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Subject: Getting Chibi with It - Part 4


<I can't recall what we were doing before I started logging, but we pick up at Kia meeting Kali>

Chibi Kia has arrived.

Chibi Kia says "HI KALI!!!"

You say "Hiya Kia!"

[look Kia]
Kia is a pretty LITTLE girl appearing to be little more than 5 years in age! (She has a looks score of 6 for those of you who want to RP it out correctly). She is thin with long curly green hair that comes down to the small of her back and emerald green eyes!
Today Kia is wearing a yellow sun dress that has Daisy Flower on the front of it! She has a pair of Birkenstock Sandals on her feet. Additionally She is wearing a really beautiful Gold and Platinum chain around her neck with a Gold and Jeweled pendant which signifies her royal Martian Heritage. Kia has a multi colored backpack slung over her shoulder with her elementary school logo embroidered on it.
She appears to be frustrated about "a little" something!

Martian Pepsi(#5220Qd)
House Key
Kia's Pack

Laz comes out of the front yard to 357.

Laz has arrived.

Bitty Kali sits on the curb, holding her dolly and chatting with Kia.

Laz says "what happend to you two"

Chibi Kia says "Melvin p. Simon"

Chibi Kia says "umm Kali do you and Shu-Shu still have that NERD boy?"

Laz says "Again"

Laz looks shocked

You say "No, he went away."

Laz says "Please tell me you at least nuked Buzz's head before it happend?"

Bitty Kali shakes her head, tossing her ponytail from side to side. "No icky Buzz."

Laz hangs his head in defeat

Chibi Kia says "Buzz is still bad! LAZ HELP US FIRST, then we'll get Buzzo back!"

Laz says "I hate to say it but it might be time to resort to drastic actions"

You say "Hit all the nerds! Yay!"

Laz says "no worse"

You say "Hit them twice!"

Laz says "Enlisting the help of the teachers"

You say "Um, we don't go to High School any more Laz."

Laz says "But the simon kid does right?"

Chibi Kia says "But he might have the Teachers on his side!"

Laz says "hmmmmmmmm"

You say "Hit the teachers?"

Laz says "No Kali, you can hit the kid once your back to normal"

Laz says "Well lets try to hack into the nerds computer account at school"

Laz says "We can use my computer"

Laz says "Follow me"

Chibi Kia says "What good will cutting a computer in half do (except break it!)?"

You say "Oooo, hacking on the nerds! Whack! Whack!"

Laz heads into the front yard of 357

Laz has left.

<We go to Laz's room>

Teenager's Room of 357N Bleakhouse(#4881RA)
The Laz's room is of a rather strange design motif. In short it appears to be a strange mix of 50's Speculative Fiction, current Sci-Fi as well as todays most modern sciences. Papers filled with charts, Graphs, equations cover blank spaces on the walls. The floor is very utilatarin, consisting simply of a cement slab, that has been painted with a black sealent. The room it self is packed full of equipment, making it look more like a cramped Lab with a bed then a bed room with lab equipment. The equipment and workbenches leave very litle extra room. The various equipment is made up of a strange mix of items, everything from Van den Graft generators and Tesla Coils, vacum tubes and home built lasers, to a home built mini mainframe. One whole wall is occupied by a electronics work bench. Another wall contains a mechanical workbench. A third wall contains his computer equipment and various peripherals. A bed occupies one corner of the room that adjoins a mostly unoccupied wall that contains only a small chemistry lab table, along with Chem equipment, and the wall with the computer equipment. In the opposite corner between the mechanical workbench and the mostly empty wall is a small both surrounded by a thick yellowish orange curtain, the both contains a small MiG welder and a small tig welder. above the both is a ventilation hood, that extends over a small chemistry station in the center of the mostly empty wall.

Chibi Kia

Obvious exits:
Living Room <LR>

Laz says "I know there is not much room in here but find a seat"

Chibi Kia says "WOW, so much stuff!"

Laz walks over and sits down at the computer

Chibi Kia goes to the chem set and starts picking things up!

Laz says "uh Kia be carful"

Chibi Kia says "Why?"

Bitty Kali pokes at a Van de Graft generator. "I like Shu-Shu's room better."

Laz says "I havent seen Shu's room"

Bitty Kali chants "Liar! Liar! Pants are on fire!"

Chibi Kia says "That's not what I hear!"

You say "Making all smoochey face with Shu-Shu!"

Laz says "First let's log into the school's computer"

Laz says "Uh Kali, we never kissed in her room"

Bitty Kali crosses her arms and sits down in a huff.

Laz says "Now, let's try to gain admin acess"

Laz says "hmmmmmm"

Laz attempts to enter the school's computers and reaches the School's web page!

Bitty Kali sits bolt upright. "HEY!"

Laz says "What Kali?"

Laz comes close, but the school computer says access denied!

Laz says "ahhhh"

You say "You're a NERD!"

Laz says "lets try it this way"

Chibi Kia says "LAZ is a NERD!!??"

Laz says "say no I'm just an inventor really"

Laz enters the School's computer and is greeted by a "Hello Dave!"

Bitty Kali points at the room and assembled stuff. "Lookey!"

Chibi Kia says "hmm??!!!"

Laz says "now lets get the Nerds' files"

The schools computer accesses Melvin P. Simon

Melvin P. Simon:

G.P.A.: 4.2

Clubs: All science, Chess

AP Class schedule see hard files!

Laz says "Next his personal files"

Laz reaches over and flips on the Van deGraf generator

Bitty Kali Eeeps! and jumps back.

Chibi Kia watches it with amazment!

Bitty Kali grabs Kia. "Ack!"

Laz smiles

You say "Captain Annie says it's icky!""

Laz says "It's kind of like a mini zap gun that dosen't hurt. Hold onto it and your hair stands up"

The doorbell sends out a sharp DONG!!! DONG!!!! DONG!!!!

Laz sees the home address is contained in the hard files, but his LOCKER combination is here R01-L02-R03, he has NO DICIPLINARY RECORD (the model student)! End of personal files!

Laz says "I will be right back"

Laz heads out to the living room.

Laz has left.

Laz comes in from the living room.

Laz has arrived.

Laz sits at the computer

Itty Kitty comes in from the living room.

Itty Kitty has arrived.

Itty Kitty hops in. "You smell bad, teenage human. Where is the cheese?"

Laz says "Kitty try playing with the Van deGraf generator, it's on"

Itty Kitty says "The whazzamacat?"

You say "Let's go break into his locker and fill it with whipped cream!"

Laz says "Now, lets see if we can get into the really secure stuff"

Chibi Kia says "But how will it get us older? AND where is the NERD prisioner?"

Bitty Kali says, "We didn't keep him Kia." She makes a face of disgust. Holding her doll up to her ear she says, "Captain Annie says he was icky!"

Laz says "I want acess to the hard files"

Itty Kitty giggles at Laz, but stays silent.

Chibi Kia says "soooooooooooooo................WHAT IS going ON????"

Itty Kitty says "We are small!!!"

You say "Laz is getting hard stuff on the computer."

Laz says "Now say ahhhh"

Chibi Kia says "Hey no Cybering!!!"

Laz says "Ok, let's go check out his locker"

Itty Kitty giggles even more at Laz.

Bitty Kali hugs Captain Annie to her and trudges towards the Living Room.

You head back out to the living room.

<we go to the High School>

You say "Where is his locker? Did anyone get the number?"

Laz says "locker 123"

Itty Kitty says "Why would I want his number? I don't even know the guy!"

You say "Where is that? In the hall? Or around back in another corridor?"

Laz pulls a school map from his back pack

Laz says "hmmmmmm"

Laz says "According to this its next to the library"

You say "Oh, well let's go then!"

<and on...>

The hall monitor asks Bitty Kali, "Where's your hall pass?"

Chibi Kia has arrived.

The hall monitor asks Chibi Kia, "Where's your hall pass?"

Itty Kitty has arrived.

The hall monitor asks Itty Kitty, "Where's your hall pass?"

Bitty Kali points at the hall monitor and screams, "ANOTHER ONE!!!!!"

Laz has arrived.

The hall monitor asks Laz, "Where's your hall pass?"

Chibi Kia ZAPS The hall monitor with 1.21 GW of ZAP

The hall monitor looks like the bar in Ghost Busters, after Ray and Egon were shooting at slimer, when Kia is done zapping him!

Laz says "Uh Kia school's out you don't have to zap them"

Bitty Kali runs over and kicks the smoldering form of the Hall Monitor. "Where's YOUR Kali pass?"

Chibi Kia jumps excitedly up and down.

Laz pulls out duck tape and tapes the Monitor's singed mouth shut.

Bitty Kali kicks the Hall Monitor again.

Chibi Kia ZAPS The hall monitor with 1.21 GW of ZAP

Laz says "now 123 123 123"

Bitty Kali holds her doll up to her ear and nods, "Mmm-hmmm."

Laz looks over the lockers

Laz says "ahhhh"

Itty Kitty kicks a locker. "123."

Laz unlocks the locker

Itty Kitty says "Now make me big again!"

Chibi Kia says "YEA!!"

Bitty Kali announces "Captain Annie says to stick the Hall Monitor in Simmon Says's locker!"

Laz stands out of any posible line of fire and opens the locker

Itty Kitty says "Yeah! You go, Cap'n Annie!"

After waiting about 2 seconds Laz looks in the locker

Bitty Kali makes Captain Annie dance on air.

Laz takes a bunch of papers from the locker and shoves them in his backpack

Chibi Kia says "What'ca got there?"

Laz says "Notes"

You say "Hey! I get something too!"

Chibi Kia says "Yea, me too!"

Chibi Kia bounces excitedly!

Laz says "Wouldn't you rather rig the locker with a Popcorn Gernade?"

You say "Get the notes! I don't want Laz to be able to make me little latter!"

Itty Kitty pouncies Laz. "MINE!"

Laz says "They are not notes on the gun, they are notes for diffrent classes"

Laz catches Itty Kitty

Bitty Kali tries to drag the still smoking Hall Monitor over to the locker. "Rig him with a Popcorn Grenade! Then stuff him in! Captain Annie's orders."

Itty Kitty says "Hiya!"

Laz says "You're such a nice kitten"

Laz says "Do you have a grenade Kali?"

Itty Kitty mrows. "Am not!"

Laz says "whatever you say Kitty"

After Laz and Itty Kitty wrestle it is revealed Laz tried to swipe melvin's ANSWERS to ALL tests, quizez, and finals (ALL ver.)

Itty Kitty says "I'm not nice! I'm mean!"

Itty Kitty says "CHEATER!"

Laz says "So?"

Bitty Kali digs in her purse and pulls out one of her grenades. "Yes."

Itty Kitty says "You're a cheater."

Laz pulles a copy of one of his old tests from his backpack.

Chibi Kia says "Share the wealth LAZ!"

Laz puts the test in the locker

Laz says "I will Kia"

Itty Kitty says "I don't need it! I need to be big!"

You say "No wonnder Shu-Shu doesn't make smoochey face with you any more. Cheater."

Itty Kitty wiggles and giggles. "Yeah, cheater!"

Laz get a forlorn look in his eye at the mention of Shumira

Itty Kitty poikpoiks Laz. "Awww, Laz misses Shu-shu!"

Laz says "Now If I could have the gernade please"

Bitty Kali chins herself up to look into the locker.

Laz says "Can I have the gernade now"

Itty Kitty says "Yer impatient, Lazzy boy."

Bitty Kali hands Laz the grenade.

Laz begins using some wire and the ducktape to booby trap the locker

Bitty Kali pulls off about 15 feet of Duct Tape and starts to play with it.

Itty Kitty digs in her backpack and pulls out Sargeant Poley - Bear of Action.

Laz inserts the gernade into the trap and carfully removes the pin, activating the trap

Itty Kitty poofles, eeps, and transforms into Mini Sade!

Bitty Kali slams the locker shut. "Wheee! One Booby traped!"

Laz gently removes a personal iteam from the locker and closes it.

You say "Hi Sadey!"

Mini Sade says "Hiya, Kaaaaaali!"

Laz pulls the rock detector from his backpack

You say "Awww, that won't work! Simon Says isn't a rock!"

Mini Sade says "Yeah, wazzat for?"

Mini Sade says "Is it gonna make us bigger?"

Laz says "Are you sure? He seams thick headed to me Kali."

Laz says "No really, the rock detctor finds simpethetic vibrations and hones in on them"

Chibi Kia says "Hii Sade"

Mini Sade says "Hiiiii, Kiaaaaa!"

Laz says "So with some ajustmet I should be able to use it to track down Simmon or his frinds"

You say "I'm unsympathetic!"

Mini Sade says "I feel no sympathy for him!"

Laz says "Well I will track them down infultrate the group and then grab the gunb and run"

Laz pulls some tools from his bag and fidles with the detector

Mini Sade says "Whacha dooooooin'?"

You say "I think it won't work. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral."

Laz says "That should do it"

Laz says "That's why I needed to adjust it"

Mini Sade says "I don' think they're minerals..."

Laz says "It is now set for biologic samples"

Mini Sade says "Mebbe you could make it sense the carbon that we're all made from..."

You say "Do you have a piece of Simon says?"

A NERD walks in, apparently he has a note from Melvin, when he sees the mini teens he freezez like a small animal looking at a T-Rex hoping to NOT get noticed!

Laz says "Thats the tricky part"

Laz glances at the nerd

Mini Sade turns quickly. "NERD! SIC 'EM!!!!"

You grab the Hyperdimensional Hammer and whip it out, ready for action.

Mini Sade readies her hammer.

Bitty Kali puulls out her hammer and utters her mighty war cry as she charges the Nerd. "NO NAPS!"

Laz runs like heck and trys to grab the nerd

Mini Sade says "NOOOO NAPS!"

The NERD freaks, turns runs and is heading down the hall.

Mini Sade bounds over to the nerd!

Chibi Kia heads out towards the corridor.

Chibi Kia has left.

Bitty Kali follows Kia!

<follows a quick trip to the Gym>

The nerd suddenly darts into the...GIRLS locker room, there is NO ONE using the GYM, in fact the light are all out!

Bitty Kali runs into the gym, hammer held one handed over her head.

Chibi Kia Arrives

Bitty Kali runs smack into a wall in the dark.

Laz heads into the women's locker room.

Laz has left.

Mini Sade says "GET HIM!!!!!"

You head on into the women's locker room.


Women's Locker Room


Obvious exits:
Gym <G>

Chibi Kia comes into the locker room from the gym.

Chibi Kia has arrived.


Mini Sade comes into the locker room from the gym.

Mini Sade has arrived.

Laz is wearing Leforge glasses and can see fine.

Bitty Kali flails about herself with the hammer (Mjlorner, now on sale at S-Mart).

Mini Sade isn't wearing Leforge glasses and can't see crap.

Mini Sade smacks into a wall.

Laz says "Do you want to be big or not Kali"

Here it is Melvin's Secret lab, The most advanced Sci-fi equipment from across the galaxy is set up in here. There is a large Gold Finger looking ray set up and pointed up through an open Sky light, Melvin Says "Ahhh...I see we have visitors!" there are 100's of NERDS working here as well!

Mini Sade looks and points at Melvin. "GET HIM!"

Laz pulls his jello gun

Mini Sade takes Goop Gun out of her Sade's Who-Knows-What Backpack.

Half a thousnad Nerds take a step forward and reach for Sade...

Melvin says "Now, gentlemen dispose of them" The nerds ALL pull out their Nerd'o blasters!

Laz says "Hand over the ray that reverses the aging prosses or your Gold Finger is jello."

Mini Sade readies her goop gun. "I'll inca-pacey-tate 'im!" She squeals at all the nerds.

Laz says "You may get us but not befor we destroy your equipment!"

Mini Sade says "Nerds! Big nerds! MOMMY!"

The gaggle of nerds open fire, converting Kali's uniform to a NERDY polyster with a plaid pattern complete with pocket protector and bow tie! 2 Bonk!

Mini Sade says "ACK!"

Bitty Kali jumps back, screaming, then passes out from sheer embaresment.

Laz fires his jello gun at the Gold Finger.

More beams are coming!

Mini Sade hides behind Laz.

Laz says "Being part nerd myself your rays have litle effect on me."

Mini Sade says "Hay! Yeah! I'm a sorta NERDY gal, myself. Just too young to do anything! Haha!"

Mini Sade continues to hide behind Laz as she spiels.

A beam narrowly misses Laz as he dives behind cover!

Mini Sade is left out in the open with no Laz to block her.

You know those increadibly contrived bits and coincidences that only happen on TV and in cheesy movies? Like when the Hero's gun hits the death ray and ricochets back into the Hero? Sorta like the way that Laz is left standing knee deep in jello?

A beam narrowly misses Kia as she dives behind cover!

Laz says "ahhhhhhhhhh"

Mini Sade feels a little agorophobic at the moment...nobody to hide behind, no cover to dive for..."Eeeep..."

The gaggle of nerds open fire, converting Sade's clothes to a NERDY polyster and plaid pattern complete with pocket protector and bow tie! 2 Bonk!

Bitty Kali struggles back to wakefulness.

Mini Sade passes out from the bonk.

Laz shoots at the floor thats suporting the big laser

Bitty Kali sits up, quickly assesing the situati. She has a quick strategic planning meeting with Captain Annie, then points to the showers. "Look! It's Shu-Shu! And she is naked and taking a shower!

Laz shoots near the mega laser, converting the computer Melvin is woking on to Jello. Melvin is pissed! He says "All right, that is enough, I will turn you all to infants!"

Mini Sade sits up..."ACK!"




Bitty Kali stands up and pulls out her zap pistol. Taking careful aim she squeezes off round after round at the gawking nerds. Unfortunately all she seems to do is set off the fire sprinklers and blow open half the lockers.

Melvin gasps "Wha..wha..wha grade sheets? hehe" he nervously pulls at his collar as all his companions stop shooting at the Hero's and PEER at him!

Chibi Kia says "hmm, me thinks there has been a change of events!"

Laz says "These sheets I just liberated from your locker, or maybee it was the one next to yours, shall we talk about it in private"

The NERDS say to Melvin "What grade sheets?"

Mini Sade begins to bawl her eyes out, hugging Sargeant Poley tightly.

Bitty Kali points at the Mel unit. "CHEATER!"

Laz hids his cool glasses and slowly stands, wearing the Leforge visor.

Melvin says "They're trying to ruin our plans GET THEM!!!"

Laz says "are you guys sure you want to folow some one who is cool enough to think up this scheme?"

The Nerds continue to peer at Melvin leaving a window of opprotunity at the laser!

Laz says "And has a autographed football in his locker!"

Mini Sade supercrys.

Laz says "with the Richmond Acadamy's football team's autographs no less."

Bitty Kali scoots back around the laser and commences with 'improvements'.

Mini Sade sniffs...

Laz says "And even worse, he has been cheating off my tests, and I can prove it."

Melvin says "All lies!! It's lies!"

Laz says "check his locker"

Mini Sade cries "Mooooooooommmy!!!!"

ALL the NERDS go to Melvin's locker, leaving the heros and Melvin in the lab!

Bitty Kali scoots back over to Sade, her purse bulging with additional wieght. Patting Sade on the shoulder she says, "Don't worry. It'll be better."

Laz says "or better yet ask him who made the device capable of tracking down igneus rocks that have been taken from ther proper location."

Mini Sade says "But...I gotta pocket protector!"

Mini Sade says "Anna bow tie!"

Laz says "Now Melvin, shall we talk surender before I give them the copys of the sheets taken from your locker?"

You see some controls and a swivel mount. This is a HUGE industrial laser, and you can aim it! +OOC Smarts roll and relevant +'s to reverse the aging process!

Laz says "And before they get back."

Laz says "If you surinder the devise to me and promis on your computer and slid rule to leave me and my friends alone, the nerd will never find the answer sheets"

Melvin says, "I'll make you all OLD!" and he dashes to the INFANTNOW RAY only to be met by Kali!

Bitty Kali makes a smarts roll (to Chibi Kia): 10

You paged Chibi Kia with '+2 rude engineering'.

Laz says "Now about that surinder Marvin?"

Chibi Kia pages: it's easy for you, the dial that says "old/young"

Bitty Kali levels her zap pistol at Mel the twit as he charges up.

You paged Chibi Kia with 'Dial it to old and shoot Sade.'.

Laz says "Think about it, you could still harass all the jocks."

Mini Sade says "Ummm..."

Laz says "And most other people, considering my group of friends is rather small."

Kali firs the INFANTNOW ray at Sade, she is a normal teener again, but NAKED as she ripped out of her clothes! 1 bonk for embarrassment! (the girls locker is near by! PE clothes!)

Laz says "I need an answer, the rest of the nerds should be back soon."

Melvin eeeps as someone else has figured out the Infantnow Ray!

Sade reaches into her backpack, pulls out her Tent-O-Matic and dives in.

Laz says "Time's up."

Laz says "Zap him Kali!"

Kali firs the INFANTNOW ray at Melvin but hits Laz, he is now a 5 or 6 year old!

Sade walks out fully dressed.

Laz says "Awwwwwwwww Kaliiiiiiiiiiii!"

Melvin laughs his head off!

Laz says "Change me back now!"

Sade says "Oooh, Laz. Yer soooo...childish...."

Laz pouts

Melvin walks over to Laz to push him down and take his lunch money!

Sade folds her arms and looks at Melvin, "Hay! Nerd, leave 'im alone!"

Laz firs hhis zap gun at Melvin.

You say "Sade! Come shoot the gun!"

Chibi Kia runs over to the INFANTNOW ray

Chibi Kia says "Need help Kali?"

Bitty Kali nods furiously, "Shoot Simon Says!

Laz zaps Melvin as he is pushed on his butt.

Laz says "There nahhhh."

Sade blinks...then readies her goop gun and points it at Melvin, "Bully."

Laz sticks his toung out at Melvin.

Chibi Kia says "Kali go in front of the INFANTNOW RAy and I'll fix you, but how does it work first?"

Laz fires his zap gun at Melvin again.

Bitty Kali points at the selector dial and the trigger. "Get old/get small and shoot."

Laz zaps Melvin to a K/Oed state!

Chibi Kia says "K, step over there!"

Chibi Kia points

Sade shrugs, puts her goop gun away, and looks around.

Laz says "Now! Change me back noooowowwwwwwww!"

Bitty Kali steps.

Chibi Kia Zaps Kali. Restoring her, and leaving her naked as can be!

Bitty Kali yowls in embaresment and charges into the back of the lockers!

Laz says "My turn, my turn!"

Chibi Kia points

Chibi Kia Zaps Laz restoring him.

Laz straightens his shirt.

Laz says "I thank you Kia"

Chibi Kia says "my turn!!!"

Kali steps back out into the open wearing her gym clothes. She stops and baps Laz.

Laz the notices his pants are on backward and wobles to a stall.

Laz walks out of the stall

Sade says "Geez, what a boring secret lab. The women's locker room? Doink."

Chibi Kia says "I gets to be young forever?"

You say "Um, Laz? Leave now or I will hit you a lot."

Lil Shu comes into the locker room from the gym.

Lil Shu has arrived.

Laz says "No its your turn to be zaped, but why don't you cahnge first?"

Chibi Kia says "Hi shu!"

You say "Just as soon as Laz has left. There is no reason for him to see you naked."

Laz walks over to the ray controls.

Lil Shu says "Hi everybody, what's going on?"

Sade says "Hi, Shu! We're being re-aged!"

Chibi Kia Zaps Shu restoring her, but leaving her naked!

You say "Greetings Shumira, I see you."

Laz closses his eyes.


Kali whacks Laz with her hammer. "I told you to leave pervert!"

Sade @baps Laz.

Shumira runs behind a row of lockers

Sade pushes Laz out of the locker room.

You say "Sade! Shoot Kia-hime, will you please? With the INFANTNOW Ray please."

Laz 's nose begins to bleed from the glimps he caught of Shu.

EVERYONE notices Laz's nose start bleeding and he covers his eyes when he saw Shu get re-aged!

Sade nods and runs over to the machine.

Laz says "Is every one decent?"

You say "NO!"

Sade hops on..."Ooh, real technical controls...lesse..." She aims at Kia and pushes a button.

Laz keeps his eyes closed

Shumira comes out from behind the lockers, fully dressed.

You say "No Sade, The trigger. Right there"

Shumira says "Why are you in the girls locker room anyway, Laz?"

[Look Shumira]
You see a drop-dead gorgeous alien girl. She is about five and a half feet tall, with a lean build, but curves in the right place. Her light covering of fur is a healthy, bright golden color and well brushed. The fur is very light over her hands and feet, leaving the palms and soles bare. A long tail extends behind her, reacting to her moods. Her fingernails are longish and well shaped, painted purple to match her eyes. A large ring with a rose design is on her right ring finger. Her hair is cut short and spikey, all over the place.
She is wearing a purple check flannel over a plain white muscle style t-shirt She is also wearing a pair of loose, baggy black jeans. A pair of big black combat boots with neon purple laces done all the way up cover her feet.
She doesn't have her usual bounce and smile, but she's not upset either. A look of indiffernce fills her face, and a slight scowl touches her lips.

Hyperdimensional Hammer

Sade Zaps Kia restoring her, but leaving her naked! Kia Teleports and returns dressed!

Laz says "Uh, I was the only one old enough to take responsibility for geting you girls back to normal."

Sade says "Hmm..Oh well, that worked."

Laz says "Now, is every one decent?"

Sade hops off of the machine and @baps Laz again. "You shut up, doink."

Laz says "Or at least dressed?"

Shumira just scoped you head to toe.

Kali reaches over Sade's shoulder and makes a couple of adjustments to the machine. "All right Sade, now shoot the nerd."

[Look Kia]
Kia is a gorgeous girl (she has a looks of 6 for those of you who want to RP it out correctly) who stands at 5'4" tall. She is thin with very strong dancer/acrobat like legs, her waistline is a mere 20" and her bosom is a 34C. She would appear to be 15 or so years of age, with mused green hair and green eyes.
Today Kia is wearing a Green Martian University Sweatshirt and a Blue jeans Denim skirt. The Sweatshirt comes to her waist and the skirt reveals most of her perfectly smooth legs! She also wears an PURPLE pair of canvas Converse Hightops with BLUE laces and PURPLE socks! Additionally She is wearing a really beautiful Gold and Platinum chain around her neck with a Gold and Jeweled pendant which signifies her royal Martian Heritage.
Kia seems to be outwardly shy and when she is around a cute boy (or girl) that she has an 'attraction' to (Looks of 4 or higher, please page me so I can RP it correctly). She becomes nervous and stutters and blushes a lot!

Martian Pepsi(#5220Qd)
House Key
Kia's Pack

[Look Sade]
You see a 16 year old human girl who has wide, deep blue eyes under a pair of cool Burnup Disturbances, light pink skin and just below the shoulder length white hair cut in decending lengths going from front to back(front being the longest, back being the shortest). Today, she is wearing an off the shoulder, pretty, white 'peasant' style shirt that bares her belly and a pair of denim bell bottoms that hangs on her hips. She also wears some light brown sandals. On her back is a giant leather holster with a just as giant lime green flame thrower that has the words 'Torchy' written in flame letters on the side, in it. She is short, 5'3 to be exact, and must look up to most she meets. She sees you looking at her and smiles sweetly at you.(Stats- Smarts:6, bod:2, Luck:5 and power:Incredible Luck, Looks:2+2 from Burnups, Cool:1+3 from Burnups, Bonk:1, Driving:5, RWP:4. That is all.)

Goop Gun
Can of Jones(#5254Qd)
Phony WalkGirl
Burnup Disturbance
Sade's Who-Knows-What Backpack

Laz says "Not me, Melvin!"

Kia says "wow!"

You say "What are you speaking of, Kia-hime?"

Laz says "Can I uncover my eyes or not?"

Sade aims the machine at Laz. "This one?"

Kali, still waiting for Kia's answer, says "Or not."

Shumira says "Everyone is dressed Laz"

Kia says "I'm normal!!!!"

Laz opens his eyes.

Sade grins evilly, "I know, I know..." and aims it at Melvin, pulling the trigger.

Shumira pats down her body to make sure she's all there.

Laz sees the ray pointed at him and dives for cover.

Shumira says "I'm back! I'm my normal self again! Or what passes for it at least."

Laz nods greetings Kali ,Sade, and Shumira.

Laz says "Nice to have you all back"

Laz says "And the same aplies to you, Kia."

Melvin hits his pocket protector to beam into a macine near the laser, when ALL the NERDS return, they look pissed, and they're holding one of Laz's tests, there is popcorn all over them!

Kali looks Shumira over, evidently giving up on Kia. "Yes, although still with an attitude?"

Laz looks at the nerds, "I told you he was cheating off me!"

Kia says "Sorry Kali, what was the question?"

At the advent of the nerds, Kali grabs the INFANTNOW Ray and shrinks it down to doll size. She then gives it to Captain Annie.

Kia walks over and hugs Kali, then kisses Shu!

Laz whinces.

Shumira seems rather stunned by the whole thing.

Kali winces too.

Sade folds her arms and surveys the locker room...

Shumira says "So, what happened? This was as early as I could get out of my house..."

Laz heads out towards the gym.

Laz has left.

Melvin looks at his compatriots and says "It was a set up guys really!"

Sade says "Hey, Nerdmeister, shaddup. You shot me with yer stupid gun. I don' even know you!"

Kia says "Kali, I hava a present for you, hehe!"

Kali watches Chibi Melvin sputter. "Why are you in the girl's locker room? Do you want to be a girl? We have plenty of Boy/Girl Guns."

Shumira turns to Melvin.

Kia whips out her Boy/Girl Gun and shoots Melvin!

Sade cracks up at the now femme nerd.

Shumira says "What IS your problem anyway? Wern't you the one who voted me out of the science club?"

The NERDS Gasp and say "He is NOW the ENEMY!!!" The NERDS begin to run in all directions!

Sade says "Science club? There's a science club?"

Kali scans the nerd crowd, "How about the rest of you?"

Melvinette Epps and begins to whimper!

Shumira says "Yah Sade, but they wouldn't let me join."

You lug the Hyperdimensional Hammer into the folds of your clothes and try to conceal it.

Sade says "What doinks."

Kia says "Kali, go beat her up, girl to girl, that is MY present for you. Pound the NERD!!!"

You say "That is all right Shumira and Sade. We have our own group. The Pebble Beach Combat Science Club."

Sade shrugs. "Well, you guys wanna go to the mall?

You say "Um, she is only six years old Kia. Not quite a fair fight."

Kia gets pouty lips as she knows nothing about science!

Melvinette begins to cry for HER mommy!

Kali picks up Melvinette and gives her a sound spanking.

Kia says "What about all this computer stuff?"

Melvinette screams and crys!!!!

Shumira says "Ack... let's get out of here. Drop her off at the Principal's office and tell them that she cause the mess in the library yesterday."

You say "The Physical Education teacher will take care of it in the morning."

Kia says "Umm lets all go an a Date, I mean out!"

Kali nods at Shumira. "A sound plan. Except that I have no desire to face the principle. I believe that Laz left a roll of Duct Tape around here?"

Sade says "Even if he didn't, I have some."

Shumira pulls out a roll of duct tape from her bag.

Shumira says "I use it to patch up my saucer."

Sade says "An' so does Shu."

Shumira duct tapes Melvinette to the bench and leaves a note confessing to all the mess in the locker room and library.

Kali holds up the wriggling and crying Melvinette. "So we tape her up and toss her into the office."

You say "Or that. It works too."

Shumira says "Perhaps we should change him back? He would get in even more trouble for being in here then."

Kia walks over to a bench way off and sits.

Kia tastes the Martian Pepsi.

You say "I don't know. This way we do not have to worry about him, uh...her."

Melvinette still cries and wailes despite the duct tape!

Shumira says "Let's get out of here..."

Kia guzzles the Martian Pepsi.

You say "Anyway, if we changed her back, he would bust the ductape. The same way we all lost our clothing."

Sade nods.

You say "OK, Shumira go get Kia."

<and here we will leave our intrepind heroines, heading off to the Mall for shoping and adventure>



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