Shu get to be big?"

Not so Lil Shu turns around to back out, stomps on the gas and flies straight forward into a car.

Not so Lil Shu says "ooops...."

Chibi Kia shruggs, "so Sade you got more lo kitty stuff? I got shorts!

Mini Sade says "Tol' ya."

Lil' Kali scrabbles for her seatbelt.

Not so Lil Shu says "eeerrr.... I din't see anything."

Chibi Kia buckles in and slumps in the seat

Not so Lil Shu changes gears, stomps on the gas and shoots straight up!

Intersection of BMDRH and Bleakhouse(#163R)
A mixture of some lower middleclass homes and businesses take over this area. Nearby is the local highway, Highway 12 which leads out of town towards the beach. A number of convience stores and some other small businesses are mixed between the homes which are bunched together. Cars are coming and going from the off ramp that leads to Highway 12.
The newly reconstructed mall has it's west parking lot here

Techo Bladestar (PARTYBUS)(#4935OQe)
Sitrus Speeder (SERPENT)(#3828Qe)

Obvious exits:
200 <200> 159 <159> The Mall <ML> 157 <157> Ramp to Highway 12 <12> East <E> North <N> South <S>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

You say "ERK!"

You head up into the sky.

Above Intersection of BMDRH and Bleakhouse
You are in a apparently busy section of west side Pebble Beach. Numerous vehicles move on the ground and the air to the convient stores and other small busineses below. Off to the west you can spy the ever so popular beach. On the weekends Highway 12 (the only ground route to the beach) is cluttered with vehicles as teens and families escape the city.

Obvious exits:
Up <U> East <E> North <N> South <S> To Street <D>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

Mini Sade says "ACK!"

Not so Lil Shu says "Woooo hooooo!"

Level 2 Space - High Above Pebble Beach(#4687R)
High above Pebble Beach, you can easily see the entire town from up here. The industrial sections as a dark brown, the lighter green of the home areas and the downtown district with it's mixture of colors. Off to the west you see the tan colors of Pebble Beach Beach, always a flurry of activity flying around it. At this level, planes fly by on their way to other cities around Pebble Beach, some of which you can catch little glimpses of. People and individual buildings are not able to be picked out, by you can make out city blocks from here. If you are to go much higher, you'll be in the outer space surrounding Earth. As typical around the air, there is a huge sign here with directions of where to go, floating in the middle of the air with small little rockets on it to prevent it from getting hit by other craft.

Sagittarius Star-Disc (KITTEN)(#3303OQe)
Direction Sign(#2915S)

Obvious exits:
Up <U>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

The saucer hangs peacefully in space. An old satelite flies by.

Not so Lil Shu says "oooh, look. Predy"

Mini Sade says "Never been up here afore."

Lil' Kali presses her face against the glass. "Oooo."

Chibi Kia says "WOW!! Mine doesn't fly up, how come?"

Not so Lil Shu says "hehe... now for my favorite part... Express elevator to Heck. Going down!"

You say "Cause you don't know how to drive!"

Not so Lil Shu points the saucer earthward and hits the thrusters!

Chibi Kia says "Sure I do!"

You head through the sky towards the area around the Beach.

Beach Road(#1288R)
Beach Road is a small two lane road that runs through almost a miniture town outside of Pebble Beach. Shops and several hotels line the road, all of them crammed together to make the most of the space that is available. Humans and Aliens alike walk down the streets in shorts and swimsuits. Here and there you can see a street performer trying to make a couple of bucks. Not too far off you can see the Beach crowded with people. The sky is absolutely beautiful and the sun is always shining down.

Obvious exits:
Zorkborger's Ice Cream Parlor <Z> To Beach <B> Parking Lot <P> Highway 12 <12>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

Chibi Kia says "Ice cream!!! There there!"

Lil' Kali holds her hands over her mouth. "mrffg"

Chibi Kia points to Z's

Not so Lil Shu tries to pull up at the last second, but the saucer hits the ground and goes skidding down the road.

You head down to the beach.

The Beach of Pebble Beach is a large spanning area of tan sand that reaches for about a mile in both directions. Since the weather here is almost always great, the place is packed. The tan sand feels very nice under your feet (or tentacles or whatever) as you walk across it. Entire families have set up camp here with their towels spread all over the place. Towards the north you see more of the beach and sand dunes, an area that appears to be more populated with teenagers then anywhere else. To the south you can see a large restaurant that people are often coming and going from. Up on a small hill overlooking the beach is a Lifeguard shack with a little giftshop underneath it.

Obvious exits:
Beach House <BH> Ocean <O> To Beach Road <BR> South Beach <S> North Beach <N> Parking Lot <P>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

Mini Sade says "EEEEEEK!!"

Chibi Kia covers her eyes!

Lil' Kali mutters something about pullups.

The saucer skips across the sand, out of control, scattering winter beach goers!

Not so Lil Shu says "I can't stop it! abandon ship!"

You say "MOMMY!"

You head on into the nice refreshing water.

The water here is nice and warm, a crystal clear blue that lets you see down to the sand below your feet. The depth varies but its usually on average deep enough for you to keep your head above the water. The water stretches out for a long ways in all directions.

Obvious exits:
South <S> North <N> Farther Out <F> Shore <SH>

The Star-Disc cruises down the streets.

SPLASH! The saucer hits the water and floats there.

Outside the saucer, Sagittarius Star-Disc (CAT-GIRL)s engine is cut off by the driver.

Not so Lil Shu turns the key to the off position, stopping the saucer.

Mini Sade reaches into her backpack and pulls out a teddy bear, gripping onto it tightly.

Lil' Kali, clutching her seatbelt, opens one eye and looks around. "Boat?"

Not so Lil Shu says "errrrrr"

Chibi Kia says "shushu, how many life boats ya got?"

Not so Lil Shu tries to start the saucer again, but it just humms and won't turn over.

Not so Lil Shu says "Life boats?"

Chibi Kia says "cause we're in the WATER and we might sink!!!"

You say "Can anyone swim anymore?"

Mini Sade says "I could never swim..."

Chibi Kia says "I teleport."

The saucer starts to dip as water seeps in through new cracks in the hull.

Lil' Kali looks out the window again. "Eeep!"

Not so Lil Shu says "Uh... girls? I suggest we ABANDON SHIP!!!!"

Not so Lil Shu steps out of the Star-Disc, and closes the door behind her.

Not so Lil Shu has left.

Outside the saucer, Not so Lil Shu has arrived.

Chibi Kia says "but he water might be freezing like in Titanic!!!"

You say "Oh dear."

Mini Sade hops out.

Mini Sade steps out of the Star-Disc, and closes the door behind her.

Mini Sade has left.

Outside the saucer, Mini Sade has arrived.

Chibi Kia steps out of the Star-Disc, and closes the door behind her.

Chibi Kia has left.

Outside the saucer, Chibi Kia has arrived.

You open the door on the saucer and step out, closing it behind you.


Chibi Kia
Mini Sade
Not so Lil Shu
Sagittarius Star-Disc (CAT-GIRL)

Obvious exits:
South <S> North <N> Farther Out <F> Shore <SH>

Mini Sade sinks to the bottom. "Urgle!"

Chibi Kia dives after her.

Lil' Kali sputters and tries to remain on the surface.

Chibi Kia grabs little Sade and teleports to the shore with her.

Not so Lil Shu stands up, up to her knees in the water.

Not so Lil Shu says "ummm... it's pretty shallow here."

Chibi Kia splashes her way back up to the shore.

Chibi Kia has left.

Mini Sade splashes her way back up to the shore.

Mini Sade has left.

The saucer sinks two feet, then rests on the bottom

Lil' Kali starts violently dog paddling. Seeing Shu knee deep she stops and stands, blushing. "I knew that."

Not so Lil Shu says "Oh, well... I'll get it out later. Ice cream waits!"

Not so Lil Shu runs out of the water, shrinking as she goes.

You say "Ice Cream! Yay!"

You say "I think."

Lil Shu splashes her way back up to the shore.

Lil Shu has left.

Lil' Kali struggles after Shu.

You splash your way back up to the shore.


Lil Shu
Mini Sade
Chibi Kia

Obvious exits:
Beach House <BH> Ocean <O> To Beach Road <BR> South Beach <S> North Beach <N> Parking Lot <P>

Chibi Kia teleports out into the water

Lil Shu comes out of the water and shakes, spraying more water everywhere.

Chibi Kia teleports back after splashing in the water and seeing her friends!

Lil' Kali, dripping wet, takes a faceful of Shu's spray.

You say "Oh, poo."

Mini Sade says "Eep!"

Chibi Kia says "we can still get ice cream!"

Mini Sade says "Yay!"

Lil Shu says "Ice cream! Ice cream!"

Lil Shu heads up onto Beach Road.

Lil Shu has left.

Mini Sade heads up onto Beach Road.

Mini Sade has left.

You head up onto Beach Road.

Beach Road

Mini Sade
Lil Shu

Obvious exits:
Zorkborger's Ice Cream Parlor <Z> To Beach <B> Parking Lot <P> Highway 12 <12>

Chibi Kia comes onto the road from the beach.

Chibi Kia has arrived.

Lil Shu opens the door and enters Zorkborgers Ice Cream Parlor.

Lil Shu has left.

Chibi Kia opens the door and enters Zorkborgers Ice Cream Parlor.

Chibi Kia has left.

You open the doors and enter the ice cream parlor, licking your lips (if you have those)

Zorkborgers Ice Cream Parlor

Chibi Kia
Lil Shu
Application Box
Sundae Machine
Zorkborger's Employee

Obvious exits:
Outside <O> Break Room <BR>

Chibi Kia says "YEAAA!!!! Ice cream!!!!!"

Lil' Kali climbs up into a booth. "Is that good?

Lil Shu runs up to the counter and starts hopping up and down

Mezerkos turns from the window to look at all the noise.

Lil Shu says "Mr Zorkborger! Mr Zorkborger! I want some ice cream!"

You say "Do we get FREE ice cream? I'm under six!"

Chibi Kia runs up next to Shu bouncing happily "Me too, me too!"

Mini Sade comes in from the outside to enjoy some ice cream.

Mini Sade has arrived.

Mezerkos blinks and rubs his eyes at the sight.

Mini Sade hops in. "Kitty don' like bein' a lil' kid..."

Natoro comes in from the outside to enjoy some ice cream.

Natoro has arrived.

You say "What kind should I get?"

Lil Shu gets her ice cream from Mr Zorkborger, then turns to run to a table. Unfortunetly, her pants pick now to trip her up and she goes down, getting a face full of ice cream.

Mini Sade says "Cheese Whiz, Kali!"


Lil' Kali hops over to Shu. "Oh! Do you need help?"

Chibi Kia says "SHU"

Natoro storms in with some gum stuck here and there on his face and clothes with a belt raised over his dead. "I AM HERE TO SPANK SOME BAD KIDS!!"

Chibi Kia screams!

Lil Shu sits up and sniffles, chocolate smeared all over her face and fur.

Lil' Kali trails a finger through Shu's ice cream. and tastes it. "Mmmm, yummy."

Natoro laughs all evil and sinister like.

Mezerkos blinks and looks up at the yelling.

Lil Shu says "my ice *snif* cream..."

Natoro turns for a second to laugh at sade.

You say "I'll buy you some more if you want."

Natoro goes back to his stance with the belt held over his head.

Mini Sade says "Wha'd I do, Mr.Doinky pants?"

Chibi Kia says "Be careful, HE has COOTIES!!!"

Natoro says "Your being yourself a little piggy"

Natoro says "I have been sent here by spank some kids corporation to spank you bad kids!"

Mini Sade says "I didn' buy any ice cream..."

Chibi Kia goes to the counter

Mini Sade says "Ew."

Lil Shu says "I'm not a bad kid! I just dress that way!"

Lil Shu stands up and pulls up her droopy pants

Lil' Kali picks up the remains of Shu's ice cream and flings it at Natoro.

Natoro says "YOur all bad little kids!"

Lil Shu says "No I'm not!"

Lil' Kali waits to see where the ice cream ends up.

Mini Sade says "I'm not bad! I'm bettern you!"

Natoro looks at the ice cream coming towards him. "Mind over matter" The ice cream slowly starts to fade away until its gone.

Mezerkos watches in bewilderment.

Mini Sade says "I'll get my bunny after you!"


You grab the Hyperdimensional Hammer and whip it out, ready for action.

Chibi Kia dropped beer can.

Lil Shu says "no he's not. He's just a big poo-poo head."

Mini Sade takes Hyperdimensional Hammer out of her Sade's Who-Knows-What Backpack.

Lil' Kali holds her hammer over her head and yells,"HIT HIM FIRST!"

Mezerkos blinks, 'What?' He turns to look at Natoro, 'You're going to do what?'

Mini Sade nods and begins swinging.


Natoro looks about the shouts,"I will begin with the spanking now!"

Lil' Kali starts whacking Natoro's feet with her hammer.

Chibi Kia pops a HUGE wad of gum into her mouth and begins chewing!

Mini Sade says "I shall commence with the hammer beatin' now!"

Natoro screams in pain and takes a swat at Kali with his belt.

Lil Shu pulls out her hyperspace hammer and whaps Natoro on the foot with it!

Mini Sade starts aiming at Natoro's feet too. "Take this!"

Lil Shu sings "Oh, if I had a hammer, I'd hammer Nat's toe nails!"

With a sharp *thwack* Kali is slapped off to the left and her hammer loops across the store in the opposite direction.

You say "WHAAAA!"

Natoro begins to swat at the other little kids with his belt

Lil Shu says "Hey! You hurt Kali! You meanie!"

Natoro says "Look what has happened to your friend do you wish this on yourselfs?"


Lil Shu grows to eight feet tall.

Mini Sade says "You have no right! Abuse! I'll get my lawyer!"

Not so Lil Shu pounds Natoro on the head with her hammer.

Natoro says "Go ahead little kid they will believe me over your littl self"

At that MOMENT Sade's mommy appears looking pissed at natoro!

Mini Sade says "Nuhn UHN! Not Chaos!"

Mini Sade runs over. "Mommy!"

Lil' Kali rubs her bottom and cries, "MOMMY! WHAAAA!"

Natoro staggers back from hammer blows

Mezerkos shifts around to seek cover behind stuff, avoiding all the airborne stuff.

At that MOMENT Kali's mommy appears looking pissed at natoro!

Natoro goes to slug Shu in the gut.

Both Mother's grab Natoro and in unison say "Don't you dare!"

Natoro looks about at all the angry moms ."Uhhh....."

Lil' Kali stops crying and watches and suddenly jumps up. "NO!!! DON'T HIT SHU!" As she whips out her pistol and charges Natoro.

Not so Lil Shu shrinks to a vision of 6 year old innocence, as her hammer disapears

Lil Shu says "Miss Mommies! That mean man hit me!"

Mezerkos blinks again and is even more confused, shifting to keep himself from being noticed by the 'rents.

Lil' Kali stops in the middle of the floor, suddenly aware that things changed and she didn't notice. "Um..."

Mini Sade says "Mommy! Hit the meanie!"

You lug the Hyperdimensional Hammer into the folds of your clothes and try to conceal it.

Both Mothers look at Natoro and point to a booth in the corner and say "sit boy!"

Natoro screams like he was stabbed with a knife, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Natoro says "THEIR GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!"

Lil' Kali puts her pistol away. "I guess... um... it's over?"

Lil Shu sniffs, her cute little eyes filling up with tears.

Mini Sade says "Our mommies are takin' care of it, Kali!"


One of the mothers (Kali's Earth mom) buys Natural flavors for all the kids, double scoop!

Mini Sade patpats Shumira. "S'okay, Shushu."

Natoro falls on the floor

Lil Shu yays and eats the ice cream.

Mini Sade says "Oooh!"

Mini Sade happily eats the All Natural Flavors Ice Cream.

Lil' Kali holds a Natural Ice Cream and looks at it warily.

Shu's mom proceeds to LECTURE Natoro like he has NEVER been lectured before!

Chibi Kia eats the ice cream

Natoro wakes up on the floor "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE EVIL LADY TORTURERS!!"

Lil' Kali tastes her ice cream. "Hmmm, yummy."

Lil Shu sits down at Round table near the back of the room.

Lil' Kali digs in.

Mini Sade's mom is screeching in an annoying 'Lara Kroft-Macaroni-And-Cheese' way.

Lil Shu licks at her ice cream, oblivious to the chocolate smeared on her face from before.

Kali's Earth mom, then gts out her guitar and sits the children in a circle to sing (she whips a guitar out too) "Coom-bye-ya-my lord"

You sit down at Round table near the back of the room.

Mini Sade sits next to Kali's Earth mommy and sways with the music.


Lil' Kali eats her ice cream with her fingers, humming 'coom-bye-ya"

Mezerkos sits down at Booth near the windows.

Chibi Kia kia sings along and lick ice cream!

Lil Shu bounces as the sugar hits her system

Lil' Kali looks at Shu "You were really brave Shu-Shu!"

Lil' Kali throws the now empty cone at Sade, "Hey! That's my Earth Mommy!"

Natoro lays on the ground for awhile silent.

The Mom concluder her lecture to natoro by saying "Do YOU UNDERSTAND ME? LOOK AT ME WHAN I TALK TO YOU! ANSWER ME!!!"

Mini Sade says "What'd I do?!"

Natoro opens up his mouth with a loud scream "AHHHHHH NO I WILL NOT GIVE IN AHHHHH" Natoro begins to bash his head on the ground until he knocks himself out.

Mini Sade says "Yer Earth Mommy's nice, Kali! Bettern my mommy!"

The parlor's other patrons clap!

Lil Shu says "Yay! The bad Natoro-man is dead!"

Lil' Kali licks her finger off, missing most of the sticky ice cream.

Mini Sade's Mommy turns around quickly. "Whot did you jess say?!" She moves quickly and picks Sade up by her shirt collar.

Natoro is on the ground with his little cartoon X's owhere his I should be.

Lecture mom nods at Kali's earth Mom and then She drags him outside. Kali's mom watches the children.

Mini Sade whines and cries her innocence.

Lil Shu says "ooooh... Sadey gonna get it."

Chibi Kia says "Why?"

Mini Sade wiggles. "Moooommmyyyy!!"

Lil' Kali giggles, "I'm too young for school!"

Chibi Kia says "not kindergarten!"

You say "Am too!"

Chibi Kia says "not-unh."

You say "Yeah-huh!"

Lil Shu says "but... but... I dun wanna stay a kid forever!"

Mini Sade's mommy huffs, "We'll tolk about this when we get, 'ome! I must dispense punishment on that boy who tri'd ta 'urt ya."

Mini Sade's mommy sets Sade back down.

Kali's Earth mom leans over and pinches Lil Kali's cheeck. "You are soooo cute like this! I hope you stay this way."

Lil Shu sniffs some more (she's really good at that, you know)

Natoro is dragged outside

Lil Shu says "I don't wanna be a little kid again!"

Natoro pushes open the doors and leaves.

Natoro has left.

Lil' Kali tries to escape the attentions of her Earth Mommy.

Mini Sade sniffsniffs and her crying slows.

Kia's Mommy arrives and says "Kia honey, time to go. oh hi Shu sweety, Hi kali, sade, how are you girls?" Then she nodds knowingly at the other mothers and Takes Kia's hand. Kia Pouts!

Mini Sade sniffs, "My mommy's mean!"

Mezerkos just hides by the window, avoiding parental contact/attention.

You say "Bye-Bye Kia! See you tomorrow!"

Lil Kali's Earth momma takes Kali into the little girls room and puts her in a dry tie-dye long t-shirt!

Lil Shu smirks

Lil Shu says "My mommy could never find this place by herself, so I'm safe."

Mini Sade says "I like your shirt Kali!"

Shumira's Father walks in the door.

Lil Shu says "eeeerrr"

Leo says "Excuse me proprieter, but have you seen my daughter? she is a sixteen year old... Good Bog! Shumira, what have you done to yourself this time?


Natoro comes in from the outside to enjoy some ice cream.

Natoro has arrived.

Natoro staggers back in muttering to himself,"I am scrupulous I diserve better..."

Sasami comes hopping in. "Hiiiiii Sade!" She stops on her heels as she sees the Mini-Sade. "Wowie, Mom was right! You ARE younger than me now!"

Lil' Kali comes back out of the ladies room, wearing the T-shirt and being dragged after her Earth Mommy.

Leo walks over and takes Shumira by the ear. "Young lady, you have a lot of explaining to do. We just pulled your saucer out of the ocean this time!

Lil Shu says "ow ow ow ow. Leggo my ear!"

Natoro, even in his beat up condition still gives the effort to laugh at shumira, "Jha Ha.

You say "Hey Mr. Shumira's Daddy! Stop being nasty!"

That's quite enough of that young lady. I've had enough of your back talk lately. You are coming home this instant.

Sasami picks up the little Sade. "Your so CUTE now!"

Lil Shu gets drug across the store by her ear, protesting all the way.

Lil Shu says "Hey! Quit pulling! OW! Help!"

Natoro laughs some more and then collapses in the booth near the door

Natoro sits down at Booth near the front door.

Lil Shu pushes open the doors and leaves.

Lil Shu has left.

Sasami carrys Sade out. "Lets go home, now. I'll fix you a big lunch!"

Mini Sade peers over Sasami's shoulder and waves. "Bye guys!"

Mini Sade pushes open the doors and leaves.

Mini Sade has left.

Lil' Kali waves Bye Bye Sade!

Natoro says ""

Lil' Kali looks around, suddenly realizing that she is basically alone.

Natoro passes out

Lil' Kali takes inventory, "Gnat face, Weevil Hicky, Earth Mommy."

Natoro slides out of the booth onto the floor.

Natoro stands and leaves Booth near the front door.

Mezerkos leans over to look at the unconcious Natoro and shrugs, settling back to his seat.

Lil' Kali sqeals and bolts for the door.

Natoro begins to mutter again. "Not....kiding....this...time...will get...where live..."

You push open the doors and leave the parlor.

<endit for the night>

Part Three



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