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Subject: What's in a Name?


Black erms, glancing over at Minthe as she wakes... only to faint again. And she decides such a course of action may, in fact, be preferable. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, for Black, she has not been smiled at by Just.

Holly whips her head back and forth between her uber-brother, Just, and the guy who's holding her, Dahk. If should could find her voice she might stop the nonsense, or call for help, or just wish she really still had that other purse with the mallet in it, or ... any number of things. However she mumbles softly, "Just, we tripped, I swear, leave off you've had your fun for the night."

Just scrutinizes Dahk for a moment before releasing his hand and nodding. "Deal." This time he extends his hand it's not for Dahk, but for his little sister, Holly. "You coming or would you rather walk home?"

Shaff is just standing near Holly and Dahk, staring at them, his mouth moving but no noise comes from it.

Anne wanders in from the parking lot, hands in her pockets, staring down as she kicks at the sand.

Minthe lies there, a small puddle of drool collecting in the sand...

Pixy gets no answer and decides that she's probably not going to get one either. She glances at each person for a moment, one ear cocked and the other flat against her head. However, her scrutiny is interrupted by her sister and with a sigh, she picks the spider up and says, "Fine. We're going home." She waves, and heads towards the parking lot.

Black is... confused, resting on her knees just to the side of the conflagiaration.

Dahk gently releases Holly, before smiling then waves to Pixy and Fai, "Errr sorry about that Fai..." Looking back to Holly he smiles, "Goodnight Holly."

Black simply nods slowly. "N... night Holly. Night Pixy."

Holly gives Dahk a quick hug, "Goodnight Dahk.", and an apologetic grin before she takes her brother's hand. "Don't hold me so tightly this time, lumox.", she grumbles at her brother, who just laughs for a moment.

Just says, "Oh, so you'd rather I drop you. Remember baby sister, your wings are useless... mine aren't." And as if to prove his point Just springs upwards, his wings pumping to help him gain altitude and whisk himself and Holly home.

Black waves to Holly... and, on supposes, incidentally Just.

Minthe groans and starts to move again... "Uh... wha happened...?"

Dahk grins, "See ya around Just."

Holly has disconnected.

Shaff just turns to stare at Dahk as Holly leaves with her brother. "You tripped."

Black hmmms. "Just took Holly away. He smiled at you, causing you to faint. Twice. Pixy left when she couldn't figure out what was happening, and uh... Shaff noticed... of course. Also, I think Just got to me... just a little." Says she of the apple-red blush.

Anne glances up for a moment, hearing talking, and turns to head towards the group.

Dahk nods. "...I trip. But I fell on pourpose."

Shaff narrows his eyes just a millimeter. "You fell... on purpose."

Minthe shakes her head... "Oh... right.. I remember something about... Just... " she swoons, but manages to stay awake this time.

Anne, close enough to hear Minthe, tilts her head curiously, "Just what?"

Dahk nods. "What's the matter Shaff?"

Black ehs. "Oh, Just." She pauses. "You, er... haven't met Just, have you?"

Shaff just keeps looking at Dahk. "So... is there some cultural nuance on Earth that I missed that says that when you trip you have to kiss somebody?"

Anne shrugs at Black, "I think I've met just about everyone."

Minthe blinks, and giggles, "Anne... Hi! Just is just..." she giggles, "Holly's brother."

Anne nods, "Oh..." She pauses a moment, apparently waiting, "What's his name?"

Dahk blinks at Shaff, "No... ...but when the person that just agreed to go out with you lands pretty much on your face..." He pauses for a moment and looks at Shaff confusedly, "...Am I missing something?"

Black hmmms, nodding. "He looks almost like Dahk, actually." She shakes her head, failing to ged rid of the irritating heat. "Arg..." She blinks. "We've only said it three times. It's Just. His name is Just."

With a ripple of black, Dahk's Liquidian suit flows rapidly from Dahk's watch and around his body forming a skin-tight shirt.

Minthe nods, "Right. Just Wood."

Anne nods, "Oh, his name is Wood."

Black facepalms.

Shaff blinks. He'd started to make the familiar finger-gun gesture, but his hand relaxes at that. "She... agreed to go out with you?"

Minthe shakes her head, "No... I mean yeah... but It's not just Wood... it's Just Wood."

Anne nods, "I get it Wood. No last name."

Minthe holds up her hands, "No! Wood /is/ his last name! His first name is Just!"

Black nods. "Confusing, isn't it?"

Dahk sweatdrops, "Excuse me for a second Shaff," He turns to Minthe, "So... who's on first now?"

Minthe blinks to Dahk, "What?"

Anne blinks, "Then what's his first name?"

Dahk turns back to Shaff, "Yeah."

Minthe shakes her head, "Who?"

You say, "Wood."

Shaff sighs at Dahk. "No, no, it's okay..." He just turns and starts wandering, in a daze, down to the water's edge. He just sits down inches away from the wet sand and stares out at the horizon.

Black blinks, then gets the reference. "I see your point." She looks to Minthe. "An old comedy routine."

Minthe says, "I don't understand... Wood's on first?"

Anne blinks, "First Wood?"

Black sighs. "It's a wordplay joke and... argg... we aren't talking about Just now." She facepalms. "Thanks a lot, Dahk."

Minthe blinks her eyes wide, "There's a First Wood? Holly never told me about him! Just Just!"

Anne blinks again, "I thought you were talking about First."

Dahk blinks at Shaff several times, before turning back to Black, Minthe and Anne, "...I just can't bring myself to add confusion to this one ... It's already too beatiful..."

Black sighs. "Do you know the game Baseball? It's referring to First Base. Not a First Wood. There's just Just Wood and Holly Wood."

Anne giggles, "So Holly's brother is First Base?"

Dahk laughs! "Oh Anne, they only wish they could get Holly's brother to first base..."

Minthe blushes furiously! "No! I... Just Wood!"

Black blinks, and blushes brightly. "WHAT?! I do not!" She replies hotly! And harrumphs!

Dahk grins, "Oh... Holly only wants Wood..."

Anne blinkblinks, "Huh?" She looks very confused, "Oh, so his name is Wood, just that?"

Minthe blinks, "Well yeah, if he was in the army..."

Anne ers, "He's in the army? So what would be Wood's name if he wasn't in the army?"

Black facepalms, and grumbles. "Arg! No! His first name is Just. J. U. S. T! And his last name is Wood!

Dahk grins, "Anne? How do they introduce James Bondo in the movies? You know that spy that's always stuck on himself?"

Minthe looks at Dahk... "The guy with the three names, and the first and last are the same, you mean?

Anne looks more confused by the minute, "Wood Wood?"

Minthe says, "No! Bondo James Bondo."

Anne blinks, "Her brother's name is Bondo James Bondo? But I thought it was Wood."

Dahk grins, "Yeah! His first name is James, and his last name is Bondo. Holly's brother's first name is Just. His last name is Wood."

Minthe says, "It /is/ Wood! Just Wood!"

Black nods. "Yeah." She grates, sounding a little annoyed at the misrepresentation. And args. "Anne!" She arrrgs as Minthe Complicates things.

Minthe blinks to Dahk... His first name is Bondo.

Anne blinks, "So I got it right? Wood WOod?"

Minthe headshakes, "JUST Wood!"

Anne nods, "That's what I said. Wood Wood."

Black nnyarggs! "Eveyone, calm down! Alright, Anne, please pay attention to me. Justs first name, is 'Just.' Got it? His first name is 'Just.' Not /Wood/, Just."

Minthe sighs and helps Black explain this, "Anne, you're just not getting this. It's not Wood Wood... or just Wood. It's Just Wood. OK? Just. Wood."

Black says, "His last name is Wood."

Minthe says, "Right his last name is just Wood."

Anne nods, "Okay, his name is Wood."

Minthe says, "Right... Just Wood."

Dahk grins and nudges Black. "Got a peice of paper?"

Anne nods, "Wood. Strange that he has only one name and she has two."

Minthe blinks, "No no, Anne... listen to me... He has two names alright? It's Just Wood."

Anne blinks, "I said that already, Wood Wood."

Black looks like she could strangle Anne happily at that moment. "Yes. Paper. I have some." She pulls out a pad and pencil and writes it down. 'First Name: Just.' Skips a line, just to be extra-clear, then writes. 'Surname: Wood.' And tears the paper off handing it to Anne.

Minthe stares at Black... "Why isn't she getting this?" she asks, "No.. Anne... it's Just."

Anne looks at the paper for a moment, "Just? But just what is his name?"

Minthe cries, "Not Just What! Just Wood!"

Black facefault. "How many times do I have to say it?! His first name is 'Just!' JUST!" She twitches, and huffs. "It's not 'Just' anything. It's just Just!"

Anne nods solemnly, "Of course it's not just anything. People who would name their kids anything are strange. It has to be something special."

Black sighs. "Are you trying to misinterpret what I'm saying?"

Minthe nods to Black, "She's right... naming a child is an important responsibility... it' can't be just Anything..."

Dahk nods, "It would be injust to name a child just anything..."

Anne nods, "So they named him Wood."

Minthe stares at Dahk, "No, I don't think it would be in Just to name a child just anything... he seems really thoughtful."

Black sighs. "Alright, for the last time. His first name is Just." She pauses, to be sure Anne recognizes the seperation of thoughts here. "It not leading up to anything else. That's his name. 'Just.'"

Dahk grins and nods. "Mr.Wood's first name is just Just. that's just it. Nothing but Just. Just Just." *snicker*

Anne blinkblinks and a look of understanding passes over her face, "OOOOOHHHH! I get it! He has no first name. So people just call him Wood."

Minthe adds, "And Just would never name a child just anything... If anything he would name them Anything Wood."

Dahk grins, "Mahogany Wood?"

Minthe blinks, "Now you're just being silly.

Anne blinks, "His name is Mahogany?"

Dahk grins, "Nah silly would be naming your kids Ash Wood."

Black blinks. And shakes her head. "No. People call him 'Just,' because 'Just' is his first name. Anne... oh, never mind."

Anne just blinks.

Dahk laughs, "Just let it go Minthe."

Dahk grins, "You too Black. Just let it go."

Minthe blinks, "What did Just let go?"

Anne blinks again, "His name is Let?"

Black sighs, shaking her head. "Oh no we don't, were not talking about that anymore, okay?!" She grumbles, wondering why, exactly, Anne had such a hard time with that...

Minthe sits in silence for a few seconds... then to Anne, "That's his name. Just."

Shaff gets up and makes his way over to the group, brushing himself off. He smiles at Anne. "His name is Just, like it's short for Justin, I think. Or if it isn't, it's close enough."

Anne pauses, "Oh so it's .... Wood?" She pauses for the '....', apparently thinking the pause is his name.

Minthe blinks up at Shaff, then turns to Anne, and giggles, "This just in... his name is Justin.

Shaff says, "At least, I _think_ that's what his full name is. But I could be wrong. But for the sake of argument, let's just say that it is and be corrected later, okay?"

Anne nods, "Oh, his name is In Wood?"

Minthe shakes her head... "No, it's Justin Woods. Not In Woods... Justin Woods."

Shaff nods and just smiles brightly. "I give up," he announces cheerfully.

Minthe says, "...Or maybe it's not.""

Anne nods, "That's what I said. In Wood."

Black rolls her eyes. "Anne, have you ever heard of the word 'Justice' before?"

Minthe looks to Black, "What kind of word is iss?"

Black facepalms.

Dahk says, "it's a Kreon word.. ...but a lady like you shouldn't use language like that."

Anne nods, "Sure, I've heard of ice. It's cold and you put it in drinks."

Minthe flushes, "But... but Black did first! If a lady like her can use it, why can't I?"

Shaff looks at Dahk. He still looks impossibly-cheerful, although it's a forced cheerfulness. If that's a word. "Can I shoot her?"

Dahk grins, "After that conversation ... I think we should all probably be shot."

Anne blinks.

Black args. "No, I'm referring to a word in /english/ okay? Justice." She pauses to spell it. "That's one word. Of which the first part sounds just like, well, 'Just.'"

Shaff says, "Oh, sure. I just mean she could go first. Alphabetical order and all."

Black grumbles. "Can you pause until I finish trying to impress on her words with the same sound but different meanings?"

Anne nods, "Ice. Ice is cold."

Minthe stares at Black, "Well Just is a word in English. The alien word is 'iss!'" She claps her hands over her mouth, "Sorry Dahk..."

Black wishes she had a dictionary on hand... and doubts it would help anyway.

Anne shrugs, "So his name is Ice Wood."

Minthe shakes her head... "Why would his parents name him Ice Wood? That's just silly. He's Just Wood, silly."

Black sighs. "Okay, Anne, get it through your skull." She grates. "There are two different versions of the word 'just.' They're both spelled the same, sound the same, and mean ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS! One is definition you've been going by this entire time, that of a near or singular thing. The other describes the state of lawfulness, or abiding by the law, to which 'Justice' is directly related. The person, Holly's brother, is almost certainly named after the 'lawful' variant of the word 'Just'."

Minthe has disconnected.

Anne nods, "So what's his name, then?"

Black sighs, and raises a finger. "First name: Just. Second name: Wood."

Anne nods, "Second Wood?"

Dahk chuckles and shakes his head, "Anne, Now you're just getting confused on pourpose."

Anne shakes her head, "I am not!" She points at Black, "She's being confusing!"

Dahk laughs, "Mr.Wood's First name is Just."

Anne nods, "Just what?"

Black says, "Just Just."

Dahk says, "His first name is spelled J U S T."

Anne nods, "Just just what?"

You say, "His first name is Jay?"

Dahk shakes his head before moving over to Shaff.

With a ripple of black, Dahk's Liquidian shirt pools breifly on his left arm, before it flows rapidly from Dahk's left arm and into his watch.

Dahk says, "just shoot me now please."

Black pauses. "Tell me, is there some particular reason you have a problem with the word 'just' being used as a name?" She asks in duisgust before standing and storming off.

Anne blinks at Black, "But you still haven't told me what his name is!"

Shaff smiles and holds up a hand curled into a fist except for his thumb and forefinger sticking out.

Black glances tiredly over her shoulder. "I have. Multiple times. I have put it as clearly as I can, and you refuse to comprehend."

Anne shakes her head, "Nuh uh! You have not! Every time you tell me a name, you change your mind a few seconds later."

Dahk smiles, "Please hurry?"

Shaff nods. "Nothing personal." He smiles and proceeds to blast Dahk with a good ol'-fashioned shot of Zap.

Black sighs. "Yeesh. Okay, Anne. Now, look at the slip of paper I gave you, with his name written on it. See that word written there after the words 'First Name?' The word spelled 'J U S T?' /That/ is his first name."

Dahk falls over - happily bonked.

Shaff smiles. "Anybody else want one before I do myself?" He holds his hand up, fingertip sparking a bit.

Anne looks at the paper again. She studies it intently for several minutes before giggling, "Ooh, I see, it's just Period Wood."

Black sighs. "Zap me."

Shaff nods. He points at Black. "It actually doesn't hurt as much as it looks like it does." He blasts her.

Black gets zapped, frazzing for a second before collapsing, bonked into a restful slumber.... awwww...

Anne, satisfied she now has the answer, nods to herself, "Period Wood. What an interesting name."

Black has disconnected.

Dahk has disconnected.

Shaff smiles at Anne. "How about this? You can ask him his name yourself next time you see him."

Anne nods, "I'll do that."

***FADE OUT***

Several hours later....

Thu Apr 08 08:11:21 2004

Aidan comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Aidan has arrived.

Anne sits in the sand, doodling circles in it with a finger.

Minthe has connected.

Aidan walks out onto the beach....but something seems odd about him...he has a huge smile plastered on his face....and he is walking like he is almost floating. He floats down to Anne and sits beside her...still smiling

Anne looks up from her sand doodles when Aidan sits down, "Uhm, hi."

Aidan smiles and chuckles a little "Hi Anne, how are you?"

Anne shrugs, "Alright, I suppose. You look happy, though."

Aidan nods his head vigorusly "uh huh"

Minthe comes walking out of the surf... all briney and wet and stuff... and spots the others talking... she moves over to them and sits down... "It's just that his /name/ is--" she shakes her head... "Skip it... Morning Aidan..."

You say, "Why's that?" she asks Aidan before glancing at Minthe for a moment, "Period Wood."

Aidan smiles and blushes slightly "got a date with an angel"

Minthe blinks at Anne... then makes a tiny fussy face. "Ew, not Period... Just--" she sighs deeply and looks towards Aidan... a wicked grin on her face, "An angel huh? Who's that?"

Thu Apr 08 08:36:22 2004

Aidan sighs "Ahna"

Anne looks at Minthe and nods, "Period Wood. But the period is silent."

Minthe shrugs to Anne, "The period is-- Close enough..." she says with a smirk, "Soooo.... Ahna, huh? Nice work. Congratulations."

Anne looks at Aidan, "I haven't seen Ahna in a long time."

Aidan smiles and nods "thanks, she's comming over to my place for soon as I fugre out what to make"

Minthe nods to Anne, yeah she was here last night, just before Just showed up, in fact..." Minthe giggles, "Uhm... try the lobster," she suggests.... "Everyone likes that..."

Anne makes a face, "Aww, too bad... Just before Period showed up, you mean?"

Aidan shrugs "I dunno...she seems to have rather simple tastes...i want it to be yummy and a meal she will never forget but...i don't want to to be too fancy"

Minthe thinks, "Gee, I don't know... I've never thought of her tastes as simple... but then I don't know her that well..." She holds a finger up to her lips, "Anne... The period is silent, remember? Shhhhh."

Anne nods, "Oh, right. Wood, then."

Aidan shrugs "well she said seh eats a lot of junk food...which well makes it hard for me....but I'll work with what i got....maybe I'll make a roast chicken....some roasted potatoes and grilled veggies"

Minthe nods, "Wood." then grimaces towards Aidan, "That sounds... uhm... perfect, I guess."

Anne looks down and starts making circles in the sand again.

Aidan smirks "or maybe a grilled salmon filet with a lemon herb rub...and a thai stir fry"

Minthe hmmmms, looking at Anne's doodles in the sand, "That sounds perfecter..."

Anne just draws circle after circle, occassionally wiping them all out to start again.

Klue Korner.

Isn't it about time you got a clue?

Aidan sticks a finger up in the air, you know the eurkea finger "Aha I got famous Cajun steak linguene...thats what I will make"

Thu Apr 08 09:01:22 2004

Minthe draws a square in the sand, and glances up towards Aidan, a little pale, "Uh... yeah... good... make that."

Anne switches to drawing triangles, though they're kind of roundish triangles.

Aidan nods "yep cajun night, shrimp gumbo as an appitizer...the steak for a main course...and angel food cake for desert"

Minthe looks up from her drawing of a squarish cirle, a little hurt, "I thought you were gonna make your gumbo for me?" she says pouting a little.

Anne wipes out everything she's drawn and sits back up all the way.

Aidan pulls a tub out of his backpack and hands it to Minthe "i did"

Minthe blinks down at the little tub... "You... did?" she looks up, surprised, "And you were just carrying it around in case you saw me?" she shakes her head, "When... uhm... when did you make that?"

Aidan smirks "last night, i was hoping i'd see you in school for lunch so you could try it"

Minthe blinks down at the gumbo again, "I don't understand... I mean..." she blinks up again and smiles, "Well, I mean, 'thank you.' It was very sweet of you." She reaches out for it, then stops. "Why don't you hold onto it? Maybe we can still have lunch together."

Aidan nods "ok I haven't cooked it much only a couple times before, so i just want to make sure I'm getting better, and I have always found hungry teenage friends are a great way to try out my recipies"

Thu Apr 08 09:26:22 2004

Anne blinks at Aidan and now eyes the tub suspiciously.

Aidan takes his phone out "excuse me a sec I gotta make a phone call"

Aidan dials his cell phone.

Minthe nods, and turns aside to Anne and giggles, "So I'm a test subject, huh?"

Anne hrms, "Tal does a lot of volunteering for that sort of thing..." She pauses, "The results are usually rather... interesting..."

Aidan puts his phone one answered "no not a guinea pig...everything i cook is good, but i need to practice to get better, and someone needs to eat the food"

Aidan takes his phone back out and decides to try again

Aidan dials his cell phone.

Into his phone, Aidan says "Umm....Ahna...wait do I have the wrong number?"

Into his phone, Aidan says "It's Aidan, how are you doing?"

Minthe's eyebrows shoot up towards Anne, as she listens in on the phone conversation casually, "Not quite sure I like the sound of that... what... uhm... happens to him?"

Anne shrugs, "Uhm, well, you know... various side effects. He's always eager to volunteer for stuff."

Into his phone, Aidan says "hanging out at the beach...what are you doing tomorrow?"

Minthe giggles, "Yeah... well, I'll bet he's not too eager to work on Miss.Fuse's homework assignment..."

Anne blinks, "What homework assignment?"

Into his phone, Aidan says "I know it's good friday and all, and I'm not sure what your family does for easter, but how would you like to come over for dinner?"

Minthe blinks, then uhms... "You know... the assignment she gave him... about having to wear a different outfit for Female Fashion's class every day for a week? He didn't tell you about that?"

Anne shakes her head, "No." She pauses before continuing quietly, "I haven't seen him in several days. He called me yesterday, said he's gonna be out of town."

Into his phone, Aidan says "is there anything you don't eat cause it's easter or is it all good?"

Minthe ohs.... "I didn't know that..." she indicates Aidan and his phone-call with her head, and gives a puzzled look "What's so good about this Friday? Other than the weekend coming up?"

Anne shrugs slightly.

Into his phone, Aidan says "good I hope you like cajun food, what time is good for you?"

Into his phone, Aidan says "alright sounds good to me, you know my address?"

Into his phone, Aidan says "alright I'll give you a call tomorrow then?"

Aidan puts his phone away "you mean you guys don't know what easter is?"

Minthe blinks up at Aidan... "Easter? That's like more east then somewhere else, right? "East is Easter than NorthEast..."

Anne shrugs, "Something to do with rabbits and eggs."

Minthe looks at Anne, "Rabbit and Eggs come from somewhere in the east?"

Aidan smiles "well thats true Anne, in a sense, thats the commercial side of it...the easter bunny comes...and hides eggs and candy for kids to find the next morning"

Anne nods, "And if you dye the bunny and he sees his shadow, that means 6 more weeks of winter."

Minthe blinks happily, "You mean the bunny on the TV show?! The one that's always blowing up the bald hunter guy with the big head?"

Aidan shakes his head "no you dye eggs and give them patters and paints that reflect spring...and that shadow thing deals with a groundhog on groundhogs day" looks to Minthe "no not that bunny inthe a different nicer bunny"

Thu Apr 08 09:51:22 2004

Anne blinks at Aidan, "Uhm, does the groundhog hide eggs too?"

Minthe slumps back down... "Too bad, I like the TV bunny... but candy is good too... I guess."

Aidan shakes his head "no he stays in his home, and then on that day he comes out...if he sees his shadow we are in for more winter weather...if he doesn't it warms up sooner"

Anne nods, "Oh... So you hide eggs in his house."

Aidan Smiles "no he comes into your house and hides stuff"

Anne nods again, "So the groundhog hides eggs in my house."

Minthe giggles, "Oh! Kind of like Robin Hood!"

Anne blinks at Minthe, "There's a bird that hides eggs too?" She pauses, "Oh, I guess that's why there's chicks during Easter, too."

Aidan smirks "no the groundhog stays in his home till groundhog day, and then stays there the rest of the year....the easter bunny comes out on easter and hides eggs and chocolate and candy and little gifts in your house then you go find them" looks to minthe and sighs "no robin hood is a legendary hero, that stole from the rich and gave to the poor during the english crusades when king richard was away and his brother the evil king john ran things and taxed people a lot"

Aidan shakes his head "no there is no bird that hides eggs...just a big bunny"

Anne hrms, "So the bird hides bunnies."

Minthe sighs at Aidan... "/that's/ what Good Friday is about? Your Earth traditions are complicated..."

Minthe glances at Anne, "OK... that much makes sense..."

Aidan says, "there is no bird on easter.....and thats not what good friday is about, good friday is a religious tradition"

Anne blinks at Aidan, "No bird? But I've seen pictures. With bunnies 'n stuff. So they must hide bunnies."

Minthe looks at Aidan skeptically, "This sounds like a really weird religion..."

Aidan thinks a moment that it is...then shakes it off "thats actually a long story"...."well there are birds on easter, but they are baby chickens cause they come from the eggs that people paint an dye...well the eggs are empty actually"

Minthe puts her hands on her hips, "OKOK... Chicks come from empty eggs? How dumb do you think we are, Aidan?"

Anne blinks, "The birds come from empty eggs?"

Aidan smirks "sorry i mean the egss are empty when we paint them because there are no chicks in them anymore because they hatched"

Anne blinks, "You glue the eggs back together? That seems like a bother."

Minthe snaps her fingers, "So the bunny takes the chicks from the empty eggs and hides them in the houses of poor people, so there'll be six more weeks of winter! I get it!"

Aidan lowers his head "well actually the eggs you use to paint are different, because before the baby can develop we punch a hole in the egg and drain all the liquid out"

Minthe nods, "With you so far... Where does the hunter come in?"

Aidan shakes his head "no hunter Anne" then looks to Minthe "your getting closer but not quite.....the bunny comes out on easter sunday and hides eggs and candy in your house...thats all, nothing to do with winter or baby chickens"

Anne blinks, "You kill baby birds just so you can dye their eggs?"

Anne blinks again, "Ohhhh! That's why it's called dying!"

Aidan shakes his head "no the baby brids don't exsist yet because the rooster didn't fertalize them...they are just goop inside the shell...and we dye the shell so the color stays"

Minthe just stares...

Minthe says, "I've seen the hunter... sometimes there's a duck..."

Anne looks at Minthe, "I think he's fibbing... He doesn't want to make us feel bad about the baby birds."

Minthe nods to Anne.

Thu Apr 08 10:16:22 2004

Aidan sighs "there is no duck..easter is just the bunny that hides painted empty egg shells and candy, the eggs are just the ones you eat at breakfast, well the goop inside is what you eat at breakfast"

Anne starts to sniffle, her eyes filling with tears, "You eat baby birds for breakfast? How... How... mean!"

Minthe shudders, "Well, I can't stand half the things you people eat anyway... Give me some nice shellfish any day..."

Aidan shakes his head "no they aren't baby brids yet, just goop"

Minthe scrunches up her nose... "That's not... better."

Anne sniffs, a tear rolling down her cheek, "Poor goopy baby birds."

Minthe hugs Anne, "This sounds like a perfectly horrible holiday."

Aidan shakes his head "I still have to tell you about the religous part"

Anne nods, automaticly hugging Minthe back; more like clinging to her now. She breaks into full blown sobs, "It's terrible. All those poor birds."

Minthe looks up to Aidan, with a faint hope in her eyes, "Is it less cruel then the not-religious part?"

Aidan gets a worried look on his face and mutters crap to himself "some people find it uplifting...."

Anne just sobs, "Poor birds..."

Minthe sniffles, "Uplifting is good... I think Anne and I could use some uplifting..."

Aidan clears his throat "well it all deals wiht this guy Jesus...and he was like a philospher...but some of his ideas didn't st well with these mean guys...the romans"

Minthe nods, "What kind of ideas?"

Anne sniffles, "Probably the killing of baby birds..."

Aidan smiles "well Jesus was all about healing the sick, helping the poor and living in peace love and harmony with everyone on earth"

Minthe nods, smiling slightly, "That sounds OK... So they listened to this guy and gave him a holiday with birds and eggs?"

Anne blinks, still sniffling, "But they kill the birds!"

Aidan Shakes his head "no actually the mean roman guys were into power and greed and war....they didn't like bribed one of his friend Judas into betraying jesus...then they captured him...burtally tortured him and then nails his hands and feet to a wooden cross and hung him there to die"

Minthe faints dead away...

Anne blinks and breaks into fresh sobs, "This is such a horrible holiday!"

Aidan smiles "wait wait....there is more...he came back to life 3 days later and forgav everyone...and he said that he would come back much later and take everybody to a place where there was nothing but peace and love and harmony among all people"

Anne sniffles, "I still don't think it sounds like a nice holiday... all those baby birds..."

Aidan smiles "but we don't kill baby birds, however we do let a few run around free, the little yellow baby chicks"

Thu Apr 08 10:41:23 2004

Anne blinks, "You said you open the eggs before the baby birds can hatch."

Aidan shakes his head "sorry i meant that there are no baby birds in the eggs we use...we make sure of that...just the goop that isn't even the beginnings of a baby bird yet...the stuff inside is not alive"

Minthe shakes her head and slowly wakes up... "Uhhh... such a barbaric planet..." she says weakly...

Anne wipes her eyes and says hopefully, "No baby birds?"

Aidan nods "no baby birds...I promise"

Minthe sits up and slowly rocks herself on the sand, "Cruel, cruel horribly cruel..."

Anne nods to Minthe, "I had no idea... and I've lived here for a couple years."

Aidan nods to Minthe "thats what earth was like 2000 years ago"

Minthe sits and rocks... sits and rocks... she's got a nice rhythm going, by the way... "So very cold...."

Anne sniffs, "I still don't like this holiday much..."

Aidan nods "not many people do....most people prefer christmas"

Marius comes out of the parking lot and onto the beach.

Marius has arrived.

Anne is sitting in the sand, talking with Aidan and Minthe; she looks like she's been crying recently. Nodding slowly, she says, "Yeah, Christmas is nice."

Minthe sits in the sand, rocking and staring into space...

Aidan smiles "it's funny cause christmas is the birthday of the guy that died on easter"

Anne blinkblinks, "What? Oh, that's terrible!"

Marius tramples her way onto the beach from the parking lot, muttering a little as she looks around, moving a little awkwardly... at least for a girl, anyway. But then again, a seven-foot one, muscle-bound girl isn't exactly regular anyway, is it?

Minthe's rocking motion gets slower and slower... as if she's losing the will to move....

Anne sniffs, "I... I have to go think..." She stands and heads for the beach house, not noticing Marius' entrance.



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