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Subject: Power Sander


Front Yard of 291S Bleakhouse
The front yard of this house is filled with plush grass and a couple of trees. Your typical everyday middle class home. A couple of windows on the front of the house let you see inside the nice home. A long driveway leading up to a single car garage has a couple of oil stains on it but is otherwise looking very nice.
Spacester (STELLAR)
JetBike (DATAZ)
JetBike (007BDEAD)
Obvious exits:
Front Door <FD> Street <S>

Ves takes the circular powersander and starts to smooth the edges of the Spacester that he so suddenly cut off. "Oh yeah, gonna have the curviest road beast know to Earth."

Sparks fly as Ves takes to smoothing the rough diamond that is his transportation.

Tanaka comes into the front yard from the street.

Tanaka comes up the front walk by floating a few feet above the ground. She sees Ves and smiles. "I had a feeling you'd be here..." Tanaka sitting crosslegged in the sky and looks down at Ves.

Ves is power sanding the rough modifications he made yesterday. Sparks fly everywhere bouncing off Ves and setting greasy rags on fire. Ves doesn't even notice as he smooths his ride.

Ves blinks then pulls the sander away. "Hey Tanaka." He calls over the high pitch whine of the power tool. "What brings you here?"

Tanaka looks down at the mini fires all on the ground... good thing she decided to fly today... "Um... Hey Friend Ves!! You wanna burn down your house or soemthing?"

Ves glances around at the fires. "Holy hotsauce!" he drops the power tool and runs to get a fire extingisher. The free power tool drags itself across the lawn leaving a huge gouge. Ves finally returns to put the fire out and notes the carnage he has brought to the yard. "Oh stang. Thats gotta suck."

Tanaka watches Ves run around frantically and seems to be rather amused. "Hrm... I came by to see if you wanted to take a break and maybe go get something to eat."

Ves hoses out the fires then takes the extinguisher and bashes the sander into submission. "Yeah, sure. Food sounds good right about now." The sander sputters then stops. "Thats right Mister Big Bad Sander you met death at the hands of Ves Burn!!"

Tanaka chuckles a little, and seeing that it's safe, floats to the ground next to Ves. "Cool, I assume you'd like to go to Al's right?"

Ves shrugs as he picks up the powersander. "I'm not picky. Where would you like to eat?"

Tanaka shrugs. "I'm good with Al's. I don't have much money... so I'm kinda thrifty... Al's has some good deals."

Ves nod to Tanaka as he tosses the sander into the garage. "Yeah okay Al's sounds as good as any. I just need to go change my clothes real quick." He wipes his brow and head into the garage as well pulling the door down after him.

Tanaka sits down in the air again. "Sure thing, take your time."
The high pitched whine of a powersander can be heard as the tool fires up. The resounding screams can only be Ves as the tool attacks him. "You dirty . . . no good . . . second rate . . . peice of shiOOWIE!!" *CRASH* *BANG* *BWAAAAAA* "Back foul powertool! Back I say. AHHH MOMMY!!" *BWAAAA* *THUD*

Tanaka blinkblinks. "Uh... you ok... Friend Ves?"

The garage door opens up and Ves walks out no worse for wear. He calls back into the garage. "Thanks Mom. I'll see you later, I'm going to lunch with a friend." he winces for a moment then continues. "No Mom, it's not that I don't like your cooking . . . No Mom, my friends don't think they're too good for our house . . . Mom!!"

Tanaka bites her bottom lip. "Uh..."

Ves closes the garage door. "Okay shall we go?"

Tanaka nods. "We shall."

Ves dashes over and hops cowboy style onto his jet bike.

You toss a leg over the seat and crouch down on the Jet Bike - 007BDEAD.

Outside the JetBike, Tanaka floats over to the jet bike. "I asume we're taking the bike..." She floats down and sits on the bike.

Outside the JetBike, Tanaka has left.

Tanaka climbs onto the Jet Bike 007BDEAD.

Ves pulls his goggles down. "So Al's it is." He fires up the bike and makes sure Tanaka is secure.

Ves turns the key in the ignition and starts the JetBike.

007BDEADs engine begins to roar loudly as the driver starts the engine on the JetBike.

JetBike 007BDEADs engine lets out a bone-rattling roar as the driver revs the jet bike's engine.

Ves stomps on the gas pedal for the JetBike, causing the engine to rev and virbrations to go through the frame of the whole Jet Bike.

Outside the JetBike, Whhrrrrr..

Outside the JetBike, WHRRRRRRRR


Tanaka holds on tight to Ves.

You head south on the road.

Intersection of Peck and Bleakhouse(#33Rq)
This area is well maintained and middle class, but has a rather dull apperance to it. Most of the houses here look expensive but they are all painted gray or white. Colors that express nothing. The few children, alien and human, that play in the streets seem to be stuck in a timewarp, playing with jump ropes and jacks rather then the latest in technology. Even as you come here, you start to get tired and feel a little like wanting to go to sleep.
Police Barricade(#4310S)
Obvious exits:
Dark Driveway <DD> North <N> East <E>
The Jet Bike 007BDEAD cruises down the street.

Ves grins to himself as he decides to buzz the police blockade. The Cop shake fists at him shout random obcenities.

You head east on the road.

Tanaka blinks at Ves as they drive by the police station. "You're a daredevil aren't you?"

Ves chuckles. "You could say that." he open up the engine and take to the air to avoid traffic. "I've never really let fear control me. I mean I've literally been to heck and back." Ves accidentially pings a tall pedestrian in the back of the head while flying high. "Sorry." He calls back. "Man that is so going to leave a mark."

You head east on the road.

Tanaka looks back at the twitching man on the ground. "Poor guy..."

Intersection of Peck and Greyhound(#50R)
Some of the nightlife from the west trickles into this area but the area still maintains a nice homey atmosphere. Street lamps sit on every corner and police regularly patrol the area. The homes are mostly normal looking with an alien one here or there.
Ford Chaser (SHEZCOOL)
Obvious exits:
Al's Grill <A> East <E> North <N> West <W>

The Jet Bike 007BDEAD cruises down the street.

Ves slides the bike into a nice parking spot. "Violin!!" He meant 'voila' but give the guy a break. "We have arrived."

Outside the JetBike, JetBike (007BDEAD)s engine is cut off by the driver.

Ves turns the key to the off position, stopping the Jet Bike.

Tanaka smiles. "Cool, I'm starved." Swings her leg off the bike and start flying again.

Tanaka climbs off of the Jet Bike - 007BDEAD.

You slip a leg off the jet bike and hop off.

Tanaka pushes open the double glass doors to Al's Grill and heads inside.

Ves slides off the bike and walks out into the street. "Quite day here in Pebble Bea . . ." *Whump* Talk about Karma, Ves in turn is run down by a speeder.

You push open the double glass doors with "Al's Grill" scrawled on them and head into the resturant.

Al's Grill - Main Floor
Al's Grill has the 1950s atmosphere and look to it. The white and red checkerboard floor is constantly being traveled by the waiters and waitresses who run to the many tables and booths in here. Small lamps with powerful bulbs in them hang on the walls and make the place night and bright during the daytime. A couple of pinball machinse and arcade games are near the entrance. A little window leads back to the kitchen with a cash register near by. Most of the center of the room is clear to serve as a dance floor during the evening when bands and a D.J. play some of the best music of today. About a hundred people or so can cram into Al's Grill. A large stage takes up one entire wall of the resturant, about five feet above the rest of the floor for bands to perform. Lights of all sorts hang down from the ceiling and remain off when no bands are playing. The aroma of hamburgers and fries, some of the best in Pebble Beach, hangs in the air.
Outside, it looks to be hot day with bright and clear skies and no winds.

Ves wobbles into the Grill looking all sorts of hurt. "Dang Sunday drivers." He gibbers. "Well, that goes to show Karma ran over Ves." He falls face first onto the nice entrance mats twitching.

Tanaka blinks at Ves and stands up from the booth. "What the heck happended to you?! And uh... it's not Sunday Friend Ves... I believe it's monday, so technically sunday drivers can not be... Uh, Oh here let me help you." Tanaka goes over to Ves and kneals down next to him. She tugs his arm to help him up.

Ves gets back up and dusts himself off. "Yeah I'm okay, people just don't pay enough attention to the road any more. I say BAN THE CELL PHONE!!" Ves calms down and pulls his jacket off. "Hey Al." He waves to the Manager as he takes a seat. "What do you want to eat Tanaka?"

Tanaka hrms. "I didn't have breakfast yet... so how about some French Toast. That sounds really good right now..."

Ves raises up a hand. "Yo gang, how about some all you can eat Eurobatter bread. toasted style!"

You sit down at Booth 1.

Tanaka joins you.

Tanaka smiles at Ves. "Thanks a lot. So anything new since we talked yesterday?" Tanaka picks up a sugar packet from the table and shakes it a bit.

Ves shakes his head. "Not really. I've just been working on writing up some music so Metal Fish can get back on stage or perhaps even cut an album."

Tanaka rips the sugar package open. "Wow, and album would be cool..." She pours the contents of the package into the palm of her hand. She licks her finger and daps it in the pile of sugar, then licks her finger again. "I'd buy your CD, if that encourages you at all." Tanaka repeats the process with the sugar.

Ves smiles as he picks up some sugar as well. "Thank Tanaka. It's always good to have a ego boost." He summons one of the nice waitresses to the table. "Yeah, hi, can I get a cup of coffee and a chocolate milk? Oh and once the french toast is done could we get two plates." He winks at the waitress and sends her on her way.

Tanaka finishes off the sugar in her hand, and reaches for another packet. "Oh, I saw Zak yesterday... sorta..."

Ves raises a brow at the girl. "And?"

Tanaka thinks about pouring the packet into her hand again, but decides against it and just pours the whole packet into her mouth. She licks her lips then speaks again. "He was a she!! He had been doing some kind of weird experiments or something and now he's turned into a she... and we don't know how long he's gonna be like that!" Tanaka puts her head on the table. "It was very depressing... and what's worse, is that he had the opporstunity for Friend Kora to CHANGE him back, but he refused and wanted to stay a girl!" Tanaka face palms. "What to do... what to do..."

Ves starts chuckle then breaks into a full laugh. "Oh my gawd, I knew there was somethin strange about that boy!" He sputters then tries to regain his composure as the waitress returns with his drinks. "Tie the boy up and have Kora change him back. *snicker* To a boy that is."

Tanaka sits up again and looks at Ves's Hot chocolate. She takes her spoon and dips it the whipped cream taking some for herself. "I can't force him! Man... and now that I finally decide I love him, he wants to be a girl. Is is so wrong of me to love the man and not the girl?" Tanaka shudders at something. "Ug... He GIGGLES like a girl... it was horrible!"

Ves offers the drink to Tanaka. "Here drink up." he pours his sugar into his coffee as he ponders the girls situation. "Well you know the way I see it is that if you two have mutual feelings he won't have a problem with changing back. That is if he respects you're feelings." He stirs his coffee then waits for Tanaka's thoughts.

Tanaka sighs. "You're right..." She takes a gulp of the hot chocolate, her eyes widen and she spits it back out... all in Ves's face. "Ouch!! ouch!! My tounge! My tounge!! It's hot! It's hot! Water! I need water!" Tanaka sticks her tounge out and waves her hands around as if that's gonna help her pain....

Ves shoves forth the standard served water. "Drink you crazy woman, drink!"

Tanaka takes the water and drinks... the whole glass. She gasps for air when she's done. She looks up at Ves, "Oops..."

Ves shakes his head at Tanaka. "You need to be more careful."



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