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Subject: Truck-a-saurus



You head up to the Daycare Center and open the door, heading inside.
Daycare Center

The Pebble Beach Daycare Center is a place designed to make young children (ages 6 months to 8 years old) feel at home and to also give their parents a little bit of relaxation. The walls are all painted white, giving the room a look larger then it actually is. Large plexiglass windows let in a lot of light and look over nice trees that are planted outside. Calm paintings of toys hang on the walls and there are several cribs and small tables place about the room. A very nice and relaxing place.
Then you see the occupants. Small wild screaming and crying human children and alien children. The human children are constantly telling little lies to the alien children ("Hey, run into the wall, it's fun!") while the alien children are enjoying their abilities to make ice cubes out of the few workers here.
Obvious Exits:
Break Room <B> Out <O>

The room becomes dead quiet as all the children stare at you. All you can hear is the occasional sucking on a pacifer.

Tal just looked at you.

Tal is busy shoveling a bunch of laughing, giggling and generally happy kids into a small plastic house. Since the pile of kids is rather small, and the walls of the toy house are deforming under pressure, one can gues that he's almost done.

Anne cautiously slips inside, quietly closing the door. She then takes a careful look around.

The weather changes.

A couple of well calculated movements of the shovel, and, lo and behold, the pile has disappeared, all kids now tightly packed inside the toy dwelling, arms, legs, tentacles and other sundry limbs and appendages sticking out and wiggling happily. Tal props himself up on the shovel and dries his forehead with a handkerchief. He turns to notice Anne, smiles wide and waves. "Oh, hello, O My Inspiring Muse and Sugarless Dulcifier of My Sweetest Dreams!" he says. "We're playing 'housing crisis'..." he says, pointing at the toy house, "...and I'm just done with my part!"

Wed Jun 16 07:23:16 2004

Anne blinkblinks and giggles, "That certainly looks... interesting..."

Tal nods, as he goes to put the shovel to rest in a corner. "Yup. I'm coming up with a lot of educative games which have the added benefit of keeping them quiet.", he says, rubbing his hands on his shorts. He pulls a chair from under an adult-sized table, and gestures to it. "After you, Milady..."

Anne giggles, "Are you sure they like it? It doesn't look that comfortable to me." she says as she sits down.

Tal takes another chair and sits down next to Anne. He laughs. "Of course they do." He shouts. "Hey, kids, do you like this game?", at which the kids answer in unison, "Yeeeeeeeeeees!" (except for a few aliens which emit happy gargles or grunts or hket'tpaf-ahs (sorry -- too specific, can't be translated. But it's onomatopoeic, so, you get the idea).

Anne chuckles, "Well, uhm, okay."

Vern comes into the Daycare Center from outside.

Vern has arrived.

The room becomes dead quiet as all the children stare at you. All you can hear is the occasional sucking on a pacifer.

Tal is sitting on a chair, next to an adult-sized table. He leans back on his chair, and looks at a small house where all children have been packed into, limbs and tentacles and appendages stick out and wiggle, while the sound of laughter comes from inside. A writing on a chalkboard reads: "Today's activity: Playing the 'housing crisis' game." A shovel rests against a wall in a corner. Tal he turns back to Anne and says, "Ah, kids. The secret is that they just love to do weird things. The weirder, the better." He grins. "You know, I realised this difference from our way of thiking during my daily walk around town where I wake up people in the middle of the night and ask them to record the sound of their doorbell for my collection!"

Anne sits next to Tal in a chair. She blinks at him, "You /what/? You woke people up?"

Wed Jun 16 07:48:17 2004

Tal blinks. "Yes. It's in the name of science. I have checked the whole CosmoNet. Nobody has started a systematic cataloguing of doorbell sounds! I'm all set to fill this ignominous gap!"

Anne nods slightly, "Uh huh... But... love... don't you think it'd be a better idea to do it in the daytime, when people are /awake/ and not cranky?"

Tal blinks. "Oh, people seem always cranky here..." He smiles. "And it's easier to get away from someone who's trying to shoot you while he's half-asleep." he stands up, apologises and goes into the break room to take care of a couple of things, or something like that.

Anne scratches her head, puzzled as she watches Tal go into the break room. Suddenly realizing she's alone, with all those kids, she freezes.

Vern slides open the door, stepping inside. He looks quizically at the jammed house, but doesn't say anything.

Anne just sits frozen, staring at the break room, not noticing Vern.

Wed Jun 16 08:13:18 2004

Vern slowly makes his way across the room, trying not to make any sudden moves.

... Of course, he's heading towards Anne.

Tal SLAMS the foor of the break room open. "HELLLOOooooooooooooooo Pebble Beach! A neeeeew day has arrived, full of opportunities!", he yells, happily, sticking his head out.

Anne shrieks in surprise at Tal's sudden appearance and jumps up to run away. Of course, she doesn't notice Vern's in her way.

Vern blinks, "Wait, Ann--!" Well... When all's said and done, there isn't much to say. Except maybe 'ouch'.

Tal blinks at the scene. He then grins wide. "Cool!", he says, and runs over to help Anne and Vern up. "Are you doing it again? Can I play too, this time? Huh? Can I?"

Anne squeaks when she runs into Vern and tries quickly to disentangle herself, "Help! Help! Let go of me!"

Vern shakes his head, "I haven't got a hold of you!" He tries to push himself away from Anne, somehow managing to get his legs tangled and fall over backwards.

Tal stops and scrathces his chin, staring at the mess of limbs currently on the floor. He shakes his head. "No, no, you're doing it wrong!", he says, and he runs away, disappearing into the break room again."

Anne manages to get 'free' of Vern, just before tripping over him and sprawling to the floor.

Wed Jun 16 08:38:18 2004

Vern naturally moves to protect his face from being fallen upon. It'd be nice if he thought to, y'know, get between Anne and the ground to save her an impact, but that doesn't occur to him until it's too late.

Tal runs out of the break room holding up a piece of cardboard divided in four sections of different colours and a spinning dial in the middle. "There, kids love to play this game! See? You have to spin the dial first, then you put the selected limb on those coloured tiles on the floor, and /then/ you get all entangled!" He pauses, screeches to a halt, and observes the piece of cardboard closely. "Aw, kwotz!", he exclaims. "I've got the one for humans." He shrugs. "Ah, well, I guess that when 'arm' comes out, we'll spin the wheel twice for Anne..."

Vern blinkblinks. "Oh... no. Okay, don't think about it. I'm not on the floor with heaps of kids right over thereoh my god I'm on the floor and the kids are watching me!" He zooms to his feet, jumping back towards a wall.

Anne squeals, "They're gonna get me!" She runs for the door and tries to open it. Unfortunately, it's the door to the break room, "Let me out!"

Vern presses up against the wall, yelling, "Anne! Be quiet! They really can smell fear!" He glances at the house full of kids. A few of them are staring curiously at her.

Anne continues rattling the door, "I want out!" She doesn't seem to have heard Vern.

Vern slaps his forehead, "Aw, heck... That's the back! Front door's the other way! Tal, the babies are getting ready to attack!"

Anne continues rattling on the door. "It's locked! We'll never get out of here!" Vern? Vern who?

Wed Jun 16 09:03:19 2004

Tal has disconnected.

Vern quickly crosses the room to Anne. "Stop it! The babies are getting ready!"

Anne blinks and looks up at Vern, actually noticing him, "Huh?" She continues to rattle on the doorknob, however.

Vern fairly much turns Anne around. Quite a few of the kids have piled out of the house, and are quietly staring at the pair. "Remember, don't show weakness..."

Anne squeaks, "Uh... help?"

Vern hrms thoughtfully, "Well... We can either move slowly for the door, or, and I think this is the better option, run like crazy. What do you think?"

Anne uhms, "Run like crazy!"

Wed Jun 16 09:28:20 2004

Vern nods, "Okay, run like crazy." He pauses, looking at the children who stare blankly back at him. "Oh boy.."

Anne proceeds to start to run like crazy towards the door.

Vern blinkblinks. "Don't leave me here with them!" he cries, running after Anne.

Anne pays no attention to Vern's plea as she leaps over half constructed Lego house and other assorted scattered toys and dodging a couple of kids before finally reaching the door. And slaming into it with a loud *thud*.

Vern slows down with a wince. He walks the last few steps to the door, and opens it carefully, possibly with Anne still clinging to it.

Anne does indeed still cling to it. Though, after the door swings open a little, she apparently realizes it's moving and jumps off, only to get hit as it continues to move.

Vern sighs quietly. He reaches around the door, nabs Anne by the shoulder, and pries her back from the door. That being done, he points her towards the now open exit.

Anne squeaks and dives out the door.

Vern backs out the door, and slowly closes it behind him. The children watch in silence, before a cheer is raised. "Huzzah! The big folk are gone! Riot!" Within seconds kids are over turning toy boxes, running down Luann, and stealing milk and cookies.

You open the door and head outside.

200N Greyhound

This is a nice middle class area with homes scattered all about it. The lawns are typically large and well maintained. Cars pass through here on their way home and saucers soar through the sky above. There doesn't seem to be a single business here expect that one large house has a sign in front of it saying "Daycare Center". A larger then normal driveway is in front of it and it has a playground behind it.

Sitrus Speeder (SYSMOAJX)
Obvious Exits:
Cul De Sac <C> Daycare Center <D> North <N> South <S>

Vern comes out of the Daycare Center.

Vern has arrived.

Anne stays where she landed after literally diving out the door, panting heavily.

Vern backs away from the door. "I think we're saaaAAFE!" It looks like he found Anne, or atleast one of her limbs, as he rolls over backwards a few times.

Anne lets out a quiet, "Ow..." as she's landed upon.

Wed Jun 16 09:53:20 2004

Vern just lays on the sidewalk, looking up at the very early morning sky. "Ye ghads... We just visit the place and we're almost killed. How can he work there?"

Anne mumbles painfully, "I don't know... He explained it, but I still don't get it..."

Vern makes no effort to shift himself. "Sorry for falling on you... multiple times. I think," he hrms puzzledly, but shrugs.

Anne mumbles again, "Then... could you... get off?"

Vern blinks. He jolts upright, making a profusion of apologies.

Anne mumbles something about how she hates being squished, especially twice in 24 hours, but doesn't move to get up quite yet.

Vern stands up slowly, peering down the street. "Well... At least we're alive?"

Anne groans, "I think so... Let me just lie her quietly while my bones heal..."

Vern frowns. "Heeey... I'm not that heavy."

Anne mumbles, "It /felt/ like that..."

Vern rolls his eyes. "Soooo... You wanna hand up, or should I invite the kids down for a play?"

Anne squeaks, "I'll get up..." And she slowly starts to get to her feet.

Vern looks curiously at Anne. "Uhm... You haven't swallowed a chew toy lately? I mean, you're awfully squeaky..."

Anne blinks, "Uh... no..."

Vern nods slowly, "Uhuh... Well, if you're sure..."

Wed Jun 16 10:18:21 2004

Anne nods, "Uhm, yeah, I'm sure..."

Vern smiles, "So. Where to now? I suppose we could go to school if we're feeling nostalgic..."

Anne blinkblinks, "Oooh! Not school!"

Vern laughs. "So not school... That justa about leaves the rest of Pebble Beach..."

Anne nods, "Well... uhm... so...

then where do you wanna go?"

Vern hrms. "Y'know... For a city with lotsa aliens in it, you'd think more would be around..." He shakes his head. "Hmm. KDs... The Mall, food, Al's, the Cafe..." He shrugs.

Anne giggles, "Well... uh... we're kinda close to the mall..."

Vern nods, "Uh huh. The Mall." He looks around the street, blinks, and looks around again. "Funny... My car's gone."

Anne blinks, "Did somebody steal it?"

Vern shakes his head slowly, "Nuhuh... No one with respect would steal a pink box of..." He blinks, then hehs, "Uh, box of less then prime car."

Anne blinks again, "You put your car in a box?"

Aidan has arrived.

Anne and Vern stand in front of the daycare center, talking. She looks rather... disheveled.

Wed Jun 16 10:43:22 2004

Vern frowns a little. "No... My car isn't in a box. I'm just saying that no one would... well, /bother/ to steal my car."

Anne nods, "Oh..."

Aidan walks out from the Cul De Sac and fixes his hat...then without looking around starts to walk down the street southward.

Vern shakes his head. "It's more likely I left the park brake off, and it's hurtling towards the Grill even as we speak."

Anne uhms, "Well... then... maybe we should go after it?"

Aidan heads south.

Aidan has left.

Vern laughs, "Why? I mean, it's... my car! Oh my god my poor car!" He runs southwards.

Anne, of course, follows Vern, though she doesn't run quite so fast.

Vern heads south.

Vern has left.

You head south.

Intersection of Hanson and Greyhound

Vern heads south.

Vern has left.

You head south on the road.

100N Greyhound

Vern heads south.

Vern has left.

You head south on the road.

Intersection of BMDRH and Greyhound

The Interesection of BMDRH and Greyhound is a busy one. A large number of small shops intermixed with a couple of bigger ones sit along the sides of the street. The local bus station is located on one of the corners, with less fortunate aliens and humans hanging around outside its doors. A lot of street lamps cast a dim glow onto the ground and provided enough illumination to easily see by. A large number of police cars are parked outside the Donut Shop. Saucers fly overhead while a couple of cars and jet bikes skim the street.

Obvious Exits:
Ye Olde Donutte Shoppe <DS> East <E> West <W> North <N> South <S>

From inside the JetBike, Marius is perched on his jetbike... while the engine's running... in the middle of the road... doing absolutely /nothing/. Weird, eh?

Vern's currently running southwards at speed, yelling out lines like, "Somebody save my car!" or "Superman, where are you?"

Anne jogs along behind Vern, following, though not running quite as fast.

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinks, looking up as he notices Anne and Vern. As he hears the bizarre lines of Vern, his eyebrow quirks.

Vern continues sprinting, even as he spots Marius. "Hey! You haven't seen a pink Venus roll past here any time soon?" he asks on his way past

Anne is, by this time, some distance behind Vern, so she hurries to try to catch up.

From inside the JetBike, Marius shakes his head, "Uh... no, I can't say I have..." he says, blinking again as he watches Vern and Anne go by. For the heck of things, he actually decides to follow suit, driving the jetbike along at speeds that, were it not early morning, he would be annoying the general populace going at.

Vern nods breathlessly. "Oh, okay thanks!" He runs onwards for a few more seconds, before skidding to a halt. "Waittaminute!" He pauses, sucking down a fresh breath of air. "You /didn't/... see a pink... Venus... roll past?"

Anne barely manages to skid to a stop only inches from crashing into Vern.

From inside the JetBike, Marius shakes his head, slowing his jetbike to a halt... an easy task, but one that /still/ causes Marius to almost fall off the thing... "Um... no, but then again, I was a little distracted."

Vern winces, muttering, "Not again..." He blinks, then grins when Anne fails to reach him. "Ahar! Already done that... A few too many times tonight..." He looks up at Marius, and hehs, "Y'know... That's good... Starting to think that I... Y'know. Maybe walked."

Anne blinkblinks and stares at Vern, "You mean... we ran all this way for nothing?"

From inside the JetBike, Marius raises an eyebrow, glancing from between Anne and Vern. Naturally, the Rocking Aristocrat apprears quite perplexed, "I... see."

Vern laughs a little, "Uh... Well, maybe not for nothing... Just, uhm, not for an awful lot..."

Anne rolls her eyes, "Alright then..." She starts digging around in her backpack for a few moments before pulling out... her freak gun.

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinks, "Riiiiight..." he says before his eyes go to the gun, "Uh oh."

Vern sweatdrops. "Uhm... Anne. Just what're you doing with that? We haven't reworked the contract yet..." With his hands held up in supplication, Vern slowly backs away from Anne.

Anne looks around for a good target to store, not answering Vern. "Ah..." she says, pointing it at Marius' bike and pulling the trigger.

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinkblinkblinks, "HEY! What in the Fires of Heck do you think you're..." he murmurs, pulling Galatea out to try to /DESTROY/ whoever's daring to blast his bike. But, alas... it's a little too late, because his bike cannot defend itself...

Vern's beauty-related survival instincts kick straight in, as he bolts southwards. "Yeek! Marius, protect me, she's trying to turn me into a Vern-bike!"

Marius' bike is enveloped with a glow for a moment, but that's it; it's fine. After that, Anne then points the gun at Vern, "Hold still!" as she quickly pulls the trigger, trying to get in a shot before Vern gets away.

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinks, holding his guitar in a protective 'I'll blast anyone coming near my bike off the face of the earth' pose, "Huh? Vern-bike? What's that, some new model of pushbike with your own seal of approval?" he muses. Of course, he's too busy trying to unravel the mystery and protect his own bike to do anything.

Wed Jun 16 11:33:23 2004

Anne's gun shoots out a nice, steaming hot jet of beef stew, straight at Vern. Unfortunately, stew cannot travel as fast or as far as a running Vern, so the stew falls short of actually hitting him.

Vern yells "I will not!" back over his shoulder to Anne, causing him to veer sharply to the side. He gapes when he notices the stew, his feet getting tangled as he attempts the apparently difficult maneuver of turning oneself around, and falls to the ground. "You were going to soup me! Turn me into some kind of horribly unfashionable food product!"

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinks as he finally drops the 'defend the bike with your life' act, staring helplessly at the goings-on, "What... in the heck... just happened?" he demands

Anne blinks and hits the gun with one hand, "Darn thing... Okay... /Now/ hold still!" as she takes aim at Vern for another shot.

Vern's eyes widen. "Aw heck no! I'm not being turned into some kind of beef-bike-stew!" He flops away from Anne, rolling down the street.

From inside the JetBike, Marius sweatdrops. Yep. That's about it.

Anne keeps her gun trained on Vern and pulls the trigger again.

Tal comes in from the north.

Tal has arrived.

Minthe comes in from the south.

Minthe has arrived.

Vern's rolling down the street. Literally. Away from Anne. As fast as he can flop.

From inside the JetBike, Marius is currently perched on his jetbike, staring at the goings-on and looking /very/ confused.

Tal just looked at you.

Hugging the side of the street, Minthe slinks along heading north trying not to be noticed... she eeps quietly as she spots everyone and ducks behind a parked car.

On the ground is a puddle of beef stew.

Vern hehs. "Whooooa... this is kinda fun," he says with a giggle. "Wheee!"

From inside the JetBike, Marius blinkityblinks as the shot... well... it comes into contact with him, and some very, very /bad/ things happen. For example, Marius' voice actually changes, becoming... is that the voice of a jetbike? Not only that, his skin's gone chromatic... handlebars appear on the side of his head... and his feet fuse together and turn into exhaust pipes. Uh oh. Oh dear. Something's gone horribly, /horribly/ wrong.

Marius climbs off of the JetBike - MVPATROL.

Marius has arrived.

Wed Jun 16 11:58:23 2004

Minthe pops her head up, from behind the car and spots the... Marius-bike... Jet-Marius? Well, the right name can be figured out later... She eeps and runs to his side, forgetting for the moment that she was supposed to be hiding. "Marius! Are you all right?!" she cries... then remembers she was supposed to be hiding... Oh well... too late now...

Anne blinks as she misses Vern /again/ and the beam bounces off to who knows where (okay, Marius knows where), "Darn it!"

Vern rolls some more, veering off to the side as he becomes more and more disorientated. He rolls up onto the sidewalk, circling around himself a few times before grinding to a halt. "Ooooh... Why's the ground trying to... to... climb the sky?" He lays in the middle of the path, blinking up at the sky.

"BLASTED INFERNAL... BAH!" the now-enginelike voice of Marius thunders as the half-Marius, half-jetbike monstrosity turns his eyes... which now turn out to be halogen headlights... to stare at Anne, evidently in really-angry mode, "HOW DARE YOU DEFILE MY ROCKING FORM WITH YOUR CHICANERY!" he thunders before proceeding to rattle off a string of random words, "Ectoplasmite! Villain! Insubordinator! Soda-monkey! Megalomaniac!" He cuts off his bizarre words... but that's only because he sees Minthe, "OH NO!" Marius vrooms. Yes. Vrooms. "I can't let her see me like this!" he panics, trying to cover his face.

Minthe runs to Marius' side and hugs him around his... uhm... banana seat... "Oh Marius... it'll be OK..." she looks up and glares at Anne... nope, she was right these guns are too dangerous... and Tal is gonna pay, for breaking his part of the bargain... "Forget my purse... this has gone too far..." she stands up and makes a break for Anne, ducking behind cars and running serpentine to avoid getting hit.

Anne blinks and looks at Marius, "Uhm... sorry?" As Minthe comes running towards her, she eeps and tries to hide her gun.

Vern clambers to his feet, woozing heavily from side to side. He blinkblinks, and forces his eyes to uncross, then stumbles back towards the others.

Marius can't quite nod, but his headlights-eyes do flash a little brighter. Then he continues his metallic assault of words, "Paleolith! Sedimentite! NOBODY DOES THIS TO MARIUS TECHELLIUS VELUINNIS! NOBODY! Dang, why can't I reach Galatea... if I could, I'd be /destroying/ things! Technocrat! Dictator! Oppressor!" Now /that's/ emotion for ya.

Minthe does her best Crys impersonation, diving for Anne to tackle her to the ground... well, it's not a tackle-hug and there's no tickling... so it's actually a fairly /poor/ impersonation of Crys... But Minthe's mad, "Sorry?! Look at Marius! He looks like-- He looks like-- well, he looks like he'd be fun to ride, actually... but that's not the point! You've gotta /stop!/"

Anne blinkblinks as Minthe dives for her, "Uhm... hey... cut it out!" She dodges just barely in time, "I like my gun!"

Wed Jun 16 12:23:23 2004

Marius blinks his headlights, "Fun to ride? Fun t... /FUN TO RIDE/?!?" he demands, "I am not a machine! I am a Rocker! And until I am restored to my Rockerness... ALL WILL PAY!" As if to emphasize his point, the headlights now glare at Anne, "...your /gun/ is a..." His voice... or engine... suddenly raises, "...stupid piece of /junk/!" he engine-revs at her, then, in a lame display of anger, he shines his headlights towards Anne, "Feel my wrath! Feel my... this is /stupid/! I want my guitar and my zap gun and my illustrious Rocking Body back!"

Vern blinkblinks, stopping to stare at the spectacle. "Wow... That's one angry jetbike," he murmurs, looking at Marius. He hobbles on over.

Tal walks in from the north, his hands in his pockets, whistling. He arrives just in time to hear Marius's rant and suddenly frowns. "Hey! My junk isn't /stupid/ junk!", he protests, weakly, while still in the distance (so it's not clear if people have heard him or not). But he doesn't intervene. Experience has taught him that he has a tendency to succumb when trying to stop jetbikes by stepping in front of them.

Minthe oofs as she hits the ground, then scrambles up and glances back at the Marius-bike, "Sorry, hon! I lost focus!" she turns back angrily towards Anne, "Gimme the gun, Anne. This has got to stop."

Anne shakes her head at Minthe, "No! It's mine! Tal made it for me and you can't have it! I think you're just jealous!"

Marius blinkityblinkblinks, "JEALOUS?!?" the Rocking Jetbike rages, "JEALOUS?!? Hello?!? Marius Techellius Veluinnis is a JETBIKE, for crying out loud! And when Marius is a jetbike, /he ain't happy/! And when he ain't happy... /bad things happen/! Bad, forty-foot, reptilian, lizard things with sharp, jagged teeth, which might just make an appearance if that gun isn't surrendered and I'm not returned to my Rocking Self in... oh... ten... nine..." Wait... did Marius just threaten what it /sounded/ like he threatened. Wow. He's mad, all right.

Minthe takes a deep breath, "Anne... listen to me... in the last three days, I've seen my boyfriend turned into a jetbike... which is not something any girl should have to see, just so you know... I've been a hamburger, and I've sprouted extra arms... which /totally/ stretched out my blouse by the way... The cute one with the sunset print? Ruined. Just... that's it. Gone. Poof. These guns might be fun for you, but they're just evil." Oh... right... like logic's gonna work. Minthe grabs for the gun... "Give it!"

Vern wanders on over to Marius. He looks between Anne, Minthe and the howling jetbike. And then he pats the latter on the headlight, speaking in reassuring tones, "All ya need to do is, say, step in front of a bus, and you'll be fine... Whooo..." He grins, swaying as he almost looses his balance

Anne nodnods, "Yes, jealous 'cause you don't have one so you can't turn people into other things!" She holds tightly to the gun, "No! You can't have it!"

"Eight..." As Marius hears about Minthe becoming a hamburger, however, the headlights... well, they narrow angrily on Anne, "SevensixfivefourthreetwooneZERO!" Marius thunders in a loud roar as a certain golden glow begins to engulf the Rocking Jetbike. Oooooh man, things are about to get heated in Pebble Beach.

Minthe wrestles with Anne, "I am /not/ jealous! I just wanna destroy the stupid things!" she calls as she pulls it out of Anne grasp with authority... in fact, she yanks it so hard, that she falls backwards onto the ground, the resulting shock, causes her to accidentally trigger the gun... "Whoops."

Vern pats Marius once or twice more on his shiney headlight, then hiccups a giggle. "Wooh... Warm. Oooooh, what shall we dooo with the drunken sailor, what shall we...!" Breaking into song, Vern skips away from the commotion.

Vern has disconnected.

Wed Jun 16 12:48:24 2004

Minthe eeps as the guns spews forth a large volume of cream of broccoli soup (Now with more broccoli!) all over herself and Anne. "Ew!!! See?! See?!" Well, on the bright side... no one's likely to ask what she was doing sneaking around this morning anytime soon.

Tal raises a finger. "Hold on, Anne! I'll help you!" He turns and runs away to the north. "I just need a laptop, some crossover wire, a wireless router, some textbooks, and all the necessary for a few allergy shots...", he says to himself while he runs away in a generally northward direction.

The glow begins to expand until it's at least about forty feet high... and then it fades... and in its place is something very, very, /very/ different from what normally appears when Marius monsters out. Normally, the urbane, charming, witty Godzilla-meets-the-Scorpion-King ancestor of Marius appears. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. What emerges instead is... well, it's a much more chrome-like version of Truckasaurus. And instead of legs, it has one giant wheel, so it's like a monster unicycle of some kind. And its voice... well, it certainly isn't the voice of Marius' relative... wait, actually, it is... but for the first time ever, 'Volkius' is very, very, very angry, "WHO DID THIS?!?" the unicycle monster thunders in a voice they probably heard over on the Moon.

Anne blinkblinks as she gets souped. And again when Marius monsters out, "Eeeek!" and she automaticly raises her forcefield around herself, maybe trapping Minthe inside.

Through the greenish haze of Anne's force field, Minthe looks up at the totally terrifying Volkiatruckasaurus, totally terrified. Yes, it's redundant... but Minthe is, uhm... totally terrified. She uhms and points to Anne, "She did."

Anne blinks, "I didn't... I wasn't... I mean... Oh dear..."

Volkiatruckasaurus, for want of a better name, nods to Minthe, "Thank you..." he says before staring down at Anne. And then... well, /he/ loses his temper. And that's even /worse/ than Marius, "HOW DARE YOU TRAP ME INSIDE THIS INFERNAL MACHINE?!?" he yells, almost on par with Anglebert in terms of losing it, "I AM SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OLD! AND WHAT DO YOU DO? YOU LOCK A VERY OLD MAN INSIDE THIS... THIS... THIS PIECE OF JUNK!" He clears his throat, "Marius told me about that piece of worthless machinery that did this to me..." He actually starts letting off smoke at this point, "AND MARIUS ALSO TELLS ME THAT YOU USED IT TO TURN POOR MINTHE INTO A HAMBURGER!" he roars. Wow. Well, Marius /did/ try to warn everyone.

Minthe says quietly, "And ruined my favorite top," she says, taking this opportunity to bravely faint dead away... the gun clatters to the ground. Don't worry folks, she'll be OK fairly soon.

Tal has disconnected.

Minthe has disconnected.

Wed Jun 16 13:13:24 2004

Anne blinks, "I... uh... but... it's not fair!"

"Not fair?!? NOT FAIR?!?" Well, Volkius actually seems to be calming down as he unicycles his way up and down... evidently a new version of pacing up and down, "And is it fair that I must be forced to live my life trapped inside a /machine/?"

Anne blinkblinks, "/Forever/? It's not forever! I don't see what everyone gets all worked up about, it wears off!"

"Oh, it wears off, it wears off... that's not the blasted point! The point is that it is a compromisal of my form, which is punishably by kicking a /field goal/ with the perpet... it wears off?"

Anne nods, "Yes, it wears off! Sheesh..."

Volkius nods, "Good, then I won't /destroy you/ like I initially planned..." he says, "But however, I must warn you never to do this again! For if you do, rest assured that I shall take that device and /eat/ it!"

Anne blinks, "No! You can't do that! It's mine! Tal gave it to me! Nobody eats it or breaks it or anything!"

Volkius simply repeats himself, "If you shoot me, Marius or Minthe again... I /eat/ it..." he says firmly, flashing his chrome teeth as a demonstration.

Anne shakes her head, "You wouldn't! Because... uhm... you can't!"

"Oh?" Volkius inquires, "I ate the top of a small cliff once. What makes this piece of junk any different?"

Anne blinkblinks. Cliff? That's bad. "Uhm... because... if you eat it... You'll keep turning into different things. And you won't be able to stop." she says, trying to make her lie sound as convincing as possible. Well, is it really a lie? She doesn't know for sure what'll happen if the gun were eaten. She didn't bother to ask Tal /that/.

Volkius nods, "Oh, fine then, I won't eat it..."

Anne nodnods, "Eating bad. Very bad. Yeah."

"...I'll just settle for /stamping/ on it!"

Anne blinks, "Hey!"

Volkius chuckles, "I think I've made my point. That gun of yours is a menace to society, and I will not hesitate to destroy it should you get up to any more evil tomfoolery with it."

Anne blinks again, "It is not a menace! It's cool!"

Minthe has connected.

Volkius actually manages a metallic frown, "It is not cool. It is a menace. Try telling that to Marius, if he ever actually turns back from that monstrosity. I repeat. It happens again, I will stamp on that gun... or maybe I'll /eat/ it anyway."

Anne hasn't picked up the gun. No, she's too busy arguing, "It is cool!"

Minthe slowly stirs... "Mwaaaah?" she asks, intelligently.

Volkius is standing where he is... but he's not quite so angry now, "It is not! It is a worthless piece of junk that does nothing but irritate everybody!" Well, he's honest.

Wed Jun 16 13:38:25 2004

Anne pouts, "You're just... just... mean! You don't understand!"

Tal has connected.

"Oh, am I?" Volkius muses, turning his attention to the awakening Minthe, "Oh, Minthe? The honest truth. Is that gun a worthless piece of junk that's done nothing but irritate everybody? Is it?"

Minthe blinks and nods her hand snakes out and grabs the gun again... "Yes it is... and Anne... If you want it back, you gotta promise not to use it on me... or Marius, ever again."

Volkius adds, "Or I'll eat it. Or step on it."

Anne gestures to Volkius, "It's not fair! I didn't shoot him in the first place! I was shooting Vern!"

Volkius hmms, pausing for a second, then he speaks... "Marius says he doesn't care. That's about the worst thing you can do to a Rocking Aristocrat, you know."

Tal runs into the scene, and kneels in front of Volkius (and Minthe if their spatial configuration allows so). "NO! PLEASE! That gun Is a very precious piece of junk that took me months and months and months of work, and pain, and suffering, and sweat, and tears and blood to produce, and it's /designed/ to do nothing but irritate everybody! Please! Minthe has already taken mine away! Leave Anne's alone!"

Minthe blinks, "That's my point! It's dangerous! Every time I got hit was on accident. If we're around... /don't/ use this thing!"

Of course, Volkius' mechanical eyes then focus on Tal, "Oh, so you're responsible for this tomfoolery, eh? Then you won't have any problem telling me how we /reverse/ this thing. Or..." Surprise surprise... "I'll /eat/ it!"

Anne blinks at Tal's words, "You... you..." She turns on Minthe, angry now, "You took his gun away? Give it back!" And she tries to pounce on Minthe. With the forcefield still up...

Minthe eeps and tries to roll away from Anne, then bumps into the force field, "I'm /gonna/ give it back! Just as soon as he buys me a purse!"

Tal blinks. "Oh, but that's easy!", he smiles wide. "You see, you just need to wait until the transient is over, and once the energy levels of the new configuration of the particles have settled, you just give the provide enough energy to the system as to get over the energy barrier and fall back again on the original, more stable structure. Any kind of energy will do. Kinetic, thermal, electromagnetic, chemical... just any kind will work. Oh, and power. Let us not forget about power. Such energy must be trasferred in a relatively short amout of time." He looks around then adds, in a conspiratory way. "But don't tell anyone. I'd prefer this to stay a secret."

Tal turns to Anne and nods. "That's true, Anne. We have an agreement. I buy her a purse, she gives it back."

Volkius blinks, failing to understand, "Perhaps you didn't understand. Turn me back or the gun goes smashy-smashy." That's about the most undistinguished thing to ever come out of Volkius' mouth, but... yeah, it works.

Anne oofs as she hits her head against the side of the forcefield and then slides down, sending the giant ball rolling a few feet, "Ow..."

Minthe clutches the gun tighter, and rolls to her feet, bumping her head on the top of the forcefield, "Ow."

Tal pauses. "Ok. I must warn you: this /might/ hurt a little..." he says, timidly, raising a finger, "...but I'm sure someone as though as you isn't scared by such trivial things!", he concludes, grinning wide. "I mean... you have the proud appearance of a mighty warrior." He pauses. "You even have the shiny armor.", he adds, with a silly grin, after which he abruptly purses his lips and blows a cone of fire at Volkius, as large as he manages to make it. This should revert him to normal.

Anne stands up, rubbing her head, "Well... alright then... just gimme mine back!"

Minthe holds the gun out, then pulls it back, "You promise never to use it around Marius and me again? And remember, we know how to reverse it now... you sure don't want /that/ secret getting out..."

"Ouchouchouchouch!" Volkius protests as the fire engulfs him. It seems to have its desired effect though, as when the fire fades away, the lizard with the scorpion-tail is back... and /then/, of course, with a quick flash of gold, even that's gone, and Marius is laying down, tired almost to the point of being asleep, on the ground.

Anne tries to snatch the gun, "Gimme!"

Minthe makes a bod roll (to Anne) 7 plus a knack of 1 total: 8

Tal sighs. "Sorry, Marius... there is no other way...", he turns to Minthe and attempts, "Uhm... Minthe? Couldn't we anticipate the restitution a little? You know, I could buy you the purse anyway..."

Anne makes a bod roll (to Minthe): 7

Marius stirs on the ground, then clears his throat as if he's taken it on himself to answer the question, "If that gun is used near me again..." he says purposefully and even a little dangerously, "I'll personally /clobber/ whoever's using it with Galatea. And then I'll gag them and set them up on a date with my brother." Harsh threat... but it has to be done, after all.

Minthe eeps and lifts the gun up high again, "Promise, Anne! And Tal, that deal is for /your/ gun... not this one!"

Tal shudders at Marius's words. "I'll /never/ hit you again. That's for sure." HE nods at minthe. "I... was asking for... uhm... /mine/ back.."

Anne uhms, "Uh... sure... I promise..."

Minthe eyes Anne suspiciously, and hmmms, "OK... but /don't/ cross me, Anne. Or this'll get a hundred times worse..." But... she hands over the gun.

Marius nods, folding his arms, "Right. It's official and you two can't plead ignorance, then. That doubles for Minthe, too. I hear of any Minthe-related gun shootings, I'll be coming to the scene, and Galatea will be coming with me. And so will my Zap Gun. And so will my jetbike. And so will the Football Team, since they /still/ serve as my own private army. And maybe I'll call in a few legions from home, too..." he finishes almost menacingly.

Anne quickly snatches the gun away and stuffs it in her backpack, not saying anything.

Minthe looks over at Marius and smiles... "You play football?" she asks, excitedly.

Marius chuckles, "I'm not on the team, but I mess around now and then. Most people think I'm more suited for basketball." He grins, "The team and I are friends, though... they helped us back in the First Rock-Disco War."

Anne eventually decides to lower her forcefield, releasing Minthe.

Minthe nods to Marius... "Oh..." she says... "Well, that's still pretty cool... I guess..." She smiles up at him, "Are you feeling OK?"

Marius grins, "Of course I am... although if anyone /ever/ tries that again, they're going to turn into an accordian very dang fast..." he murmurs, "But yeah, I'm fine." He sighs, "Tired, though. Being turned into a /jetbike/ can take a lot out of you."

Anne makes a face and mumbles something under her breath.

Minthe can't help but giggle, "I gotta admit, you did look pretty cute though..."

Tal raises a finger, trying to interrupt the lovebirds without being too impolite. "So, hum, can I have my gun back in advance, please? Aesthetically pleasing please? Aesthetically pleasing, aesthetically pleasing please? Aesthetically pleasing please with glucosium liberally sprinkled on summit? I have barely managed to use it once, I'd like to have my share of fun with my gun too before Anne makes it 'soooo last week...'"

Marius shrugs, "I'm /still/ gonna blast anyone who even /thinks/ about trying it again..." he mumbles, still mortally offended by what happened.

Minthe winks to Marius, and nods to Tal... "Uhm... I guess... 'cept I don't have it on me right now..."

Wed Jun 16 14:53:28 2004

Anne blinks, "Where is it?"

Tal's expressions quickly turns from humble begging to complete shock, and then to bewilderment, then to shock again and finally to utter panic. "Where is it, my poor little baby...", he asks, almost choked, the voice struggling hard to come out and making a poor, poor job at it. " it safe? Is it well cared after? Is it well fed? is..." He coughs. "Uhm... ignore the last question.", he says, still not reassured.

Marius smirks, "I don't particularly care..." he adds triumphantly, "as long as it's far, far, /far/ away from me."

Tal assumes the characteristic expression of someone who has just been stabbed to the heart with a double blade axe connected to an electric drill. The kind of expression one gets /after/ the drill has been turned on.

Minthe nods quickly, "Oh, yeah... it's safe... just hard to carry a gun around wearing nothing but a bikini, and /not having a purse!/"

Anne blinks, "Where is /safe/?"

Marius reiterates himself, "Don't care. As long as it's far away from me." Then he yawns again, subconsciously drooping down to his knees, "Stupid gun... making me sleepy."

Minthe uhms to Anne... "In my saucer... Don't sweat it. It's locked... uhm... I think. G'night, love."

Marius blinks a couple of times, "Huh? Oh, I'm not going to sleep. No. Got too much to d..." Marius doesn't finish, because he's quite literally lying flat out on the sidewalk now. He /says/ he's not tired... but it's obvious he's probably on the verge of sleeping right then and there.

Tal falls to his knees. "NO! PLEASE!", falling to his knees and trying to follow Minthe. "I need it... now..."

Anne uhms, glancing at Tal, "Where's your saucer?"

Minthe blinks, "Why are guys always saying that to me?" she wonders idly... then shrugs, "All right... come on..."

Marius hmms, lying there on the verge of sleep, "Oh yeah. Tal, I don't care if I'm asleep. If you use that thing near me, asleep or not, I will destroy you. G'night!" And with that, he's asleep.

Marius has disconnected.

Tal leaps in the air. "Yay!", clenching his fists. Too bad that a net tossed from a window of a passing Van catches him. "Sorry, lil' Martian!", says a seven foot tall burly man with black curly mustaches. "No more playin' for today. Ya gotta help me with my job!", he yells, dragging him away.

Anne blinkblinks, "Nooo! Darn it..." as Tal's dragged off.

Minthe erks as Tal flies off... "Uhm... OK... I'll get it for you later, then!"

Tal has disconnected.

Anne sighs faintly, shaking her head.

Minthe smiles satisfied, "Well, then... happy ending all around..."

Anne blinkblinks, "Is not!"

Minthe turns to Anne, "Whaddya mean? You got your gun back."

Anne gestures off down the road, "But Tal's gone!"

Wed Jun 16 15:18:30 2004

Minthe points down, "Well, Marius is asleep! But that's just temporary. They'll both be back and/or awake, eventually."

Anne nods, "Yeah, well... I guess so..."

Minthe grins, "See! So cheer up!"

Anne nods, "Uhm, well, alright..."

Minthe giggles, "Uhm... yeah..."

Anne uhms, "So... now what?"

Wed Jun 16 15:43:30 2004

Minthe uhmmms... "I dunno..."

Anne giggles, "Well... uhm..."

Minthe giggles, "You still not up for bikini shopping?"

Anne blinks, "Oh... uhm... uh... well... I guess we could do that..."

Minthe nods, "OK then!" she says, with a nod. "I'll bet Tal'll be happy."

Anne blushes, "Uhm... yeah..."

Minthe giggles and sets off for the mall... "Ya know, he's a good guy... crazy sometimes... but a good guy."

Anne nods, "Well... uhm... he's almost always crazy."

Minthe heads west.

Minthe has left.

You head west on the road.

200 BMDRH Ave

Minthe giggles and nods, "Well, yeah... I just didn't wanna say that..."

Anne laughs, "I think it makes him more interesting." She pauses, "Usually..."

Wed Jun 16 16:08:31 2004

Minthe looks at Anne as they walk, "What do you mean, usually?"

Anne uhms, "Well... there's times when he gets /really/ excited about doing stuff that's probably not a good idea and half the time he disappears for the rest of the day..."

Minthe nods and ahhhhs... "Yeah, well, I hear /that./ Marius is never around during the day. I think this is the longest I've seen him while the sun was up. His mom's always got him doing stuff. That's always a little weird for me."

Minthe heads west.

Minthe has left.

You head west on the road.

Intersection of BMDRH and Paideia

Anne chuckles, "Tal will do it any time, though. Day or night. He just gets so excited about stuff, he forgets about me sometimes. But he really is sweet, I know he doesn't mean it so I couldn't say anything to him."

Minthe hmmmms, "Well, but if it's bothering you, don't you think you /should/ say something? I mean, after all, if he loves you, he'll understand if you have a problem. I mean, how else will he know?"

Anne shrugs, "I can't. It might make me feel better, but it'd make him sad."

Minthe ponders for a long time then nods, "Yeah... you're right... the last thing you wanna do is make Marius sad..."

Minthe heads towards the mall.

Minthe has left.

You head towards the mall.

Mall East Lot

Anne blinks, "Marius?"

Minthe blinks and uhms... "No. Tal. I said Tal. Why would you worry about Marius being sad? That's silly. You're not even dating him. Oh look the mall! Let's only talk about shopping now!"

Anne blinks, "Uh... right... uhm... shopping, yeah..."

Minthe nods and looks straight ahead, as he heads into KD's.

Minthe pushes on the revolving doors and enters KD Nickels.

Minthe has left.

You push on the revolving door and enter the KD Nickels.

KD Nickels

Anne uhms, "So... what's wrong with Marius?"

Wed Jun 16 16:33:31 2004

Minthe sighs then shrugs, "Uhm... nothing. He's a perfect gentleman. Totally perfect. He bends over backwards to make sure I'm happy. He bends way, way, waaaaaaaay over..."

Anne blinks, "Well... you said Marius... and I told you about Tal... so you tell me about Marius."

Minthe blinks, "I am. See, that's kinda the problem... he does all this stuff for me... that he doesn't really wanna do, 'cause he thinks it'll make me happy. Like... the stage for the Island party? He didn't want it to be pink. But he acted like he did, 'cause it's what I wanted. And the costume thing? He didn't wanna suggest anything, but he did 'cause it's what I wanted. And like, on one level, it's great, but on another, it's like he's not being honest with me. I feel like I'm walking all over him, and I don't like that feeling... usually."

Anne blinks, "Oh... well... have you talked to him about that? I mean, if he doesn't want to do it, and /you/ don't want him to either, it'd be better if he didn't."

Wed Jun 16 16:58:31 2004

Minthe shakes her head, "No, I haven't yet. We haven't had a lot of alone time recently," she hehs, "We haven't had a lot of time, period. Maybe I should make the time..." she looks over the racks of bikini's distractedly... "Lemme ask you something... Do you think it's OK to flirt with other people, if you're dating someone? I mean, like, if you found out that Tal was flirting with someone, even if nothing else was going on, what would you think?"

Anne nods, "Oh, yeah, I know what you mean about not having a lot of time... I haven't really seen much of Tal recently. And we haven't been alone much either." She blinks, "Flirting? Uh, well, no, I don't think it's okay... I mean, if you're already going out with someone..."

Minthe nods slowly, but says nothing, she pulls out a black string bikini... "What do you think about this?"

Anne looks at the bikini, "It's a bit... uhm... small? Isn't it?"

Minthe nods and puts it back, "OK... no problem. Just trying to see what you like..."

Anne nods, "Uhm, okay."

Minthe shrugs, "Sorry... I guess I don't feel much like shopping today," she admits. In the background, a sales lady looks up as she overhears... "Minthe doesn't feel like--uuuh..." she says astonished as she faints to the ground.

Anne nods, "Well, alright." She tries to pretend she's disappointed, but she's actually rather relieved.

Minthe looks at Anne, then breaks out into a smile, "So... whatdya wanna do?"

Anne uhms and shrugs, "Oh, I dunno..."

Minthe giggles, "We seem to do this a lot..."

Wed Jun 16 17:48:32 2004

Anne giggles, "Yeah... I just never know what to do. I do it with other people, too."

Minthe fakes a pout, "Awww and here I thought I was special," she says, then giggles.

Anne giggles again, "Well... I do seem to do it with you more than others."

Minthe laughs, "Well, that's something at least."

Anne nodnods and giggls, "So..."

Minthe giggles, "I don't /know!/ I thought of coming here!"

Anne giggles, "Well... uhm... I don't know either!"

[Connect] It was about time! Tal has connected.

Minthe slowly catches her breath, and stops giggling, "OK... seriously. Lets' think..." she stands there, with a 'seriously, I'm thinking' look on her face. For about two seconds. Then she giggles.

Anne blinks, "Uhm... well..." She then giggles as well.

Minthe leans against a rack of bikinis and giggles.

Anne hmms, "We could... uhm..." She giggles, "I dunno!"

Minthe falls on the ground, giggling, taking the rack of bikini's with her with a *crash*

A large, burley security guard -- wide enough that he can't really fit through to doors of the store (which of course, begs the question how did he get in here? Answer: They built the store around him) lumbers over and growls darkly, "Can I help you ladies?"

Anne looks up at the security guard and just giggles, "Uhm, no thanks."

Minthe eeps and giggles, "Uhm... no... just shoppin'."

Wed Jun 16 18:13:33 2004

The guard glares down at Minthe and then at Anne... he snarls, "Well, maybe you'd like to shop somewhere else."

Anne giggles, "Uhm, no, here is good."

Minthe giggles and nods, "This is my favorite store..." she says weakly. She struggles to get up, and manages to pull down another rack of clothes.

OK... /that/ didn't seem to please the wall that walks like a guard... "I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist...Please, leave."

Anne giggles, "Uhm... we'll be good!"

Minthe giggles and scrambles to her feet, quickly picking up fallen clothes, "Yeah! We'll even buy stuff!"

The guard spits out, "I am sorry. But you'll have to go," He reaches down and tries to pick up both girls by the scruff of their necks.

Anne eeps as she's grabbed, "Hey!"

Minthe makes a similar eep sound as she's similarly grabbed, "Ow!! Watch the hair!"

The guard hauls the two girls towards the exit, "Thank you for shopping KD Nickels. Please come again... but not today,"

Anne eeps, "Uhm... we're sorry?"

Minthe nods, "Yeah... what she said... totally..."

The guard pauses at the door, "Well sorry doesn't cut it, missy... uh... Missy/s./" he says as he kicks open the door, and prepares to hurl them out.

Anne eeks.

Minthe whimpers, "You don't have to /throw/ us!"

The guard pauses and holds both girls up to his face, their feet dangling off the floor, "Hey... what do you think? I wanted to be a security guard? That I /like/ stomping around this place place day after day, night after night, grabbing pretty young girls and throwing them across the parking lot just to hear the squeaking noises they make as they bounce off the roofs of parked cars?! Well, do you?!"

Anne uhms, "Then... uh... what did you want to be?"

Minthe nods quietly.

Wed Jun 16 18:38:34 2004

The guard sighs wistfully, a single tear rolling down his big, meaty face... "I wanted to be... a tango instructor."

Anne blinkblinks, "Uhm... okay..."

Minthe uhms, "So... why didn't you?"

The guard sighs... "'Cause I kept crushing my dance partners..." He sighs wistfully... "Oh well, off you go then," he says, kicking open the door again and flinging Anne, then Minthe, out the door, "And have a nice day!" he calls out, chuckling.

Anne squeaks and *bouncebouncebounces* across the parking lot, disappearing under some parked cars off on the far side.

Minthe bounces, squeaks and rolls across the lot... ending up in the middle of the street... "Uhhhh..." she says, collapsing onto the road.



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