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Subject: Getting Chibi with It - Part 1


Shumira comes in from the east wing.

Shumira has arrived.

Kali sits at the table eating her ever present Cheese Whiz.

Shumira strides into the food looking around

You say "Greetings Shumira, I see you."

Shumira walks over to Kali's table and sits down.

Shumira says "yo"

Shumira sits down at Table 2.

Shumira joins you.

Shumira says "How's it going, Kali"

Kali looks at Shu curiously, "I am not going anywhere."

[Look Shumira]

     You see a drop-dead gorgeous girl. She is about five and a half feet tall, with a lean build, but curves in the right place. Her skin has a healthy tan. Her fingernails are longish and well shaped, painted purple to match her eyes. Her long, black hair is cut short and spikey, all over the place.
     She is wearing a purple check flannel over a plain white muscle style t-shirt She is also wearing a pair of loose, baggy black jeans. A pair of big black combat boots with neon purple laces done all the way up cover her feet.
     She doesn't have her usual bounce and smile, but she's not upset either. A look of indiffernce fills her face, and a slight scowl touches her lips.

Star-Disc Keys (CAT-GIRL)

You say "Is something wrong?"

Shumira says "No, it's like, 'How are you?', y'know?"

Shumira says "No, everything's peachy. Why do you ask?"

You say "It is just that lately you have not seemed to be yourself."

Shumira says "What do you mean? I'm me, so I must be myself."

Shumira swings her legs around and props her boots up on the table.

You say "No, it is more like someone else has moved in."

Shumira says "Nope, this is all me. 100% me."

You say "Then why are you acting diferent?"

Kali motions at Shu's feet up on the table.

Shumira shrugs

Shumira says "A girl can change, can't she?"

Shumira says "Maybe I'm sick of being little miss goody two paws? Ya ever think of that?"

You say "Yes, and I supose I should not complain about it since the last time you changed it was to my benefit. But why would you tire of being yourself?"

Shumira shrugs

Shumira says "Who said the way I acted before was myself? Maybe I'm really like this and was just playing before."

Kali sits back in her chair, "If that is so, then you did a good job. I thought that was really you and liked you."

Shumira says "I take that statement to mean you don't like me now?"

Shumira says "Besides, you're hardly the one to talk about shifting personalities.. what about 'Party Girl Kali'?"

You say "You can take that statement to mean anything you like it to, but what I meant was that I liked you before. I am not sure now as you are a different person, I will have to find out. As to me, I was trying to do what people wanted me to be. I was wrong and I stopped."

You say "So tell me, is this the real you?"

Shumira says "Hey, like I always said, be true to yourself. Don't let other people push you around."

Shumira shrugs

You say "That fails to be an answer by a large margin."

Shumira says "It's as real as any other part of me. We all have masks we wear. This one fits comfortably now."

You say "So now we get to meet 'Attitude' Shumira?"

Shumira smiles a just slightly nasty little smile.

Shumira says "You mean you haven't noticed her before? Think about Natoro and me."

Kali shrugs, "Hardly the same thing. I even participated in that."

Shumira wags her finger

Shumira says "Ah, but I can be vicous when I want to be. Maybe I'm just letting that show a bit more now."

You say "Maybe."

You say "Maybe not."

Shumira shrugs yet again.

You say "Maybe like everything else there is a cause."

Shumira says "Think what you will. Truth is, I was bored with myself and decided it was time for a change."

You say "And that is all there is to it?"

Shumira says "mmmmmmaybe. Then again, maybe not. You'll just have to see."

You say "Maybe I will not."

Kia comes in from the east wing.

Kia has arrived.

Kia says "HI ALL!!!"

Kia hums the Sailor moon theme!

Kali sits back in her chair watching Shumira closely. "Greetings Kia-hime, I see you."

Shumira sits at a table with Kali, her boot proped up on the table.

Shumira says "Kia, yo. How's it going?"

Kia sits down at Table 2.

Kia joins you.

Shumira leans over and kisses Kia.

Kia returns the kiss

Kia says "So, what's happening?"

Kia happily Humms the Sailor moon theme a little louder.

Shumira says "Not much...Kali is just talking about my sudden personality shift."

Kia says "personality shift?"

Shumira leans in towards Kia.

You say "I can not decide. Shumira is either developing her personality independently of the expectations of society or she desperately needs our help. Possibly both."

Shumira says "So tell me, why is it you like harassing Kali so much?"

Kia looks suprised "Me?"

Shumira says "Yeah, you. You know humming that song will bug her."

You say "Shumira, at this point I would rather talk about you then what bothers me."

Kia says "No, I just have it stuck in my head, that's all. I can PLAY a new song?"

You say "Focus Kia. Shumira has changed and I am attempting to figure out why."

Kia says "Want me to PLAY something?"

Shumira says "Not right now."

Kia says "I like your new look Shu, it's cute...uhhh I mean Sexy."

Shumira says "See? there you go again with the 'C' word... but thanks."

Kali barely flinches, "It is her attitude that I am worried about. She is not the same Shumira that she was last week."

Kia says "Shu are you different?"

A Nerd quickly puts his tri-coder looking device away and leaves!

Shumira says "Maybe I am, And maybe I'm not"

Kia says "Are you MAD at me Shu?"

Shumira whips out her zap gun and shoots the nerd as he leaves.

Kali sighs, "She has been like this since last night."

Shumira slips away her smoking zap gun.

The Zap bolts smash the glass doors leading into the mall, but at last the NERD'S Lab coat prevailed in his protection!

Shumira says "hmmm... missed."

Nerd Boy has left

Kia says "Shu, why did you shoot at him?"

You say "Without any provication at all?"

Shumira says "He was spying on us."

Shumira says "Or don't you remember what happened to her?"

Shumira points at Kia.

You say "Yes, you asked her to date you instead of Natoro."

Shumira smacks her hand to her head.

Shumira says "No! The de-ageing ray!"

Kia looks at shu with Sexy eyes "You look sooo good!"

Shumira says "The one that nerd shot her with."

You say "Oh that. It does not matter, we have the Serum now."

Shumira says "And that nerd was probably trying to scan Kia to find a counter tot he serum."

Shumira says "I think we will have to smack them down hard soon..."

You say "You wish to perform a pre-emptive strike on a defeated enemy?"

Sade comes in from the east wing.

Sade has arrived.

Sade walks in, searching for sustinance.

Shumira says "Defeated, they ain't. I'm sure they're planning something big. Better to hit them first."

Shumira waves at Sade

Shumira says "Yo, Sade."

Kali waves at Sade without taking her eyes off of Shumira. "Greetings Sade, I see you."

Sade says "Sooo, what're you guys doin'?"

You say "We are trying to decide if Shumira's personality shift is natural or artificial. Or at least I am."

Shumira says "Evidently, discussing my personality 'problems'"

Sade says "Personality shifts? Like me, Kitty and Ollie kind?"

Shumira says "Not hardly."

Shumira sneers a bit and props her feet back up.

Sade says "Well, what kind?"

You say "She has developed 'attitude'."

Shumira says "Just because I'm acting a little different, Kali's got her panties in a bunch."

     The sky above the mall darkens. There is a dark ominous shadow. From the parking lot bellowing on a bull horn (from the Nerd Mobile) a booming voice can be heard. This voice belongs to Melvin P. Simon (the Ruler or leader of the nerds) "Fools, did you think a potion would stop me? I have collected all the data I need. I will make examples of you all. No NERD will ever be beaten up or made fun of <in a snide tone> by a girl <normal powerful tone, for a NERD>. I will make you all feel the terror. NOW FEEL THE INFANTNOW RAY!!MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
     Then there is a blinding flash from the sky which envelopes the entire mall. All present awaken to find themselves 10 years younger. Some 'normals' are happy others are pissed, but the Teenagers (our heroes) are KINDERGARTENERS!

Lil Shu says "Huh?"

Kali squeels as she shrinks without controling it. Totally missing the under aged bit until it is over, leaving the cutest little thing where Kali was sitting.

Lil Shu falls forward as her feet suddenly don't reach the table.



Chibi Kia says "Ahhhhhhhhh...what happened??"

Lil' Kali pulls her pistol and whirls around on the nerds, only to fall over herself as the weight of the pistol is too much for what she expected.

Chibi Kia teleports home and back with new clothes

[Look me]
Lil' Kali(#4273PXceq)
     Before you is possibly the cutest girl five year old in the galaxy (then again, maybe not). She has a pale silver/gray complexion, medium length silver/gray hair, and large red eyes. Her hair is worn in a pair of pony tails sticking out of the top of her head. A pair of small gold studs decorate her ears.
     She is wearing the cutest little uniform, a royal blue shell jacket with gold trim and augulet over a simple white blouse, royal blue pants with a gold stripe running up the curves of each leg, and low topped black boots so shiny you can see the reflection of clouds in them. Four rows of ribbons decorate her left breast pocket. Strapped around her waist is a black leather belt from which depends a holster full of gleaming Zap-pistol and a black purse like object. Somehow her uniform makes her look even cuter than normal.

Zap Gun

Mini Sade eeeks!

Lil Shu sits up and sniffs, rubbing her sore nose.

[Lokk Shumira]
A cute little furry six year old cat girl, wearing a purple flannel and REALLY baggy jeans.

Star-Disc Keys (CAT-GIRL)

The NERD MOBILE screeches off from the parking lot and Melvin P. Simon's reign of terror has begun.

[Look Sade]
You see a *6* year old human girl who has wide, deep blue eyes, light pink skin and fluffy short white hair.Today, she is wearing a pair of denim overalls over a light blue t-shirt that has Hello Kitty on the front and a cute little pair of blue sneakers . She also wears some light brown sandals. She is short, 3'3 to be exact, and must look up to most she meets. She sees you looking at her and waves cutely at you.(Stats- Smarts:6, bod:2, Luck:5 and power:Incredible Luck, Looks:2, Cool:1, Bonk:1, Driving:5, RWP:4. That is all.)

Can of Jones(#5254Qd)
Phony WalkGirl
Burnup Disturbance
Sade's Who-Knows-What Backpack

Chibi Kia just scoped you head to toe.

Mini Sade just scoped you head to toe.

[Look Kia]
     Kia is a pretty LITTLE girl appearing to be little more than 5 years in age! (She has a looks score of 7 (with her hair cut and done up real cute) for those of you who want to RP it out correctly). She is thin with long curly green hair that comes down to the small of her back and emerald green eyes!
     Today Kia is wearing a Green shirt with a denim skirt. She has a pair of Pink Nike sneakers on her feet with white girl socks. Additionally She is wearing a really beautiful Gold and Platinum chain around her neck with a Gold and Jeweled pendant which signifies her royal Martian Heritage. Kia has a multi colored backpack slung over her shoulder with her elementary school logo embroidered on it.
     She appears to be frustrated about "a little" something!

beer can
Martian Pepsi(#5220Qd)
House Key
Kia's Pack

Lil Shu says "Now what are we gonna dooooo?"

Chibi Kia says "WOW!!!"

Lil' Kali cries "I want my mommy!"

Mini Sade says "Iwannagohome!"

Chibi Kia gets her color books out.

Mini Sade says "Ohh! Coloring book!"

Lil Shu sits and pouts

Chibi Kia says "Wanna color with me? Kali, Shu, Sade? Look everyone is younger!"

Lil Shu says "I told you we shoulda whacked those nerds, but NOOOOOOOOOO"

Mini Sade goes over to Kia. "Color!"

Lil' Kali sniffles, "Color?"

You say "Nasty Shu!"

Now a big boy (Nerd) comes over to Kali and Pushes her on the ground, then tells her to hand over her lunch money or he'll beat her up!

Mini Sade says "Shushu!"

Chibi Kia says "huh?"

Lil Shu says "Hey! Don't you pick on my friend, you meany!"

You say "Owww! Now I'm gonna have to shoot you! Bad boy!"

Lil Shu looks up at the nerd furiously, fists on her hips.

The Nerd Boy says "or what shrimp, you better give up your lunch money too! Or ELSE" Cracks his nuckles!

Lil Shu suddenly grows to about eight feet tall (as far as she can monster out at this age)

Mini Sade digs in her backpack (her entire body is in it except her little legs) and crawls out carring her goop gun. "MEANIE!"

Mini Sade takes Goop Gun out of her Sade's Who-Knows-What Backpack.

Lil' Kali picks up her pistol with both hands and sends a pair of Zap bolts careening randomly around the food court.

Not so Lil Shu says "You were saying?"

Not so Lil Shu biffs the nerd on the head, turning him into accordianerd

Mini Sade fires her goop gun, hitting a few patrons behind her. "Dangit! I can't shoot at this age and size!"

The Nerd evades the bolts as little Kali isn't as accurate.

Not so Lil Shu grabs the nerd and shakes him

The Nerd looks terrified at the big Teeny bop, and flees in terror!

Lil' Kali struggles her pistol into her holster. "I would have shot him!"

Not so Lil Shu shrinks back to normal form...sort of.

Chibi Kia blinksblinks

Lil Shu says "Darn... now how are we gonna fix this!"

Mini Sade says "Color inna book?"

Lil Shu says "I don't wanna be a kid!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"

You say "Aw, that's simple! I got the antidote."

Chibi Kia shruggs, "we can all be in the same Kindergarten class now?"

Lil' Kali takes Age Restoratoin Serum by Gwedo out of her Purse.

Purse dropped Age Restoratoin Serum by Gwedo.

Lil' Kali holds up the bottle, "See! Just like for Kia."

Mini Sade says "I don' wanna be inna class wiffa meanie teacher!"

Lil Shu says "YAAAAAAAAA! You're my hero Kali!"

Lil Shu hugs Kali suddenly

Mini Sade says "Oooh! Whazzat, Kaaaaaaliiii?"

Chibi Kia says "Lookie Sade I have lo kitty Barretts!"

Mini Sade says "I gotta 'Lo Kitty shirt!"

<unfortunate break due to disconnect>


Natoro says "But unlike them....I have better things to do."

Mini Sade aims her goop gun at Natoro. "Big demon thingy!"

Natoro looks to Sade. "Little kids shouldn't play with guns"

Lil Shu hides behind Kali

Natoro says "Its bad"

Chibi Kia lightly elbows Shu, "bet he HAD something to do with this. HE did say he was going to get us all!"

Lil Shu says "Save me from the big red meany!"

Lil' Kali points up at Natoro. "Bad Gnat!"

Natoro says "What did I do?"

You rummage through your backpack, which contains:
Small Bikini
Nova Burst
Hyperdimensional Library Card
Hyperdimensional Popcorn Grenade
Lancer Keys (STRIKER)
Hyperdimensional Popcorn Grenade
Goop Gun
nuG elbeeW
Slice of Pizza
Dance Decorations
House Key
High Quality Wireless Microphone
Can of Coke

Chibi Kia says "uhhhhh.......don't hurt me!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Lil' Kali takes Slice of Pizza out of her Purse.

Purse dropped Slice of Pizza.

Natoro says "Give me your lunch money then!"

Mini Sade says "MEANIE!"

Lil Shu says "No way!"

Lil' Kali says, "HA! Take this instead!" and throws a slice of three month old Cheese Whiz pizza into Natoro's face.

Lil Shu runs out from behind Kali to kick Natoro in the shin

Lil' Kali makes a bod roll (to Natoro): 8

You paged Natoro with '+2 knack to hit with thrown objects.'.

You say "Get him shu!"

Chibi Kia says "WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!<sniff, sniff> Huh? Are we winning?"

Natoro makes a bod roll (to Lil' Kali): 8

You paged Natoro with 'Take a pizza slice to the face. Have fun!'.

Natoro pages: I have dodge liek crazy of +2

Chibi Kia says "i'll help too!"

You paged Natoro with 'Shucks, tie goes to the defender. :P'.

Natoro pages: Hehehe

You paged Natoro with 'pose dodging it.'.

Natoro dodges out of the way of the pizza

Chibi Kia ZAPs (or tries) natoro with her ZAP power!

Natoro points to Kali, "That was a bad thing you tried to do!"

Lil' Kali runs up next to Shu and commences joining in the 'Kick a Gnat' fest.

Lil Shu stomps on Natoro's foot!

Mini Sade fires her goop gun at Natoro. It hits MORE patrons behind her.

A Cotton Candy dealer goes by "Cotton Candy, cotton candy for sale, free to 6 and under!"

You say "Bad Gnat! Bad Gnat! Bad Gant!"

Lil Shu blinks and turns around


Lil Shu says "Yay! Cotton candy!"

Lil Shu runs over to the cotton candy guy.


Lil' Kali keeps kicking Natoro in the shin.

Lil Shu says "I'm six or under!"

Chibi Kia runs over to the candy

Natoro looks down at Kali

Mini Sade says "Me too!"

Natoro says "What do you think you are doing?"

Mini Sade follows suit and goes to the candy vendor.

The Candy vender hands free candy out to the kids!

Lil' Kali looks up, suddenly finding herself alone against someone easily three times her height. She backs up haltingly.

Natoro Tries to trip Kali as she begins to back away.

Natoro makes a bod roll (to Lil' Kali): 7

Lil Shu whees! and eat's her cotton candy, completly forgetting the fight with Natoro.

Lil' Kali turns and runs, sqeeling in terror. Suddenly she stops and blushes dead black. "Uh..."

Lil' Kali makes a bod roll (to Natoro): 7

Mini Sade chows down onna cotton candy.

You paged Natoro with '+2 dive for cover. And you'll like what is about to happen better anyway.'.

Natoro pages: ARg

Lil Shu says "Huh?"

Natoro pages: I will?

Lil' Kali wails plaintively "I wet my pants!"

Lil Shu looks around for the squealing.

Natoro points at Kali and begins to laugh.

Mini Sade points at Natoro. "Meanie!"

Lil Shu says "eeeewwwww.... did we need to know that?"

You say "MOMMY!"

Lil Shu looks at Natoro "HEY! Don't laugh at my friend!

Natoro starts laughing harder

Lil Shu stomps over and kicks Natoro in the shin again.

Lil' Kali runs off into the mall.

<snip trip to buy pull ups>

Lil' Kali dashes through the food court and into the ladies room.

Mini Sade kicks at Natoro and runs off, hiding behind a flower pot.

Lil Shu says "you meanie!"

Lil' Kali comes back out of the ladies room looking more confident.

Natoro says "Yes I am mean."

Natoro says "MEan people rule!"

You say "Mean people are icky."

Lil Shu shoves her sticky cotton candy into Natoro's face.

Lil Shu stomps away and goes over to sit down at the table, climbing up into her chair.

Mini Sade says "Oooh, jus' wait 'ntil I git bigger agin!"

Natoro gets some cottone candy on his face.

Natoro says "Then you'll what?"

Lil' Kali runs up to Natoro and grabs his leg. Taking a good backswing she tries to sink her teeth into Natoro's calf.

Lil' Kali makes a bod roll (to Natoro): 8

Mini Sade says "'N I'll shootcha wiff Torchy!"

Natoro makes a bod roll (to Lil' Kali): 7

You paged Natoro with 'WHEE!'.

Natoro pages: My dodge like crazy skills remember them?

You paged Natoro with 'so pose dodging like crazy.'.

Natoro side steps Kalis attempt to bite him and puts his foot out hoping to trip her.

Natoro makes a bod roll (to Lil' Kali): 5

Lil' Kali makes a bod roll (to Natoro): 10

You paged Natoro with 'not even close'.

Natoro pages: I can see that

Lil' Kali runs over the Lil Shu panting and a little out of breath. "What do we do now? We can't seem to do anything but get him happy. Do you have any nasty things you can say to him?"

Chibi Kia says "Call him a dummy"

Mini Sade says "You are a doink!"

Natoro says "Ooh say nasty things to me."

Chibi Kia hides behind kali and Shu!

Mini Sade says "Ew. I may be six, but I still take that as icky."

Natoro says "Really now well your a little piggy."

Chibi Kia yells "You're A JERK!"

Mini Sade says "If I were a piggy, I'd be in love wiffa frog!"

Natoro says "You probably are then."

Lil Shu scoops up Kali's left over cheese whiz and throws it at Natoro.

Mini Sade says "Ew. I'm not. Frogs have cooties. Bet you do too, huh?"

You say "Gnat brain! Gnat brain!"

Lil Shu rolls: 4

Natoro says "I am a great brain."

Mini Sade chants while dancing around Natoro, "Natoro's got cooooties! Natoro's got cooooties!"

Natoro dodges the cheese wiz laughing

Chibi Kia says "Nyana, Nyana, Nynaaaa!"

Lil' Kali echoes Sade "Cooties! Cooties!

Natoro says "So?"

Chibi Kia echoes the other girls "Cooties, cooties!"

Mini Sade turns around and hops the other way, "Gnat's got cooooties! Gnat's got coooooties!"

Lil' Kali looks into her purse, then at herself, then back into her purse. "Well, the bikini is right out."

Lil' Kali takes Can of Coke out of her Purse.

Purse dropped Can of Coke.

Lil' Kali shakes up the can of coke violently.

Natoro says "How about I get a huge box and put you little monsters in it and then sell you to some person."

Chibi Kia says "WOW, Coke! Can I have some kali?"

Mini Sade chants while dancing around Natoro, "Natoro's got cooooties! Natoro's got cooooties!"

Natoro moves to push sade over.

Lil' Kali stops what she is doing and looks at Kia. "Sure Kia, here."

Mini Sade fweeps.

Chibi Kia pops a HUGE amount of bubble gum into her mouth!

Lil' Kali gives the can to Kia

Mini Sade runs and hides behind Kali. "Gnat's got cooties! Gnat's got cooties!"

Chibi Kia says "Faayy foo shook it up!"

Lil Shu hops off her chair and runs over to natoro, pulling her sword out of thin air.

Natoro says "ooh the little monster has a weapon."

Lil' Kali hides under a table.

Lil Shu slashes once at Natoro's waist, slicing his belt and pants, causing them to fall.

Chibi Kia chews the gum and shakes the coke even more wiolently!

Chibi Kia begins to blow a huge bubble and walks over to Natoro and pops the MASSIVE bubble all on his legs and pants entangling him. Then She opens the can of coke in Natoro's face!

Chibi Kia retreats under the table with Kali!

Natoro stands still for a moment seemingly thinking of something.

Chibi Kia says "Did ya see me kali, di ya, huh did ya?"

Natoro says "You do know that when I get out of this I am going to....SPANK SOME LITTLE KIDS!!"

Chibi Kia says "Lets go get Icecream!"

Lil Shu says "Yaaaa! We'll take my saucer!"

Chibi Kia gasps

Natoro begins to pull away the gum obviously very angry

Lil Shu springs off her chair

Chibi Kia says "it may tak more that one of us to drive though!"

Natoro mutters to himself,"Yes a long spanking and they'll be crying."

Lil Shu says "Oh, darn... I can't reach the pedals... hey, wait!"

The Gum is holding natoro fast, taunting his every move!

Lil Shu grows back to her eight foot lil Shu form again.

Chibi Kia says "That'll work, lets go!"

<snip trip to parking lot and everyone gets into Shu's saucer>

Part Two



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