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Subject: Seldarine on the Scene


Seldarine is lurking in the shadows, watching the odd person move around the city in the lengthening dark of dusk.

Minthe walks down the street heading south, her heels clicking on the sidewalk.

Seldarine leaps onto a dumpster, and from there a low roof, surveying the intersection for a moment, and that's when she notices you. And so she just stands there, watching for a few moments. It's an odd sight, or would be, if anyone bothered to look up.

Minthe doesn't bother to look up, of course. Why would she? It's not like she expects people to be watching her from above. Nor does she expect them to be watching her from the alleyway in front of her... but still, two pairs of eyes do that as well.

Seldarine makes her way quietly along the rooftop, following Minthe for a little while... and that's when she notices the figures in the alleyway. Tensing up, partly in readiness, and partly in fear for her friend, she gets ready to act, should she need to.

Minthe keeps on walking... until said individuals -- a very large man with bluish-white skin and three eyes, and a small human (or at least, human looking) guy with the requisite oily hair and leather jacket step out of the alley, blocking her path. "Hey Chickie... got any cash?" says the smaller one.

Minthe nods, "Well... yah finally! I mean, I just got paid and for the first time since prom, I don't owe anyone for anything!" she says happily and tries to circle around them... unsurprisingly, it doesn't work.

Seldarine steps up into the light, grabbing the handle of her RaySword as she does so, putting one foot on the lip of the roof. "Perhaps you boys had better just go back the way you came..."

The two men look up, there jaw's dropping, "Who's the babe with a sword, Lennie?" the big one asks. The little one shrugs, "Dunno, but we'll ask about her finances next..."

Minthe whirls around and spots Seldarine, "Ji--uhhhst what's going on here?!" she says, mentally facepalming.

Seldarine leans forwards, springing off of the roof. Idly twirling in the air, she lands lightly in between Minthe and the two thugs, and, with the patented Gainax Bounce, raises the sword inbetween herself and the thugs. "This is your last chance. Repent, or suck the fist of justice."

Minthe taps Seldarine on the shoulder, "Actually, I think we were just talking..." she says weakly.

Of course, the criminals don't see it that way. The larger of the two reaches out and tries to grab Seldarine's head, in an attempt to smash her face into the ground... he's not a nice guy.

Minthe uhms... "Of course, I might be wrong..."

Seldarine was prepared for something like that, and, seeing as how she's got a pointy blue thing, is in just the position to do something about it. Batting at the large thug's wrist with the sword, attempting to knock it out of the way, she shouts out, "RAY SWORD STRIKE!" and follows up with a smack aimed right across the face.

The big guy grabs his arm and then his face, as he receives the closest shave of his life, "Owie!" he cries as he stumbles back... Which allows the little human to move in. Funny how they never attack at the same time, isn't it? Must be a limitation of the scene-runner. Anyway, the little guy, pulls out his own zap sword, this one an embarrassingly cheery sunburst yellow, and strikes at Seldarine, "En garde!" he shouts, though it's way too late for that.

Minthe just watches the fight, mildly shocked... finally she shakes her head, "Uhm... you want some help, there?"

Seldarine makes a face. "*Yellow*?" Mildly disgusted by the state of villians nowadays, she attempts to simply leap up into the air to avoid the strike, maybe land behind the scrawny little guy. "If you feel up to it!"

Unfortunately, the cheerful blade catches Seldarine in the side as she leaps into the air, sending her to the ground... he closes in on her, chuckling, "I like yellow. It's cheery warmth reminds me of a summer

Minthe eeps, and reaches down to activate her cosmic battle bikini... only to realize, that once again, she stupidly took it off. "Rats!" she says, and gives the little thug a frosty glare. /Really/ frosty. Like arctic. Like if she had the power to freeze things with a look, this look would do it. Oh wait... she /does/ have that power... the temperature in the area suddenly drops.

Seldarine lands hard on the ground, right on her back, after the Zap Sword caught her in the side in a bright flash of yellow. She easily springs to her feet, though, seemingly unhurt by the strike. "You'll have to do better than that to beat me!" And that's when Minthe deep freezes the guy. "...okay, now THAT's cool."

The little thug is suddenly flash frozen, encased in a block of ice that literally appeared out of nowhere. Deep inside the block... his zap sword glows cheerily.

Minthe shrugs modestly, "It's got it's uses... like when you have to get a pot off of a fire and you don't have a pothold--- eeep!" that last noise might seem confusing, until one realizes that the blue guy has grabbed Minthe from behind and started squeezing. Unfortunately for her, she can't turn around, and what she can't see, she can't freeze.

Seldarine whirls around abruptly, to point the end of the glowing blue blade at the guy's face. "Let her go, unless you want me to pick your nose for you! Now back OFF!" The look in her eyes is probably enough to Scare Anyone (+2).

Minthe blinks and smiles up at Seldarine, "My hero..." she says with a tiny giggle.

As many big guys are in fiction -- chalk it up to poetic license and poor imagination -- this one is a coward. He eeps, drops Minthe to the ground and runs down the street screaming like a little girl...

Minte lands on the ground with a whooof... she nods towards the little guy, "He's gonna defrost any second..."

Seldarine , deactivating her RaySword and reattaching it to her 'belt', turns around to glare at the frozen guy. "I've got just the thing to put him on ice... permanently! Seldarine Rocket Kick,-" She lashes out with her foot, to kick him right in the gut, and says the magic word. "-GO!" As her Rocket Shoes kick in, speeding foot towards target, it occurs to her that she might have tried practicing this in private, as she's carried off her feet. To the outside observer, it looks like she just slipped comically on a banana peel.

Seldarine's kick, however graceless it may seem, does the trick... catching the thug in the stomach, just as he thaws out, sending him rocketing (yes, the pun was intended) into the alley wall, where he slides down to the ground and literally falls on his own sword... yowch.

Seldarine does her best impression of a dryer's spin-cycle, frantically crying out, "Stop, STOP!" Obediently, her Rocket Shoes hear the voice-activated command, and obey, stablizing out her spin. The caped heroine now falls straight down, landing right on her head. "..ow.."

Minthe scrambles to her feet and rushes to Seldarine's side. She leans over her and looks down, concerned, "You OK there... uh... strange heroine whom I've never met?" she says the last part loudly, apparently for the benefit of the pigeons nearby.

Seldarine rolls over, onto her knees, and starts rubbing at the rather large bump on the top of her head. "I'm fine... but are you alright, Citizen?"

Minthe nods, "I'm fine... thanks to you," she says, smiling down and offering her hand to you, "So... this is what you do?" she says quietly, "Neat."

Seldarine gratefully accepts your help, and rises to her feet. "Only glad to have been of service." She looks around at all the gathered passersby. "Don't you have lives to attend to?"

The crowd grumbles and slowly disperses, though what they're complaining about, who knows? They got a free show...

Minthe stands next to Seldarine, looking up at her with a quiet admiration.

Seldarine can't help but grin quietly at Minthe, before leaning in quietly. "Meet you at the mall, west parking lot." And she turns, just quick as that, leaping back up onto the rooftops and running south.

Minthe uhms and nods, "K..." she says and watches Seldarine leave before heading mallward.



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