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Subject: Payback


<Intro, the south hallway of Pebble Beach High School>

South Hallway
     The southern hallway of the High School continues the smooth marble floors beneath your feet. There are only a couple of classrooms down this hallway and a stairwell going upstairs as well as down. The main part of this hallway is taken up by the large auditorium doors. A pair of double doors with small glass windows in them are placed in the middle of the wall. A small bulletin board, covered with glass announces whatever is playing this month.
Bulletin Board
Obvious exits:
Stairs Down <D> Auditorium <A> Stairs Up <U> East Hallway <E> Main Hallway <MH>

You pull open the double doors and head into the auditorium.

     The auditorium for the high school is a very large and tall room. In the front of the room is a large stage, about 45 feet or so in width and heading back about another 25 or so. A large pair of curtains, currently drawn back, are able to be pulled shut to conceal any activity behind on the stage. A vast array of mazes behind the stage and ladders lead up to the catwalks that cross on the ceiling above. There are a number of lights that hang down from the catwalks hanging above.
     Rows upon rows of uncomfortable and old chairs fill the main part of the room. The floor is slightly slanted so those in the back rows can easily see the stage without the interruption of tall heads, or so it was thought when it was built before the alien arrival. The floor is slightly sticky from too much pop being spilt on it and there are little cracks in the concrete floor.
Obvious exits:
Out <O>

Mr.Mauler scans the room as he walks between the aisles. Students shy away from his presence and the teachers even put aside their homework.

Sammi watches the teachers all excitedly!

Mr.Hughes and the other teachers at the front stand as Mauler enters, each with a smile on their face.

Phil has managed to make himself comforable or at least comforably scarce, slouched down in his seat.

Mr.Mauler stops at the top of the auditorium and examines the students. He then walks slowly towards the front stage.

Jamus sits in his seat, nonchalant, if possible with some of the students next to him quivering like leaves....

Kali puts her brush away and looks around nervously.

Sundog takes a seat, completely oblivious.

A few students in back whisper something about the way Mauler is dressed.

Shumira watches Mr Mauler calmly. A small smile on her face.

A teacher at the front leans over and whispers somethign to Mr.Hughes. He looks at Mauler, takes off his glasses and cleans them, then looks back.

Mr.Mauler gets up onto the stage and exchanges smiles and handshakes with the teachers up there.

Mr.Hughes shakes Mauler's hand, if somewhat confused looking.

Phil plays it cool. Cool and cowering.

Kali notes Phil's cowering and attempts to play it cool. At least cooler than the prince in front of her.

Mr.Mauler stands in front of the podium and looks over all the students. He clears his throat and the microphone squeals loudly. A few bat-eared aliens clutch their ears.

Sammi's hat twitches.

The teachers take their seats behind Mauler, each of them maintaining a cool smile while muttering out of the corner of their mouths.

Mr.Mauler growls into the microphone, "ATTENTION STUDENTS!" The roof shakes from the vibrations.

Kali snaps out of her seat and comes down on her feet, stiff as a rod.

In the rows nearest the speakers, the geeks (who sit there so they can hear best) have their glasses shattered. Some low moaning is heard.

Sammi looks around, curiously.

Jamus snaps his attention forward...

Shumira blinks and twitches her tail

Mr.Mauler growls at the microphone and rips it out of the podium, tossing it aside. He relies on his own bellowing voice. "Attention students. Several days ago...your Vice Principal had an...incident. Some of you may know about this." He turns and glares towards a group of AHS students that have been dressed up like Hannibal Lecter.

Phil creeps up in his seat to more or less full height, trying to get a better view of Mr.Mauler in a morbidly curious casual manner.

Kali blinks, looking around. Realizing that she is the only one on her feet she regains her seat.

One of the AHS students struggles against his straight jacket. The nearby shop teacher prods him with an electric rod, quieting the student.

Phil quirks an eyebrow, and nearly cracks a smile. But the shocking display wipes the smirk completely off his face.

Sammi leans over to Jamus. She whispers. "What incident? Do you know?"

Mr.Mauler grins widely and scans the room again. "Which brings me to....Me. You think I am your Mr.Mauler, don't you?"

Mr.Hughes coughs but doesn't say anything. He's echoed by several of the teachers around and a large gathering of students throughout the auditoriam

Shumira says "huh?"

Jamus blinks. o O (Great, mauler's next of kin, possibly?)

Sammi scratches her head. . o O (More than one Mr. Mauler? Neat!_

Kali says, quite incredulously, "There are more than one of them?"

Sundog . o O (huh?)

Sammi raises her hand!

Phil takes on that adorable deer-caught-in-the-headlights-of-a-tiny-golf-cart expression, or a rough equivalent.

Mr.Hughes coughs again, .oO ( Did I leave the iron on? )

Sammi bounces up and down, hand raised.

Mr.Mauler slams his fist down on the podium, crushing it into the stage floor. "I am not! I am...his twin brother, Sydney Mauler. Temporary Vice Principal at Pebble Beach. Regular Vice Principal at Richmond Academy."

Sammi hmphs, and stops bouncing.

Shumira says "Aaaack...."

A student in the back, "Richmond Academy? You're one of THEM!" He yells at the top of his lungs and dives out the nearest window.

Shumira gets really big, really round eyes.

Kali whimpers.

Phil tries to recover, and fails.

Sundog . o O (what?)

Sammi raises her hand again!

Jamus . o O (It's the end of the world as we know it...It's the end of the world as we know it...everyone sing along!...It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine....)

You say "Now some of you may have thought a prank on my brother was humourous. It was not. I have had to sacrifice my duties at Richmond Academy, a far better school then this...hole in the ground, to come here and watch over you. You...miscreants. You...aliens. You...poor human and alien trash."

Shumira narrows her eyes and growls softly.

A green, furry guy stands up from the trash can nearby, "I resemble that." He drops back in muttering something about Henson and job layoffs.

Shumira flexes her hands.

Natoro comes into the auditorium from the hallway.

Natoro has arrived.

Sundog . o O (Okay, so this means there's, like, no party tonight?)

Mr.Mauler steps over the crushed podium. "From this day on, there will be some rules established here at Pebble Beach Public High School!" He pulls a scroll from his pocket.

Natoro stumbles in.

Phil manages to move from 'feeling hunted' to 'feeling like hunting Richmond Academy admin-trash' in 4.25 seconds.

Kali starts scrabbling through Shumira's purse.

Mr.Mauler unfurls the scroll. "One! All teachers are required to assign 4 hours of homework per evening in an effort to increase the pitiful scores that this school has on their tests."

Shumira doesn't have a purse.

The teachers blink, then start to smile.

Shumira takes Mini Nuclear Reactor out of her Rose ring.

You say "Two! All students must have their homework signed by BOTH parents and handed to teachers in the morning. Failure to do so will result in 2 weeks detention!"

Phil moves from 'feeling like hunting...' to 'fearing homework' just as fast. He cringes as the rest of the list is read.

You say "Three! I have contacted the Pebble Beach Police Department and institued a 9PM curfew for all students of the Public High School. Failure to abide will result in detention! And a phone call to your parents!"

Natoro makes stabing motions to his heart.

Sammi hums contentedly to herself.

A small line is forming near the broken window, with students taking turns jumping out, forgetting that the now growing pile of bodies is cushioning their falls.

Shumira holds her ring up and shouts "Battle Power!". A glowing disc appears over her head and sweeps over her body, replacing her clothes with her battle uniform.

Shumira stands and leaves Row 10.

Kali stands and leaves Row 10.

Mr.Mauler points towards Shumira. "SIT!"

Jamus says "This is it..."

Several other students, emboldened by Shumira's action stand. At hearing "Sit." They immediatly do so..whimpering.

Natoro shouts out at the wrong moment, "Revolt...."

Kali autosits.

Sundog doesn't sit down; it barely even occurred to him to stand up.

Jamus whips out his remote, and mutters..."There's one thing I'm not doing, and that's going to millitary public school...and my dad sure as heck isn't going to sign my homework, and I won't do four hours of it, that's for sure....Dragoon 1, 2, 3...activation code....

Sammi cheerily pulls her science project out of her satchel. She starts assembling it.

Shumira sits back down, grumbling.

Sammi continues to assemble the tripod her science project stands on. Then she adjusts the focal mirror.

Kali sits down at Row 10.

Mr.Mauler straightens himself and looks at the scroll again. "And four. Beginning tommorow a Dress Code will be enforced. All gentlemen will wear Shirts, Ties, Slacks, and Loafers. Ladies shall wear Blouses and Knee High Skirts."

Natoro says "Wheres the angry villagers. Don't leave me hanging...."

Mr.Mauler tosses the scroll aside. " are dismissed back to class. Oh, and in case I forget. French Fries, Burgers, and other unheathly foods will no longer be served in the cafeteria. That is all."

Phil blurbles out "B-But..." before becoming to drained to continue.

Sundog looks up somewhat suddenly. . o O (Ties? Loafers? No Fries?! Okay, that's it...)

The teachers, geeks, and other hardcore students including a yellow skinned, star haired girl wearing a orangish dress stand and cheer loudly.

Natoro falls to his knees, "NOOOOOO!!!"

Shumira leaps back to her feet again.

Mr.Mauler turns to speak to the teachers.

Shumira says "We want our Mr Mauler back!"

Kali stands and leaves Row 10.

Sammi cheerily continues to work on her science project. The focal mirror adjusts slightly, to track the discarded scroll.

Kali stands up and points the shrink amplifier at the front of the auditorium, taking caefull aim at the bogus Mauler and assembled faculty.

Mr.Mauler turns around quickly and raises his hands. "Students! I almost forgot again! Quiet please!"

Natoro says "Ahh more evil!"

Phil eeps...

Sundog looks around for blunt objects...

The students jumping out the window refrain from screaming now, agreeing to be quiet for the new Mauler.

You say "Many of you may think that I am a...mean or evil man for these policies. So I have created a Liasion position between myself and you. If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions, you can go to the Liasion with them and he'll direct them to me. I listen to all with an open mind. How's that?"

Sundog redoubles his search, that is, looking around for TWO blunt objects.

Mr.Mauler seems really concerned and looks over all the students.

Shumira says "Are you afraid to face us yourself?"

Kali snarls, "A cutout."

Kurt comes into the auditorium from the hallway.

Kurt has arrived.

Mr.Mauler points towards the auditorium doors. "Why don't you meet him for yourself. Laides and Gentlemen, your new Student Liasion. Mr. Kurt Burkum."

Phil slouches waaay down in his seat, not wanting to be in the line of fire between the girls above him and the Mauler below him.

Kurt smirks.

Kali, standing near the door, takes the oportunity to play a quick game of kick the Kurt.

Shumira says "Kuuuuuuuuuuurt?"

Natoro shouts out, "Pelt him with rocks now...."

Kurt takes the opportunity to yelp and then glare.

Rusty comes into the auditorium from the hallway.

Rusty has arrived.

Slowly she turns... step by step... inch by inch... Shumira turns to the Richie.

Shumira shouts "SHI NE!!!!" and starts firing zap bolts at Kurt.

Kurt smiles and looks around. "Students, I will be more than glad to hear YELP!" He dives to the ground.

Kali fires at the front of the auditorium with the stadium shrinker.

Kurt smokes rises from the burnt seat of his pants.

Shumira flies up and after Kurt, firing wildly after him.

Mr.Mauler sidesteps the shrinker (though the gym teacher is now suddenly squealing like a stuck pig) and hurries over towards Shumira.

Natoro jumps to his feet.

Shumira diverts her attention and starts firing on Mr Mauler.

Sammi triggers her science project. It glows in a very pretty manner, while Mr.MaulerII is after Shumira and Kali.

Mr.Mauler grabs Shumira by the scruff of the neck and turns her around to face him. He waggles a finger at Shumira. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk."

Kurt cowers beneath a row of seats.

Kali grabs onto Mr. Mauler II

Shumira fires at Mr Mauler point blank, scorching is suit.

Natoro takes Goop Gun out of his Nexus Sphere.

Mr.Mauler looks down at the suit and then up at Shumira. He's mad. He's really really mad. "I believe this is time for..."The Hole".

Sammi says "DADDY?"

Kurt pales. "Noo...not that...."

Sammi bounces over to Mr. Mauler. "Where's daddy?

Phil perks up in his seat. "The hole?"

Sundog gets down under the seats, and starts crawling.

The teachers at the front of the room gasp. Mr.Hughes stumbles forward, "Sir, but the Geneva Conventions..."

Kali dangles, well... leans, against Mr.Mauler and starts to concentrate.

Shumira says "You can't keep me! I'll quit this school before I work for a Richie!"

Mr.Mauler snarls at Mr.Hughes. "Damn the Geneva Convention! I rule this school! Until my brother returns, I am the Law!!"

Natoro drops to a knee aiming the goop gun at Mr.Maulers face.

Mr.Hughes nods, "Good point." He steps to the side, patting Natoro on the head. "Now now, you don't want to eat that, do you?" He smiles.

Natoro says "Uh...maybe not?"

Rusty slowly pulls up a strap on his school bag and blinks again.

Mr.Hughes smiles and continues to admire the new ruler.

Sammi tugtugs on Mr. Mauler's belt.

Mr.Mauler drops Shumira. " a warning." He glares at all the students. "Nothing shall be tolerated. You are dismissed." He storms out the door.



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