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Subject: Weird Science Fair


High School Gym(#731R)

The Pebble Beach High School gymnasium is a huge place. About 150 feet by 150 feet, the north wall of the gym is covered by a huge painting of the Pebble Beach Mascot, a huge rock. A small ledge is beneath the painting where extra bleachers and equipment are stored. The floor of the gym is smoothly polished wood, prefect for playing basketball and similar games. Two large glass basketball hoops are hung from the ceiling, able to be pulled up at times when they are not needed. Both sides of the gym have bleachers on them, two levels worth separated by a small metal railing that allows the upper level better viewing. A large square scoreboard hangs down from the roof with a bunch of speakers attached to it. Locker room exits are visible from here down a small hallway.

Obvious exits:

Women's Locker Room <W> It's Locker Room <IT> Men's Locker Room <M> Out <O>

Sammi has arrived.

Kali has arrived.

Sammi pulls a li'l red wagon into the gym, and starts setting up the object that was under a tarp.

Kali walks over to a pile of ductape, baling wire, sheet metal, and elecrtic cables aginst one wall and starts fussing with it.

Mr.Mackey is walking around the Gym, trying to avoid getting too close to the inventions, doing faculty advisor things. Like making sure there are no drugs involved, mmkay.

Sammi says "Hi, Mr. Mackey!"

Mr.Mackey walks up to Sammi. "Mmm, hi Sammi. Is this your, mmm, invention?"

Sammi says "Sure is! Gosh, where's Mr. Mauler?"

Sammi says "Have you seen Mr. Hole?"

Sammi says "Do you know what time it is?"

Kali hits the main power switch. The lights dim for a few secomds and the cat makes a startled "Meow!"

Sammi says "Why do you think Mr. Mauler Two is being so strange? Do you think he's on drugs?"

You say "Mr. Mauler is, mmm, overseeing a special session of detention, mmkay. We have an, uh, overflow situation that required annexing the cafeteria into the dentention hall. Mmkay."

You say "Um, drugs are bad. Mr. Mauler doesn't do drugs, mmkay, cuz drugs are bad."

Sammi says "No, Mr. Mackey, the _real_ Mr. Mauler."

Sammi says "Not his brother who's on drugs."

You say "Um, drugs are bad. The, um, real Mr.Mauler is... mmm... not feeling well, mmkay?"

Sammi says "What happened to him, Mr. Mackey?"

Kali looks around, "He is gone right now, Sammi."

You say "Uh... you will have to ask Mr. Mauler, mmkay."

Mr.Mackey turns and tries to move away from Sammi as quickly as possible

Jamus has arrived.

Jamus makes it to the gym, carying SpiderVac II under his arm....

Mr.Mackey moves over to where Kali is setting up. "Mmm, hi Kali. I haven't, mmm, seen you in the counselor's office lately."

Jamus walks over to the place where he is supposed to have his progect set up, and sets up...

Kali pokes around her minivan sized pile of spare parts and tries to calm the cat.

Kali looks down at Mr. Mackey, "Probably because I have not required counseling, sir."

You say "Mmkay. So you have been feeling better, mmm, recently?"

Kali says "Better than what, sir?"

Jamus spreads out a bag of dust, some gelatius goop, and something that looks like molding Cheese wiz on the table of his display, along with some marbles. then he splatters some on the walls....

You say "Better than, uh, last time you were in my office, mmkay."

Kali balls her fists at her sides, standing stiff. "I do NOT have liver dammage!"

You say "I, umm, never said you had liver damage, Kali. I said you have to admit to the, mmm, pain you are feeling inside, mmkay."

Kali says "I have no pain inside me! All my pain is located in my neck and posterior!"

You say "You are still in, mmm, denial, Kali. You need to talk this through, to start the, uh, healing inside. Mmkay?"

Kali says "I have never been to Egypt! And my liver is just fine, thank you."

You say "But Kali, you haven't been making any, mmm, progress. You're still harboring a lot of pain."

Kali says "I told you I have never been to Egypt! If I have never seen the river, how can I have ships? And I am not in pain, all right?"

You say "You seem very upset, mmkay. I think after the fair, you should, umm, sign up for a counselling session."

Kali says "I think the best cure for me would to be to avoid all attempts at counseling! I was feeling just fine before you started grilling me."

You say "I'm only here to help you Kali, mmkay."

Kali says "What, are you a surgeon now?"

You say "Not a licensed one, mmkay. But I do mend broken, mmm, souls."

Shumira has arrived.

Shumira rushes into the room, carrying a folded up board of some sort and looking around in a near panic.

Kali pokes her cat and sits back.

Shumira says "It hasn't started yet, has it?" Kali looks around, "Greetings my love, I see you! No, it has not yet started."

Shumira says "Whew... I was so afraid I had missed it. I didn't know when it was supposed to start."

You say "I think it's, mmm, time. I hope you will make an appointment, Kali. Mmkay?"

Shumira walks over to an empty table and unfolds her display board, proudly proclaiming the wonders of the Dimensional Light Gate.

Kali says "For the Fair? Why would I need an appointment for the Fair?"

Shumira pulls her remote control from her pocket and sets it on the table along with several household objects and a cage with two live mice.

Kali pokes around her project. It is large and has a definite 'lashed together' look.

Mr.Mackey walks to one end of the gym and joins the panel of judges. Together they begin the demonstration phase.

Kali watches Mr. Mackey demopnstrate.

Shumira walks over to Kali and gives her a hug, then examines her project.

Jamus finishes setting up for his progect...SpiderVac II

Sammi cheerily works under a tarp.

Kali stands in front of her project and startes strapping on a harness that is connected to the machine with a power cable as big around as her thigh.

Lina has arrived.

[look Kali's Project]
The device itself is about the size of a minivan and a half with coolant hoses hanging about in disarray and twined through bundles of power and control cables. Duct tape, hose clamps, and half adzed spot welding jobs are seen in abundance. Centered around the bulk of the Electron Microscope is a housing (with auto feeder, water bowl, and cat nip mouse on a spring) for the observer. A thick power conduit snakes across the floor and is connected to a 440VAC connection. Another cable as thick as your wrist is connected to the user harness, providing the maximum in flexibility and about a twenty foot leash.

Lina has arrived.

Kali stands in front of her project and startes strapping on a harness that is connected to the machine with a power cable as big around as her thigh.

Mr.Mackey and the rest of the judgees scribble notes on their clipboards.

Kali nods towards the pannel. "Ladies and gentlemen of the judging panel, and civilians. May I present the "Quantum Suspension Near Future Super Reintegrator". Originally intended as a combat preprocessor, I have found it to be much more versitale than planned.

Kali says "The purpose of this device is to influence the course of future events in favor of the user. It operates on the principle of collapsing the quantum probability wave that embodies the actuality of subatomic particles in such a manner as to benefit the user. It does this by assigning an observer (Old man Schoedinger's cat is pressed into service here) to operate a scanning electron microscope, with patented look ahead feature, and cause quantum probabilities to collapse. Maxwelld is then called as a background process to sort actualities in favor of the user. Pavlovian conditioning will be used to train the cat to use the microscope, but even so, it is still a cat and the device is, therefore, expected to have two operating modes: Chaos and Snooze."

The panel makes suitable "We're impressed" noises.

Shumira bristles just slightly at the cat comment.

Kali throws the main power switch. As the lights dim she gains an aura of crakling blue. Elbowing the cat containment unit she concentrates and smiles suddenly. Powering down she says, "That completes my demonstration, you will now find that my chances of winning have increased significantly. Any questions?"

You say "How good is it at, mmm, poker?"

Lina says "Can I have five dollars?"

Jamus blinks....

Kali says "It can enhance the probability of any event. Except me lending money to Lina."

Jamus says "Have you seen Sade in the last month?"

Sammi says "Can I have five dollars?"

Lina says "Well you asked for questions..."

Kali says "Yes, Jamus I saw her in the hallway at school today. No Sammi."

Sammi says "Would you like five dollars?"

Kali pauses and thinks for a moment. "I think that would be a good thing."

You say "Mmmkay. Very good."

The panel applauds lightly before moving on.

Sammi bounces over to Kali and gives her five dollars. Sweaty, crumpled, and old dollar bills. Five of them.

Shumira kisses Kali on the cheek.

Kali smiles and steps back, next to Shumira.

Kali says "Thank you Sammi."

Shumira says "That was a wonderful demonstration, dear."

A student in the back acks and runs away, followed by his slightly larger then normal hybred ant-worms which slither out the door.

Mr.Mackey and the rest of the panel walk up to Sammi. "Are you, mmm, ready Sammi?"

Kali says "Thank you Shumira, I am sorry that I had to use it against you."

Sammi says "I'm ALWAYS ready!"

Shumira says "Don't worry about it dear. Let the best furry win."

Shumira settles back to watch Sammi's demonstration.

Mr.Hughes opens a door and walks into the room quickly, muttering apologies for being late to the organizers.

Sammi pulls the tarp off her invention. It's a briefcase. Black and leather. And... black. And leather. Oh, and did I mention it was a briefcase?

Kali looks at the leather and the black with interest. She completely misses the briefcase.

You say "And, mmm, what does it do?"

Sammi says "This is my Atemporal Undercover Legal Remover!"

Jamus glances at it....thinking....

Grabbing a clipboard with information Mr.Hughes moves up and watches Sammi's demonstration

Sammi says "In a handy carrying case!"

Lina says "Ooooo, Ahhh!"

Mr.Hughes starts to say ooooo and then stops. "A what?"

Mr.Mackey scribbles on his clipboard. "Mmmhmmm..."

Jamus. o O(Prozac: Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!)

Sammi opens the briefcase. It's got... Well. At least two minaturized flux capacitors, a radiation symbol, and two four dimensional gyrocams.

Mr.Hughes says, "Oooooo" at last.

You say "Oooo, mmkay."

Kali points quietly at Mr. Hughes. "You see! It worked!"

Sammi says "Ahem. In this world of legal retribution at every turn, a person needs protection! And the best protection is a good defense! And a good offense is the best defense! So! The MRI imager scans for the trace magnetic ions in all ink!"

You say "Mmkay! And then what?"

Mr.Hughes nods and scribbles something onto his clipboard.

Sammi says "The Magnetic Character Recognition software inna there translates the ion patterns into the closest known language! And then the grammatic program parses it for legalization factors!"

Lina says "Wow!"

Mr.Hughes leans over to Mr.Mackey, "With one of these WWI would have been avoided with the typo on the Archduke's certificate of deafness.

Sammi says "If a significant number of positive factors are identified, such as massive useage of the words "Wherefore" and "Party" and "Whereas", the temporal inducer begins stage one operation, reversing local time on the document until there are no longer traces of magnetic ions on it!"

Mr.Mackey gives Sammi the highest score possible for enthusiasm, on his clipboard.

Sammi says "And that means no more legal papers!"

Sammi says "It signals the user at that point. Stage two enlarges the local time field, and focuses on silk and wool, reversing the traditional materials of a lawyer's suit until they become plants again!"

Sammi says "Oh, and cotton."

Sammi says "This is the scanning imaging antenna..."

Kali scratches her head. "Wool? Sheep plants?"

Jamus says "Cotton?" . o O (uh oh...)"

Sammi says "Sure! And animal fur!"

Lina says "Um, please don't."

Lina says "Don't use that on me, I like my fur."

Shumira says "Fur?"

Sammi says "There are three modes of operation! Off! On in a thirty foot radius! And Directional Line of Sight!"

Kali says "Likewise. Um, I mean I like my fur, not Lina's. Not that I dislike Lina's fur, mind you. I just do not, um... I do not..."

Mr.Mackey takes a few steps back.

Jamus says "Kali, I think You can take your foot out of your mouth now."

Sammi aims the briefcase at a stuffed cat dummy wearing a suit and holding a briefcase. "This is my test subject! It's a fake lawyer! Would you like to examine his briefcase?"

Lina says "Where's the front then?" as she begins to suryey the room to see if she can get out of the 30 ft radius.

Shumira says "But, her feet are both on the floor, Jamus."

Kali checks her mouth, just to be sure.

Mr.Hughes notices everyoen else has moved back and follows suit. "Hmmm."

Sammi says "Would you like to examine his briefcase?"

Jamus says "It's an old earth expression, "to talk as if one's foot is in their mouth and they must talk around it" basicly, when you start talking and then you start changing what you're saying trying to make sure your idea gets across...never mind, I'll shut up before I get disqualified or something...."

Lina says "Um, I'll take your word for it."

Mr.Hughes scribbles a few notes and confers with another judge.

Kali says "May I examin it Sammi?"

Sammi says "Sure!"

Rachel looks on curiously, but doesn't say anything.

Kali takes the brief case away from the stuffed shirt and opens it, looking over the pile of papers inside.

Sammi says "See? Written legal stuff! And the instructions from a video game!"

Shumira stands next to Kali's and her tables.

Jamus says "What!?"

Kali stuffs everything back where it belongs and returns to her place. "I feel all unclean going through his briefs like that."

Jamus dashes over to look a the instruction manual...seeing if he recognizes the game...

Jamus tosses the manual back in...."nope, not pokemon...."

Mr.Mackey and the rest of the nervous panel members watch from outside the blast radius.

Rachel rummages through her Rachel's Backpack.

Jamus walks away from the device....

Jamus glances over at Rachel, not knowing who she is....

Sammi says "Fire in the hole!"

Jamus notes he's 30 ft away....

Shumira dives for cover under one of the tables and calls up her battle gloves

Kali dives for cover, taking Shumira with her.

Rachel backs away at the mentinon of the word "fire"

Mr.Mackey looks at Mr.Hughes. "Did she say she's on fire inside?"

Mr.Hughes Stands still, looking somewhat confused.

Sammi pulls the trigger! Nothing happens!

Sammi says "Ta-Da! Open up the briefcase!"

Mr.Hughes watches the device fizzle and shakes his head. "Tsk tsk." He marks something on his pad.

Lina creeps forward cautiously and opens the case.

Lina looks inside at the papers.

Jamus walks over to the lawers paper case, and looks inside...desencesitized to such material...

Mr.Mackey scribbles a few notes down as he waits.

Kali stands up again, her pistol in her hand and frowning at Sammi.

The open brief case is full of blank sheets of paper. And a video game pamphlet.

Rachel notices when the male human glance at her and blushes.

Shumira crawls out from uder the table

Lina says "They're blank!"

Shumira says "You shouldn't give false information like that, Sammi."

Sammi says "If you open the video game instructions, you will notice that the warranty and..."

Lina opens the game pamphlet.

Sammi says "...license are blank!"

Sammi says "Now! Stage two! Stand back!"

Lina says "Yep, they are."

Rachel joins the crowd around the briefcase

Sammi says "Stage Two!"

Sammi says "Staaaand back!"

Rachel mumbles, "There's more?"

Lina jumps back droping the case and its contents.

Mr.Hughes raises an eyebrow and turns over his pencil, erasing the marks he made.

Rachel frowns and backs up against one of the bleachers

Sammi pushes the second button. The lawyer dummy's clothes turn into fur, and sheds.

Jamus gets away....

Mr.Mackey claps lightly.

Lina says ""

Mr.Hughes puts his clipboard under his arm and claps, "Very impressive." He mutters to a nearby teacher.

Jamus backs up as well...then blinks and looks at his own clothing..."Hope it doesn't respond to leather...being in a cow would certaily ruin my day...."

Kali nudges Shumira protectively behind her. Muttering she asks, "I wonder how it affects a teacher's tenure. Is that not a legal document?"

Mr.Mackey and the rest of the judges come up to the next entry. There is no student standing by it. It is a full coffee mug with a post-it note stuck to it. The post-it reads 'Self-Warming Coffee'.

Mr.Hughes scribbles a note on his clipboard muttering, "Presentation could be better."

You say "Mmmm, I suppose a demonstration couldn't hurt."

Rachel stays away from the coffee

Jamus walks back to his display...running a few final tests....

Kali hmms, "I should have checked that first. I could have run the Maxwelld on it, backwards."

Mr.Mackey picks up the mug and takes a sip. "Mmmm, it's warm. Tasty too."

Mr.Hughes touches the side of the cup, "Amazing, after all this time and it's the perfect temperature.

Lina says "Gee, sir, are you sure that was such a good idea?"

Mr.Mackey sets it back down and scribbles a few notes.

Rachel wonders what was put into the coffee to keep it warm so long

You say "Would you like some, Lina?"

Jamus . o O (I'm leaveing if there's anything in there that looks like a talking....)

Lina says "Heh, heh. No that's fine! I'm, ah, not overly fond of coffee anyway! Heh."

You say "Mmmkay."

Shumira fiddles with her remote, punching buttons on the keypad.

Mr.Mackey walks up to Lina and her invention.

Lina lifts a pet carrier with the word "Experimental" written on the side up onto the table.

Mr.Hughes quickly takes a sip of the coffee before hurrying onto the next demonstration.

"This..." she says with pride "is the Mildu."

Jamus looks at the cage...thinking. . o O (It's that cat I bet...)

Kali looks skeptical.

Lina opens the pet carrier and says "Come on out!"

Shumira says "Hmmm... she made a pet in one night?"

Jamus says "Could be just an alpha mode progect."

Rachel stands very still, in case whatever comes out is aggressive.

A small pink kitten with wings gingerly steps out of the carrier, looks up at Lina, and Mews.

Mr.Hughes blinks and looks at the cat. He takes off his glasses and wipes them clean.

Rachel looks curiously at the winged feline creature. o O (Pink?)

The science teacher mutters, "Does it bother anyone that our students are capable of biogenetic engineering?"

Kali says "Gee, I could have obtained an operator from Lina."

Lina says "Mildu provides an important service. She is a Milk Disposal Unit."

Shumira says "Oh, it's really not to hard...."

Kali raises her hand.

Lina opens a carton of milk and pours all of the contents into a bowl.

Kali waves her hand back and forth a bit, trying to get Lina's attention.

Mildu begins to lap up the milk excitedly. Lina says "Yes Kali?"

Rachel . o O (Does the winged feline fly?)

Jamus .o O (probably too young for that...)

Mildu finishes of the milk with a hearty slurp.

Kali says "I was wondering why it was necessary to equip the MilDU with flight capability?"

Kali . o O (How are these guys conversing mentally?)

Mr.Hughes .oO ( Dang, I forgot to tape Matlock. )

Lina says "Ah, I was just about to get to that! You see I plan to upgrade MilDU later on to provide another valuable service."

Mr.Mackey scribbles a few notes on his clipboard.

Shumira. o O (Did I leave the iron on?)

Kali. o O (No, but I think you left the TV on)

Mr.Mackey . o O ( What is it with kids and genetically engineered animals? At least this one only has one butt... )

Jamus . o O (Did I remember to turn on Thania's homeing signal?)

Mr.Hughes .oO ( Quite all, I can't hear myself think. )

Lina says "You see, she will also catch mice and other vermin that humans seem to dislike so. She will be able to swoop down on them. I also plan on giving her fire breath so she can roast the mice."

Kali says "Ah, a MBU!"

Mr.Hughes nods slwoly as he writes, "Impressive, an adapatable invention."

Rachel says "MBU?"

Lina says "If you like to eat them that will be helpful as she will catch and cook your lunch for you."

Rachel claps her hand over her mouth. . o O (Oops, was that aloud?)

Kali says "Mobile Barbque Unit!"

Lina says "Why no Kali, she will be a SHour MilDu."

Lina says "Superb House Ratter and Milk Disposal Unit."

You say "Oooo, mmkay."

Mr.Hughes says "Dual purpose, bonus points." He scribbles some more.

Sammi says "A kitty?"

Lina pets MilDU, who purrs happily.

Sammi looks at the kitty.

Mr.Mackey sneaks away from the presentation and takes another sip of the Self-Warming Coffee.

Rachel raises her hand

MilDU flaps her pink wings as she look about the room.

Lina says "Yes?"

Sundog has arrived.

Rachel says "Was MilDU genetically engineered to be pink or does that also serve a purpose?"

Sundog looks around, says "Science," shrugs, and wanders back out.

Lina says "She's pink solely because I thought she would be more interesting and easier to spot."

Sundog heads out to the main part of the high school.

Sundog has left.

Rachel nods her head solemnly.

Mr.Hughes says "Very impressive Lina. Now, you know the rule about pets in the school, please return her to her cage." He smiles and writes some more.

Lina says "Thank you Mr. Hughes. Yes, Mr. Hughes."

Lina picks up MilDU and puts her back into the carrier.

Mr.Mackey wanders back over and joins the smattering of applause from the panel.

Sammi bounces over to the cage and mews at MilDu.

MilDU mews back.

Sammi's hat mews at MilDu.

Jamus figures he's sufficiently trashed up his small display for his exibit and demonstration....

Kali says "MilDu 0.8. A beta release. Or is she working for VerySmallSoft?"

Lina pours MilDU another bowl of milk.

Lina says "She works for milk and yes she's a beta version."

Rachel Human female, five and a half feet tall, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.
Lina A muscular, black and white furred girl wearing overalls with a striped shirt.
Mr.Hughes A tall, skinny human teacher wearing dark glasses, military dress uniform, and carrying a riding crop.
Shumira An attractive and stylishly dressed girl.
Jamus A brown haired, brown eyed human wearing glasses, an old jacket, blue jeans, a green t-shirt and a green backpack
Kali A very tall (7'6") attractive alien wearing a dark blue uniform.
Sammi A 13 year old girl, her black hair in two floor length pigtails, wearing a fuku. Probably with a cabbit around.
Mr.Mackey A counsellor. Kinda cute, for an old guy.

Jamus punches a button and waits for the judges to get to his display....

Mr.Mackey moves over to Jamus's display.

Mr.Hughes turns back to eye an old display then moves over to Jamus's.

Lina turns her attention to Jamus's display.

Jamus looks at the judges. "well, This is my invention, the SpiderVac II

Kali watches Jamus, propping her chin on top of Shumira's head.

Rachel walks closer to the display

Jamus hits a button, and a small robot with a canaster for an abtomin and metal frame legs. the legs, eight of them, shoot outward from the 'abdomin' an make it look like a's a rather compact unit....

One of the judges, an assistant gym coach looks at the spider, screams, tosses up his clipboard and runs out of the room.

Rachel eyes the spider-like creature

Mr.Hughes watches the man run out, "I always knew he was a little squimish."

Lina stifles a laugh at the coach's expense.

Shumira says "Hmmm... robotophobia. A terrible affliciton."

Kali pokes Shumira. "I am /not/ afraid of her."

You say "It's a bug, mmkay."

Jamus says "I didn't expect that reaction...Anyway, Here's a quick demonstration. The great thing about this device, is that it's an all terrain unit."

Shumira says "Arachnid, actually. Eight legs."

Kali says "It is not a bug, it is a feature."

Lina says "Neat!"

SpiderVac II creepycrawls along the ground, and starts vacuuming up the dirt, gunk, a goop, and a few marbles, showing off how powerful it's vacuum is.

Lina says "Will it suck up army men?"

A alien nearby ooos and ahs...then gurgles as his light body is sucked into the spidervac. "Eeeek."

Lina says "...guess so..."

Rachel backs away from the SpiderVac II, wondering if there is anything it _doesn't_ suck up

You say "Well Jamus, your invention certainly, um, sucks. Mmkay."

SpiderVac stops when it detects the alien and immediately removes it from it's hose...

Lina says "Oooo, it's smart!"

Mr.Mackey scribbles more notes.

The alien wipes it's brow and walks away, only to be attacked by the hybred ant-worm experiment down the hall.

Jamus says "It also Detects lifeforms if it's sucked up anything live...oh, and one more feature..."

Mr.Hughes nods as he jots some notes down.

Jamus pushes a few buttons, and spidervac crawls up the wall of the gym, and starts vacuuming the skylights..."It does windows and ceilings."

Rachel suddenly wonders if SpiderVac II ate up the clipboard thrown by the squeamish teacher

Kali says "If that counts as smart, why am I not getting straight A's?"

Mr.Hughes says "Impressive, is it MS certified?"

Jamus says "MS? Yeah, it is, and readily modified for other use as well..."

Kali says "It is a girl?"

Rachel . o O (Ms. certified?)

Mr.Hughes nods.

Kali says "Do I need to get certification of my femaleness now?"

Shumira says "I'll certify that you're female, Kali!"

Mr.Mackey moves to make sure he's not standing immediately beneath the spider. He and a couple other panelists continue moving over and take a few more sips of the Self-Warming Coffee.

Mr.Hughes finishes his notes joting and moves towards the next exhibit.

A boy stands in front of a pile of clay. "And what do we have here?" The boy steps to the side, lights a small fuse. It goes into the mountain and a small rumble is heard. Then orange and red glowing material flows out the top of the mountain.

Lina says "Wow, I've never seen anything like that before..."

Lina says "It's very interesting!"

Kali draws her pistol, diving to the left and coming up on one knee. With unerring accuracy she snaps off a fusillade of zap bolts that render the volcano into the past tense.

Jamus has seen that one soo many times...

Mr.Hughes and the boy look at the rubble in silence. The teacher turns. "I think we can move onto the next exhibit."

Lina's eyes widen, "Um, ok.

Kali stands, wiping her brow. "Phew, got it before it went off."

Mr.Mackey nods and moves on.

Shumira looks at Kali, then at her remote, then at the teachers.

Shumira says "Um... I guess that would be me?"

Mr.Hughes joins the rest of the teachers on their way to Shumira.

Kali tucks away her pistol and scoots over to watch Shumira's demonstration from close up.

Lina sneaks a look and a sniff of the coffee the teachers seem so interested in.

Shumira says "Ahem... ladies, gentlemen and others, I would like to present an invention that will revolutionize travel as we know it!"

Lina crinkles her nose, mutters "Ick!" and turns her attention back to Shumira.

Sammi and her hat are still mewing at MilDu. They seem to be in an intense conversation.

Shumira says "No more refueling cars and saucers! No more annoying bus rides! No more blisters on your feet from walking!"

Kali blinks, "But I /like/ walking."

Mr.Hughes watches quietly.

Shumira says "Yes, now everyone can be always on time to work or school! Unless they oversleep, of course..."

Rachel writes a note to herself. (Next time, don't forget the day of the Weird Science Fair so you can actually have something prepared!)

Shumira says "Presenting, the Amazing Dimensional Light Gate Generator!"

Lina says "Oooo, Ahhh."

Mr.Mackey scribbles a few notes on presentation and prepares for a question on the cost of going to Tahiti for the summer.

Kali applauds.

Shumira holds up an ordinary looking all in one tv/vcr remote and smiles broadly.

Lina says "Very F.P. Cool!"

Mr.Hughes hmmms.

Rachel stares at the remote. It looks remarkably similar to the one her younger sister broke last week.

Shumira says "With this one simple device, you can instantly transport youself or anything else to anywhere in the universe, and it runs on two simple AA batteries."

Shumira gestures to the table behind her.

Lina watches the table intently.

Mr.Hughes raises an eyebrow and writes down, "Energy efficient."

Rachel wonders if the poor table knows what's coming

Shumira says "I have arranged to send several common items across the gym, including these live mice. I have also made arrangements to have something sent to me from Catius Prime, just over twelve light years away!"

Kali points at the cage with the two mice in it and beams proudly. "Those are mine."

Rachel raises her hand

Mr.Hughes taps his pencil against the clipboard while in deep talk with a nearby physic teacher.

You say "Mmm, do you have to book in advance?"

Shumira says "The Light Gate works on the simple principal of Hyperspacial Storage theory. By opening two portals in hyperspace next to each other. One next to you, and one next to the location you wish to arrive at, it is a simple matter to move one item through one gate and out the other."

Shumira says "There are no wait times. Simply key in your destination and activate the Gate, then step through."

Mr.Hughes nods as Shumira talks. He steps to the side, picks up the coffee and takes a sip before setting it down and returning.

Shumira says "Yes Rachel? Do you have a question?"

Rachel says "I was wondering if The Light Gate can find a person and take you to the place where that person is?"

Lina mutters to Sammi, "They seem to really like that black sludge."

Shumira says "Unfortunetly, know. You need to know where you are going to set the exit gate."

Shumira says "Are there any other questions?"

Rachel says "Darn"

Lina says "Ooo, pick me! Picks me!"

Kali says "The calculations for interstellar travel must be really horendous, two moving targets and all."

Jamus SpiderVac II starts drinking some of the coffee now...

Rachel . o O (So much for tracking down little sister when she's hiding)

Lina waves her hand.

Kali waves back at Lina.

Shumira says "Hyperspace ignores such issues. I use the standard Galactic Coordinate System for targeting."

Shumira says "Yes, Lina?"

Lina says "Do you have to have been to the location you wish to arrive for it to work?"

Rachel . o O (Must be a bottomless cup of self-warming coffee with all the people/objects that have been drinking it and there's still some left)

Shumira says "No, you don't have to have gone there first. Simply knowing the Galactic Coordinates will work. I spent a relaxing hour yesterday on the planet of Pismo Beach, even though I'd never been there before."

Lina says "Cool!"

Kali stops smiling. "You did?"

Shumira says "If there are no further questions, I will begin the demonstration."

Sammi bounces over to Shumira.

Mr.Hughes takes a step back, behind a nearby teacher.

Shumira says "Umm... well, yes, I did Kali. Purely for research, of course."

Kali fades back behind Shumira a step and pouts.

Sammi says "Gosh, Shumira! I'm sure glad you liked my idea. I didn't make it cause I thought you didn't want it! Why'd you change your mind?"

Shumira says "I had been concidering and working on the design for this for some time, Sammi."

Sammi says "Keen!"

Shumira says "And now.. if you will all stand clear, I shall commence the demonstration."

You say "Mmmkay."

Rachel suddenly realizes there was something she forgot to ask, and backs away from The Light Gate

Shumira pushes a few buttons on the remote, then backs up a step and picks a tennis ball from her table.

Mr.Mackey backs up behind a few other experiments. This is not his first time as WSF faculty advisor.

Mr.Hughes puts on some safety goggles.

Shumira presses the power button and a pulse of energy emits from the remote, opening a swirling gateway of pearly white light. Another gateway appears across the gym.

Shumira says "And so... the Light Gate works."

Rachel backs away from the gateway, against the bleachers, and grabs tightly onto the bleachers

Mr.Mackey applauds lightly.

Kali applauds again.

Mr.Hughes does a golf clap.

Shumira tosses the tennis ball forward. As soon as it passes through the gate, all heck and a few otherthings break loose.

Rachel says "Uh-oh"

Lina hops back to MilDU to protect her.

You say "I've got a bad feeling about this... mmkay..."

Mr.Hughes slowly lowers himself to under a table, all the while scribbling things down.

Sammi bounces back to MilDU to mew at her.

The Light Gate grows bigger and arcs towards Shumira and Kali, bathing them is a white glow. Before anyone can so much as scream, the Gate, Shumira and Kali disapear with a bright flash and a rush of incoming air fromt he sudden vacuum.

Rachel says "Um, Shumira, where does the gateway lead to?"

Silence suddenly reigns in the gym. Shumira and Kali are nowhere to be seen.

Sammi eeks and hides behind Lina!

Lina looks around the room for Kali and Shumira, "Kali? Shumira?"

Mr.Hughes looks up from under the table. "If they think this gets them out of the history test tommorow...they are sorely mistaken."

Several students seeing the flash of light point to each other, "He did it!" and run out of the gym

You say "I think they need, mmm, counselling. This is inappropriate behaviour, mmkay!"

A lawyer shows up out of nowhere and starts whispering to Mr. Hughes about liability and insurance claims.

Mr.Hughes points the lawyer over to the table where Sammi was....

Rachel knew she should have asked that second question

Lina looks under the tables and under the remnants of the volcano calling "Kali! Shumira!" every so often.

Mr.Hughes moves towards some of the other teachers. "Hmm..."

Spidervac II gets a complex from seeing the superior vacuum...

The lawyer nods and smiles a smarmy little smile. Turning he heads over to the table and starts leafing through the blank papers.

Sammi waves at the nice lawyer. With the briefcase.

Rachel looks around for The Light Gate, wondering if it disappeared with Shumira and Kali or if it was dropped

Lina says "Hmm, can't seem to find them anywhere..."

Lina claps her hands together, "I..."

Rachel wonders if Spidervac considers lawyers to be living...

Lina says "I've got it!! They've gone on vacation! That has to be it!"

Mr.Mackey and the rest of the panel huddle together to discuss things.

Lina says " least I hope that's it..."

Rachel really wishes Shumira had heard her ask where the gateway led to before disappearing

Lina seeing that Mr. Hughes' back is turned, takes MilDU out of the carrier and pets her.

Lina mutters "You're soo cute!" to MilDU.

Sammi mews to MilDU in agreement.

Just as the huddle is breaking up to the sound of "42, 23, 5, BREAK!", the coffee cup levitates above the table and moves over to the crowd.

Lina watches the cup with wide eyes.

Jamus snaps out of his temporal funk....

Mr.Hughes turns, spies the coffee cup and leans his head to the side.

The lawyer turns back to Mr. Hughes holding up the papers, "These are all blanks sir! Except for this partial bit on video games."

Rachel hides under the table, to avoid the coffee cup

Mr.Mackey, who looked like he was ready to announce the winner, seems shocked at the behavior of the front running entry.

Lina says "There's something up with that thing."

Lina says "Who could drink that poison anyway?"

The coffee cup clears it's 'throat' and says "Sorry about not introducing myself.. but I'm a little shy."

Lina says "Erk!?!"

Lina's eyes get even wider.

Mr.Mackey blinks. Most of the panel blinks. And then, all at once, they spit. "P-tooo! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!"

Mr.Hughes's eyes grow wide. "Urmph." He looks down and spits. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...."

Mr.Hughes races several other panelists to the drinking fountain, fumbling for the handle, "Water...water..."

Mr.Mackey rinses out his mouth and scrubs his lips with his sleeve, holding up the line.

Lina absently offers MilDU more milk while watching the coffee in horror.

Rachel curiously examines the coffee cup

Mr.Hughes growls and pushes Mackey to the side, "Outta the way, geekoid." He basicly drowns himself in the stream of water. "Gulg gulg gulg.

The panel regains some sort of composure after a few minutes and huddles again.

The lawyer tries to horn in on the panel, whispering about false representation and suing for emotional damages.

Rachel wonders if the coffee cup will speak again, but is too shy herself to ask

Lina asks the coffee, "W-what are you?"

Sammi says "It's a new transfer student!"

The panel breaks, again, and Mr.Mackey announces, "We have selected the Self-Warming Coffee for our Congeniality Thing award."

Jamus looks at the coffee..."figures..." then walks over to Rachel. "Hi..."

Lina says "Wha Thing award?"

Sammi says "Wild Thing!"

Rachel smiles shyly at the male human student. "Hi."

You say "And our Weird Science Fair Blue Ribbon winners are Shumira and Kali... awarded posthumously."

Jamus says "My name's Jamus, I just moved here about a month or so ago. I haven't seen you around here before..."

Sammi says "They're not dead!"

The crowd cheers wildly!

Lina shrugs, "That's nice." and returns MilDU to her cage.

Rachel says "I'm Rachel."

You say "Mmm, maybe not, mmkay, but the award that goes to their parents is much larger this way." a voice in the back says, "I'm not quite dead yet." as the student is wheeled off in a cart.

*Whack* "Yes you are."

Mr.Hughes claps as the awards are read.

Rachel nervously tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. "So, Jamus, what do you think of Pebble Beach so far?"

You say "Thank you all for, mmm, participating in this year's Weird Science Fair. Please give yourself an, um, round of applause, mmkay?""

Mr.Hughes takes off the safety goggles and joins the other teachers. Someone has brought out a case of mouth wash for them to gurgle.

Lina says "C'mon MilDU! Let's go give you fire breath! And while we're at it how would you like to be able to talk?"

Jamus says "well its...Interesting...To say the least."

MilDU mews her agreement.

Rachel smiles. "It's a little weird, but once you get used to it...well, you learn to be prepared for life's little unexpected surprises."

Lina heads for the doors.

Mr.Hughes joins the science and arts teacher as they head back into the building.

Lina says "See you all later!"

As Lina attempts to escape with her invention, a pair of ACOs stop her at the door.

Rachel says "I guess the Weird Science Fair is over"

Lina says "Um, can I help you?"

Sammi bounces over to Lina. "Hi!"

Jamus nods....

An ACO officer says, "No thank you, we will help ourselves." Then he takes the pet carrier from Lina.

Lina says "Hey! What the hay!"

Lina tries to snatch the carrier, "Give it back!"

The other ACO officer announces. "In compliance with school regulations, all inventions will be confiscated and put to use in ACO facilities and operations. Thank you for your cooperation."

Lina says "Grr. I don't want that! Give MilDU back!"

The pet carrier toting ACO pushes Lina aside. "It's ours now, EeTie."

Lina says "What did you call me!?!"

Lina pulls out her Zap Gun from hiding.

Jamus Glares at the aco officer..."Hey! You can't do that...She made it for a pet!"

Lina says "Give me back my pet, NOW!!!"

ACO #2 glares at the teenagers through his dark shades. "We're on a mission... from the Principal."

Lina tries to menace the ACO officer with the carrier.

Lina says "What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Jamus Glares. "We've had to put up with mauler's twin brother. I doubt you can scare us anymore.

ACO #1, obviously used to being around zap guns, but not quite used to being on the receiving end, looks sort of menaced.

Lina growls.

Sammi takes off her hat. "Jamus! Give the nice ACO officers my briefcase!"

The loudspeaker crackles to life with Mr.Mauler(2)'s voice. "Lina, please report to Mr.Mauler's office. NOW!"

Sammi nudges Lina.

Rachel says "Uh-oh"

Lina yells back, "All right, I'm coming!"

ACO #2 says "That is more like it." He pats Sammi on the head. "You're a very good law abiding girl."

Sammi says "Gosh, yes!"

Lina gives the ACO officers the evil eye and mutters "Just you wait...."

Lina shoves the Zap Gun into hiding or at least attempts to.

Jamus Gives him the breifcase and stands WAY Back...

Rachel backs away from the ACO officers, leaning against the bleachers again

Sammi says "Lina?"

SpiderVac II is busy vacuuming the ceiling....

Lina turns to storm off to the Mr. Mauler's office, looks back and mutters "Just you wait, I'll get you back MilDU..."

Sammi says "DUCK!"

Rachel says "Um, Jamus, how does the spidervac detect living creatures?"

ACO #1 whews then notices the bot on the ceiling. He pulls out his commlink and radios in for backup.

Rachel glances at the ACO officers

Lina drops to her knees.

Jamus says "Yeah..."

The ACO officers are encased in a bundle of energy. They pause. 1 radios in for backup, then walks backwards to give the Sammi standing in Lina's previous position the cage. Then walks back to the door.

Sammi tucks the cage into her hat.

Jamus says "It sences active genetic material..."

Rachel hears quacking sounds coming from the IT's locker room at the mention of the word "Duck"

Jamus looks at the quacking, then follows Sammi's advice, and gets down, grabing Rachel by the arm as he does and pulling her away from the ACO...

The ACOs are frozen, not moving, not breathing. Sammi scoots out the door... Three seconds later, time unfreezes for the ACO officers.

Rachel says "Active genetic material..." Rachel glances at the officers. "Hmm."

Sammi heads out to the main part of the high school.

Sammi has left.

Mere seconds later, an ACO tank breaks through the North wall of the Gym and several officers leap out, Zap Guns blasting.

Lina mutters "ouch, I hate triping on these shoe laces..." and begins retying her shoes. A tear trickles down her cheek.

Lina says "Eek!!"

Lina bolts for the door.

Lina heads out to the main part of the high school.

Lina has left.

Rachel says "Um, I think the tank is a sign for us to run"

The rest of the students in the area take the hint and start to run out the various exits, screaming.

Jamus nods. "let's get out of here, then..."

The ACO's start an advance, taking ground and inventions on the way.

Rachel heads for the door

Jamus heads for an entrance, whipping out a remote..."good think I didn't give my BEST stuff for the fair...."

Rachel heads out to the main part of the high school.

Rachel has left.

Jamus heads out to the main part of the high school.



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