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Subject: Egg Stink-tion



11:56 AM

History Classroom
Mr.Hughes' history classes meet in this 30 x 40 room. The once bare white walls are now covered with maps, diagrams, and pictures, all depicting and giving information on important and not so important happenings in the world. Running the length of the entire front wall is a blackboard and two smaller, half-sized blackboards are on the back wall. Twenty four chair-desks have been arranged in a U shape, with a table at the front where the teacher educates young minds from. Directly behind the teacher are two windows, allowing students the chance to look out at the freedom which passes them by. Along the right hand wall two shelves of books have been set up, including every possible history book possible.

On the chalkboard someone has scribbled the subject for today's class:
PreHistory: Aliens On Earth: The Real Cause Of the Dinosaur Extinction?
Places code is in effect here +tfoshelp places
Obvious Exits:
Office <OF> Out <O>

Tal comes in from the hall.

Tal has arrived.

Vione comes in from the hall.

Vione has arrived.

Mrs.Dhivael is, for once, here early. And she seems to be having a staring contest with a large model of a T-Rex that was left on the desk.

A hall monitor comes crashing through the door, spinning through the air and bouncing off the frame. Vione peers in after him. "...Sorry... it was an accident..."

Tal walks in, his hands in his pockets, whistling. He notices the staring contest going on, and smiles wide, excited. "Staring contest! Yay!", he says, and diligently takes his place in queue behind the t-rex.

Mrs.Dhivael hrms at the T-Rex, "Now get back to your seat!" Oh, so it's not a staring contest. Just a confused teacher. She blinks at the crashing interruption.

Vione helps the hall monitor to his feet. 'I really didn't mean to... he scared me..."

"Oh... Uh... Sure, Mrs.Dhivael!", Tal says, and starts to head to his seat. He stops halfway through, apparently remembering something. He tiptoes back to the teacher's desk, and attempts to pick up the T-rex, to take it to his seat.

Mrs.Dhivael goes back to looking at the T-Rex, "Go on, shoo! Shoo! I need this desk!" She waves her arms, trying to shoo the dino away. She apparently doesn't notice or completely ignores the fact that it's Tal that moves the dinosaur and it's not moving under it's own power.

The hall monitor flees from Vione as soon as he gets to his feet. She sighs and sits in a nearby seat, wondering how the T-Rex dared sit on the teacher's desk.

Tal laughs.

Tal lifts the dinosaur (not without a little effort), and starts to drags it to his seat. After a few feet he gives up, hexausted, and heads to his seat alone (yes, he is /that/ weak). He catches his breath. He then pulls out a grabbit stick out of his shirt's pocket, and flicks its switch, to attract the model to his seat without the need to exert muscular force.

Vione asks the dino, "Are you ok? Do you need some help?"

Mrs.Dhivael stands back up all the way and straightens out her dress. She looks up and surveys the class, "So... today's subject is..." Turning around, she reads the subject off the board, "PreHistory: Aliens On Earth: The Real Cause Of the Dinosaur Extinction? Hrm... what's a dinosaur?"

Vione says, "Um... is that a dinosaur on your desk?"

Mrs.Dhivael turns back around, "Where?" She starts lifting papers and looking under them.

T-Rex accelerates until it reaches a dangerous speed. When he hits poor Tal on the face, the impact is so violent he makes his chair tip over and sends our hero slamming on the floor. "Help! Help! I'm stuck under a replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!", he yells, as if it wasn't quite obvious enough.

Vione ums. "Well, on Tal, I mean..." She goes over to help him up, watching the dino warily in case it suddenly bites.

Mrs.Dhivael glances up, "Please try not to make so much noise. I'm looking for a dinosaur." She goes back to sifting through the papers.

Tal tries to districate himself from the unpleasant situation, by pushing the fake dino to his side. "Look, I called you over for a staring contest, not for a game of 'Tag, you're it!'".

Vione nervously helps the t-rex into a seat and tells it that it should pay attention to the lesson, before returning to her own place (a safe distance away).

The notion that if someone stares right into a T-Rex's eyes he must be completely crazy was probably circulated by someone who saw what is going on between Tal and his extinct buddy.

Mrs.Dhivael puts the last paper down in frustration, "I can't find any dinosaur. Alright, we'll start anyway. So, does anyone have any suggestions about what caused the stinky dinosaur eggs?"

Vione blinks. "Dinosaur... eggs? Oh, right... eggs... yeah..."

Mrs.Dhivael nods, "The dinosaur extinction." She pronounces 'extinction' like 'egg stink-tion'.

Vione panics. "Um... maybe it got too hot? You know the effect that can have on eggs... Last week, the fridge broke down and smelled like a swamp... And they had swamps back then, didn't they? And that smell... methane? That's flammible! Maybe they blew up! Exploding dinosaurs! That'd be sooo messy... Probably wouldn't smell good either...

Vione says, "Um... do I pass?"

Mrs.Dhivael blinks once, "Well, no, I don't think it'd smell too good. Perhaps you're right."

A student sitting behind Tal raises his hand.

Mrs.Dhivael points to the student, "Yes?"

The student points at Tal and the dinosaur. "Their society became so decadent they spent all their days playing silly games, and neglected their offsprings' hygiene."

Mrs.Dhivael blinks, "That's another good idea."

A big, bulky student in the last row that could pass for an orc if he was smaller, less hairy and more smart-looking raises his enormous hand. He grunts, "Kruk likes stinky egg." He pauses, and after what seems like an eternity, he is able to put the extremely complex thought he has just formulated into words. "Eat now?"

Mrs.Dhivael shakes her head, "Uh... no, it's not time to eat."

OFFICIAL BELL: The school is filled with the droning sound of the bell.

Vione says, "Pity... I slept late and missed breakfast..."

A student in a trenchcoat in the last row whispers to the one sitting next to him: "It's a conspiracy, I tell you! The government has started a program to develop a time machine to travel back in time and deprive the dinosaurs of all their reserves of deodourant, thus satisfying the needs of the army and getting rid of an obnoxious competitor in the evolutionary race. Hah! Can you say 'killing two birds and (lots of species of reptiles) with one stone'?

Mrs.Dhivael blinks at the bell, "Oh, well, class is over. We'll continue this conversation next time."

Five minutes after everybody who had to leave class has, in fact, left clas, Kurk finally frowns. "Aw... no eat now?"



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