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Subject: Haircut or Bust!



East Wing - The Mall
The east wing of the mall stretches about one hundred feet to the center of the mall and is forty feet wide, made up of multicolored marble. On either side of the "hall" are the various stores that make up the mall. Whenever the mall is open the hall is constantly filled with humans and aliens moving back and forth, as well as the significantly large portion of men resting on benches with arm loads of packages.
Obvious exits:
StarBux <BUX> Teens R Us <TRU> Radio Schlock <RS> Cabbages <CA> Cheese Shop <CS> Klue Korner <KK> Food Court <FC> Toy Store <TS> Center <C>

Arianna arrives from the food court.

Two very lovely, very stunning, rather fashionable girls are walking down the hall, each carrying one shopping bag. One has copper hair, the other has black, but they look enough alike that they HAVE to be sisters. Behind them, not so cool as they, trudges what could be mistaken for Manzi, if not for the blonde hai----- Oh, dear. Wait, that IS Manzi . . . Carrying four shopping bags and looking miserable.

Arianna says "Can I help you?"

Arianna slithers up to Manzi.

Rin arrives from the food court.

Rin runs in running after Arianna, "Hey Slow down a bit okay?"

Manzi looks up, bonking her nose on a shoebox in one of the bags, then peers around the pile. "Who? What? Oh, ah . . . Know any tricks to get out of 'Shopping with the Sisters Day'?" She reeeaaalllly looks miserable.

Arianna points her tail at the girl carying a bunch of bags. "S-s--she needs-s-s help, Rin."

One of the girls, the copper-haired one, calls back over one very nice shoulder, "Keep up, iceflake."

Manzi winces, then sighs. "Yes, Nemy, I'm coming," she lies through her teeth.

Rin waves quietly to Manzi then screams, "Dear Lord!! Its fifty percent off at Teens R Us!"

Nemy and Mika - the copper- and the black-haired girls, respectively - lift their heads like hounds catching a scent. They look at each other, eyes gleaming, then take off in madcap - very graceful, rather stunning, everyone-wants-to-watch - powerstride. They thread their way through crowds like they're Mall Experts. (They are.) And they apparently forget about Manzi. For now . . .

Rin says "Hey Manzi, the sisters are gone now to make a break for it right?"

Arianna smiles, bearing her fangs. "Rin, you managed to s-s-send Manzi'ss-s-s s-s-s-sis-s-sters-s off on a fals-s-se s-s-sale!"

Manzi peers over her bags at Rin and Arianna, then heaves a sigh. "I'd say we have a good three hours before they notice I'm gone. They probably won't even realize there is no sale."

Rin says "Uh But there is a Sale its just not 50% off."

Arianna hugs Rin..."Good, where would you like to go, Manzi?"

Manzi grins. "Cool." Looking around, she espies a nearby bush. She nods, walks over, and dumps all her bags in the bush, picking leaves to conceal them. "That'll hold." She shakes her head. "Four bags of shoes. I didn't realize earth culture demanded so many changes of clothes during the day."

Arianna nods.

Rin says "Hmm still want to play Hokcey Manzi?"

Arianna says "You have to access-s-sorize"

Manzi blinks at Arianna as she finishes concealing her stuff, and she has to pause to swipe her - blonde (ick) - hair from her face. "Access-or-what?" Then she shakes her head at Rin, hair swinging. "No way. I can't run with this." She gestures to her hair.

Rin says "Can't we rebraid it?"

Arianna says "Go get your hair done!"

Manzi blinks at Rin, then at Arianna. Rubbing her chin, a slow grin starts to curl her mouth upwards. "Hey, why don't we do that? Let's all go get our hair done!" She claps her hands. "It'll be fun!" Her eyes sparkle brightly, shedding rainbows all over the place.

Arianna whoas..."Where are you from, Manzi?"

Rin looks at Manzi quizically, "Um.... Alright maybe I should just watch at .. first yes first okay?

Manzi looks at Rin, then smiles. "Okay. But I still think you should. It'll be way mass cool, and we can do girly things." She nods to Arianna. "Jamaica II."

Rin says "Altight then... We're we headed to get it done?"says "Or we going to let each other do the others hair?"

Manzi opens her mouth, then shrugs, glancing at Arianna. "I dunno. I was thinking professionally done."

Rin says "I do know the mall has a place anyways.... Costs around 10 I think."

Arianna says "Yeah. Follow Rin and me, Manzi."

Arianna says "Jamaica II? There's-s-s a firs-s-t jamacia?"

Manzi shrugs as she walks by Arianna, following Rin. "I dunno. I never asked." She grins at Ari.

Arianna slithers next to Manzi and Rin.

Arianna says "Find that s-s-alon place, Rin!"

Rin hmms and heads towards the center mall, "Its in the north wing I think."

Arianna leaves this wing and goes towards the center of the mall.

Rin leaves this wing and goes towards the center of the mall.

You leave the east wing and move to the center of the mall.

(Jump to location)

Super Duper Cuts
As you enter, you can see the small waiting area situated in front of the counter, a few seats arranged in a semicircle around a small table. Fashion magazines are piled haphazardly on the table for the reading pleasure of the waiting customers. Shelves mounted on the walls display beauty supplies from around the galaxy for sale at no more than 200% mark up. The smell of chemical solvents is almost over whelming. A counter with a cash register on it acts as a line of demarcation between the waiting area and the working area. You can walk around it and enter the actual working area.
There are half a dozen stations down each side of the room. A large, full length mirror runs down the two long walls in front of the stations. Each station consists of an adjustable chair sized to fit a normal human(oid) and a counter with the tools of the trade: scissors, clippers, buffers, polishers, various acids, peroxides, and dyes. At the back of the room there are three washing sinks and a hydraulic rack that looks like it might be more at home in a garage than here, but the beauty aids on the counter next to it indicate that it is just a seat for the plus sized patrons.

Rin walks in then suddenly hugs, "Manzi, I've never really had this done before. I'm scared."

Manzi steps into the Salon, and has to stop and gawk, her jaw dropping nearly to the floor. "Whoa!"

Arianna slithers in, and looks to Manzi..."You okay?"

Arianna says "Why are you s-s-scared, Rin?"

Manzi puts an arm around Rin. "We'll be fine, Rinnie. Watch." She can't stop staring at the rows upon rows of beauty supplies, though. "Wow . . . I've never been in one of these before."

Arianna nods. "Me Neither."

Arianna says "It's-s-s jus-s-t hair...Rin, It'll grow back!"

Manzi nods slowly. "Wow . . . I wonder if Nemy and Mika know about this place."

Arianna shrugs. "Where are they at, and why do your s-s-sis-s-ters-s-s treat you badly?"

Manzi blinks at Arianna a moment, a little puzzled. "They don't treat me badly at all. They are trying to make me feel cool and look good, like them." She shrugs. "But I bet if I take the ini. . . the initat---- Um, if I do it first, they may think it's really awesome."

Rin says "Grow back? But I generally like it long... make that longer. Um whose going first anyways?"

Manzi raises her hand daringly. "I will!"

Manzi pauses. "Although . . . I really need to get rid of this colour. Any ideas?"

Arianna says "It's-s-s your hair...."

Rin says "White perhaps?"

Arianna says "You want a color unlike your s-s-sis-s-ters-s-s."

Manzi nods. "Well, they have this really light purple hair, and my real colour is a darker shade of purple." She shakes her head, muttering, "They think earth colours are positively stellar."

Arianna says "Go for that, then!"

Manzi blinks. "White?"

Rin says "Like Snow.... Or perhaps green!"

Arianna says "Rin is-s-s partial to green"

Manzi ewwwwwws. "Green! No way." She reaches behind her and pats her baby - the bright green object sticking out of her bag. "This is the only green thing I carry around. Besides my frisbee." She winks at Rin and Arianna. "Okay, so white. I think."

Arianna nods.

At that moment, an effeminate, French-looking gentleman swishes up to the three girls. "Hallo, I am Fabian. I shall be your mastermind today. How may I . . . accentuate your beauty today, my pretties?"

Rin looks back and forth, "Okay that reminded me waayyyyyyyy too much of snow white."

Arianna looks at Fabian...."Uhm....Manzi, that's-s-s for you."

Manzi rubs her nose, suddenly very intimidated. "Ah . . . um . . . uh . . . ." She lifts up her braid, then wails, "Look what my sisters did to me!"

Arianna hugs Manzi.

Fabian gasps breathily, then in a flash is by Manzi's side, lifting her hair and petting it comfortably. "Awwww, tsk tsk. Do not worry, little one. We shall have you and your pretty friends all to rights. Now, you were thinking . . . a colour. Something that will set off those exquisite eyes, non?" He leads her towards a chair set in front of a HUUUUUUUUUUGE mirror. "Sit, sit. Your friends may watch, if they wish."

Rin sits down and quietly rhymes, "Mirror Mirror on the wall whose the most beautiful of them all?"

Arianna sits next to Rin and chuckles.

Arianna says "Good Luck, Manzi."

Rin says "May your chainsaw be with you...... Always."

Arianna says "Chains-saw?"

Fabian glances at Rin as she murmurs her rhyme, and his smile is effervescent in its admiration. "When I am done, you will all be so beautiful, ze mirror will be . . . confused." He gestures grandly, then beckons to somebody. "Bring me my silver shears," he demands imperiously, "and a chemical bath."

Manzi just settles down, and she blinks. "Umm .. . . 'kay," she says in a very small voice.

Arianna says "Chemical bath?"

From behind the mirror steps a HUUUUUGE four-armed alien, a big guy with muscles, blue skin, and even more muscles. He holds an item in each hand. "Here you go, boss," he rumbles. When he smiles at the girls, his teeth are sharply pointed.

Rin says "See I told you there going to mutate Manzi into some kind of Monsterous being and then add her chainsaw as a spare hand or something......"

Manzi eeeeeeeps.

Arianna nods. "If that's-s-s the cas-s-se, then we can s-s-ave her....unless-s-s-s all they do is-s-s cut her hair and s-s-tyle it.

Fabian gestures to the beast as he takes his things. "Thank you, Rocco, you are dismissed." Then suddenly, he spins Manzi around, faces her to the mirror, and hmmmmmmmms long and thoughtfully. "Your hair . . . eet is not naturally straight, yes?" He tsks. "Silly women . . . always straightening hair that is not meant to be. Your hair . . . it is your beauty. It reflects ze . . . flower . . . of ze soul." As he talks, he unbraids Manzi's hair quickly, and eyes it.

Rin whispers to Arianna, "If he keeps ze talking like this I think I might be sick."

Manzi's knuckles are white as she clenches her hands together. She nods, not able to get a word in edgewise.

Fabian begins to mix things together. Noxious fumes begin spiraling towards the ceiling. "First, we give you ze chemical bath. It will return your hair to its most natural state, ze better to work with it freely." Glancing at the other girls, he queries, "You wish your hair done as well, oui?"

Rin says "Any last requests Manzi?"

Arianna shakes her head..."I like my natural brown hair..."

Manzi grimaces at the two. "Hey, I thought you were going to do it, too!" She pouts a tad.

Rin says "Maybe... we're still not sure if your going to..... survivie thats the right word."

Fabian rounds on the snowy girl. "Now, now. Though a pout ees attractive at times, there are rules to eet's application." He begins dunking Manzi's hair in this . . . . bath. It begins to sizzle. "One, do not use eet without true provocation. Boys, parents, and teachers. But there is a difference to each." He rambles on as Manzi's hair sops all of the liquid up.


Arianna says "Whoah!"

Rin says "..... Arianna are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Arianna says "What?"

In a cloud of purple and yellow smoke, Manzi's hair is suddenly purple again, that explosion of curl that she used to have. But now it's free, nothing to contain it, and it goes EVERYWHERE. Fabian hisses in surprise, then nods. "Ah ha! You are what we call a 'curl of mop'. Or something. Now, to tame this creature!" He begins wielding his scissors with precision and effervescent flare, rambling all the while to the girls about pouting and inner beauty.

Rin says "Hmm I think Manzi might get eaten alive in there.... Or make that Fabian!"

Arianna says "We need to s-s-ave her?"

Rin says "Um don't think so as it is. Its her hair anyways."

Manzi has disappeared, more or less. Beneath all that purple hair. But Fabian's expert scissor-wielding is beginning to show bits and pieces of her. "Ah HA! Rocco, I need . . . ze Super Duper Cutting Shears O-Matic."

Rocco returns, holding a massive pair of shears in his four arms. He hands it to Fabian, who - for being an effeminate little sop - wields it expertly and with ease. Another *POOF!*, the sound of nails on a chalkboard, and when the smoke clears .. .Manzi's hair is tamed in a cute little style . . . . Still purple, though. Fabian pants with exertion. "Yeeeees . . . Step one, phenomenal. Now, step two."

Rin says ".... step two? This is no two step kosack dancing I think"

Manzi looks kind of vacant.

Fabian looks at Rin, then raises a finger. "Your humour .. it is droll. Yes, very droll." He then eyes Manzi, takes out a can of something, and shakes it vigourously. "Stand back!" he commands dramatically.

Rin says "Who said I was trying to be humerous?... I'm not... just passing time thats all I like kosack dancing anyways... Manzi, how do you feel?"

Fabian covers his eyes, points the can, and sprays until a neon green cloud covers half the room. *SSSSSSSSSSS!* When he steps back, he takes a blowdryer, aims it at Manzi's direction, and switches it on. Gale-force winds rip through the salon, and blows the cloud away. Fabian puts down the dryer, turns, and takes a flourishing bow. "Voila!!! Eet ees magnifique!"

Manzi blinks a moment, then looks in the mirror. "Um .. . wow."

Arianna says "Wow indeed"

Rin looks carefully at Manzis hair, "Are you safe? Can I touch your hair?"

Manzi pokes at her hair experimentally. It seems safe enough. "Um . . . yeah. Wow."

Fabian grins, gestures to Manzi, and says, "For you, pretty girl, I shall charge ten dollars. Nothing more. The next time you come in, perhaps you shall request me by name, non?" He then turns to the other two. "Did you wish to brighten your lovely looks today as well, pretties?"

Arianna says "I like your hair, Manzi."

Rin says "Yes nice hair Manzi"

Manzi climbs from her seat, totally digging the 'do. "Hey, this rocks!" She grins at Fabian. "Thank you! Maybe now I'll have a chance with Ve-- Ah, I mean. Boys. Yeah." She blushes blue.

Fabian bows with a swish and a flourish. "Who ees next?" He queries.

Manzi hmmms. "Rinnie? Did you want to get your hair done, too?" She smiles brightly.

Rin hmms, "Shhh, don't tell him this, but from some of the things I saw I think Ves is going to ask you out anyways." Then looks from her hair and then to her wallet. She looks longer at her wallet and says. "Um... I'm still not too sure."

Zure walks in from the mall, full of expectations of miracles.

Zure waves to Manzi and Rin.

Manzi has just gotten her hair done, apparently, and is looking at Rin. "C'mon . . . but you don't have to," she adds quickly. "I don't wanna make you not like anything."

Manzi looks up. "Zurie!"

Fabian - a thin, effeminate Frenchman - is standing nearby, cleaning his utensils and talking to himself in a jovial tone about pouting and hands.

Zure says in a slightly drawling voice, to Fabian, "That look sooo works for you!"

Rin still looking at her wallet, "Yes I know. Zure can go! Right, Zure? Why don't you get your hair done? Well also still saving up for some things... My parents don't give me much of an allowance."

Zure says "Manzi your hair is so pretty!!"

Zure says "I don't have any money."

Manzi blinks, then grins. "I can pay, Zurie."

Manzi then pauses . . . stops .. . blinks .. . and looks at Rin. "REALLY?!" She just caught up with her comment about Ves, apparently.

Zure says "Sure, I'll get my hair done, but I'd better warn the stylist about my perm."

Rin says "Yes really so Hush Hush alright?"

Zure takes off her beanie and shakes it off. Her hair is pretty, with two long braids framing her face and her hair in tight curls, forming a slight afro, but not too much.

Fabian looks up at Zure, then quickly approaches with a swish. "My dear, you want your hair done, non?" He eyes the girl. "Ah, a perm. Tell me, did you wish to keep it?"

Zure nods.

Rin hangs up her phone.

Fabian sighs, peering at the girl's hair. "I don't know who did zis to you, little pretty, but we shall make it right!!" He gestures her to the seat Manzi vacated. "Sit, sit, and tell me what you wish!"

Rin talks briefly then hangs up her phone, then looks back at Zure and Manzi, "You must be real happy Manzi right? How are you planning on celebrating if he asks you?"

Fabian snaps, "Rocco! A chemical bath!"

Zure says "Wha?"

Manzi shrugs. "I dunno," she says to Rin. "I don't think he will. I mean, I'm a freshman."

Rin says "Well not for too much longer right? How long do you have to go to school for?"

Zure says "I don't wanna chemical bath!"

A HUUUGE burly, muscled alien with four arms and blue skin comes out, holding all sorts of items. Fabian gets to working as Rocco disappears again. "Tell me, pretty," he says to Zure. "Did you wish something different done? A new colour? A new style? Gentle curls or keep ze tight ringlets? Work with me here!"

Zure looks beaten. "Umm.."

Manzi calls to Zure, "Don't worry! I did it, it doesn't hurt anything."

Zure says "Pierre, or whatever . . ."

Manzi then looks oddly at Rin. "What do you mean?"

Zure says ". . .Can you try not to freak me out?"

Rin says "I mean do you have to goto high school for 4, 10 years or more? And I mean your not going to be a freshman in about 2 to 3 months right?"

Fabian says in hurt dignity, "Fabian, not Pierre. And I have no concept of zis freaking out you say. Zis bath will right your hair to its natural state, so eet is easier to work with. Did you wish anything specific with your hair?"

Zure says "Sure, ummm, can you make it wavie? Like that chick? With the pretty shiny wavy hair?"

Zure says "Know what I meean?"

Fabian hmms, rubbing his chin. "And what colour, mademoiselle?"

Manzi nods. "Oh, I see. No, just four. I think."

Zure says "I'd like to keep it black, but can you but blonde highlights?"

The Frenchman fingers Zure's hair, then queries, "Thick, thin? Platinum, golden, or wheat?" He steps back. "I would say . . . golden, in thin highlights, personally. Nothing too . . . how do you say? Too .. . THERE."

Zure nods.

Fabian ah-hahs! Then leans Zure's head down and unbraids the two pieces. "Now, I will create your hair again." He proceeds to dunk her hair in the bath. It makes a sizzling sound as her hair sops it up. "Ah, such beauty, black hair."

Rin says "Strange to be on the outside looking in Manzi?"

*POOF!!!* A cloud of grey and green smoke appears, and when it clears, Zure's hair is completely back to normal.

Manzi chuckles. "Yeah, a bit." She fingers her hair, and one of the beads. "It's kinda neat, though."

Fabian puts the things away, then brings out something that looks like a medieval torture device. Blowing on it, he smiles effervecently. "Prepare yourself, pretty one."

Zure looks petrified.

Fabian lays the thing over Zure's head for a good long moment. Smoke wafts from the top. Fabian counts to ten in French, then pulls it off again. "Voila!" he declares as Zure's hair lays in soft, gleaming waves.

Zure says "Beautiful! Thank you Fabian!"

Fabian preens."Ah, but I am not done yet, precious." He pulls out an oversized can of . . . something. "Please, cover your eyes. And you girls, step back!" He shakes vigourously, ignoring the 'radioactive' sign on the aluminum.

Rin says "Ooh nice hair Zure!"

Manzi steps back hurriedly, drawing Rin with her.

Zure covers her eyes.

Rin gets dragged back.... "Manzi? You seem quiet..."

Manzi shakes her head. "Just thinkin'." She grins and watches Zure.

*SSSSSSSSSSSSSS!* Fabian sprays the can until a crimson red powder-type substance fills the air. He waves the can up and down as he sprays, until the entire room is covered in bright red. Then, he pulls out a little hand-fan. Flicking an edge, it starts up, the little motor humming. Quick as a flash, the red stuff is blown away, and when Zure is uncovered, her hair has transformed! Wavy and gleaming black, with some thin streaks of golden blonde. "VOILA!" Fabian cries.

Rin says "Um Want to talk about your thinkin Manzi?"

Manzi shakes her head."Not anything, really. Just thinking." But the blue blush might say exactly WHO she may be thinking of.

Zure yays!

Rin notes Manzis blushing, "ah Ves and Manzi sitting in a spacer back seat k i s s i n and g."

Jonathan walks in from the mall, full of expectations of miracles.

Jonathan wanders into the hair cut place, carrying an old paint can.

Manzi goes totally blue, covering her cheeks. She and Rin are in the waiting room, sorta, while Zure is seated in front of Fabian, the effeminate Frenchman.

Zure jumps up after examining her selfin the mirror. "Thank you Fabian! I love it! How much?"

Fabian bows with a swish and a flourish. "For you, little one, ten dollars as well. Remember, your inner beauty reflects in your hair." He smiles broadly.

Sound advice for the ladies of Pebble Beach . . .? Or a diabolical plot to sway the vain citizens to Fabian's 'effervecent' and 'effeminate' grasp?

The world may never know . . .



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