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Subject: Getting Chibi with It - Part 3


<And I walk out of my front yard to find...>

Chibi Kia says "Good Twinkie huh sade!"

Bitty Kali yells happily, "I'm Baaaaack!"

Lil Shu comes out of the front yard to 361.

Lil Shu has arrived.

Chibi Kia waives at kali

Lil Shu comes stomping out of her yard

[Look Shumira]
You see a very young girl before you, perhaps about five or six years old. She is feline in appearance, with cat like ears and a tail. Her body is covered with a fine layer of golden fur. Her hair is short, the sides and back just brushing her shoulders and short bangs. She is currently wearing a pair of blue jean overalls over a pink t-shirt. The overalls have a design of a sunflower with a happy little face on the front of it.
She doesn't seem very happy for some reason though. Her face is set in a half scowl.


[Look Kia]
Kia is a pretty LITTLE girl appearing to be little more than 5 years in age! (She has a looks score of 7 (with her hair cut and done up real cute) for those of you who want to RP it out correctly). She is thin with long curly green hair that comes down to the small of her back and emerald green eyes!
Today Kia is wearing a Blue pair of Oshkosh overalls with a pink shirt that has My Little Pony on the front of it! She has a pair of Pink Nike sneakers on her feet with white girl socks. Additionally She is wearing a really beautiful Gold and Platinum chain around her neck with a Gold and Jeweled pendant which signifies her royal Martian Heritage. Kia has a multi colored backpack slung over her shoulder with her elementary school logo embroidered on it.
She appears to be frustrated about "a little" something!

Martian Pepsi(#5220Qd)
House Key
Kia's Pack

Lil Shu comes to a stop in front of the teens and plants her fists on her hips.

Mezerkos sits on the curb, well out of the way of the girls and Natoro.

You say "Hey! Captain Annie says that Kia and Shu-Shu are drerssed the same!"

Lil Shu says "We gotta fix this! My mom is driving me crazy!"

Mini Sade says "So does Seargent Poley! He's observant!"

Bitty Kali hugs her doll. "I'm not broken."

Lil Shu blinks and looks at Kia

Mini Sade says "Who said that?"

You say "Who said what?"

Mezerkos tilts his head, wondering idly what's up.

Lil Shu stomps her foot cutely

Lil Shu says "I don't wanna be a little kid again!"

Lil Shu says "I don't! I don't! I don't!"

Natoro says "But you will be hahaha"

Chibi Kia says "but Shu-Shu you are right now, I like your outfit!"

You say "It's too late Shu-Shu. You already are."

Lil Shu says "That mean boy made us like this! I say we go make him change us back!"

A familiar Nerd Mobile Drives by and ZAPS Natoro with a strange beam. Natoro is left on the ground dizzy and smoking for a moment!

You say "How are you going to do that? We couldn't even beat up Natoro last night." She sticks her tongue out at Mez. "And Weevil Mez-Hicky wouldn't help""

Lil Shu says "AAA! There he is! After him!"

Lil Shu leaps into the air and flies after the Nerdmobile

Natoro says "I feel dizzy...."

Bitty Kali runs after Shu, "Wait <pant pant> wait for us!"

Mini Sade says "Eek! No!"

The Nerd Mobile Speeds off so fast it has left! hehe!

Bitty Kali runs out of steam in the middle of the cul-de-sac. "Oh, poo."

Mini Sade says "Noooo!"

Chibi Kia says "Uhh guys it's gone!"

Lil Shu says "Darn it!"

Chibi Kia points to the barevisible nerdmobile off in the horizion!

You say "I <pant> think we <pant> should get a big <pant> mean doggie to sic on them.""

Mezerkos hrmphs, "I didn't say I wouldn't help."

Lil Shu lands back on the ground. and pouts

Lil Shu says "If I had my saucer, I coulda caught him..."

Bitty Kali giggles, "Like yesterday?"

Chibi Kia says "did your mom have it towed out of the ocean?"

Lil Shu crosses her arms and pouts some more.

Mini Sade says "Or a bunny like Nonny!"

Mezerkos suggests, "Steal Natoro's?"

Lil Shu says "My daddy towed the saucer out, then he took my keys away."

You say "Awwww, don't be all pouty face Shu-Shu!"

Chibi Kia hugs shu "Don't be mad, we'll get the Nerds and you'll get your Saucer back when we're big, so lets do as the Romans did and eat bread!"

Natoro opens his mouth to say something but instead of a commanding voice and soft fluttery hippy voice that sounds more like happiness,"What?? my voice is....messid upidy"

Bitty Kali looks at Natoro, her mouth agape. After a few minutes she holds her doll up to her ear and nods sagely.

Mezerkos blinks.

Lil Shu kicks a loose stone across the street.

Natoro says "Yesidy doodily themy nerds stookid me's voice...""

Lil Shu says "I don't wanna be a kid again. I don't..."

Chibi Kia says "Lets all go PLAY!!!"

Mini Sade says "Yay! Park!"

Lil Shu says "I dun wanna play. I wanna be big again."

Chibi Kia says "But Shu-Shu?!"

You say "Wassa matter? I like being small again!"

Chibi Kia says "yea, it's fun!"

Chibi Kia says "PLUS it restored my virg.......uhhhnevermind!"

Lil Shu says "I don't, I hate it. I have to go to bed real early, I get yelled at, and I can't do anything anymore."

You say "Ooo, what's a virg? Can I have one too?"

Lil Shu says "My robots won't even listen to me anymore!"

Chibi Kia says "How early, Mommy makes me go to bed at 9:30!"

Natoro speaks in a small sqeaky mouse like voice,"I want my voice back!"

Lil Shu says "My daddy made me go to bed as soon as we got home..."

Chibi Kia says "Uhh, you already got one kali, you'll have to ask your mommy about..."

You say "I don't have a bed time!"

Chibi Kia whispers "virginity"

Chibi Kia says "Hows come Natoro doesn't seem so scary?"

You whisper "I'm not from Virginia! I'm from Malafect!" to Chibi Kia.

Lil Shu says "They took away most of my toys too. They think I did this somehow. They even threatened to turn off my d-space room and make me use a normal room."

You say "Cause he is making fake silly voice."

Natoro speaks mouse like again,"Shut up!"

Chibi Kia says "I think it's because THE COOTIES are rotting his brain!"

Mezerkos looks at Kia, "Did /you/ give him the cooties?"

You say "So what do you think we should do about it Shu-Shu? We can't even beat up Gant face, how are we going to beat a whole Buncha nerds?"

Natoro speaks softly mouse like,"Dont make fun of me...."

Lil Shu says "Cooties? What are cooties?"

Chibi Kia says "!"

Bitty Kali backs away from Kia. "You have cooties?"

Chibi Kia says "No Kali!"

Bitty Kali looks doubtful, she holds up her doll and asks, "What do you think Captain Annie?" After a few seconds she nods and looks back at Kia. "Captain Annie says you are okay."

Natoro begins to speak in the strange softy passive hippy voice and it makes what he says even sound stranger,"The nerds must have taken my voice of darkness away! I will get them and beat them so hard that they will beg for forgivness!"

Mini Sade begins to giggle madly at Natoro.

Chibi Kia says "Well Natoro, they took our teenagreness away from us!"

Lil Shu sits down cross legged on the sidewalk

Natoro speaking in the soft hippy voice says,"Yes well I will get them and I guess maybe help you too."

Lil Shu says "I just wanna get my normal form back. I can't even shape shift back to normal."

A school Geek (A chess club member) comes stumbling in. His SLACKS are ripped, and his Plaid shirt is torn. He has a black eye, and looks distressed!

You say "My Earth brother says Cooties are things girls have that make you icky. He says you catch them mostly by kissing."

Lil Shu says "What about you Kali? You can grow, can't you get back to normal?"

Mini Sade says "Your Earth brother's a doink."

You say "No, my powers won't work again until I am a little over 13."

Natoro jumps up look evil but when he goes to speak the hippy voice sounds making him seem to have no power,"Its a nerd die!"

Mezerkos says "It's a geek. There's a difference."

Lil Shu says "A nerd! A nerd!"

The geeks says "NOOO...I'm just a chess club member, please dont hurt me!"

Natoro speaking soft hipy says,"Not to me dieeee!"

Natoro stops

Lil Shu jumps up and runs after the nerd, pulling out her hammer as she goes.

The Geek Covers his head!

You say "No Shu! Take prisoners for questioning!"

Chibi Kia says "Wait, LOOK!"

Chibi Kia points at his clothes!

Lil Shu boinks the nerd with her hammer.

Natoro says in the hippy voice,"Why are you like messid up?"

Mini Sade says "He's NOT A NERD! He'S A GEEK!"

Mini Sade says "See?! The nerds must've attacked him!"

The Geek says "I was at the chess club, when Melvin came to me and said I WOULD join him in his Pebble Beach domination plan! I said you're crazy, then all of his buddies jumped me and stole my jade chess King piece, whaaaaaaa"

Natoro looks at the geek and speaks in the hippy voice,"Where did they go after that?"

Lil Shu steps back with her hammer.


You say "No fair! They got a plan and we don't."

Mini Sade grrs. She's not a happy camper.

Natoro still speaking in soft hippy says,"I have a plan...beat beat beat them all!"

The Geek says "The chess club room is their secret headquarters!, I..I don't know where their LAB is!"

Bitty Kali walks over to the Geek and kicks him in the shins. "What's their plan? Huh? What is it?

Lil Shu says "To the chess club then!"

Mini Sade poofles, eeps, and transforms into Itty Kitty!

The Geek says "ooowwwww......THAT HURT KID!!!

Itty Kitty says "The nerds are goin' down! After nap time, a'course!"

You say "Tell me or I do it again!"

Natoro speak in the hippy voice,"I will not wait for nap time! I will beat them now...."

Itty Kitty says "Nap time!"

Natoro says "Beat..."

Itty Kitty says "Nap!"

You say "Plan!"

Natoro says "beat..."

Itty Kitty says "Plan!"

Natoro says "beat is plan"

You say "Plan!"

Itty Kitty says "Better Plan!"

Mezerkos says "Plan?"

Lil Shu says "The chess room!"

You say "We need a plan!"

The Geek says "See Melvin said Nerd kind has been repressed for decades and with the inlet of Alien technologies, they invented a way to help Nerd kind become superior. That's all I know!"

Natoro just seems to give up looking mad.

Chibi Kia says "Uhhh...lets go to the park and PLAY!"

Natoro looks at the geek and says in soft hippy,"Where is techno stuffy at?"

Itty Kitty says "Yay!"

Bitty Kali yells "Special Sauce Gun!"

Itty Kitty says "No! Not that stoopit gun 'gin!"

Mezerkos says "What's wrong with that gun?"

The Geek says "Well..uhh Mike Tyso is it?...I don't know!"

Natoro says "Yes...I mean hey...."

You say "Maybe they play chess in the park?"

Itty Kitty says "That gun hit Sadey and made Sadey's hair all stick and Kali had ta use BLEACH ta make it come out!"

You paged Chibi Kia with 'Me too! Except for Sunday. :P'.

Natoro trys to scream in rage but only a small squeaky mouse scream pops out leaving him with no dramatic follow up.

Itty Kitty points at Natoro. "Yer a big baby!"

Chibi Kia says "poor natoro, the MEAN NERDS stole his Cooties!"

Natoro squeaks out a nasty reply,"I am still big I can bash thingys good...."

Itty Kitty goes and tries to kick Natoro in the shins.

You say "Good, go bash nerds! Make yourself useful for a change."

Natoro makes a small mouse like growl and tries to push the bad itty kitty over.

Mezerkos hrmphs and mutters to himself about the lack of respect for his sauce gun.

Itty Kitty tumbles backwards, scuffing her elbow. "Meanie!"

Chibi Kia says "Lets go to the park, or we could go play in the TOY store in the Mall!"

Natoro mousely laughs,"teehee he he"

Lil Shu says "Hey! Don't you do that!"

Lil Shu threatens Natoro with her hammer.

Itty Kitty says "I wanna go to th' maaaaaaall!"

You grab the Hyperdimensional Hammer and whip it out, ready for action.

You say "Meanie!"

Natoro says in an angry mouse voice,"I dont care if we fight each other your jsut being stupid about it all any way."

Chibi Kia ZAPS Natoro with Medium Voltage ZAP!!!

Chibi Kia says "stop fighting!!!!!"

Natoro makes a little mouse sign of pain

Bitty Kali pouts, "Awww Kia, we haven't even started."

Chibi Kia says "We need to get the Nerds!"

Natoro laughs evilly mouse like again

The Geek says "Yea, they have my chess piece, i won that in last year's state championship!

Lil Shu says "Let's go get those nerds!"

Natoro says in angry mouse voice,"blah I want my voice back....."

You say "Bash a nerd! Wheeee!"

Chibi Kia says "Hey, I know where NERDS hang out!!!"

Natoro says soft hippy like,"Bash hurt bash hurt.."

Bitty Kali waves her hammer over her head, slightly impared by the effort required to maintain a grip on her doll.

Itty Kitty readies HER hammer. "Gnat-oro, don' hurt mai friends!"

Lil Shu says "Well, where are they Kia?"

Chibi Kia says "where else, the LIBARY!!!"

Chibi Kia looks proud of herself!

Lil Shu says "Where is that at?"

Natoro says in a mouse voice,"Burn down library..."

Chibi Kia says "at the school silly!"

Itty Kitty says "Le's go!"

Lil Shu says "Let's go!"

You say "Burn down the school?"

Mezerkos sits up...

Natoro speaks hippyish,"IF I must...."

Chibi Kia says "No kali, if we do we'll get spanked!"

You say "Are we going to go to school?"

Kali's Earth mother yells from the house "If I catch you with matches young lady, I will take the wooden spoon to your butt!"

Bitty Kali YIPES!

<snip a trip to the school library>

A Wing Hallway

Itty Kitty
Chibi Kia
Hall monitor

Obvious exits:
Newspaper Room <NR> 112 <112> Library <LIB> Corridor <C>

The hall monitor asks Bitty Kali, "Where's your hall pass?"

Natoro comes out of the library.

Natoro has arrived.

The hall monitor asks Natoro, "Where's your hall pass?"

Chibi Kia says "where is it?"

You say "Right here Kia."

Chibi Kia looks suprised and goes in

Chibi Kia heads into the library.

Chibi Kia has left.

Itty Kitty heads into the library.

Itty Kitty has left.

You head into the library, sudden silence surrounding you.


Itty Kitty
Chibi Kia
Lil Shu

Obvious exits:
Out <O>

Natoro comes into the library from the hallway, breaking the silence and causing everyone to look at him.

Natoro has arrived.

Bitty Kali sits on top of a table and softly reads 'But Not The Hippopotumous' to Captain Annie. Mouthing out the bigger words.

Lil Shu says "Where are they?"

Itty Kitty goes over to the 'picture book' section and grabs 'It's A Fly, Guy' and begins to read.

There are a few students tring to study, but the people that stand out the most are 3 NERDS in Lab coats in the Science book corner whispering!!!

Lil Shu shouts and points "There they are! Chaaaaaarge!"

Natoro screams out in a small mouse voice,"Kill the nerds!"

Lil Shu runs at the nerds with her hammer raised to strike

The Libarian says "SHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

Itty Kitty swings her hammer, "Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrds!"

Bitty Kali looks up in surprise... scrabbling off the table in an attempt to not miss out on the melee.

Natoro runs towards the nerds screaming all mousy like

Bitty Kali whips her hammer around in a tight arc at the first nerd she comes to.

Itty Kitty begins to attack nerd-feet.

The Ners epp and scramble for the labrynth of books!

Mezerkos pulls out his modified goop gun, muttering, "Lousy gun, eh? I'll show 'em..."

Natoro takes a large wide swing at the first nerd he nears.

Bitty Kali works over Itty Kitty's head, on Nerd knees.

Itty Kitty sniffs out a nerd.

Natoro say mously,"Dieeeeeeeee"

Chibi Kia stands there looking confused

Lil Shu whaps a nerd in the head with her hammer.

Lil Shu says "Make me big again!"

You say "Grab a hammer and whack 'em Kia!"

Itty Kitty says "ME TOO! Stoopit nerds!"

Shu Knocked Nerd 1 OUT!!!

Lil Shu turns to another nerd

Natoro grabs a book off the shelf entiled the "book of hard knocks" and hits a nerd with it.

Lil Shu says "If you don't make us big we'll keep coming after you!"

Bitty Kali flails around, trying to hit anything.

Mezerkos takes a seat and props up his legs on the table, letting the barrel of his goop gun peek out. He takes pot shots as people come in and out of view.

Natoro says in a passive happy hippy voice,"I want you to hurt....give me my voice back or be hurt"

Chibi Kia says "Mega ZAP" and fires a HUGE ZAP BALL THROUGH A BIG section of books zapping a nerd to smoking pee-wee heap of k/o ed flesh!

Bitty Kali runs through Autobiographies, her hammer over head.

Mez glues Kali to a Wall!

the Nerd evades natoro EASILY and runs off!

Lil Shu whaps another nerd.

Bitty Kali manages to hold Captain Annie free of the goop as she yells at Mez "Mrgffld! Frggmmbl!"

Natoro runs after the nerd growling mously

Shu Whaps Natoro accidently!

Natoro stops and turns and hits Shu with the book in his hand.

From her position on the wall, Kali takes random whacks at anything that comes close.

Lil Shu staggers back

Lil Shu says "Ow!"

Natoro growls mousily and says,"Little turn coat!"

The final Nerd hits his pocket protector (like a communicator from Star Trek the Next generation) and beams out safely!

Bitty Kali throws her hammer at Natoro "BGGG FRIIDL"

Mezerkos shrugs and keeps firing in a relaxed position.

Natoro is hit in the head and topples over.

Kali Whacks an angry Libarian and knocks the old lady out!

Bitty Kali watches the two bank shot with amazement. "Wuurf!"

Lil Shu staggers over to one of the nerds

Natoro sits back up and screams mouse like,"Grrr where did that one nerd go!"

Lil Shu takes off the nerd's pocket protector.

Lil Shu says "I bet we can follow with this!"

Natoro stands up

Bitty Kali spits a bunch of goop out. "Somebody get me down!"

Once Shu touches the pocket protector, the device reacts with her female DNA and smokes and flames up!

Lil Shu says "oh..."

Lil Shu grabs the nerd and shames him as best as she can.

Chibi Kia says "put it down Shu-Shu before you get burned!"

Lil Shu says "Hey you! Wake up!"

Natoro screams,"erg now look you messid it up!"

Bitty Kali yells, "MEZERKOS!!!! Get Me Down!"

Mezerkos yells back to Kali, "What?"

You say "Eeeek! Put it out! Put it out! I don't want to get spanked!"

The school Fire Alarm goes off!

Mezerkos uhohs...

Lil Shu says "Ack! Water!"

Natoro growls in a mousey way

Chibi Kia says "uh oh! Uhh kali?"

Natoro turns and still in a mousy way laughs at shu,"Mee woo hee

You say "HELP! I'M STUCK!"

The libary fills with halon!

You say "GHAAAAH!"

Lil Shu grows to her big size.

Bitty Kali yells "MOMMY is going to spank me!!" and starts to cry.

Big Lil Shu grabs a nerd in one hand and Kali in the other, pulling her free of the wall.

Big Lil Shu says "Let's get out of here!"

Bitty Kali riiiip

Big Lil Shu heads out of the library.

Big Lil Shu has left.

Mezerkos puts away his gun and pulls his jacket around him more tightly, "Won't the Librarian be mad at us for causing all the water damage on the books?"

Sirens can be heard, and so can the sounds of assemblying PARENTS!

Bitty Kali grabs her hammer and scoot out, holding her breath.

You push open the door quietly and leave the library.

Bitty Kali, wide eyed, yells, "Mommy is coming!"

Chibi Kia cough, cough

You say "Run away!"

You head out towards the corridor.

You say ""

You say "Get away..."

Kali's earth mom stands there looking angry with a wooden spoon in her hand!

Bitty Kali whimpers.

Big Lil Shu holds onto the squirming nerd.

Bitty Kali points at Natoro. "He did it!"

Kali's earth mom says "Kali, come here!"

Natoro screams in a mouse voice,"Liar!"

Bitty Kali sidles up to her Earth Mother, keeping her hands over her butt. "What?"

Kali's Earth mom takes her out of site

Chibi Kia pages: Earth mom first talks to kali, when kali tells Mom about Natoro did it, Mom looks at Natoro (see nat's Demonic Deamnor has been stolen, so he looks honest) She spanks Kali for lieing and scoulds her for letting her friends play with fire! All the more reason for kali to be angry at the NERDS!!!

Chibi Kia says "i wonder what happened to kali?"

From around the corner a *whack* *whack* *whack* can be heard, followed by a long, loud wail.

Big Lil Shu says "I don't think we want to know."

Big Lil Shu turns to the nerd in her hand.

Big Lil Shu says "Now, are you going to tell us what we want to know?"

Chibi Kia cringes "you think she got a whipp'in?

Bitty Kali comes back, tears running down her cheecks and rubbing her bottom.

The NERD is STILL K/Oed!

Chibi Kia lip quivers when she sees kali, and hugs her!

Big Lil Shu gets out her smelling salts and holds them under the nerd's nose.

Mezerkos winces.

the nerd flinches a little. His eyes flutter and he is barely awake!

Bitty Kali hangs on Kia for a little while before she regains enough composre to go start kicking the Nerd in five year old spitefull vengance.

Big Lil Shu shakes the nerd.

Chibi Kia joins kali in the kicking, laughing!

Big Lil Shu says "How do we fix this kid ray thingy?"

the NERD says "owww.oww.get them off me BRAT KAT!"

Bitty Kali yells, "Nasty Boy!" And kicks him harder.

the NERD says "Oww you little BRAT" Then he pushes kali on her BOTTOM!

Chibi Kia ZAPS the NERD!!!!!

Big Lil Shu holds the nerd up in the air.

The NERDs body violently shakes and shudders in reaction to the HIGH VOLTAGE ZAP!!!

Big Lil Shu says "I think you should stop fighting us and tell us what we want to know."

Bitty Kali YIPES! As her tender bottom thwacks cement.

The nerd just hangs there smoking

Big Lil Shu sighs

Bitty Kali pulls out her pistol, bracing it on her knees she aims it a the nerd boy.

The NERD says "Leave me alone. I was just studying!"

You say "Move Shu-Shu! I'll make him talk!"

Big Lil Shu says "Where is your leader at?"

The NERD says "Leader <hehe> Uhh what leader?"

The NERD struggles to get free of Shu

Big Lil Shu squeezes the nerd until his eyes pop out a little.

Bitty Kali sighs and stands back up. Walking over to the dangling nerd she shoves her pistol barrel into his ribs. "Captain Annie says answer her."

Big Lil Shu says "I'm having a very very bad day... I suggest you tell me what we want to know."

The NERD says "eeeppp..I..I...don't know you little monster!"

Big Lil Shu says "you'd better know. I wanna know where to find the guy who did this to us."

You say "Yeah, whassis name."

Big Lil Shu says "I never had any problem with any of you, until you did this to my friends and me."

The NERD says "Well I imagine you had better find your parents, they made you!"

Bitty Kali growls and bites the nerd.

Big Lil Shu poings the nerd with her finger

Big Lil Shu says "You know what I mean!"

The NERD says "Ahhhhh...ok, you mean Melvin P. Simon, I..I..I..don't know where he is, the only way i was able to get to the lab was by my pocket protector, but SINCE your a Girl (I guess) your lack of a Y chromosome caused it to self distruct!MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Big Lil Shu smacks the nerd

Bitty Kali takes her evidently uneffective teeth out of the nerd. "Maybe ther Serum would make him talk? It made Kia say all sorts of funny things."

Big Lil Shu says "Then you'd better find another one, hadn't you?"

Big Lil Shu says "'cause I promise you, if I have to stay a little kid, I'm going to make your life such heck..."

The NERD says "say I told you BRATS ALL I KNOW, now bow to me MMWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

You say "Ooo, can you put him down enough for me to whack his toes?"

Chibi Kia says "Yous want me to ZAP em?"

the NERD winces at Kia's suggestion

Big Lil Shu squeezes the nerd again.

The NERD "ahhhhh <cough, cough>

Big Lil Shu says "I won't bow to you."

Bitty Kali sighs and puts away her hammer and pistol

Chibi Kia whispers "kick him in his...ummm...nuts!"

Big Lil Shu says "You had better be nicer to me if you want to stay in one peice."

You lug the Hyperdimensional Hammer into the folds of your clothes and try to conceal it.

You whisper "How do you know he has some? And what kind are they? Walnuts? Hazlenuts?" to Chibi Kia.

Big Lil Shu says "Because of what Melvin did, everything has been taken away from me. I never did anything to you before. I always stood up for nerds everywhere. Now Melvin and his stupid invention did this to us. I want some revenge. I can get it from him, or you. You pick."

Big Lil Shu stares at the nerd with hard, even eyes.

The light bulb suddenly goes off above the nerds head then he breaks out in the foulest language even a person afflicted with Turrets Syndrome would be proud of "@##$$$!!@@@###***&&&%$$$##**&&^^%@@!!%$$~~`&&%$$##@@##%$####$^%!!@#$$#@!!@$#5132$$#@$#@ #@"

Bitty Kali sits down and pouts.

Bitty Kali holds her ears. "Ewww!"

Big Lil Shu says "okay, that's it."

Chibi Kia gasps and covers her young mouth!

Big Lil Shu raises her hand and the nerd over her head, then brings it down, driving the nerd several feet into the ground.

Bitty Kali covers her dolls eyes, "don't look Captain Annie!"

Big Lil Shu stands back up, dusting of her hands, leaving the nerd in his hole.

Big Lil Shu says "Well, that didn't get us anywhere."

You say "You're really upset, aren't you Shu-Shu?"

Big Lil Shu shrinks back to her now normal kid form

Lil Shu says "yup... I am..."

You say "I'm sorry Shu-Shu."

Lil Shu crosses her arms and sits down in disgust.

Lil Shu says "I just wanna be normal again..."

Lil Shu kicks a rock into the new hole.

kia gets called by her mother and says "I gotta go!, Byeeeee!"

You say "I figured that since all my freinds were the same as me, this was just a little adventure."

You say "Bye Kia."

Lil Shu says "But these stupid guys won't tell us how to fix it."

Lil Shu says "Bye Kia."

Chibi Kia and her mom teleport home!

You say "I'll try harder next time."

Chibi Kia has left.

Lil Shu says "What do you mean?"

You say "I mean I'll try harder to help you."

You say "How about we get Mezerkos to use the teleporter thing. Once he finds out where the lab is he can teleport back and tell us."

Lil Shu says "But it burned up when I touched it."

You say "So we get another one."

Lil Shu sits on the ground and pouts.

Bitty Kali scoots over next to Shu and offers her Captain Annie.

Lil Shu takes the doll, hugs it and starts crying.

Bitty Kali pats Shu and says, "It'll get better, honest."

Lil Shu sniffs and tries to stop bawling.

Lil Shu says "I... I... I hate being like this..."

You say "Go ahead and cry, you'll feel better. I'm sorry, Shu. I was having fun and didn't want it to be over. I'll help you harder. Really."

Lil Shu pats Kali's hand.

Lil Shu says "You can stay little if you want... I just hate being helpless."

Bitty Kali smiles,"You didn't look very helpless! You beat up Natoro and two nerd boys all by yourself."

Lil Shu frowns

Lil Shu says "But I'm so little... I can't do the things I want to do."

Lil Shu says "I don't want to beat up on people... I don't want to be mean."

Bitty Kali says, "And if everyone else gets big so will I. I would be all alone. Anyway, I didn't mean I wanted to stay like this forever." She pauses a second, "Oh? What sort of stuff do you want to do?"

Lil Shu says "Daddy locked up all my toys and took my keys away... He makes me go to bed real early and says I have to be a good little girl."

Lil Shu says "He's not sad I got changed, He never liked me anyway. He always thought I got into to much trouble with my inventions."

You say "Too much trouble with your inventions? But I count on them! How can that be trouble?"

You say "I like you! And your inventions."

Lil Shu says "HE never did... he wanted a nice little girl who plays with dolls and does what he says."

Lil Shu says "He wants me to grow up and marry some boy and make him lots of kittens so he can be a grandfather..."

You say "You are a nice girl. And you make your own dolls! Well, robots. And Kia says that where she comes from two girls can have babies."

Lil Shu shakes her head, tears threatening to creep up again.

You say "What's the matter? Did I say something wrong?"

Lil Shu says "But I'm not what he wants. He want's me to be 'normal'. Just like everyone else."

Bitty Kali smiles, "Like me?"

Lil Shu says "Now he thinks that he can 'raise me proper', like he said."

Lil Shu says "No, more like Mercades..."

You say "Ewwww, Mercades."

Lil Shu says "Exactly..."

Lil Shu says "I don't wanna be like that though!"

Lil Shu says "But he's so much bigger than me. If I don't do what he says, he'll paddle me again."

You say "There is no way you will ever be like that! I don't know how to help you with your daddy. Should I stop making operations? If we don't do anything you can't get caught doing bad things."

Lil Shu shakes her head side to side quickly.

Lil Shu says "Noooo... That wouldn't do anything."

You say "I suppose that means we will just have to work on plausible deniability."

Lil Shu says "He gets mad when I read my science books. He' thinks it's not the thing girls should be reading..."

Lil Shu says "My daddy can be so dumb sometimes..."

You say "Daddies are like that. Mine sent me here so I would stop being like I am."

Lil Shu says "Exactly. He wants me to stop being me and be what he wants me to be!"

Lil Shu says "When I was big, I could keep him from doing that. He may have complained about my robots an stuff, but they do the work around the house. Mommy can't handle it..."

Lil Shu says "Now, I can't do anything to stop him, and he won't listen to what I have to say anymore..."

You say "I'm sure that we will be big again soon. Maybne if you borrowed my bikini? People pay attention to missiles."

Lil Shu says "I don't want to blow my daddy up. I just want him to listen to me again."

Lil Shu shouts "And I want to be my normal self again!"

You say "You will be! If worst comes to worst you can just build an unager ray in my room."

Lil Shu says "I don't know how... I don't know what that guy used to do this to us. And I can't get to my stuff to try to figure it out..."

You say "Then we will just need to track down another nerd boy and get his teleporter. Then Natoro or Mezerkos can use it to find out where the Secret Lab is."

Lil Shu says "I hope so Kali... I really hope so..."

Lil Shu hugs Captain Annie and rocks back and forth.

Bitty Kali watches Shu rock, biting her lip. "If that doesn't work something else will. You'll see."

Lil Shu sighs deeply as something in her fannypack starts to beep.

Lil Shu says "I have to go now Kali..."

Lil Shu gets up slowly to her feet.

Bitty Kali stands up and say, rather sadly, "Bye Shu. I'll see you tomorrow?"

Lil Shu says "Daddy wants me home by seven... I have to be in bed by nine."

Lil Shu hands back Captain Annie.

Lil Shu says "Yes... I'll see you tommrow."

Bitty Kali takes back Captain Annie and then gives Shu a hug. "It'll get better. Honest."

Lil Shu hugs Kali back, then turns to walk slowly out, as a wind blows across the parking lot.

Lil Shu has left.

<and endit for the night>

Part Four



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