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Subject: The French Frying Legion


You continue down the hall towards the smells of the food court.

Food Court

The east wing hall way has branched out into a large oval shaped area that houses the food court. Along the walls are the various restaurants and food stands to provide substance of all sorts to the human and alien population. The center of the oval is filled with a huge number of tables and chairs and there is a constant buzz of activity. The entire east side of the food court is made of glass allowing you to peer outside at the outdoor eating area and the east parking lot.

<Places code is in effect here>

Food Court Dispenser

Obvious exits:
Souvenir Shop <GSS> Outdoor Eating <OE> East Wing <EW>

Lina comes inside from the outdoor eating area.

Lina has arrived.

Lina says "Hi Marlene!"

Phrigekat comes in from the east wing.

Phrigekat has arrived.

Phrigekat looked at you.

Lina goes to join Marlene.

Phrigekat bows to both of you in the traditional Samurai Pizza Kat style

(almost droping the pizza he's carrying in the process.)

Marlene sits slumped down at a table, head cradled in her hands and watching people go back and forth.

You say "Oh, hi Lina!"

Lina sits down at Table 5.

Lina joins you.

Marlene perks up as Lina sits down.

Lina says "Hi!"

Lina notices Phrigekat, "Oh, Hello."

[look Phrigekat]

Phrigekat is a Catman from an earth-like planet on the other side of the milky way where animals rule the earth. He is a catman that stands about four and a half feet tall, and looks as if he might weigh just under 100 pounds...if he weren't wearing armor that is. His typical dress is a suit of Samurai plate mail with a depiction or a pizza on the front breastplate, and the logo "It's fast or it's free!" on the back. The shoulder guard on his left shoulder is scrawled with red lettering that says "Yojimbo's House of Pain and Pizza." He has bright blue eyes, and a blue with black stripes fur pattern to match. One tooth protrudes slightly over his lip on the left side of his mouth, and he looks more and more cute the more intimidating he tries to be.

Lancer Keys (PIZZAKAT)
Apartment Key
Rocket Sneakers
Duplicator Gun

Lina says "So Marlene, do you feel any better today?"

Phrigekat peers around at all of the fast food his stomach rumbling in hunger.

You say "oooh, hello there."

Phrigekat says "Hi"

Lina says "I don't believe we've met, I'm Lina!"

You say "Yes Lina, I feel much better today... except that I think I upset Kali again... she left saying she was going to go home and cry..."

Phrigekat says "Hi! I'm Phrigekat"

Lina looks perterbed, "Hmmm, I bet it's just that she misses Shumira."

Lina says "Nice to meet you Phrigekat!"

You say "Hello, I'm Marlene."

Phrigekat says "Hi!"

Phrigekat sits at a table with a huge order of fries.

Lina says "That's interesting armor you're wearing."

The fries that were at the table before Phrigekat complain loudly that they were here first.

Phrigekat says "'s my weekend job's uniform."

Lina says "Job?"

Phrigekat draws his sword

Phrigekat says "pizza delivery"

Lina says "Gee, where do you deliver pizza? It must be a pretty dangerous place."

Phrigekat reminds the fries that he bought them just a moment ago and informs them of his intent to eat dinner.

Phrigekat says "Yep."

The fries rapidly vacate the table in the face of cold steel.

Phrigekat smacks his face and plods back to one of the fast food joints to replace the fries that just turned tail and ran.

Marlene giggles softly.

You say "I like him, he's silly."

Lina confused by the scene with the fries turns to Marlene, "Yep, he seems pretty nice."

Lina smiles, "I've never seen anyone with such a problem with potato stix before."

You say "Well, this is a weird place...."

Phrigekat takes a seat at a table with a piece of pizza topped with anchovies.

Lina says "It is that."

Lina says "What are those?"

Phrigekat snaps at a lone frie with the gaull to make a silly face at him.

You say "So... what are you going to do tonight, Lina?"

Lina says "I don't know yet, I guess whatever someone suggests."

Lina says "Perhaps, I'll go down to the used saucer lot and buy one, I totaled my old one."

You say "Hmmm.. I suppose, but that doesn't sound very exciting..."

A trio of renegade french fries dressed in feathered hats and carrying rapiers (french fry size of course) run through the food court demanding the liberation of enslaved french fries everywhere.

Lina says "I have a hard time coming up with interesting things to do on my own, I can never decide between them when I do."

Phrigekat says "Well THAT was interesting."

Jamus has connected.

Marlene watches the frykateers menace the McDoggies clerk.

Lina sighs, "I do have to replace my saucer, but I don't know what the point is. I'll just crash it again. That was the seventh one..."

Jamus wanders back in....

You say "I just don't know what there is to do around this town... That's why I always come back here."

Jamus looks around, then nods to Marlene and Lina.

Lina says "That's part of my problem too, I just got here not that long ago."

A straggler with a tabard that reads "Frytanion" runs to catch up with his three companions tripping over his sword belt.

Lina notices Jamus and waves, "HI!"

You say "Hi Jamus. Watch out for the fries, they're turning mean."

Lina watches the fries, "I wonder what's up with them all of the sudden..."

The armed fries make a hasty exit carrying off a basket of their brothers from McDoggies.

You say "Well, I suppose they are upset at being eaten all the time..."

Lina says "I didn't know fries could be upset."

Jamus looks at the fries..."That's messed up...."

Lina says "Maybe we should catch one and interrogate it."

Phrigekat says "At least they're tasty!" as he picks up, disarms, and tries to make a short snack out of the fry named "Frytanion" the fry somehow punches Phrigekat.

Jamus blinks..."that's even more messed up then those M&M commercials....

Lina says "Ohh, don't let it go! Let's ask it questions!"

After escaping a horrible fate at the hands of Phrigekat, the fry tries to make a hasty retreat.

Lina leans forward and makes a grab for the fry that just bopped Phrigekat.

Jamus walks right up to the Fry..."Ok, Small fry! TELL ME! WHO is the Lord of the Fries?!"

A large fry army moves into the food court and sets up across from the food stores. They set up the French Frying Legion flag.

Lina says "That doesn't' look good..."

The hamburger reserves take up position in back of the Fry army.

Lina says "Gah! Shall we shoot them or salt them?"

The Commander in Fry says "Come, mon ami! We must liberate out brozairs and sistairs from they captivity! Viva la France!

You say "ummm..."

Phrigekat 's eyes reduce themselves to small dots as the Fry army approaches him.

Lina picks up the salt shaker and cocks her arm to throw it.

Marlene notes that she is sitting in between the front lines, as the Food dispensers start setting up condiment cannons, taking careful aim at the French Frying Legion.

Phrigekat shuts his eyes and prepares to use his secret sword skills.

Jamus Thinks. then whips out a remote and starts speaking to it. "Dragoon 2 to the foodcourt. we need a deep freeze...."

Lina stops in mid swing, "Wait! I have to poor the salt into my hand!"

Lina fills her palm with salt, and tosses the salt towards the legions of fries.

Phrigekat manages to keep the fries' bayonets at bay with a fabulous display of swords-kat-ship!

The sound of a jet engine can be heard....

Lina says "Can you see, did the salt get rid of the demons possessing the fries?"

Phrigekat manages to keep, seventy of the little buggers at bay with his eyes closed (and look cool at the same time!)

The French Frying Legion charges! Potato guns and condiment cannons fire off rounds everywhere as the food court patrons run for cover.

Marlene ducks under the table.

Phrigekat dives for cover in a trash can.

Lina whips out her zap gun and begins to kick it John Woo style on the fries, toasting several of them.

Lina pulls out her Zap Gun from hiding.

Bat has connected.

<<<OOC>>>Lina says "I should take it out first, huh?"

Phrigekat says "What i would give for a Magical Ginsu Sword (TM) right now."

<<<OOC>>>Marlene says "that would probably help..."

Bat makes her way into the foodcourt.

The Fries die in droves, but several counterthings go down under a barrage of potatoes and kamikaze fries.

<<<OOC>>>Lina says "Oh well, I'm learning..."

Jamus looks at the fries..."Dang...they still haven't answered me..."

Jamus looks over at Bat, and nods. "Hi bat."

Lina continues to fire the zap gun at the fries.

Bat waves to Jamus. "Greetings."

Phrigekat tackles Bat just in time to save her from a menacing fry with a ketchup gun!

Lina looks at Bat and says "Hi!" as she dodges a shot from the fries.

CRASH! A large, crome dragon shaped robot just came through the it just you, or is it getting Cooler in here?

Phrigekat uses his amazing Closed-Eyes Swords-Kat-Ship skills to turn a number of fry solders into hashbrowns.

The fighting begins to die down... the tattered remains of the once proud French Frying Legion retreat to the corner of the food court and wave a white flag. The counterthings gather up the remains for tomorrow's hash browns.

Lina says "Wow! Is that yours Jamus?"

Bat did not see the ketchup gun, so Phrigekat has now become her enemy. Her claws make an awful sound as they scrape against his armor.

Jamus nods. "Yep."

Phrigekat says "Yikes!"

Phrigekat dives -- once again -- into a trash can.

Lina says "Neat-O!"

Bat scrambles to her feet with a fluttering of her wings.

Lina turns and picks off the remaining fries.

Jamus takes out his remote. "Dragoon 2, Coolent jets...."

The trash can starts to shake.

Lina backs away from the trash can.

Marlene peeks out from under the table, wiping mustard off her face from an errant shot.

Bat ignores all the chaos around her and pauses to inspect her claws.

The dragon opens it's "mouth," and makes a noise that sounds like glass shattering. Then a large blast of coolant is emitted from it's "hands" toward the french fries....

Lina says "Are you ok, Marlene?"

You say "I just got splated... at least it wasn't ketchup."

Lina says "That's good." as she moves curiously towards the trash can, her zap gun readied.

Phrigekat pokes his head out of the trash can.

Jamus is very careful to stand clear of the coolant....

Lina starts, "Oh, it's you! That's a relief."

Phrigekat smiles

Lina lowers her gun, "Is that all of them?

Phrigekat says " least they weren't hotdogs...I hate dogs."

Lina laughs.

Lina says "Wow Jamus, that dragon is awesome!"

Jamus nods. "that's only dragoon 2. I'm working on a few others. this one's not finished, but it's the best for this job..."

Bat snorts and smoothes her wings back into place. "What a mess."

Lina says "It did sort of total the skylight, and there are frozen fries all over."

Lina looks to Jamus, "Does this sort of thing happen often on Earth?"

The counter things go around bagging up the frozen fries and taking them back to the coolers.

The food court manager runs into the court screaming at the top of his lungs "What happened in here? Who did this? Who's dragon is that? Where did all these fries come from?"

Lina quickly conceals her zap gun.

Lina shoves the Zap Gun into hiding or at least attempts to.

Phrigekat dives back into the trash can

Bat smirks at the manager. "They fell from the heavens like rain!"

Lina gives Jamus a worried look.

Lina tries to suppress a giggle as she takes in the scene.

Jamus looks at The manager. The dragon jets up and out of the room...again through the sky light. It deepfroze most of the fries...

Phrigekat whispers to Lina "Should I do something about the manager?"

Phrigekat responds "OK."

Jamus pushes buttons on the remote while holding it behind his back...

Lina watches the manager.

Jamus Sees the manager is speechless at the display of the robot, then heads toward the center court...

Marlene cleans up in the bathroom

Lina looks about nervously trying to decide what to do next.

Phrigekat walks around the food court looking for the piece of pizza he left at the table in the confusion.

Phrigekat decides to give up on the human's bad imitation pizza when the remaining anchovies all jump up on the table, don top hats, and exit the food court through a small anchovy shaped door while singing "Hello my baby! Hello my hunny! Hello my rag time gal!"

Lina looks sort of sick.

Marlene comes out in time to catch the anchovy dance.

You say "Check please!"

[Public] Phrigekat says, "i see you've seen Spaceballs too <G>"

Phrigekat shakes his head

[Public] Not Shumira, but Marlene says, "Yooooo betcha :)"

Lina says "Maybe we should leave?"

<Sounds like good advice to me...>



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