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Subject: Assault of the Little Green Men


You push open the double glass doors with "Al's Grill" scrawled on them and head into the resturant.

Al's Grill - Main Floor

Al's Grill has the 1950s atmosphere and look to it. The white and red checkerboard floor is constantly being traveled by the waiters and waitresses who run to the many tables and booths in here. Small lamps with powerful bulbs in them hang on the walls and make the place night and bright during the daytime. A couple of pinball machinse and arcade games are near the entrance. A little window leads back to the kitchen with a cash register near by. Most of the center of the room is clear to serve as a dance floor during the evening when bands and a D.J. play some of the best music of today. About a hundred people or so can cram into Al's Grill. A large stage takes up one entire wall of the resturant, about five feet above the rest of the floor for bands to perform. Lights of all sorts hang down from the ceiling and remain off when no bands are playing. The aroma of hamburgers and fries, some of the best in Pebble Beach, hangs in the air.


Posting Board

Radio system


Obvious exits:

Stage <S> Manager's Office <M> Out <O>

Outside, it looks to be warm to very warm day with and light winds.

Ves pushs open the front door and steps in, kicking what remains of the snow off his boots. He chuckles, shakes his head, then closes the door behind him.

Ves shoulders off his jacket and folds it into his left arm. He then walks up to one of the waitresses. "Hey, darlin', why don't you rustle me up some ribs and meet me at that table over there?" He smiles and winks at her, pointing to an empty table. He makes his way to a table.

Ves slides his guitar from his shoulder and places it next to his chair. He rubs his hands together in anticipation for his BBQ ribs.

The waitress arrives at Ves' table with a steaming platter of fresh ribs. "Here you go, flamehead," she says as she sets it down.

Zure comes into the resturant from the outside.

Zure says "Vesticular!"

You sit down at Big Round Table.

Ves looks up from his platter of ribs, his face covered in sauce. "Zure, quit calling me that. Please." He holds up a rib and shakes it at her to emphasize his point.

Zure says "Ok, ok."

Zure says "Can I sit down with you?"

Zure says "Please?"

Ves ponders as he chews on a rib. "Yeeah, I don't see why not." He gestures to an open chair at the big table. "Have a seat, hippie chick."

Zure smiles.

Rin comes into the resturant from the outside.

Zure sits down at Big Round Table.

Ves waves to Rin with an overchewed rib bone. "Hey Rinnie! Come join us!"

Rin says "Hey Ves."

Rin sits down at Big Round Table.

Rin says "Manzi and Angle should be coming soon anyways"

Rin says "Didn't you go to eat with your parents Ves?"

Manzi comes into the resturant from the outside.

Antor comes into the resturant from the outside.

Zure says "Manzi!!"

Manzi pushes open the door, and miraculously, there is no snow on her shoes. She does shake it off her frisbee, though. As Antor walks in behind her, she lets the door go and scans the place. Upon seeing Rin, Ves, and Zure, she beams and waves.

Antor waves. "Hey guys."

Zure says "Hi Antor."

Rin says "Heu Manzi and Antor. Angle behind you guys?"

Anglebert comes into the resturant from the outside.

Antor says "He's a bit of a way behind, I think."

Jarion comes into the resturant from the outside.

Antor slaps himself in the head. "Here he is now."

Ves looks at Rin with a very serious attitude. "No. I had to be home for dinner. I played the smart game: I didn't eat the food." He throws another bare bone down on the platter. "C'mon, gang, have a seat!"

Jarion walks in with Anglebert "Wow a crowd.

Zure says "Anglbert!"

Anglebert says "Yeesh! You shoulda seen this girl I just talked to. Built like a mountain road."

Anglebert sits down at Big Round Table.

Antor chuckles.

Jarion raises an eyebrow at that thought.

Rin says "and your eyes were probably attracted right to her valleys eh Angle?"

Manzi grins as she almost skips towards the table. "Hey, Zurie! Hoi, Rin! He should be here-- Ah, there he be." She reaches the table and drops her steel-reinforced frisbee with an audible CLANG! She grabs a quick seat and eyes Ves. "Hi, Ves." She smiles delightedly.

Manzi sits down at Big Round Table.

Zure laughs at Rin.

Zure says "More likely her peaks."

Antor grins, and sits down himself.

Anglebert says "Well, that's what I mean. Curves in all the right places, y'know?"

Jarion sits down.

Zure says "Rinnie has curves in all the right places.."

Zure says "Like her finger tips aren't square or anything."

Zure says "I can say the same about her eyes and the shape of her nostrils."

Rin playfully whaps Zure in the face, "Is there ever a curve in a wrong place? Other then when you've been thrown a curveball."

Ves chuckles at Zure as he picks up another rib. "So what are you all up to tonight? Didn't know Thursdays were popular at Al's."

Jarion doesn't seem to interested in the conversation

Anglebert says "Eh, I'm just chillin. Thought you said Salia was with you Rin?"

Antor shrugs. "Just came down with the others."

Jarion get sup and looks at the radio thingy

Manzi points discreetly. "Ribs. Need nourishment before I waste away into a puff of frosty nothingness." She looks at everybody else. "All you can eat, right? So jump right in!" THat's okay, 'cause she doesn't look to interested in Jarion. Therefore, she looks at everyone else. "Um . . . Food. Must have it." One track mind, her.

Antor grins. "That's some great thinking."

Zure says "Ditto."

Jarion gets done and decides to rejoin the others.

Zure says "Can I have a rib, Vessy?"

Rin says "Salia had her own thing tonight I guess. Anyways I already ate."

Jarion looks around and sees a few unfamiliar faces.

Zure says "I think she wanted to be alone."

Anglebert dammits and says "Wanted to talk to her."

Zure rests her head on Rin's shoulder.

Ves pushes the platter to the middle of the table. "Dig in, folks!" He notes Anglebert and flicks a bare rib at him. "Hey! No girlfriend talk, tonight. We're here to have fun!"

Rin says "Hey Manzi want to play Hockey Later?"

Antor chuckles.

Anglebert dodges the rib. "She's not my girlfriend. We broke up, remember? I'm dating Aria now."

Zure says "Why no girlfriend talk...what about boyfriend talk?"

Manzi grins pixieishly and reaches for a rib. She barely manages to get out, "Sure, Rinni----" And then she nearly devours the rib. . . . . And then she chokes on it.

Zure sighs and stares dreamily into space.

Zure laughs!

Zure pats Manzi's back.

Jarion gets a huge cup of water and pours it on Zure.

Zure says "Hey!"

COUGH COUGH!!! HACK!! COUGH! WHEEEEZE!!!!!!!! . . . . . . Manzi stares at Anglebert as she starts to turn vaguely blue. Er, bluER. "Ar. . . . ." COUGH! "Aria???"

Jarion sits back doown

Zure says "You stupid butt crack!"

Zure says "It's snowing outside and you expect me to walk home /wet/?"

Zure says "Are you crazy?!"

Rin looks around and says "Yes what Manzi said."

Ves whacks Manzi on the back REEEAAAAALLLLLY hard. "Cough it up!"

Zure says "Just kidding."

Jarion laughs "Sorry bout that"

Zure laughs.

Anglebert nods, wide-eyed. "Yeah, Aria. Why do you ask?"

Zure says "Be riight back.."

Zure leaves in a cloud of black and blue smoke...*poof*

Jarion frowns

Zure appears before your eyes in a cloud of red and black smoke...*poof*

Zure reappears, dry and in dry clothes.

Jarion says "Better?"

Zure nods.

Manzi hacks one last time, and a good solid piece of rib bone lands with a muffled THUD on the bone platter. She clears her throat experiementally.

Zure says "ew, Manzi.."

Zure grabs a rib.

Jarion grabs anothe big cup of water and looks at Zure.

Zure says "No!"

Jarion laughs the sits down to drink the water.

Ves stares wide-eyed at the size of the rib. He picks it up, measures it, then exclaims, "Gawd, Manzi! That was like an eight-inch rib bone!" He gives her a fascinated look.

Zure says "Ew how can you touch that?"

Zure says "Who dares me to lick it?"

Zure bites into her rib.

Antor looks down at the ribs and grabs one. "This should be good."

Manzi rubs the back of her head, wiggling her jaw. "Sorry. Angle surprised me. Aria, huh? Doesn't she have issues with guys or something? Something about them being male or the like." SHe shakes her head. "I dunno. I do!" she adds to Zure with a glint.

Jarion looks at Zure and laughs at that thought.

Zure shrugs, picks up the piece of bone and licks it hungrily.

Zure looks like nothings wrong and tosses the bone nonchalantly onto the tray again.

Jarion frowns "Yuck!"

Zure makes gagging noises.

Zure says "That was good, I should get a trophy."

Rin says "Sheesh Zure, your bad to the bone."

Zure says "....or something."

Antor laughs. "A medal at least."

Anglebert says "Well....I don't think it's so much THAT as the fact that she doesn't know what being a girlfriend IS."

Manzi rubs her nose. "I though she was rather good to that bone." She grins wickedly.

Zure says "tell her it's like a temporary mate...or, like a mate but not actualy mating...or something.."

Jarion piles up the bones and hands them to Zure "Here's your'e trophy."

Zure fisnishes off her rib and grabs another.

Zure says "Cough something else up so I can lick it."

Zure says "Let's play truth or dare."

Zure says "I haven't played that in a while."

Rin says "Who needs to bring a pet dog to a table when you have Zure to lick your plate and probably other things for you."

Antor chuckles.

Jarion shrugs "Im game"

Zure says "Anyone else wanna play?"

Jarion says "I think"

Zure says "And no genie-like loop holes.."

Suddenly, the front door is kicked in by a horde of little green goblin critters. Each armed with a snowball. They start laying out some indiscriminate snowball justice, pelting anyone and everyone in their way.

Zure says "What the?"

Zure gets her rib knocked out of her hand.

Jarion puts a forcefeild around himself.

Ves dives for cover. "Not these guys again!"

Anglebert jumps under the table. "ACK! NOSE GOBLINS!"

Zure teleports to the ceiling rafters and sits there waiting for it all to just ...END..

Jarion grabs a rib and starts to eat.

Antor puts up his own forcefield to block out the snowballs.

Rin says "I was still waiting for the Hockey.........:ducks under the tables.:"

Manzi blinks a moment, then dodges a snowball aimed for her. She blinks again, then her nostrils flare, her eyes widen, and she leaps to her feet on the chair. "DIE, YUPPIE SCUM!!!!" She snags a snowball out of the air and hucks it right back at a critter.

After dispensing said justice, they flee. But not before they steal the gumball machine.

Zure is laughing uncontrollably and falls from the ceiling,

Anglebert dodges Zure.

Zure teleports at the last minute onto the table.

Jarion esmiles

Zure says "That would've hurt lots."

Antor chuckles.

Zure says "Riight.."

Zure says "What was that about?"

Ves crawls out from under the table. "You know, I'm getting really tired of these critters. Reallllly tired."

Zure sits in her seat.

Zure says "So whose playing?"

Anglebert hops back up in his seat.

Jarion lets down his forcefeild

Manzi is Dramatically Posing on the chair, but as they leave, she drops to the floor and sits on her chair again. "What's a yuppie?" she queries.

Jarion says "That was fun."

Antor puts down his own field. "I'll say."

Anglebert says "Rich folks."

Manzi hmmmmms. "Rich yolk? Like what, high-grade yellow or something?"

Zure is still laughing..she gasps, "yuppies! ahahahahhaa"

Anglebert reaches into his backpack and pulls out his acoustic guitar. "How bout a little music instead?"

Rin says "I want to play Hockey!"

Zure says "I ant my Eldy."

Anglebert starts picking at strings and tuning his guitar.

Ves gets back into his seat and pulls another rib to his mouth. "You know, hockey sounds like fun!" He takes a monstrous bite from the rib.

Zure says "and I wanna play TRUTH OR DARE!"

Manzi starts scarfing down her food again.

Zure finishes off her third rib and stops.

Anglebert says "Lemme give ya'll a little dinner time serenade."

Zure nods off slightly and ends up on Rin's shoulder again.

Antor chuckles. "This should be good."

Again, the front door kicks open, the little green goblins emerging from the snowbanks. This time, they weild slingshots with snowballs. They again unleash with a flurry of snowy doom.

Jarion puts up his forcefeild

Zure teleports to the rafters again.

Ves looks up just in time to get hit squarely in the forehead with a snowball.

Rin turns Suddenly and tries to Use Zure as a shield but Zures not there doh.

Anglebert pulls out his goop gun. "Two can play at this game!

Anglebert shoots a snow-round out of his goop gun at the little buggers.

Rin says "Hey Whered my operation Rin Alien Shield go?"

Anglebert gets hit in the face with a snowball. "You little bastard!"

Manzi jumps to her feet on the chair again, striking another pose. Ready to scream a battle cry, she opens her mouth, sucks in a breath . . . . WHACK! WHACK! . . . WHACKWHACKWHACKWHACK! Manzi gets plastered by snowballs. Manzi-shaped.

Antor chuckles.

Anglebert's round plasters the poor little critters, and they roill out of the door in a snowball shape. Only one remains, and he steals the 25-cent toy dispensing machine. The fiend.

Jarion ponders chasing the last one.

Antor stops chuckling, though, as he gets hammered by snowballs himself. One even goes down the back of his jacket... and shirt.

Rin says "Hey Zure can I shrink you and have you rest on my shoulder for awhile pretty please?"

Ves wipes his face off, and tosses his last rib bone to the platter. "That's it! I'm going to have to stage a full offensive against these critters."

Antor promptly starts yelling his head off. "Arrrrgh! Cold! Coldcoldcoldcoldcold!"

Manzi's antennae stick out in quivering spikes from the Manzi O' Snow.

Jarion starts laughing

Anglebert starts scraping snow offa Manzi.

Anglebert picks up his guitar. "Anyways."

Jarion says "What are those things?"

Anglebert starts playing his guitar. He's pretty good, considering he's the drummer/acousticist for My Nine Delinquents.

Rin looks at Zure, "Come on Pretty Please Zure?"

Antor continues his frenzy, then finally, the snowball comes out the back of his jacket, then looks up and listens to Anglebert's guitar playing.

Manzi gets scraped free. and she shakes the snow from her hair. "Awwwwww, that wasn't nice!"

Jarion walks over to the window and looks out.

Jarion says "Uh guys...I dont think this is good."

A snowball impacts with the window by Jarion's face.

The goblins are setting up snow cannons.

Anglebert starts singing quietly. "I've got your picture...of me and you...You wrote 'I Love You'...I love you too...I sit there staring and there's nothing else to do.

Jarion jumps

Anglebert looks up. "ACK!" All his hair stands on end. He looks up. "When are they gonna fix that fan?"

Rin says "Quick I need a volunteer!"

Antor listens, then looks at the snow cannons. "Oh, no!"

Manzi's hand goes up.

Anglebert says "I'll volunteer!"

Rin runs to the door, "Well Someone get over here quick! So I can shrink them!"

Anglebert walks over to Rin.

The creatures continue to set up snow cannons, using what looks to be the quarter machines they stole.

Anglebert says "Okay....but if this is life threatening, tell my kids I love them."

Jarion locks the door

Antor grins. "This should be interesting."

Manzi gapes at Angle as he breezes by her, and she drops her hand and falls to a seat on her chair, lower lip sticking out a bit. "That was not cool, Bertie."

Rin examines Angle up and down Carefully then quickly Sizes him up in a figerative sense. Then Sizes Angle down in A literal Sense... "Yes it is". Picks up Angle and says "You ready Angle?" someone open the door for a second

Jarion opens the door

Anglebert looks at Manzi all shrunk. "Sorry, chick. I gotta do what I gotta do." He gives a sharp salute.

Hordes upon hordes of these little green creatures wait outside. Especially for the micronized Anglebert. They almost looks as if they're drooling.

Jarion says "Is it safe to close the door now"

Anglebert says "Wow. Those teeth look sharper when you're little. Hey....everythings bigger too!"

Rin quickly gets in a pitchers pose cocks her arms and throws the baseball Angle Like a fast Ball right at and hopefully into one of the cannons, "Say Hello to my Little Friend!"

Anglebert says "WAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaagh....."

Jarion slams the door after Angle flys through

Manzi leaps up on her chair again, peering over everyone else.

Antor watches the flying Angle.

Anglebert lands right down the cannon. And then about five of the little critters scurry on after him. Too bad they didn't tell the guy firing the cannon, huh? The fuse is lit, and then BOOOOM!!!!!!! Anglebert, five goblins, and snow are plastered against the window.

Anglebert says "Owie?"

Ves winces. "Oooh! That had to hurt!"

Anglebert is squished against the window. "Yep...OWIE!" He screams in a high pitched voice, no pun intended.

Jarion says "Ohhh"

Antor nods. "I'll say."

Manzi gasps and runs over to open the door and let Anglebert in.


Rin shakes her head, "Dang I thought Angle would be Man enough to clog the Cannon. Hey Manzi you still want to volunteer?"

Another cannon ball flies through the open door and plasters Manzi. To the back wall, that is.

Antor chuckles. "And if she won't go, I will. That looks kinda fun."

Anglebert slides down the window. <Squeeeek>

Manzi is plastered . . . to the wall . . . and she . . . looks . . . . mad. Ice begins to form at her feet, climbing up her ankles in a plae blue crystal.

Jarion says "Can anyone tell how many there are? I keep losing count."

The lights in the building flicker.

Ves chimes in, "Hey, anybody ever see 'Aliens'?" He waits for a response.

Jarion says "Yep"

. . . Ice climbs up to Manzi's knees, then thighs, and hips . . . encasing her . . . Then her stomach . . . And steam raises from her stiff antennae.

Rin says "Yes just don't compare me to a facehugger! I'm one of an entirely differnt type.... FaceHugger that is. Guess they'll be no more little friends being thrown just yet."

BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!! A little goblin goes flying through the open door and sticks to the ice that is Manzi. He dangles there by his tongue. Seems the goblins are using themselves as ammo now.

Anglebert scrambles for the open door, all wet and cold.

Antor turns his head towards the ice-covered Manzi. "Uh... that's not supposed to happen, is it?"

Jarion falls backwards

Anglebert says "Holy Skeeziks! That snow is cold and stuff!"

Jarion wishes he had a baseball bat.

Ves kind of looks at Manzi . . . Then hides under a table. "I've seen this before. This isn't good! This isn't good at ALL!"

Rin giggles and says, "Manzi doesn't have a flag pole type figure though.... Anyone have a plan? Or should I make one?"

Jarion says "Anyone just happen to have a baseball bat on them."

Manzi's face is left, and then . . . Nothing but ice. Just one . . . big . . . ice chrysalis. With a dangling goblin, apparently . . .

Jarion looks around for anything that will work

Anglebert squeaks "Can I be Anglebert sized again?"

Jarion finds a frying pan.

Jarion uses the frying pan and starts to swat them out of the air..well most of them anyway.

Rin nods to Angle and returns Angle to normal Angle Size. "Well I guess its good old charge then." Summons her mallet afterwords and starts to charge the cannon Light brigade style :)

Antor grins, and puts his forcefield up again. "Maybe I can help batter those things."

Anglebert digs through his backpack...."Lessee......rain slicker.....high capacity batterys........ah. Here we are." He pulls out a large bat with "Hit-O-Matic" painted on it. "Just like the pro's use!"

CRAA-AAAA-AAACK . . . . KABOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little goblin goes flying among the sparkling shards of what used to be Manzi's ice cocoon. When the sparkles fade, Manzi remains in a Cosmic Battle Bikini(tm), posing in a Alluring Dramatic Sexy Pose(tm). She raises her hands up, does some strange motions, and a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE beam cannon materializes on her shoulder.

Anglebert hands the Bat to Jarion.

The little critters scatter at the initial charge from Rin, but they are not dissuade from their course of action. They continue to throw snowballs at her. And anyone who would dare assist.

Jarion feels right at home with the bat and starts swinging..BIG Leauge Style.

Antor chuckles, and turns his head to Manzi and her beam cannon, and drops his field. "Or maybe I'll just watch the fireworks go off."

Anglebert digs through his bag a little more. He produces a boomerang, which he flings at the little dudes. Unfortunately, something goes awry and it whap him on the head. "Owie!"

Anglebert digs through his bag again.

Anglebert produces a tennis racket. He starts swatting at the little boogers that fly in thru the window.

Jarion closes the door and leans against it

Antor leans back and watches.

Jarion looks at Antor "You any good at baseball?"

Antor shrugs. "I'm fairly good."

Rin continues to battrer the little critters as they scatter. Jarion easily smacks them out of the air with his baseball bat. Anglebert lobs them into a volley. His goblin being knocked back to him by another tennis-racket-weilding goblin. In a tennis skirt. . . . Oh dear.

Silver and white Cosmic Battle Bikini(tm) sparkling with the Power of Kick It All(tm), Manzi Poses some more, raises the beam canon high, then says in words that somehow seem to grow huskier and echoing, "Battle . . . Beam . . . Cannon . . . FIRE!!!!!"

Jarion tosses Antor the bat "Help out Angle will ya I'm holdin the door shut."

Antor nods.

Anglebert swings at the goblin flying back on him, his feet seeming to scuffle a little louder.

Antor brandishes the bat, then goes for it.

Manzi's beam cannon DECCIMATES the front wall of Al's Grill. Only Jarion, holding the door shut, is left intact. As is the door he is holding. All others in the way of the beam cannon just might be in trouble.

Jarion opens the only remaining door and peeeks out side then slams it shut

The door falls over.

Jarion frowns

Shaken by the vicious onslaught of the teens, the goblins are completely demoralized, and they break and flee.

Jarion sets up the door (Keeping it balanced) "Nothing happened"

Anglebert is caught in the beam and gets turned all black. He coughs, and a little sizzled hair falls off his head.

Antor grins, and raises his arms in the air. "Whoo! We beat 'em! Or something."

Ves gets caught in the beam cannon blast, and is thrown out into the snow. He pokes his head up, little cosmic symbols spinning around it. "Wha' th' 'eck wa'dat?" His clothes are charred, one eye bigger than the other, and his hair has been extuingished.

Anglebert falls over, still retaining the same position. "Owie."

A small green goblin hangs from Antor's bat, gripping it by his teeth.

Jarion sees the goblin and says "Lets eat it!"

Rin says "Or something I think"

Manzi's Sex Rays(tm) are spectacular to see through that silver and white glare. She does some neat motions again, and the cannon melts into an energy that just sort of evaporates upwards.

Antor holds his bat ready to swing it, then shrugs. "If you want to. I was gonna slug it out to sea, but I guess that's okay too."

The little goblin snarls at it starts chewing on the bat. Not just chewing . . . eating.

Jarion grabs the goblin and bites into his leg.

Rin says "Remember don't eat it after Midnight and its not my fault if it gives you indigestion"

The goblin turns around, grabs Jarion, and bites HIS ear.

Jarion says "Anyone want a peice?"

Anglebert says "Eep."

Antor chuckles at the goblin and Jarion attempting to consume each other.

Ves blinks and dusts himself off. "Oooh! There's a quick way to get a piercing!"

Jarion throws the goblin out the door

The goblin takes Jarion with him. After all, he's got the teen by the ear.

Jarion prys the goblins jaws loose and runs back inside

Manzi's eyes narrow upon the hapless goblin, and stepping from her chair, she lands Upon Light Feet(tm) and Strideth Forth to Wreak Havoc Upon the Enemy(tm).

Rin says "I wonder what the goblins parents are going to say when it brings Jarion to them,"

The goblin reattaches itself to Jarion's leg as he tries to run back inside. Just desserts? Or just dessert?

Rin comments "Is this Love at first bite or what?"

Zure appears from under the table.

Antor grins, and brandishes the bat, walking out towards the goblin.

Zure says "It's a jungle under there."

Manzi reaches a Conclusion(tm) and looks about, giving a Heroic Spiel(tm): "The enemy is vanquished! There is no further need to remain here." Her voice seems magically - or is that Cosmically? - huskier.

Zure says "talk to the hand...booyah...checkmate!"

Antor swings the bat around. "Aw! But I wanna hit more things!"

A booming Robot-O voice comes from around the corner. "Not so fast, teens!" Looks like the goblins have upgraded to power armour. A huge construct of metal, hydrolics, steam, goblins, and gumballs stomps down the street.

Antor grins, looking at the construct. "Just in time!"

Anglebert gets up and dusts himself off. "Well, looks like thats over and.....HOLY CRAP! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?"

Jarion says "Oh great."

Zure hides under the table again.

Manzi looks up in Calm and Patient Determination(tm) and Utter Resolve(tm). She calmly raises her wrist, where a thin sheet of Battle Bikini metal rests, and Multi-Missile Ports pop up along her arm. She says, in a Clint Eastwood-esque style, "I know what you're thinking, punk. Did I use up all my Cosmic energy? Or do I have enough for one more volley of rockets? Well, punk? Do you feel lucky? DO YA?"

Antor swings the bat around again, looking more like a complete fool than tough, "Uh... yeah! What she said!"

Anglebert says "Hey! That's my line!"

Jarion says "Angle come here a sec"

Zure giggles.

Antor says "Awws! But I said it first!"

Super Gobbo Robot-O looks down at the meager Cosmic Warrioress. "Now you die!!!!!! Super Disrupt-O Ray, FIRE!" It opens up its hand, and a gunport appears. It powers up with red energy, and fires forth at the girl.

Anglebert says "No. The do you feel lucky punk line."

Antor nods. "Oh. Okay then."

Anglebert says "Well, might as well go out as a hero."

Anglebert superspeed jumps in front of the beam.

Zure says "augh!"

Jarion says "I'll be right back i have an odd idea."

Jarion pulls open the doors to the outside and leaves.

Antor grins. "Well said... uh... wait a sec, you're not gonna do that?!?"

Fellershez Lancer (BIGMONEY) comes into the resturant from the outside.

Fellershez Lancer (BIGMONEY) has arrived.

The Lancer comes screaching through then to a halt.

Jarion steps out of the Lancer, and closes the door behind him.

The beam strikes Anglebert. Oh, such heroics, that's what we like to see around here! Angle is absolutely blown away, flung into the kitchen. The resounding CRASH of pots and pans echoing.

Zure eeps.

>From the kitchen. "I reiterate. Owie!"

Zure teleports to the rafters again.

Jarion says "Anyone up for a hasty retreat?"

Antor runs out towards the construct, and throws the bat at it. "There! Take that!"

Rin charges towards the construct light brigade style and mallet in hand with the intention of hiting its legs. With the Ironic and really bad Pun battle cry of, "Dang It Angle was my only geometric friend! Right!"

Manzi screams, but not in a girly-Manzi scream. In a scream of the Melodramatic Anguish Reserved for Special Occasions(tm). She brandishes her wrist. "DIE, POND FIEND! Multi . . . Missile . . . Port . . . FIRE! (FIRE . . . IRE . . . ire . . . re . . . e)" The Dramatic Echo(tm) is preceded only by the explosion of missiles.

Anglebert is among the pots and pans, little robots circling his head.

Zure walks up to the thing, kicks it, and runs away.

It's a shame that the only drawback of the Cosmic Battle Bikini Multi-Missile Port(tm) is it's Mass Destruction Factor(tm). EVERYONE - I repeat, EVERYONE - is caught within a hundred-foot blast. Including Super Gobbo Robot-O.

Antor gets blown backwards into a wall. An Antor-shaped imprint is put into the wall, and Antor limply crashes to the floor... minus the spikes on his hair.

All the hits, kicks, pans, cars, and bats merely crash harmlessly against the Super Thick Armor. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Think an AT-AT from Hell.

Jarion says "Angle You still got that popcorn grenade........anyone have on?"

Zure says "Mmm popcorn!"

Rin gets hit in the back trips and rolls foward back to her feet only a little worse for the wear. "Can't loose Now, Must Swing Mallet at Feet!"

Ves just can't seem to get a break. As he finally gets his hair re-ignited, he's struck by a multi-missile blast. Not much seen of him after that.

Antor weakly struggles to his knees. He rubs his hands over his newly-rounded hairstyle, and promptly screams out, "My spikes! My beautiful spikes! Oh, I'm a freak!"

Jarion looks up hopelessly

Super Gobbo Robot-O staggers about, stepping on garbage cans, random cats, small Polynesian children, and anything that gets in its way. It heads for the teens. "Hmm. You may have survived my Super Disrupt-O," it gusts. "But you will never survive the Ultimate Strike!" It slams its hands together. "FORM BLAZING SPORK!" A blazing utensil of destruction appears in the creature's hands. "Feel my wrath!" He raises the spork high above its head, and looks down at each and every one of the teens.

Zure pulls out a spork of her own (the plastic kind) and jabs it at the air in front of the robo man.

Zure says "Take that!"

Zure says "and that!"

Zure says "and .."

Zure says "uh oh.."

Jarion wishes he woulda kept his car here

Super Gobbo Robot-O stumbles backwards at Zure's onslaught. "Arrrgh! Witch!! How dare you??"

Antor glares up at Super Gobbo Robot-O. "This is all your fault!" He whips out his own spork, constructed of pine, and holds it sword-like. "On guard! Or something."

Manzi is left standing, Perfect and Untouched By Destruction(tm). She tilts her head, antennae in perfect little designs, and Studies the Enemy(tm).

Jarion says "Spork?"

Rin looks up mallet in hand and Continues onward, "Feel My Spoonlike Fury!"

Jarion calls Commander Spork.

Zure looks at her spork, than at the robot..

Zure says "Wha?"

Manzi calls out, "Form Energy Utensil(tm): COSMIC . . . SPORK!!!!" Much like the beam cannon, energy pools into her armour, and a cosmic spork appears attached to her armour. "Our Power Combined . . . WE BRING FINAL STRIKE!!!!!!!"

Anglebert suddenly emerges out of the kitchen with a whole bunch of rope. He starts running circles around the robot, hoping to entangle it's legs.

Jarion says "Wait spork not spock"

"AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" CLANG!!!!!!!!! Ves falls from the sky, crashing into the robot's head.

Zure says "Oh my god.."

Antor holds his spork out, and dives at the legs of the Super Gobbo Robot-O, waving his spork like a madman. "My spikes will be avenged! BANZAIIIII!"

Manzi calls out in the Cosmic Bikini Voice(tm), "The creature is weak! We must strike now! ATTAAAAAAACK!"

Rin eventually gets within Mallet Swinging distance and proceeds to swing.

Jarion runs at the creature and starts to kick it.

Anglebert continues to run superspeed circles around the robot with the rope. "Return of the Anglebert!"

Zure clamps onto the creatures leg and doesnt let go.

Zure says "Hai-o-SAKI!"

Antor holds out his spork, angling the spork at the creature's leg, hoping to make a clean stab.

Super Gobbo Robot-O trembles. It rears back as steam issues from its ears, then billows from its joints. "It cannot beeeeeeeee!" The combined strikes of the teens easily drop the creature, pieces of armour and hydrolics and gumballs go flying everywhere. By the time it hits the ground, it's nothing more than scrap metal and bubble gum. With a great deal of surprised goblins clinging to it. And Ves, amongst the pile of them.

Jarion grabs some bubblegum and starts chewing

Zure let's go and jumps off.

Rin says the first odd thing that comes to mind when looking at the pile, "If someone has to bury Ves and his heads still burning would that constitute a Pyre? And if So We didn't start it right?"

Manzi Stands Triumphantly(tm) and gestures expressively. "You Have Committed a Great Act of Treason," she Declares(tm). "You Goblins Will Now Clean Up This Mess!" She enunciates the begining of every word, and gives those Goblins that Look(tm). "Come Comrades! All You Can Eat Ribs Await We Victors!"

Antor gets covered by scrap metal. He tried to push himself up, but the bubblegum holds the metal on the ground firmly. "Curse you, delicious stickiness!"

Zure giggles and digs iinto some more ribs.

Ves pops up. "Did someone say 'all you can eat ribs'?" He seems quite fine.

Jarion just falls flat on his face

Anglebert says "Um.....did anyone else notice that there's a wall missing?"

Zure says "I didn't."

Zure says "Al's gonna kill you guys.."

Rin says "Yes how about we play Hockey Now?"

The goblins all hop to, putting back together the damage done, obviously in no position to argue with the Cosmic Warrioress. They even free the stuck teens, rebuild the walls in record time, help Jarion back up - dusting him off, help the Polynesian children home . . . And even leave a tip for the waitress before they disappear into the woodwork from whence they came.

Jarion mutters "The door is salvagable"

Several holes appear in the metal holding Antor down, as several brown pointy objects stick out of it. The objects move in a circular motion, creating a hole. Suddenly, standing, encased in a blue forcefield, Antor stands, with his ordinary razor-sharp spikes back in place. "Whoa, I was worried there for a sec."

Zure grins,

Manzi checks her chrono-piece, gasps, then says in a very Manzi-like voice, "Oh no! I'm late! Mum's gonna KILL me!!!!!!" All her Cosmic paraphernalia fades, leaving her back in her original clothes. Her antennae writhe like mad. "Bye! I have to go! Ohnoohno . . . pleasepleaseplease let her not be home yet!" She dashes off.

Ves sits down, eating his ribs, as if nothing every happened. And he likes it that way.

Jarion looks out the window and thankfully sees birds chirping kids playing etc.

Zure says "Bye Manzi!"

Rin says "Bye Manzi! We'll play Hockey later alright?"

Antor trudged back towards the others, and grabs a rib, biting into it hungrily. He waves to Manzi. "See ya round!"

Jarion looks at his car "Hey they even fixed that!"



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