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Subject: Book Burning



12:37 PM
Minthe comes in from the hall.

Minthe has arrived.

Vione comes in from the hall.

Vione has arrived.

Holly comes in from the hall.

Holly has arrived.

A short squeal is heard in the hall after the nerd-like question of 'Hey, where's your hall pass?' is asked. Holly bolts through the door in a shower of salt water drops looking wide-eyed and panting, "They need to give us new kids a map!"

Minthe shakes her head and pulls a wrinkled piece of paper from inside a book and hands it to Holly. "I got one... didn't help... It needs a 'you are here' arrow on it or something."

Holly mumbles to Vione, "Jeez, how do they expect us to ever be on time." Of course she says this as she wrings a bit more water from her black and red hair, a towel wrapped around her waist to keep her seat from getting wet from her suit and board shorts still damp from the morning surf she indulges in.

Minthe grins over at Holly, "You know, it's amazing how we both go surfing every morning before school, but we never see each other at the beach..."

You change the classrooms subject if it has any to change.

History Classroom

Mr.Hughes' history classes meet in this 30 x 40 room. The once bare white walls are now covered with maps, diagrams, and pictures, all depicting and giving information on important and not so important happenings in the world. Running the length of the entire front wall is a blackboard and two smaller, half-sized blackboards are on the back wall. Twenty four chair-desks have been arranged in a U shape, with a table at the front where the teacher educates young minds from. Directly behind the teacher are two windows, allowing students the chance to look out at the freedom which passes them by. Along the right hand wall two shelves of books have been set up, including every possible history book possible.

On the chalkboard someone has scribbled the subject for today's class:
The History Of Electricity: A Shocking Tale
Places code is in effect here +tfoshelp places
Obvious Exits:
Office <OF> Out <O>

Minthe just looked at you.

Mrs.Dhivael enters the classroom quickly, late as usual, and hurries up to the teachers desk in front.

Holly winks to Minthe, "hey, I've offered to go out with you. It's a big beach, alotta waves."

Minthe grins and holds up her hands, "Hey... anytime you're free, lets go!"

Holly leans over and whispers to Minthe.

Mrs.Dhivael picks up a pencil and raps on the desktop, "Sit down everyone it's time for..." She turns around to read the board before facing everyone again, "History."

Holly looks at Mrs.Dhivael again and just shakes her head as she settles into her seat next to Minthe, thinking. . o O ( and people gave me a hard time for asking Gatsby out. )

Minthe leans over towards Holly and whispers, "OK... but /not/ the mall. That's where they nailed me yesterday... it's like they knew I would head there or something..." she says, completely oblivious to the fact that she's hardly the first person to ever ditch to go to the mall...

Mrs.Dhivael points at Minthe after she whispers to Holly, "You. Uhm... tell me who invented electricity."

OFFICIAL BELL: The school is filled with the droning sound of the bell.

Minthe stares blankly for a second then, looks around the room, helplessly... no one seems to be offering her an answer... "Uhm... on which planet?" she asks... stalling for time...

Mrs.Dhivael seems to consider for a moment, "Well, tell me which planet it was invented on."

Minthe slides down in her chair a bit and lets out a long slow breath... great, she actually managed to make it worse! She furrows her brow in concentration, and says, "Oh... uh... I read this... it was... uhm... Electro-topia?"

Mrs.Dhivael blinks once, seeming to think this over. If what she does can really be called thinking. "Now, who can tell me who invented electricity?"

Vione says, "Um... Frank Zappa?"

Minthe giggles.

Holly giggles.

Mrs.Dhivael nods, "Very good. Now, when was it invented?"

Minthe pipes up, she knows this one. "Right at the end of the dark ages. Which is why they stopped calling it the dark ages, 'cause they had light."

Holly blinks her large dark eyes, "Wait, then what was that in that big ol' book I was forced to read about some dude saying 'let their be light'? What was his name again, Godot. I think he invented electricity."

Vione says, "Maybe they worked together on it?"

Minthe points from Holly to Vione and nods, "Yeah, I think that's right. Zappa was always waiting for that Godot person to show up but he never did, so Frank just stole all the credit..."

Mrs.Dhivael nods, "Yes, well, if it was the dark ages then it wasn't, who invented the sun?"

Minthe errss... "Sunny Bono?" She shrugs, Earth history is hard...

Vione says, "...hence the name..."

Holly says, "Yah, that's the guy."

Mrs.Dhivael nods, "And before electricity, people walked around in the dark. Because there was no light. So nobody bathed, because they didn't know they were dirty."

Holly furrows her brow, "But what about fire?"

Vione says, "Well, the shadows can be confusing..."

Vione says, "I don't think they had a good fire service back then, either, so they couldn't get too close..."

Holly snorts softly, "Silly Earthlings. How primitive."

You say, "There wasn't any fire because, uh, they couldn't see to get the wood."

Minthe shrugs, "We never really got much beyond the fire stage... hard to work with electricity when your planet's 99 and 44/100th percent water... Zzzzzzzzzzdt!"

Holly gets wide eyed, yanking back her head as she gasps for air before finally a giant sneeze hits her. "Ah... ah.... AhhCHoooooooo!", followed by a huge gout of flame. Thankfully she was in the front row, so no one's hair gets torched, however there is that desk and Mrs.Dhivael... uh-oh. Some days it doesn't pay to be a fire breather.

Tal comes in from the hall.

Tal has arrived.

Mrs.Dhivael, luckily, ducks. However, all the papers on the desktop and part of the desk catch on fire. Standing back up, Mrs. Dhivael doesn't seem too concerned about the fire. She applauds, "Very good! Good demonstration of fire."

Tal just looked at you.

Minthe glances over at Holly, "Bless you," she says and turns to Mrs. Dhivael, "I got it..." She says, giving the desk a witheringly cold look... /really/ cold... like frozen tundra cold.... from her piercing black eyes, a blast of frigid air shoots forward.

Holly leans back from Minthe a bit, "Whoa, way ta go, Babe, good job!"

Mrs.Dhivael blinks, "Hey, you made it go away."

Tal's voice can be heard from outside. "You ask me where is my hall pass is, dear friend? Why, of course, it's in that classroom. Just let me get it for you..." Pause. Tal opens the door and attempts to sneak into the first free seat he finds, hopefully in the first row.

You say, "Oh well, uh, I suppose I could make another." She starts piling extra text books on the desk, apparently not noticing Tal's late entrance, "Who has matches?"

Minthe raises her hand, "Uhmmm... Mrs. D? I'm not sure that's such a good idea... I mean, it's hot enough in here already... I'd hate for my skin to dry out even more..."

Tal raises his hand. "Mrs.Dhivael? I can breathe a cone of fire if you want..."

Holly leans over to Minthe, whispering, "Yah, but wouldn't a fire be the perfect distraction...."

Minthe raises her hand again, "I withdraw my objection!"

Mrs.Dhivael looks at Minthe, "Nonsense! We need a fire!" She points at Tal then guestures to the books on the desk, "You, breathe fire over there."

Holly reaches under her desk and gets a good grip on her purse, setting her shades atop her head and making sure her keys are within reach.

Tal blinks. "What?" He blinks again. "B-books..." A tear starts forming in his eye. He stands up, and looks down at his desk. "I... I can't!" He looks straight into Dhivael's eyes. "I can't. And I won't.", he states, his voice trembling. "Books have made me what I am! They're the best thing there is in my life! I will /never/ hurt one of them!", he says, oddly defiant.

Minthe ignores all that... since she still doesn't have a purse yet... and all her stuff's in her locker... all that's here are her books, and they'd just slow her down. "Uhm... Mrs. D? Maybe Holly could help?"

Holly grins happily, raising her hand, "Mrs.Dhivael I'd be happy to set them on fire." Mumbling an aside to Minthe, "Quick distract Tal! You know he's got a weakness for bikinis!"

Mrs.Dhivael slowly blinks at Tal, "But we need a fire in here."

Minthe nods, and does that bent over moving between the desks thing that students always do as if the teacher won't notice, and kneels next to Tal. "Hey doll?" she says, leaning in very close to him, Do you have a pencil I can borrow?"

Vione seems utterly confused by events (not that confusion's unusual for her), but she catches the "distract Tal" bit and does so by hugging him tightly. A little too tightly, perhaps.

Holly leans back, taking a deep breath and focusing on the books. Books. Must only set the books on fire. Must control the fire. Focus... Focus... Leaning forward suddenly she breathes out a huge gout of flame towards books, desk, and heck, anything else unfortunate enough to get caught in her path. An errant dust bunny that was hiding under the desk, scurries away, yelping as it's fluff smolders.

Tal turned to look at Minthe, and all but one of his neurons decided to leave the building. Then Vione intervened, and his ribs decided to not so spontaneously turn into a flour-like powder. The only active neuron, submerged by stimuli of pain and hormone-related, decides to call in sick and play some car-related videogame.

Minthe smiles victoriously as she takes the pencil out of Tal's slack grip... "Thanks, babe," she says with a small wink, and heads back for her desk... that's when she looks at the pencil in her hand... "What did I want this for, again?"

Mrs.Dhivael stands there, staring at Tal. Unfortunately, she doesn't notice the flame Holly shoots at the books. Or the fact that her back is now on fire. Just a little, but still.

Vione blinks at that disturbing cracking sound from Tal's chest. "Oops... sorry..." Unable to think of another way to apologise, she kisses him, thereby distracting that neuron from its game.

Holly is trying to do the classic 'honest I'm still in my seat' oozing out of her chair that every student has tried at least half a dozen times when they think the teacher isn't paying attention. "Pssst, Minthe!", she hisses, nodding her head towards the fire and Mrs. Dhivael.

Minthe looks up at Holly, and then the fire, which helps clear her head... "Oh... right..." she murmurs, tossing the pencil onto the fire and sliiiiiding towards the exit right on Holly's tail...

Mrs.Dhivael actually feels some heat and turns around. Seeing the desk on fire, she claps, "Oh good! More fire. Now we can continue." Strange, she still doesn't seem to notice her back on fire. It's crawling up, up, up.

Holly notices Mrs.Dhivael turn her back to the class, and startles for a moment, almost falling to the floor as she notices the teachers on fire too. And quickly takes the ripe moment to make a break for the door!

About this time, the fire alarm goes off and turns on the sprinklers, drenching everything and everyone in the room.

Gatsby comes in from the hall.

Gatsby has arrived.

Minthe enjoys the cool spray of water on her body.... "Ahhh.... that's nice..." then she hears the alarm bell, "Time to go, Hols!"

The fire alarm is going off. The sprinklers are sprinkling, putting out the fire on the teacher's desk (is that a pile of burning books) and the... fire on Mrs. Dhivael's back?

The sprinklers go off, the door opens, and Holly sees her chance for 'Freeeedom'! Quickly she bolts through the door, not realizing Gatsby's there and ends up tripping over the collie, face first to the floor, and sliding out into the hall.

Minthe sees the pile up at the exit, and leaps over the couple and into the hallway, rolling into a little ball and slamming right into the lockers opposite the door..

Vione notes the suddenly not-quite-so-stealthy departure and promptly raises a hand to distract the teacher.

Mrs.Dhivael is rather oblivious, as she is with many things, and only notices the books getting soaked, "Now the fire will go out!" Amazingly, she does notice Vione raise her hand, "Uhm, yes?"

Gatsby oophs as he is tripped over. He goes flying in some random direction and lands nearby. Wow, first day at school and he's already learned something: don't go to school. It is painful.

Vione says, "Um... well... that is..."

You say, "Yes?"

Minthe walks out of the classroom.

Minthe has left.

Gatsby walks out of the classroom.

Gatsby has left.

Vione says, "Who... um... who invented radios?"

New eavesdrop on Minthe at A Wing Hallway.

Vione is merely trying to distract.

Mrs.Dhivael blinks, "Uhm... It was..."

Holly walks out of the classroom.

Holly has left.

*** The actions of those who left the room are appended to the end of the log ***

Vione says, "Wasn't it some queen? Who also sang something about someone still loving the radio?"

Mrs.Dhivael blinks once, "Oh. Queen Radio."

Vione nods. "That's the one...

Vione says, "So... um..." She's clearly grasping. "How much electricity is there these days?"

Mrs.Dhivael doesn't notice the fact that she's getting completely drenched by the sprinklers, "Uhm... the radios were fire powered."

Vione says, "Weren't there some solar-powered ones? Photosynthetic or something?"

The mention of the words 'Who invented' seem to quiet down the riot going on into Tal's head (and, luckily for his ribs, he heals fast). "I know! I know who invented radio!"

...he says, still confused about what happened.

Mrs.Dhivael blinks at Tal, "It was Queen Radio."

Tal adjusts his glasses, teetering slightly. "Actually, the experiment demonstratic the existence of electromagnetic waves (which can be was conducted by Physicist Heinrich Hertz (which gave the name for the SI unit for frequency), but the invention of radio as we know it is universally credited to Guglielmo Marconi, thanks to his intuition about using both a /transmitting/ and a /receiving/ antenna. Funnily enough, Marconi wrote a letter to Hertz explaining his idea to use electromagnetic waves to carry information, but the physicist replied with something along the lines of "Hey, electromagnetic waves an important theoretical result, but don't sweat over it, they will never have practical applications."

Vione says, "Really? All that? Wow..."

Mrs.Dhivael slowly blinks and you can almost literally see smoke start to curl from her ears.

Tal notices the smoke coming out of Dhivael's ears and says, "Mrs.Dhivael? Did you try to overclock your brain?"

Tal . o O ( She should know that such old and slow models fry when you try strange stuff... but, then again, it's Mrs. Dhivael we're talking about...)

Mrs.Dhivael blinks, "Brain clock?"

Tal blinks. He decides to perform a simple experiment to fathom the extent of his teacher's gullibility. "Yes! There is a clock in everyone's brain, didn't you know? If not, where would the hamster that make all the little wheels spin in our heads go to stamp their timecard?", he says, with a straight face.

Mrs.Dhivael blinks, "There is? Wow."

You post your note about 'School Fire' in group 4 (News Board) as message #24
================================= News Board =================================
Message: 4/24 Posted Author
School Fire Thu Mar 18 Mrs.Dhivael
The school was evacuated today due to a fire set in the history classroom. The sprinkler system quickly put out the fire, but the school will be closed for the rest of the day to mop up the water. The school is expected to reopen as usual tomorrow. Officials wouldn't comment on the cause of the fire.

*** Holly, Minthe and Gatsby's escape from school ***

A Wing Hallway

Minthe shakes her head clear and looks at the prone form of Holly, "Uhm... Hols? This isn't a good time for a nap, babe..."

The fire alarm is still going off and teachers are hearding their classes out into the hallways.

Holly scrambles to her feet quickly, "Ooh jeez, I'm so sorry Gatsby!" Quickly she gathers her purse and keys back up, kicking off her sandals and gathering them into her hand; she'll run better without the silly things sliding all over the hall!

Gatsby slides convienently into a wall, coming to a nice stop with a satisfying "Eep" from the dog. Gatsby looks up at the two, "Oh...That's okay..." He stands up slowly, "It's not the first time I've been tripped over."

Minthe shuffles over to Holly and tries to move her along, to blend with the other students. She nods to the crowd and whispers, "We'll make our break when we get outside..." "Hey Gats," she adds as she nods down the hallway.

A passing teacher tries to herd Holly, Minthe and Gatsby into line, "Come on, come on, get in line."

Holly follows Minthe's lead, nodding her head and trying to feign wide-eyed terror.

Gatsby blinks a little, joining the line. The presence of a dog probably makes the student behind Gatsby a little weary and confused. "What's going on?" he asks whoever is listening.

Minthe shhhs' Gatsby, "Just stick with us, huh? That's a good boy..." she says with a slight giggle. Yeah, Minthe just doesn't get tired of the dog thing, does she?

Gatsby does. He grrrs a little but does as asked. He looks around the hallway and then wonders why he's getting wet. Oh well. He missed something important, something someone said along the lines...

Holly gives Minthe a nudge and a hissed, 'hey', as she shuffles along. To no one in particular she says, "I still smell smoke! What if the sprinklers aren't putting the fire out? Shouldn't we be moving faster? I mean the whole school could burn down around us!"

A passing freshmen squeals, "Ooooooh! What a cute doggie! What's your name doggie! I'll save you, little doggie!" She tries to pick up Gatsby, despite him being way too large.

Minthe nods, faster is definitely a good thing... she rationalizes... Less order. She takes a deep breath and screams, "I smell smoke! Its a real fire! We're all gonna die! Run!" and starts pushing at the people in front of her.

Gatsby stares up at the freshman. He blinks simply. "My name is 'annoying child.'" He seems rather annoyed and hopes that he scared someone when he actually spoke.

Holly spares Gatsby a smile. That'a boy, show some teeth. Hey! An idea sparks into her head as she digs through her purse. It's not like she expects to find a can of whipped cream just lying around, but if the fire idea fizzles out people are sure to panic at the thought of a rabbid dog. Trying to help Minthe add to the panic she flutters her wings, "Fire! Fire! Run for your lives!!"

The freshman screams and stops trying to pick up Gatsby. Whether it's from Gatsby or from Minthe's words is up for debate. Either way, the other students get scared by Minthe and start panicing, hurring faster for the exit. (OOC: Go ahead and move on)

Minthe heads out towards the corridor.

Minthe has left.

Holly heads out towards the corridor.

Holly has left.

Gatsby heads out towards the corridor.

Gatsby has left.


Gatsby watches as a child care class rushes down the hallway, each student carrying an infant. Gatsby notes to the others, "It would take a pretty vindictive God to burn this place down. I think we're safe." He keeps trotting along, though.

Minthe moves along with the crowd, holding onto Holly's hand, dragging her along... she scowls at Gatsby, and shhhs' him? "What are you trying to do, anyway?" She looks to Holly to try to control her... dogfriend.

The students in the hallway start picking up speed, getting more panicy, sweeping the others along with them.

Holly pitchs her voice for Gatsby alone, "We're tryin' ta get outta here!" She tries to keep up with Minthe, pushing and shoving when need be to keep the panic up, ocassionaly crying, "Fire!"

Minthe starts to get swept up in the emotional wave that they've created... "You don't suppose... we could /really/ be in danger, do you?" she asks, the edge of panic starting to creep into her voice...

Gatsby answers simply, "No." He trots along the halways, his tail wagging for no readily apparent reason. Maybe it finally dawned on Gatsby exactly what is going on and where they're going.

Holly looks at Minthe like 'what are you talking about?!'. "Listen Miss Eyce, what are you worried about? I'm the flightless one with wings!"

Minthe ignores Gatsby's reasoned 'no,' it being drowned out by the tidal wave of her and Holly's growing panic, "Hey, /I/ didn't start the fire, Miss flightless wings! And if I die with my skin all dried and peely... I'm gonna be really annoyed!" she says pushing the kid in front of her harder, "Out of my way!" she screams.



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