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Subject: Beach Concert



The Beach of Pebble Beach is a large spanning area of tan sand that reaches for about a mile in both directions. Since the weather here is almost always great, the place is packed. The tan sand feels very nice under your feet (or tentacles or whatever) as you walk across it. Entire families have set up camp here with their towels spread all over the place. Towards the north you see more of the beach and sand dunes, an area that appears to be more populated with teenagers then anywhere else. To the south you can see a large restaurant that people are often coming and going from. Up on a small hill overlooking the beach is a Lifeguard shack with a little giftshop underneath it.

Anglebert waits behind his drums, sweating up a storm.

Manzi grabs her keyboard and follows Anglebert, looking a little nervous herself.

Katt sits up. She rummages around in her wrist pouch for a second, then pulls out a small bottle. She unscrews the top on it and sticks her finger into it, pulling out a bubble wand.

As they get on the stage, Angle and Manzi sniff in the air a faint smell of burning beer . . . and the heat up there makes them sweat as soon as they get on it.

Blues walks along the sands, making those impossibly big footprints, as he's in his Protoarmor.

From the porch, Pixy comes to the porch from the Beach House.

Katt blows a stream of bubbles in the direction of the stage.

Anglebert suddenly gets an idea. He concentrates really hard...and suddenly there's three of him. One of them picks up his acoustic and the other one walks off somewhere, obviously not needed.

Joan looks up and sees Blues, "Blues! Come here!"

Blues walks over to Joan, "Yes mistress?"

Manzi can't help but laugh at that as she powers up her keyboard. She taps a few keys - the result is rather loud and high - amd she fiddles with some controls. "What song, Angle? Shall we just cover 'til Ves gets here?"

Eric Riches walks over and takes a seat in the sand not far from the stage. He pulls out a lighter and waves it in the air. "Woohoo!"

From the porch, Pixy walks out onto the porch and sits down in one of the chairs.

Joan smiles and holds up a bottle of tanning oil, "Would you be so kind as to oil my back for me? I can't seem to reach it."

Manzi blushes blue beneath the heat.

Blues hates his life :) Taking the oil, he starts rubbing Joan's back with it, "Can you order me to do something less, uh...personal, while everyone is around?"

Joan hmms, "Well, sure. After you're done, go grab an ice cream cone for me and yourself."

Anglebert #1 beats his drum sticks together. " two three four...."

Katt blows another stream of bubbles towards the stage.

Anglebert #2 starts strumming the acoustic along with the drums.

Blues facepalms, getting tanning oil all over his glasses, great.

At the mark, Manzi takes a deep breath, casts a glance heavenward, and brings both hands down on the keyboard. She slides into Angle's lead, her tongue between her teeth, a furrow on her brow, and her antennae twitching with the beat.

Miss Hakubi continues to drink coffee but takes out the earplugs.

Blues finishes, and quickly runs off to wipe off his shades, and get ice cream, but quickly runs back to Joan, "What flavor?"

Anglebert #2 leans into the microphone as the rhythym and melody both come together. "There must be some kind of way outta here......said the joker to the thief......."

Anglebert says "Theres too much confusion......I can't get no relief......."

The flames start to burst up through the center constanly to the beat of the music.
. . . The keyboard is not too noticeable - seeing how it's backup right now - and Manzi squints as she focuses on the song . . . When the flames start, Manzi jumps and strikes a wrong note, but hopefully Angle covered it, and Manzi focuses again . . . The keyboard music isn't too bad, actually. And it's skillfully entwined with Angle's beat.

Anglebert says "Business man come and drink my wine.....come and dig my herb......."

From the porch, Pixy just sits on the porch, listening to the delightful music, and watching the going-ons of beach.

Joan hmms, "Mint Chocolate, Blues."

Katt stands up. She looks around, and upon seeing no one to dance with, starts to dance with herself.

Anglebert says "None were level on my mind......."

Anglebert says "Nobody up at his word!"

Manzi's hands skim over the keys with a lightness that belies any nervousness, and she looks over to trade a smile with one of the Angles.

Anglebert #2 starts a guitar solo, really getting into it. He closes his eyes, sweat dripping down his face, and moves with the music.

Manzi lays off on the keyboard, tapping her feet, her antennae twisting and bopping.

Katt sways and gyrates happily to the music, her eyes never leaving Angle's face.

Blues nods, "Ok." He quickly runs off (thank god for superspeed) and returns just as quickly, with said mint chocolate, "Two scoops, waffle cone. All I could pay for." He doesn't have one for himself, oh well.

Eric Riches sways back and forth in the sand.

Anglebert #3 walks up as #2 wraps up his solo. He steps up to the microphone, the music still playing behind him. "OW! Welcome to Beachapalooza One!" He pauses for crowd reaction.

Katt giggles. She bounces up and down, clapping her hands and cheering loudly.

Blues plays his Applause track.

Miss Hakubi yawns again.

From the porch, Pixy claps her hands together from her seat on the porch.

Eric Riches applauds.

Miss Hakubi tries to make it unnoticable.

Joan frowns slightly as Blues doesn't have his own cone, "Didn't have money for yourown?" She lets Blues's applaud track clap for her.

Manzi whistles and yells in glee.

Blues says "Can't eat, screws up the mechanisms."

Joan ahs to Blues, "I'm sorry.." She licks her cone, "Mm, good."

Blues yells up to the stage, "Turn it up! I'm not deaf yet!"

Katt continues bouncing and cheering. She pulls a piece of gum from her dress pocket and throws it at Angle, for lack of anything better.

Anglebert says "Ladies and gentlemen, we are here for a good cause, y'know. Besides rockin out, we're gonna raise FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS for the homeless! If you'll notice the nice people in the bright orange shirts walking around with collection plates out in the crowd, those are the guys you wanna give the money to. With this money...WE'RE GONNA PUT A HOMELESS FAMILY BACK IN THEIR HOME! But enough about that....who wants to rock?""

You say "WHOOOOOOO!"

Eric Riches raises his hand. "I'd like to rock. Where does the line form?"

Blues hehs, and gets an idea, and starts heading behind the stage, looking for where the amplifiers and subwoofers and the like are plugged in. Naughty Blues is going to play with the volume controls ;)

Manzi skims her hands over her keyboard, playing with the effects and making a sort of retro-acid sound to back Angle up - Twilight World meets the stoners.

Blues hmms, and yells up at the stage, "DJ Blues is in the house. By order of Lightech Industries, I am hereby commandeering your speaker system, and cranking it up! All your Bass are Belong to Me!"

Katt cheers louder. "Go Blues!"

Manzi hears this and looks up at Angle with a bit of a shriek. "Eh?!"

Renaiconna arrives in a red poof of smoke.

Renaiconna looks around frantically after BNKF!ing in. "Has anybody seen my amp?!"

Anglebert says "So without further ado.......LET'S ROCK!"

From the porch, Pixy stands up and walks over to the wet bar, ordering a.. water. She sits on one of the stools next to the bar and watches the show from there, leaning on the bar as she sits.

Anglebert says "Ladies and Gentlemen........DJ BLUES!!!!!!!"

Renaiconna facepalms. "Good Lord Almighty Kenshin... what did I poof into this time?"

Miss Hakubi types a bit on her keyboard, 2 tall towers of speakers appear on each side of the stage.

Renaiconna sighs.

Renaiconna wriggles her nose and disappears in a red cloud of smoke.

Anglebert watches the speakers rise, obviously surprised.

Renaiconna arrives in a red poof of smoke.

Renaiconna growls loudly and kicks a nearby sub. "Where

Blues hehs, and climbs up on the stage, and grabs the control box for the amps and stuff, sits it in front of him, and removes the armor plate that was his chest, and starts plugging wires and such into the box, The speakers start booming with "ALL...ALL...ALL YOUR BASE..." Blues hehs, and gestures for Angle and Manzi to keep playing.

Manzi blinks, just as surprised as Angle, and she moves into the Twilight Zone original theme on her keyboard.

Eric Riches covers his ears and comments to a nearby teenager. "I should order an airstrike forthis one."

Renaiconna growls loudly and kicks a nearby sub. "Where's my danged amp?!?!"

Anglebert #2 switches his acoustic out for an electric. He starts jamming on it while #1 drums away.

Katt jumps, "Oh!", appearing a little startled. She giggles and bounces up and down some more, shouting, "Yeah, Blues! Go Blues!"

Manzi slides into tune with her keyboard at the right time, using both hands on both rows, and she manages to shrug at Renaiconna.

Renaiconna growls loudly with much anger.

Anglebert #3 walks backstage, bopping to the music on the way back.

Blues decides to be creative, and jumps on top of one of the speakers, the wires and all still attached, and starts singing, Mr. Roboto. "You're wond'ring who I am..." "With parts made in Japan....I am the modren MAN!"

Manzi jams along with the Angleberts 1 and 2 and watches them closely for a lead. It's a little obvious she's new to this stage stuff.

Several people in bright orange shirts walk amongst the crowd, apparently the musicians Angle was talking to earlier. They pass around collection plates to the teens who are gathered.

Renaiconna sighs tiredly and plops on the ground, head in her hands.

Renaiconna realizes she still has her bass strapped to her back and pulls it around into her lap for safety.

Katt starts to put some money into one of the collection plates, but stops, realizing how silly that would be. She quickly shoves the money back into her pocket, hoping no one noticed.

Several hundred teens hear the music and walk down the beach to see whats happening.

Blues says "I've got a secret...I've been hiding...under my skin. My heart is human, My blood is boiling, my brain IBM."

Blues says "So if you see me, acting strangely...Don't be suprised. I'm just a man who, needed someone, and somewhere to hide!"

Blues says "I'm not a robot, without emotion. I'm not what you see. I've come to help you, with your problems, so we can be free."

At the sign of a large crowd, Miss Hakubi stands up.

Miss Hakubi walks into a dark portal which dissapears just as quickly as it appeared.

Manzi scores a riff across her keyboard, then shouts at the crowd to get them pumped!!!

Blues says "I'm not a hero, I'm not a saivor! Forget what you know! I'm just a man who'se circumstances...went beyond his control!"

Blues says "Beyond my control...we all need controooool! I need control, we all need control!"

Blues says "I am the modren man...who hides behind a mask. So no one else can see, my true identity!"

Blues says "Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto, for doing the job that nobody wants to. And thank you very much Mr. Roboto, for helping me excape to where I needed to!"

Blues says "The problem's plain to see. Too much technology. Machines to save our lives. Machines dehumanize."

Katt jumps up and down, screaming now.

Blues says "The time has come at last! To throw away this mask! Now everyone can see. My true Identity!!!"

Blues says "I'm KILLROY! Killroy Killroy! Killroy!"

Katt spins around in a few dizzying circles, clapping to the music.

Blues bows, "Thank you Pebble Beach!"

From the porch, Pixy heads off the porch and onto the sandy beach.

Pixy walks out onto the beach and walks up to Katt. "Hey Katt! Having fun?" she says, smiling.

Katt giggles and nods. "Yup."

Manzi backs Blues up with a great, crashing chord - in tune no less - and puts her face close to the mike. "DJ BLUES!!!"

Renaiconna coughs, seemingly not very interested.

Pixy applauds and does a cartwheel.

Katt claps harder.

From the Parking Lot, a tall, skinny little guy with a trombone comes walking onto the beach.

Blues hehs, "And now back to the real stars of this show, Manzi and Anglebert!" Blues rips the cables out of his chest, and leaps into the crowd. No one catches him...and he makes quite a dent in the sand.

Manzi slides the tune into one we all know, hopefully . . . Bouncing up and down, her antennae going every where, she slides into a song . . . "That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane and Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world serves its own needs, dummy serve your own needs . . ."

The fellow with a trombone sits down in the sand and watches the concert.

Manzi sings into the mic with a lot of energy and even tune, doing a little dance behind her keyboard, her fingers scampering over the keys. "World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed dummy with the rapture and the revered and the right, right. You vitriolic, patriotic, slam, fight, bright light, feeling pretty psyched . . ."

Katt claps along with the music. She continues screaming, and bouncing, and such.

Joan finishes off her ice cream. Yum!

Manzi pauses to broach the chorus, and as she does so, she looks out ot the crowd with a wide grin. "C'mon!" she yells, and then sings, "It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!"

Pixy smiles and leaves Katt's side, covering her ears a bit. She makes her way to her towel, situated a bit back from the stage, and sits down, watching the show.

Blues hehs, and starts singing along, thowing his arms into the air, "It's the end of the world as we know it!!! Booya, go Manzi!"

Manzi grins at Blues, eyes sparkling, hair falling down around her face in a mass of braids. Her antennae are keeping time in the air as she continues to sing, her hands on the keys.

"The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide. Mountains sit in a line, Leonard Bernstein. Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce and Lester Bangs. Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom! You symbiotic, patriotic, slam book neck, right? Right."

Blues hehs, and wishes he wasn't enslaved to Joan at the moment

Manzi leaves the keyboard - which plays by itself a bit - and moves to the front of the stage, where she grabs the mic and says, a little breathless, "You all know it!! . . . It's the end of the world as we know it . . . It's the end of the world as we know it . . . It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine...fine...!!"

Blues plays both his Applause track, and claps on his own. He's that impressed.

Eric Riches claps loudly. "Woohoo! Woohoo!"

The music stops suddenly, and then Manzi finishes with a quiet, half-laughing, "It's time I had some time alone . . ." And she throws up her hands and dashes back behind the keyboard.

Pixy sings along with Manzi as loudly as she can.

The skinny guy with the trombone wanders up to Anglebert and Manzi and motions for them to lean down. He whispers something their ears.

Blues looks around for where he threw his chestplate...

Renaiconna yawns.

The skinny man climbs up onto the stage and grabs a microphone. "Hello?" He taps it several times. "Oh yeah, this is on. Hello. My name is Luke, known to you as Uncle Luke. How many of you know me?"

Manzi whistles shrilly, and she lowers the volume of the music a bit as backup.

Blues blinks, "Who the heck are you?!"

Jubei comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Katt blushes and turns her face upon realizing that Uncle Luke is on the stage.

More than a few hands raise since everyone knows Uncle Luke is the music store guy whose a really good musician.

Eric Riches says "Yeah, I know you. Give you more of my allowance than I'd like unfortunetly..."

Pixy raises her hands. "I remember you! Do you remember me?"

Jubei waves happily. "Hi Uncle Luke!"

Blues blinks, and doesn't remember him at all...he uses other people's instruments, and never bought his own.

Uncle Luke looks around and sees a few raised hands. "Okay. Neat. Cool. Well, these people here convinced me to play for this worthy cause so I hope you'll all enjoy it if I play a little song a few friends and I wrote." He frowns and scours the beach. "They should be here..."

Joan yawns a bit as she continues to lay on her blanket, watching the concert from there.

Manzi looks over at Anglebert, then grins brightly. Dude! Isn't Uncle Luke a secret member of . . . of . . . OOOOOH! "This is so cool!" she says to Angle.

From the parking lot you all hear a bunch of squealing followed by a loud crash. A pair of JetBikes rise into the air, catapulting their occupants (two to a bike) onto the beach where they eat sand and dirt. Uncle Luke points to them. "There they are."

Blues facepalms.

Katt turns to see what the commotion is. Her eyes widen, and she starts to pant, "Oh my..oh my..oh my.."

Eric Riches points and goes "Gahh...."

Manzi's entire face lights up, her antennae spring up, and she claps a hand over her mouth. And then with a huuuuuuuge grin, she says to the mic, "Ladies and Gentlemen and Its . . . Pebble Beach . . . may I present Uncle Luke's friends . . . our special and surprise guests . . . LOX!!!"

Joan's jaw drops open as she recognizes the guys arriving. She jumps up and points at them, "It''s...IT'S LOx!" She pulls some paper and a pen from somewhere and runs towards them, intent on an autograph.

Somewhere in the back of the crowd three girls stares, scream, and then fall back, passed out, but with smiles on their faces at least.

Jubei points excitedly, saying "LOX is here?! OH WOW!", and starts jumping up and down excitedly.

Renaiconna turns around and spots the landing band members. "Woah..." She smirks "Hey, that one guy's really cute," she mumbles to herself

One of the sand eating fellows stands up and brushes himself off. He turns to the alien nearest him. "I TOLD you not to drive. You couldn't drive your way out of a papersack!" The alien snaps back. "*I* wasn't the one screaming like a little g..." He stops when he realizes people are looking at them. "Oh...hello."

Katt struggles to pull a CD from her Phony WalkGirl. She ends up flipping the WalkGirl towards the ocean, so she just screams and jumps up and down instead.

Blues blinks, "Am I utterly oblivious? Who's LOX?"

Joan thrusts her paper and pen at LOx, "A-a-a-autograph?"

Eric Riches looks at Blues and then LOx. " Consider all the top bands in the universe and then flush them down the toilet cuz these guys kick butt."

Manzi claps and cheers wildly, and she beckons LOx onto the stage. "Let 'em through, folks . . . ."

Blues hmms, "So I should run screaming at these folks?"

The lead singer of LOx takes the pen and paper from Joan and passes it onto the next member before heading up to talk to Uncle Luke quickly. The rest of the band members make little scribbles (which are completely indecipherable) before handing it off to Joan and following.

Renaiconna swings her bass from her lap back onto her back as she stands, brushing sand off of her tush and legs.

Joan takes the paper and carefully places it in her backpack thingy before falling over.

Uncle Luke motions to LOx. "Ladies and Gentlemen and It's. This is LOx, some old friends. We're going to play a song called "To Hell and Back in a Volkswagon Bug". Sort of went platinum in over a thousand star systems."

Renaiconna's eyes follow Randall (lead singer) to Uncle Luke.

Manzi chuckles and deferentially allows one of the members behind her brand-spankin'-new-just-got-today Amrad G14 keyboard. She blushes a furious blue, her eyes refracting light into a great deal of rainbows.

Renaiconna subconciously licks her fangs and lips slowly while thinking very dirty thoughts of herself and the lead singer.

Blues steps closer to the stage, to watch this incredible band blow everything else he's ever heard out of the water.

Randall (the lead singer) picks up the microphone and taps it several times. The rest of his bandmates pick up instruments. One of the twins, you can't tell which, finds the Volume Control and turns it up. He flicks a string on his guitar. The resulting tune is so loud that it knocks over a few dozen teenagers and at least one star ship to hte ground.

Pixy falls back on her towel and blinks. "Dude.... Rin's got to be here for this.."

Jubei walks to Pixy's side. "Don't worry... she'll be here!"

Anglebert 1 and 2 go join Manzi where she's waiting on the stage. They hold a quick whispered - sorta - conversation, and then they watch LOx.

Pixy whips out her phone and dials Rin's number into it.

Joan comes to in time to stand up and watch LOx.

Pixy dials her cell phone.

The twins look at Randall who starts to count with his fingers. Upon the count of three, the twins (Bontno and Manatobo Xyonelobobo) start up the introduction into "To Hell And Back In A Volkswagon Bug". A haunting, mysterious introduction that you all know by heart. It's so loud that when Randall kicks in with the singing, you barely hear it but that's okay because you already know the lyrics.

Renaiconna tugs the front of her tank top down a little bit, giving herself more cleavage and makes her way towards the stage.

Manzi starts to dance to the piece, her moves smooth and confident. She musta danced to this a hundred times . . . .

Randall sings loudly, breaking through the guitars. "I gotta four liter takin' me to hell...she's breakin' my warranty..." The rest is drowned out as the drummer, Olligaller turns a pale shade of green and busts into a wild drum beat.

Joan sings along with everyone else and dances to the tune."

Renaiconna finds her way to the lip of the stage, right in front of Randall, subtly moving her own groove thang to the music, keeping eye contact with her idol.

The singer continues the song but about all you can hear is the drum and guitars. Occasionally Uncle Luke's trombone is heard.

Angle jumps up and down as LOx goes for it, and it looks as if he's busily taking in ideas and concepts for his next concert.

Katt bounces up and down excitedly. She claps along to the music.

Joan bounces around as she dances to the music, loving every minute of listening to her favorite band.

Eric Riches does his little goofy dance type thing.

Blues records it in his memory for posterity, and has the feeling Joan is gonna make him play it back

Jubei jumps up and down excitedly, cheering on LOX.

Renaiconna closes her eyes and gets into the music, running both of her hands up through her hair and generally gettin' down wit' her bad self.

Randall stops singing and Ollinger stops playing as the twins break into the ever famous, dueling guitar solos that make up what LOx is reknown for. It's like dueling banjos...only better. And cool. And knocking over weak structures as well.

Manzi pauses in her dancing to let the guitars duel, and she stares open-mnouthed at the two in admiration and awe.

Katt screams louder. She hops up and down, waving her hands wildly above her head.

Joan's hair gets blown back by the force of the music but she doesn't care. She continues to dance to the music, bringing her hands up and playing an air guitar as she listens to the duel.

Manzi's antennae get blown back and twisted into a knot, and she has to take a moment to untangle them, whistling shrilly.

Randall breaks back in, singing the chorus to the song again and repeating it several more times as the song winds down. The final beat is Ollinger slamming his drum sticks down upon the drum set, breaking the sticks and unfortunetly right through one of the drum pads.

Randall wipes his brow and bows. "Thank you! Thank you! Springf...I mean Pebble Beach rules!"

Blues clapclaps, "You're right...these guys /do/ blow every band ever known out of the water."

The crowd's screams are nearly deafening. The area in front of the stage is already packed, but most everyone squeezes forward, trying to get as close as possible.

Jubei cheers, screams, and waves her arms wildly above her head.

Topia comes onto the beach from the road.

Manzi jumps up and down, and then throws herself at Uncle Luke in a huuuuuuge hug around his waist. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Uncle Luke! You're the best!"

Joan runs forward, trying to force her way through the crowd but not really doing a good job of it. Oh well, she's still gonna try to get close to them.

Katt swoons. She rights herself quickly, before falling to the ground and making a fool of herself. Oh, wait..

Uncle Luke gacks and then smiles. "Thank you Pebble Beach!" He joins LOx as they head off the back stage and then make a sprint for the parking lot. "Run for it boys! While they're still stunned!"

Renaiconna gleeps as she's slammed up against the stage by the throng of people. "Agh... can't... move... internal organs... turning to mush..."

Eric Riches pulls out a camera and snaps off a quick picture. "Cool! I think I got their hair moving as they fled!"

Joan eeeeeees and runs after LOx!

Manzi slides in behind the keyboard and starts the chords for another well-known - notorious? - LOx song.

Angle 1 and 2 get the hing and they get back to their instruments, joining in.

Katt blinks as she realizes that LOx is leaving! She screams and takes of running after them, but is quickly knocked down by the crowd of excited teens. She gets pretty much trampled, and lays there, stunned, a large black footprint on her right cheek.
Jubei runs after Lox as well, screaming her head off as she does.

More LOx music is blaring from the speakers!!!

LOx flees to the JetBikes they arrived on and jump on, two to a vehicle (except for Uncle Luke who sits on the front handle bars of one). They rise into the air and take off followed by a horde of saucers, JetBikes, and flying teenage girls.

Katt raises a hand to her cheek. She sits up, stunned, "Who did that? Was it LOx?!?" She looks around excitedly, pointing to her cheek, "LOx smooshed my face!!!"

Joan gets trampled as well by the other chasing teens and lays there on the ground. x_x

Topia walks onto the beach, smiling. "Beach, beach, beach, beach." He looks around, "It's interesting that I first saw this two days ago.." He blinks as all of a sudden, LoX rushes by him. He cranes his head to see who just went by. He then watches as people chase after. "Hmm," he muses. "They must have stolen their wallets.."

Blues hehs, "I'm not quite sure what just happened...but darn if it wasn't cool."

Eric Riches takes a picture of Katt's face. "Oooh. That'll fetch some money."

Manzi rips into the LOx song called "Devil Got a Haircut", followed by Angle 1 and 2, and she yells into the mic, "C'mon, Pebble Beach! You know the words to this one!" And with one hand and a foot on the keyboard, she holds out a microphone so the crowd can yell into it.

Katt widens her eyes. She holds her hand up to block the footprint, "No! Mine!"
Jubei stops after the band has escaped, a look of disappointment on her face. "... But... that was... so COOL!!!"

Pixy sings along with the song.

Katt jumps up, shaking the sand from her hair and dress. She frowns as she notices that one of her sleeves is torn, and hanging pretty much all of the way off.

Joan's eyes start doing little rolly things. @_@

Topia blinks as he watches everyone. "What happened?!" He blinks his eyes a few more times before tapping his tail against the sand.

Jubei jumps up and down excitedly. "Didn't you know? That was Lox! The greatest band ever!!"

Katt glances around the beach. She whimpers, "LOx.." and trots over to get her Phony WalkGirl from the sand.

Renaiconna managed to somehow escape the rush by climbing onto one of the speakers. Bemused, she watches the aftermath below her.

Manzi says over the crowd's shouting lyrics: "Say goodbye to LOx, Pebble Beach! And remember . . . Uncle Luke's music store carries only the best!!"

Blues sighs, and sits on the stage, "Friends, we have been outclassed. These people have been wooed by none other than the best of the best."

Renaiconna shouts back at Manzi, hands cupped over her mouth, "Shameless plugging, much?"

Joan slowly sits up, "I think I hurt..."

Topia doubletakes. "Where? When?" He hrmphs, "Were they the wallet stealers?" Topia then realizes that he jumped to conclusions and ehms, "So what did I miss besides the chance of possibly getting an autograph or maybe ripping off a piece of their shirts?"

Pixy walks over to Joan. "Are you okay?"

Manzi laughs at Renaiconna, then nudges Blues with a grin. "Get yer blue rear onto that guitar. I'm sure you're programmed with it."

Joan nods and slowly stands up, "Yeah, just trampled." She grumps.

Jubei grins. "Not sure... just got here when Lox did. Come on, let's listen to the rest of the concert!"

Renaiconna grins back at Manzi.

Pixy stands next to Joan. "You need help? Like, a ride to the er?"

Joan shakes her head, "Nah, I'm ok."

Eric Riches looks at the camera that he holds and then to the parking lot. "Hey...if I can get them to sign this, the investment value will go up by at least 3000%" He runs through the sand, tripping several times. "Oh LOx! I got a business proposal!"

Pixy nods. "Okay." She smiles. "If you need anything, just let me know."

Katt chuckles at Eric.

Blues hehs, "Poor human...I've never once needed money for anything..."

Katt glances around.

Manzi changes the tune from LOx as it dies to another song recognized easily by most. This time, it's Anglebert that sings. Manzi beckons to Blues as Angle's first words come pouring out. "Life is bigger . . . It's bigger than you and you are not me . . . The lengths that I will go to . . . The distance in your eyes . . . Oh no I've said too much . . .I set it up . . ."

Joan nods to Pixy.

Jubei runs to Katt's side. "Katt! There you are! This is a blast, isn't it?"

Renaiconna dangles her legs over the edge of the top of the large speaker, looking over the group of rocking teens from her superior position, wishing she could've had one private second with Randall of L0x...

Blues stands, "REM, the one band that rivals LOX." He returns to his station at the speakers, and plugs himself back in, sitting in a Zen position. Every screen within fifty yards of the stage starts playing the 'Losing my Religion' video.

Anglebert blasts into the mic, working the guitar and drums with flare, as the Anglebert 1 continues. "That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight, losing my religion. Trying to keep up with you and I don't know if I can do it . . . Oh no I've said too much. I haven't said enough . . . ." He waves a hand wildly. " I thought that I heard you laughing! I thought that I heard you sing! I think I thought I saw you try . . . ."

Katt giggles and nods excitedly, "Yeah! This is awesome!!!"

Jubei laughs, jumping up and down with excitement. "I never knew a concert could be so much fun!"

Manzi glides over the keyboard, point and counterpoint to Angle and his instruments, and she joins in on the chorus, and then flashes a huge grin to Blues.

Joan dances excitedly.

The speakers are vibrating with the effort, and the stage itself is shaking a bit. The music is LOUD as all get out, and can probably be heard in Pebble Beach proper.

Blues grins back to Manzi, and cranks up the volume, adding some techno noise in the background, and amplifiing Angle's voice, giving it that Cher-bot like waiver.

Pixy moves up closer to the stage and holds her phone up for a bit towards the speakers.

Angle pauses to do a wicked guitar riff, and then he makes eye contact with Angle 2. All of a sudden, they both start to edge into the latest Metalligrub, guitar and drums pounding hard, sweat on both their faces.

Manzi stops on her keyboard, and instead she jumps over it and - techno beat-Mettalligrub bouncing - she starts dancing with a heck of a rhythm. She starts to clap her hands and shake her fist in the air to the crowd.

Blues /cranks/ it. The subwoofers are vibrating, and the old folks on the other side of the world are yelling for you crazy kids to turn it down :)

Jubei claps to the beat as she cheers and dances (well, as good as she can, anyways).

Antor comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

"Save us from fate, save us from hate," both Angles sing, rocking it up on stage. "Save ourselves before it's too late!" The words growl over the beach. "Come to our need, hear our plea . . .Save ourselves before the earth bleeds!!"

Manzi moves over to motion to Blues. "Dude!" she yells. "Care to sing a tune?"

Antor wanders down onto the beach. He looks rather excited, and moves even more energetically than usual.

Renaiconna looses her grip on the thump-thumping speaker and begins to fall. Rather than risk possible injury... she teleports out with a BNKF!

Blues cuts Angle from the mike, and the speakers start broadcasting a dark, Prodigy tune, with Blues singing lyrics from Metallica, For Whom the Bell Tolls, "Take a look into the sky, just before you's the last time you will!" Most of the other words are drowned out by the bells and the techno.

Renaiconna wriggles her nose and disappears in a red cloud of smoke.

The crowd on the beach - hundreds of teens and other - rock it in front of a stage, where two Angleberts are belting out the latest Metalligrub. Manzi's up there, too, and Blues is playing with the speakers and sound. . . . and then Blues cuts in.

All in good fun, the Angleberts switch the tune to Blues' and Manzi dives to her keyboard again. They provide Blues his sound. The first Anglebert starts to clap in time, motioning the audience to do so, as well.

Antor heads into the crowd, with a bright grin on his face. "Great, the concert's still here!"

Jubei claps with the beat of the tune, her head bobbing with the beat.

The back row surges forward, screaming and clapping. At this point, free alcohol is being passed along the ranks - with this many teens, it was only a matter of time. A haze of purple smoke rises to the sky.

Pixy looks around and approaches Katt.

Rashni comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Rashni waves to Pixy and Jubei.

Katt blinks, "Huh?" She giggles and shrugs.

Rashni walks upto Pixy, "Big crowd."

Jubei waves happily at Rashni. "Great! You made it, Rashni!"

Rashni smiles and nods.

Pixy's eyes dart to Rashni and she waves. "You hit the nail on the head! You missed LOx!"

Blues switches over to "Smoke on the water." and fires his goop cannon, though instead of the normal sticky stuff, it sprays a fine green mist over the crowd. It's not consistant enough to stick to anything, and evaporates as it touches the ground.

Rashni says "Is something happeneing?"

The smell of cooking food wafts over the party-goers from the stands set up somehow along the sides. The music riots from the vibrating speakers while two Angleberts, Manzi, and Blues rock and roll.

Jubei nods. "A concert! A big one, at that!"

Pixy nods. "Manzi, Blues and two Angleberts are playing!"

Antor chuckles as he looks up towards Manzi, Blues and the two Angles. "Heh. This should be interesting."

Manzi winks at Blues, her fingers flying fast and hot across her keyboard. She coaxes a variety of sound from the instrument, her face flushed from the effort. Beside her, from the lava pit, fire spurts forth in a great heave, lighting the sky, and drifting harmlessly ina shower of sparks that disappear.

Jubei jumps up and down excitedly. "Go Anglebert! Wooo!"

Blues cuts the spray, and switches to something more J-pop in style, thought the lyrics are in english. Aqua's Butterfly. For all of you that /don't/ know what that song it.

Katt yawns. She checks her watch, making a face when she sees what time it is.

Katt waves to anyone watching. "'s awful late..ive got to get to my hole in the mud."

Jubei frowns a little at Katt, but waves happily at her. "Aww... bye Katt! See you later!"

Pixy waves to Katt. "See ya!"

Antor waves to Katt from his spot in the crowd. "Aww, okay then, see ya later!"

Rashni waves to Katt.

Katt waves up at anyone on the stage, "Thanks for the concert! Keep those collection plates going! I need three thousand dollars!"

Rashni croseses her arms and watches the stage.

Katt smiles and nods. She waves to Pixy, Jubei and Antor, "Goodnight!"

Katt trots off towards the parking lot.

Blues waves to Katt

Jubei walks over to Rashni. "What's the matter... aren't you having a good time?"

Rashni says "Hmm?"

Rashni says "No, Im fine."

Jubei ohs, and smiles. "Ok, just checking."

Manzi waves to Katt from her keyboarding, and then the tune dies away. There is a moment of silence, and then Manzi starts on her keyboard a tune that is definitely with a beat . . . Angle joins in with his guitar, and after a moment, the drums kick in. Manzi leaves the keyboard and, backed by Angle and Blues, takes the mic. Running a hand through her hair, she takes a deep breath, and starts to sing: "Rainy Night, I'm All Alone Sittin' Here Waitin' For Your Voice on the Phone . . . Fever Turns to Cold, Cold Sweat Thinkin' About the Things We Ain't Done yet . . . Tell me now, I've got to know, do you feel the same? Do you just light up at the mention of my name?"

Rashni smiles sligthtly.

Antor grins and, being in the exceptionally good mood he's in, lets out a cheer. "Woohoo! Love the singing!"

Blues backs up Manzi, liking this song, though he's never heard it before

Rashni says "Hey!" to Antor..

Jubei cheers own as well. "Woooo! Oh yeah!"

Antor grins and waves back. "Hi!"

Rashni smiles.

Rashni says "Didn't you hear me in the mall parking lot a few minutes ago?"

Angle's guitar twines around the tune, and the drums keep the beat strong. Manzi blushes blue, and then drops into the chorus with a grin. "Don't worry baby, it ain't nothin' new . . .That's just love sneakin' up on you . . . If your whole world's shakin' and you feel like I do, That's just love sneakin' up on you! . . . Nowhere on Earth for your heart to hide, Once love comes sneakin' upon your blindside! And you might as well try to Stop the Rain, Or stand in the tracks of a Runaway Train . . . You just can't fight it when a thing's meant to be, So come on let's finish what you started with me!"

Pixy shakes her head. "No.. sorry. I've been talking to Rin and listening to the music.. not much room in there for any more sound.. " She grins.

Antor shakes his head. "No, don't think I did. I got on the shuttle in quite a hurry to get down here, so I didn't."

Rashni says "I was on the jetbike."

Antor nods. "Oh... I saw you, but I don't think I heard you."

Rashni nods.

Rashni says "So you know the band playing?"

Antor nods. "Yeah, they're friends of mine."

Rashni nods.

Antor says "Enjoying the concert so far?"

Rashni says "Yeah, I like the chick, she's cute."

Pixy smiles. "They play good music."

Manzi's eyes settle on Antor, and she winks, and then she grins at Blues. But the last she directs at Joan with a twinkle in her eye as she sings, gripping the mic with both hands and belting it out strong. "Don't worry baby, it ain't nothin' new! That's just love sneakin' up on you. If your whole world's shakin' and you feel like I do . . . That's just love sneakin' up on you . . ." After a moment more of guitar and drum, and finally only guitar, the song dies. With a laugh and a wink, Manzi says into the mic: "We're gonna take a five-minute break, so don't go nowhere! We'll be back to rock this beach to heck and back." A pause. "Again."

Jubei moves to Pixy's side. "Hiya Pixy? Where's Rin at? I can't see her anywhere..."

Pixy blinks at Jubei. "She's at home. She has to do some work on her dad's car."

Blues clapclaps, and walks off the stage with Manzi and the Angles

Jubei frowns. "Aww... that really stinks..."

Rashni claps and cheers.

Antor chuckles. "Ah, I see." Then he turns to the band and yells out at full ball, his typical style. "You guys totally rock!"

Pixy smiles. "Rin says hi though."

Rashni says "So are you going to Pebble Beach next year?"

Joan ponders what her next command for Blues should be.

Blues totally

Antor nods. "I sure am."

Jubei beams a smile at Pixy. "If ya see her before I do, I said hi as well. This concert is so cool!"

Rashni says "How old are you?"

Pixy blinks at Jubei. "I'm talking to her on the phone!"

Antor says "Depends on what way you look at it. I'm thirty-five Mayokatan years, and I'm seventeen Earth. Don't have a clue how old I am anywhere else."

Manzi jumps off the stage, grinning from ear to ear. She hugs Blues quickly, hugs Angle - both of them - and waves like mad.

Rashni says "In china, you're eighteen."

Pixy cheers for everyone! "Go Manzi, Blues and the Angles!"

Antor grins. "Heh, at least I'm not as old as I'd be back home."

Rashni smiles and yells, "You go girl! And Boys!

Blues hugs Manzi back, but doesn't hug the Angles, because that's be weird.

Rashni says "true."

Jubei says "Oh! Sorry, just got distracted and didn't notice ya on the phone. I'll leave ya to talk now." She cheers on the band on stage. "Yeah! Go Manzi, Blues, and Anglebert! You all rock!"

Antor yells out. "Yeah! You guys blew Pebble Beach away!"

Joan walks over to Manzi, "Hey Manzi, if you had a loyal servant, what would you make him do?"

Manzi blushes a dark blue, and she laughs, shaking her head. She says to Joan, "Already got one, Joan. His name's Ves." She grins, and her next words are lost in the buzz, but then she climbs on stage again. She grabs a mic, clears her throat, and says, "All right, Pebble Beach, everyone having a good time??"

Tanaka comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Jubei shouts "YEAH!"

Antor grins, and yells out, at the top of his lungs, probably equivalant to an airplane landing, "You bet!"

Pixy waves to the others. "I'll be right back!" she says and runs towards teh beach house.

Blues climbs back atop the stage, and holds up his arms, "Thank you Pebble Beach!" and he just freezes...not moving, not yelling, face fixed into one of those half yell expressions.

Joan goes back to her towel and starts pondering orders for her servant.

Tanaka runs onto the beach. "Oh my! I'm late! I'm late! Hey, I heard rumors of LOx... is it true? Is it true?"

Jubei nods excitedly at Tanaka. "Yeah! You missed them, though..."

Antor sees Tanaka, grins and waves. "Why, if it ain't my best friend on planet Earth! I think you missed 'em... I dunno, cause I came in late."

Tanaka facepalms. "Ug! No! I can't believe I missed it..." Tanaka runs over to the group. "Did you get pictures?"

Jubei blinks, then facepalms as well. "Oh no! I forgot my camera at home!"

Manzi chuckles, and then says into the mic: "Well, I am sorry to say that I must be off. I leave you in DJ Blues' most capable hands, and I am happy to say that it is now open mic time! So take the lead and belt it out!" She pauses, then grins. "I suppose now is as good a time as any to admit that Metal Fish, a band that has me as lead female vocalist and keyboarder, Ves, Anglebert, and Keith have made a resurgence." She pauses to let the cheers rise and fall, and she adds with a twinkle, "You can expect our CD to appear by September 25th or so . . . So rock it up, Pebble Beach! I'll be listening . . ."

Antor shakes his head. "Not me... bah, if only I hadn't been hit with that fur gun... I might have been able to get some shots for you instead of plucking out everylast bit of it!"

Tanaka plops down on the sand by Antor's feet. "Friend Antor... i can't believe I missed them..."



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