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Subject: Attack of the Gobblin Clones


Date: Sundday, February 23, 2003
Time: 05:28 AM PBST (Pebble Beach Standard Time)

Location: Al's Diner

Scene: It is a standard busy Sunday at Al's diner and taking a break from the normal dealings of teenage life Quincy, Pixy, and Kai are sitting on, or standing near, the stage chatting about things - really unimportant and Saiorse has just walked in, when...

Ves dashes into the grill and slams the door behind him. He promptly uses the coat rack to brace the door handle so no one else can enter without a great ammount of force. The teen himself is dripping wet and has that scared deer look in his eyes. Once aware of his surrounding however, Ves straightens his jacket and slaps on a charming smile. "Hey gang!" He calls out and then waves to Al.

Pixy lifts her ears and turns to look at Ves, surprise showing in her eyes. "Ves? Everything okay?"

Quincy ...'s and turns to Ves. "...."

The front door to Al's grill shakes violently, and the sound of claws on concrete can be heard outside.

Quincy says, "...!...*SWEEAAATDROOPP*"

Kai blinkblinks.

Ves nods and removes his soaked knit cap. As he does so his hair reignites. "Yeah every things fine. Why?" He rubs the back of his neck and wrangles over to place and order. "Hey ya Kairn, how ya doin today." Oh he flirts shamelessly with his co-worker. "Could I get an order of moo sticks, a choco milk, and a side of fries. I'm also feeling nostolgic, so an order of lizards on a stick also."

Saiorse glances around.

The barricade obviously had one fatal mistake. Al's door swings out, not in.

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy says, ".. I wonder if i should go outside and get my backpack.."

Pixy lifts her ears at Ves, then turns to lower her ears at Saiorse. She puts an arm around Kai and leans her head against his shoulder.

Ves freezes in place as the door swings open and his make-shift barricade falls to the ground. "Oh hel . . ." His words are cutoff as a horde of small green goblin creatures stream into the grill from around Saiorse.

Saiorse notices Pixy and gives a small snort-laugh and mutters, "Oh please."

Saiorse then spots the little goblins and blinks, "Hello?"

Quincy says, "...!"

Quincy says, "Oh good lord! Gil has ES-.. Oh, nevermind, theres more than one."

Pixy squeaks and pulls her feet up onto the stage. "Nooo...!"

Little green creatures, with little sharp menacing teeth, flood the main floor. They chitter and hop up and down and eyeball the teens. Generally these little critters don't look very nice.

Kai blinkblinks at the goblins. "Erm... Ves!?? What's going on?"

Saiorse leans over and gets a closer look at the goblins. She tries to pet one gently.

Ves shrieks like a little girl and in a single leaping bound he attaches himself to the ceiling fan. "Um, well guys, these little creatures used to attack on provocation of T o D." He doesn't say the games full name for fear of assault. "But today they just seem to be ticked that I was playing guitar in the park."

Pixy flattens her ears. "Last time I ran into these guys, ... it wasn't pretty!"

One of the little creatures allows itself to be petted and actually purrs. then his buddy slaps him on the back ot the head and tells him what he's suppose to do. Someone must be the new goblin in town. Gnashing bitting teeth snap at Saiorse.

Saiorse smiles as it lets her pet it, but when the teeth start snapping, Sai shrieks and jumps back, falling to the ground with goblins around her.

Kai blinkblinks at the goblins then at Quincy, then at Saiorse then at Pixy. "How'd you get rid of them last time?"

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy hmms..

Quincy says, "Be back in a moment!"

Pixy umms. "Fought?" She reaches into her bag and pulls out a zap gun. "Here."

One goblin hops up on a table and starts barking directions and pointing around. Al has some how in the commotion vanished. and the waitstaff is barricaded in the kitchen with pots and pans as weapons. The goblins however leap into action. A dozen or so jump Saiorse with a roll of duct tape. three dozen more siege the stage.

Quincy tries to jump onto a table and use the tables to get to the door....

Saiorse shrieks again, while she can. She's soon assaulted with that duct tape.

Kai takes the zap gun and assumes the firing position. He takes a shot at one duct tape weilding goblin. BRRRRRZAP!

Pixy quickly stands and backs away from the goblins, unstrapping her boogie board from her back and holding it like a baseball bat. "Goodness.."

With a gentle application of Temporal Funk Ves leaps from the fan in what can only be compared to as bullet-time. In mid-air he snaps his guitar from his back and starts swinging. With the speed of a master the fiery teen smacks goblin after goblin off of Saiorse.

Saiorse sits up after Ves has rescued her, damsel in distress that she is, and clings to him, not really sure what to do.

Quincy makes it to the last table.. and leaps to the door and scrambles outside..

A wave of green monsters reach the stage and start to scale the walls. A few latch on to Kai in his firing position and one bites on to his ear. Goblins scurry around and one even has the guts to jump on Ves' head. Poor critter gets lit on fire and dives of the teen's back. Quincy however seems to be completely ignored.

Pixy rawrs and starts swinging her boogie board at the little fellows, using .. superstrength. If she connects with any.. ouch.

Saiorse faints.

Kai EEPS as the goblins scale the stage. "We've been breached!" he yells, then OWOWOWOWOWOWOWs! as he's bitten on the ear, clubbing the offending goblin with the butt of the zap pistol as he kicks at the goblins climbing his legs.

Ves scoops up the clinging Saiorse while defending his position with deft swings of his glassy balck guitar. The girl faints and his only option is to shove her into the kitchen were the staff can tend to the girl. "Kai, you okay!" He calls out as a wave of the little beasts over take Ves and push him to the ground.

With a dramatic swinging of a door... Quincy steps in.. holding what could be described as a "REALLY BIG POTION with a squirt bottle top."


Two goblins produce a huge potion bottle with a power compressor and a huge hose. Oh yeah for those who remember these little critters, they seem to horde technology. They aim at the arrival of Quincy.

Pixy's eyes get large at the sight of Quincy. "In the name of all that is holy!"

Kai kicks a goblin. "Just..." OOWOWOWOWOWOOWs as another bites on his arm. "... peachy!" Shoots a goblin at point blank range. "How're...." Hops around as one bites his foot. "...doing?" Punts that one into the ceiling fan. Then he sweatdrops. "Q! Duck!"

The punted goblin latches onto the fan with it's teeth and just dangles and spins.

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy aims at the goblin on the fan and launches a FURRY green spray of liquid.

Ves fights his way out of the goblin pit. "Must fight . . . on" The teen ties two goblins together and uses them as whirling nuncuku of goblin doom. *smack whoosh smacksmacksmack* "Waaaa!" Oh yeah Ves and the school of Nyuk Nyuk Gong Fool don't mess with this kid.

The goblin hanging from the fan is soaked with the green liquid and shivers for a moment then . . . nothing happens. The other two with the high powered hose let it rip and a onslaught of orange fluid streams at Quincy. The stage of course is engulfed with little monsters. The director goblin on the table has recently doned a military outfit and a fruit salad.

Quincy says, ".. ACK!"

Kai backs away from the onslaught of goblins, shooting wildly at them. He AAUGHS! as one jumps onto his back and he flails around with one hand screaming "Get it off! Getitoff!Getitoff!"

Pixy blinks, pausing in her boogie board swinging, and lifts her ears. "Aroo?"

Quincy brings his hands up.. and a moment too late.. realizes that he DROPED his bottle.. he makes a grab for it.

Pixy blinks and swings the boogie board at the goblin on Kai's back. "Begone!"

<THWACK> The goblin on Kai's back goes flying, slamming through the far wall. She manages, thankfully, to completely miss hitting Kai as well. Woo.

The grill trembles like an earthquake is coming or something similar.

Kai smiles at Pixy. "Thanks, love." he says then begins shooting again.

Pixy nods. "No problem." She swings at an approaching goblin. Her ears lower as she hears the rumbling. "What's that?"

The sound of wood snaping follows the tremors.

Kai sweatdrops and jumps up, dodging a flying goblin. "I don't.. URK!" He's smacked in the face by another. He shoot it off before it can start to nibble. "Know!"

The Goblins stop thier assult and look around. Ves as well pauses, the two goblins in his hands thankful for the respite. "This can't be good."

Quincy lands on the ground, grabs his potion.. and lays there.. sorta scared that the goblins stop..

Pixy's ears flatten completely against her head as she looks around, even stopping her swinging.

Kai looks in the direction of the grill, eyes wide. "Errrrrr...."

CRACK!! The very clear sound of wood shttering under massive ammounts of strain! Then the shadow, huge and growing by the second. *KABOOMCRASHBANG* A giant goblin falls from the ceiling crushing all that stands on the main floor. In it's mouth is a broken peice of fan that it once clung to. Talk about a crushing blow.

Quincy looks up... And his pupils go all small.

Kai sweatdrops and his eyes grow VERY wide. "Oh FRAAAAAAAAAACK!" he screams!

Quincy says, "Oh Bug... *Squash.*"

Pixy squeaks! and backpedals as far back on the stage as she can get.

Only Ves' hand can be seen, the rest of him squashed under the massive goblin. Smoke lingers about his fingers as his hair sizzles the rear of the green titan.

Quincy finds himself on the.. *cough* 'bottom' of a very bad predicament.. Except that his potion breaks after continuous pressure from the goblin. Bye bye.

Green mist starts to fill the resturant and oh the havoc it could cause.

Kai blinkblinks. "For the love of...." He turns around. "Pixy! Get down!" He turns back and looks around for some way to stop, or postpone, the ensuing ultra-mayhem!

The titan goblin shivers again, then turns into a jello like substance. Ves, Quincy and ten thousands goblins trapped within. The little goblins however turn into micro Elvis impersonators with big swords and flashy costumes. As the gas touches Kai rabbit ears spring from his head and his feet explode out of his shoes also those of a white fuzzy rabbit. Pixy in a blinding flash is trasformed into a spidergirl. Gasp!

Pixy blinks, dropping down on all eight legs. She looks down at herself and screams, loudly, like something from a horror movie. "Not again!!"

Quincy is unchanged? :D

Ves devolves into a eight year old version of himself, and Quincy being near the source of the problem is completely unchanged for now.

Kai blinkblinks and doesn't feel quite right... He twitches a long floppy ear down to scratch it and rubs his big feet against his ankle... then he hears Pixy scream... or, well, a female scream. He turns around, ears pointing straight up then looks down at the spider girl. "Pixy?" he asks.

Ves sqeeks, "Get me outta here." Oh dear his voice hasn't changed yet. "I sound like a chick! This sucks!!" He fights to get free of the jello mold.

Pixy screams in anger and turns a death glare towards Quincy, in his jello prison. She leaps off the stage and lands on the jello block, digging down after Quincy. She's got.. destruction on her mind.

Quincy blinks... and swims twoards the exit..

Ves finally pulls out of the moldand shakes the goo from his jacket. "Oh man!" He squeeks, "Mom's gonna freak over this one." He checks his clothes and they still seem to fit. "Okay, I still got the look." He look himself over. "Gah I sound stupid!"

Quincy swims for the exit. FAST! "AAHIEE! JUST LET ME GET MY OTHER POTION!"

Kai blinks. "Pixy!" He leaps after her and ... ooops... too far... durn those rabbit feet. "AAAAAAAAAAH"


He crashes into the far wall and slides down into the goop, only his ears sticking out.

Pixy's eye twitches and she says, "Not ANOTHER potion!!" And she looks about ready to catch him, when Kai goes sliding into the mess. "Oh dash it all.." she says, hopping out of her hole and scurrying/skating over to where he slide in.

Quincy crawls out of the goo.. and runs for the door.. but comes face to face with an angry staff.

Quincy says, "... Eeehehehe.. Um.. its not mustard napalm? ^_^;"

Pixy reaches two arms down into the goo and attempts to pull Kai out.

Quincy is handed a mop. And a tiny bucket.

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy sighs.. and starts to throw bucket loads of green jello outside..

The Elvi (remember them!) 'haw-haw's with the patented Elvis butt wiggle then charge after Qunicy and Pixy, hacking thru the jello goop with their swords "Thank ya. A-thank ya, vera much"-ing as they charge.

Pixy manages to pull Kai out of the goop by his fluffy ears. His eyes are spirals and little spider Pixy's with big rabbit ears float over his head.

The green jello, as it flys outside, is being caught by a group of ninja cafeteria ladies.. One of them speaks to the other in a bad japanese subtitle. "We will use this in the food!" the other speaks "Yes!" They run off.

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy grabs another bucket.. and EEPS as the evil elvi charge..

Pixy squeaks and lifts Kai over her back, holding onto him with four arms, while skating across the top of the jello, away from the Elvi. "Must.. kill.. later.."

Quincy ponders.. and starts to grab random liquis, and attempts to make a potion to destroy the jello and elvi.

The Elvi continue to hack through the goop as Pixy skitters away with the unconcious Kai. Quincy starts throwing liquids together as the Evli grow closer... and closer... and closer....

"Time tah Jail House Rock him, boys!" one Elvi yells!

Quincy EEPS.. And just THROWS his pile of liquids at the elvi, and jumps u nder a table.. hopeing for the worst..

Pixy's eyes widen as she reaches the far wall and twirls around to face the Elvi, just in time to see Quincy throw another potion. Her eyes narrow, "Must kill.. later."

The Evli pupils grow very small as the liquids sail at them.


The Elvi are covered in a myriad of liquids, absolutely destroying their flash costumes. They glance at each other, in confusion and delight, then start to charge again.....

BWAMP! Trillian chooses this time to teleport into Als, most likely looking for a bite to eat. As she pulls her zap sword from its scabbard with a SHIIIIIING! a group of about ... oh... a hundered Elvi veer off towards her. "Buhaby let us be... Yoouuuur teddy bear!" they sing in unison as they charge.


Al's is suddenly engulfed in bright yellow, then blue, then green, then paisley colored smoke as several detonations go off. When the smoke clears the Elvi are once again goblins - dazed, confused, goblins, but goblins nonetheless. Pixy, back to her catgirl-self, is holding a restored Kai over her head. Trillian blinks as her black clothing has now gone rainbow colored and Quincy...

Ah..Quincy. Quincy is now about three feet tall, his clothes having shrunk to fit him and changed into a male sailor suit, complete with hat and shorts. Oh, and he's holding a rainbow lollipop in his hand.

Pixy squeaks! As she starts to sink into the goo, having lost her spider liquid walking abilities. "Erp.."

Trillian presses the button on her zap sword just as Al's is engulfed in pretty clouds of smoke. The neon purple energy blade forms, Trillian handling it like she was born with it in her hands. She looks down at her clothing when the smoke clears, an amused smile playing on her lips. "Ah, I see..I have been mistaken. This is some sort of costoom party?" she asks the little goblins swarming her.

Quincy says, "..."

Quincy says, "Lollypop lollypop.. ooohhoooh ooh lollypop"

Quincy sticks a finger in his mouth and makes a pop noise.

Quincy does a little sailor jig.



Small geysers of goop begin to form, flinging those goblins unfortunate enough to be over one up into shallow arcs - to SPLOOT! back into it.


No, that's not your imagination. They are occuring more frequently. It almost seems as if the goop is boiling, but there's no heat.

Several of the once charging goblins in front of Trillian squeak as they sail up into the hole in the ceiling.


Oh, here, they're coming back! Guess the hole's just in the ceiling and not in the roof.

Quincy could of sworn he should be worried, but for some reason, hes perpetually danceing, singing songs about candy, and cant stop! o.O;

Quincy says, "Crack that whip! Licorice whip!"

Trillian jumps back from a spray of goop. "This is not so fun.." she says, her brow furrowing with confusion as a small splatter hits her in the face. "I do not enjoy this at all! Who is in charge of this?" she asks, glaring at a goblin who has just returned from his trip to the ceiling, landing with a small *splat* at her feet. Grabbing him by the scruff of the neck with one hand, she shakes him. "You will stop this now!" she hisses at it.

Pixy burbles as she sinks further into the goop and then blinks as it starts to 'boil'. "Goodness.. goodness.." She racks her brain for a way to get free, in case it does actually start to feel like it's boiling. She looks over at Quincy, then Trillian and lowers her ears. "They've all gone maaad..."

Quincy is ovbiously gone loony.. as he makes up his own songs about candy.. "The bubblegum pop, bop, hop!"

Quincy looks at pixy and runs over. "YES! MAD! MAADD! MAD FOR CAAANNDDYYYY!"


There's a moment, just a moment, when everything is completely still... that moment when everyone knows taht something very BAD is about to happen...
Pixy pins her ears against her head, looking around. "Oh no..."
Trillian drops the squirming Goblin. "That is much better."
Quincy is danceing across the room, singing "buffalo jerky wont you come home tonight?"


The goop explodes upwards with a giant roar, blinding everyone. Goblin squeals can be heard as the roaring goes on for several moments....

Then all is quiet. Al's is completely restored, even the fan is back where it belongs. Everyone is back to normal, even poor candy singing Quincy. The goblins are gone, as if they didn't exist at all. And standing in the center of everything is a small man in a business suit and a bouller hat.

He's scribbling something down on a pad, shaking his head sadly and clicking his tongue. He walks over to Quincy, tearing the peice of paper from the pad. He hands it to Quincy, lift his hat in greating, then takes two steps and disappears.

Quincy huhs? he looks at the paper.

Pixy blinks, her feet meeting solid ground with a <THUMP>. She looks up at Kai and realizes she's still holding him aloft, and quickly sets him down in a nearby booth. She lifts an ear at Quincy as the man hands him the paper and says, "What's that?"

Trillian arches an eyebrow and cautiously presses the button on her zap sword, the energy blade dissapearing. "Well."

Quincy stares at the paper. .."hmm."

The paper says:


Accouting Department of Luck Management

To: Quincy Jones

Bill for the advance of luck.

Bill Total: 345,600 seconds of bad luck.

Due: To begin upon reading of this bill.

Signed: Fickle Fortuna, luck distributer.


Quincy says, ".. Awwww buggeeerr..."

Quincy blinks.. and then shrugs. Then he tears up the paper. "Good thing i dont belive in bad luck."

Trillian laughs at Quincy. "That is foolish." she says, even after he states that he doesn't believe in bad luck. "Luck has not thing to do with the way things are. Foolish."

Pixy frowns. "Well.." She grins nervously and pins her ears. "Just to be on the safe side.." Her voice takes on a demon quality, "NEVER USE A POTION NEAR ME AGAIN!!" Her eyes flare for a moment, and then she returns back to normal, loveable Pixy. "Thanks."

Kai blinkblinks as he comes to. "Oooooh. What hit me?" he asks.

Quincy looks at trillian.. "Hi!" He EEPS and looks at pixy. "Sorry.. sorry."

Trillian shakes her head, shrugging her delicate shoulders. "Ah, well." she says, taking a step back.

Quincy looks over at kai. " okay dude?"


Al's door slams open and a very TEE'd off looking bipedal feline female teen is standing in the doorway, eletricity arcing between her narrowed eyes. He tail slashes the air behind her and she 'rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr's low and dangerous. "I've found you, manthing!" she growls out at Quincy, bringing her hand back, trailing an arc of electricity as she does.

Trillian takes a step forward, and a large, neon purple glowing doorway suddenly forms. She enters it, and both she and the doorway disappear.

Kai blinkblinks at the door and sweatdrops. "I am. But your troubles are just starting..." he says.

Pixy lifts her ears, hearing Kai and turns around, delighted expression on her face, whatever he said going right over her head. "You're okay!"

Kai smiles at Pixy and nods. "Yup."

Quincy EEPS and looks at Purrisia. "Uh.."

Quincy says, "Heelloo.."

Quincy takes a step back slloooowwly.

Quincy makes himself sound like a famous cartoon character.. "Quincy.. Exit.. Stage left!"

Quincy RUNS through the kitchen.. causeing chaos inside.

The feline teen gives chase! "You won't escape me, MANTHING!"

Pixy turns around, finally thinking to, and lifts her ears at Purrisia and Quincy. "Wow."


Pixy blinks, and lowers her ears. "He's a.. masochist."

Kai blinkblinks. "Yup. He sure is."



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