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Derkin's Country Dining Dining Room

The dining room of Derkin's Country Dining is easily the largest room in the entire resturant. A dozen or more tables, round, square, or rectangluar and placed throughout the room. Half a dozen more booths have also been fitted into the walls just beneath the windows. Fans circle lazily overhead as waiters and waitresses dart between the tables to serve people. The walls are decorated with numerous photographs or paintings of country living. A large steel door with a small plastic window it in serves as the entrance to the kitchen.
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Jenna the Waitress
Obvious Exits:
Front <F>

Vern comes into the dining room from the front of the resturant.

Vern has arrived.

Anne is, well, obviously here. Why here? Nobody knows, Anne probably doesn't even know. But she is here, sitting by herself in a booth as she stares at a menu, idly drinking a glass of water.

Thu Jun 17 06:55:12 2004

Vern thoughtfully taps a pencil against his chin, holding a small notepad in one hand. "Hmm... Derkin's," he murmurs. "Initial impression: daggy second rate eatery for the poor and desperately poor..." He hrms, then adds, "Romantic potential: almost zero. Suitability: negative." He catches sight of a menu, and grins. "Ooh, breadsticks! Well that just changes the whole situation now, doesn't it?"

Anne blinks and looks up when she hears Vern. She waves over at him.

Vern catches Anne's wave, returns it, and makes his way over. "Heya. Watcha doing at... Uhm... here?"

Anne shrugs, "Uhm, well, I dunno..."

Vern nods, "Oh, uhm... Okay." He pauses, and looks around. "Wow... This place is really... something," he finishes lamely. He takes a seat in Anne's booth.

Anne giggles, "Well... they do have good food..."

Vern nods again. "You eat here a lot?" he asks, Anne's social standing hanging in the balance. Well, in his eyes anyway.

The weather changes.

Anne blinks, "Not a lot, no. It's been awhile since I came here."

A ringing comes from Anne.

Perhaps you should 'answer phone'.

You flip open your ringing cell phone. You may now 'speak' into it.

From the phone, the voice says ""Hello?""

Vern slowly nods, "Uuuhhuh..." He grins, "Well, that's good to here. I was afraid I'd... Oh. Um, okay..." He goes quiet when the cell phone goes off.

Anne blinks, "You were afraid what?" she asks before talking into her phone.

Into your phone: Anne says "Hello?"

From the phone, the voice says "Hello!"

Into your phone: Anne giggles, "Hello."

From the phone, the voice laughs... "Hello! Hello hello hello? Hello hello hello hello... 'hello', hello hello hello. Hello hello?"

Into your phone: Anne giggles again, "Hello! Hello? Hello. Hellohellohello. Hello."

From the phone, the voice laughs. "Ok. I give up. Where are you?"

Into your phone: Anne giggles, "Derkins!"

From the phone, the voice pauses. The sound of rummaging can be heard, followed by that of a map being unfolded. "I'll be here soon! I think."

Into your phone: Anne giggles, "You know where the floating lookout is, right? Just head south a half a block."

From the phone, the voice says "Oh, sure! I'll be there in no time! Bye, love! *kiss on the microphone*"

Into your phone: Anne laughs, "Bye, love. See you when you get here."

Anne hangs up her phone and looks at Vern, "That was Tal." as if it wasn't already obvious.

From the phone, the voice is abruptly cut off by the sound of an explosion.

The phone on the other line clicks off, your phone hangs up.

Tal comes into the dining room from the front of the resturant.

Tal has arrived.

Vern nods mutely, trying to wrap a napkin around several bread sticks that have been crossed together, to form a small tent.

Anne blinks at her phone, "Wait... was that? No... it couldn't be..." She looks at what Vern's... building, "Uhm... that's very... interesting..."

Vern and Anne are, by the way, sitting in a booth on opposite sides. Woo. He looks up at Anne, his mouth twisted in concentration. "Uhhuh... I'm making a teepee..." He very carefully pulls out a rubber band from... somewhere, and puts it over the top of the napkin, cinching it tight against the tops of the bread sticks.

Anne blinks, "A teepee? But I thought... uhm... nevermind."

Vern huhs? "Thought what? Aren't teepees the little hut thingies?"

Thu Jun 17 07:45:14 2004

Anne shrugs, "Uh... sure..."

Vern blinks. He looks wounded as he quietly asks, "You... don't like my teepee? But... It's so accurate!"

Anne nodnods, "Oh, sure, it looks very nice. I was just confused."

One of the windows is SHATTERED, and through flies a projectile which spans the whole length of the room, zooming through and causing an air current which spoils various hairdos, sucks in napkins, sheets of papers, toothpicks and other small objects. A loud impact against the opposide wall later, all that is left is the smoking body of Tal, which stands there, still, sticking out horizontally from the wall. Almost all of the patrons turn to look, and they simply... stare as he removes the helmet he was wearing, leaving it stuck at the center of a rather impressive crack extending radially through the wall, thus finally achieving full freedom of movement. "Yay! My prototype gunpowder propelled near-human-projectile relocator has wored!" He scratches his chin. "Sure, it is one success in fifty tries, but still, with a little work...", he trails off as he looks around the place, satisfied.

Vern grins, about to answer Anne when suddenly his teepee is viciously sucked away from him. "No! Historically accurate teepee, come back!" he yells, jumping out of his seat. He quickly looses site of it, and falls to his knees. "No! Not after putting in so much work! I'll never get those thirty seconds back! Never, ever, ever!"

Anne eeeeks and ducks under the table when she hears the glass shattering, thus leaving Vern and his teepee to their own devices.

Tal finally spots Vern and walks over to him. "Vern, my old buddy! How happy I am to see you!" He looks around, still grinning wide. "Say, did you happen to see Anne? She said she was around here..."

Vern sniffles, hiking his thumb over his shoulder back towards Anne. "My teepee, my poor teepee..." he sobs quietly.

Anne cautiously peers out from beneath the table, not quite convinced that such a noise could be anything but somebody attacking the place.

Tal blinks. "Oh my... I... I didn't know you lived into one of those traditional American native dwellings! I'm sorry! What happened to your abode?", he asks, concerned.

Vern says, "'N after I put so much work into it, raised it from just sticks just to..." He sniffles again, "Just to have it torn away from me!" He stands up hurriedly, and heads for the rest rooms, "Excuse me, but I have something in my eye!""

Thu Jun 17 08:10:14 2004

Anne notices no people running from a zap wielding alien, just a trail of debris. She also notices Tal and Vern and carefully gets to her feet and creeps over to them.

Tal pauses, silent, removing an imaginary hat and holding it on his chest, turning to follow Vern (and thus giving his back to Anne). "How I can relate. Too well I know the pain of having your creations being crushed into a small mound of inert dust by some heartless philistine. Minthe was about to perform the same barbarous act to my damage a couple of days ago..."

Vern has disconnected.

Anne reaches up to lightly tap Tal on the shoulder, "Uhm... love... did you see who did all this?"

Tal turns to Anne. "Oh, Hello, Destiantion Of Choice of All My Travels!", he says, attempting to hug her. "No, sorry, Anne. I haven't seen Mr.Derkin."

The patrons simply return to their orders, in a deeply embarrassed silence.

Anne blinkblinks, "/He/ did this? To his own restaraunt?"

Tal shrugs. "Hey, I can't understand country interior decoration, either." He pauses. "For instance... why put those bull horns over there?" He shrugs. "Earthlings are weird. It will take some time to understand why they find some decorations attractive and some not."

Anne blinks, "Uhm... well... the broken glass wasn't here before..."

Tal blinks, then laughs. "Oh, that... a mere side effect of my prototype gunpowder propelled near-human-projectile relocator." He starts explaining, "You see, first you don the cranial protection unit...", he says, pointing at the helmet stuck in the wall, "...then you enter the mouth of the projection unit, commonly referred to as 'cannon'..."

Anne blinks. Again. "/You/ did it, love?"

Tal nods. "Yes. I still have to work on details such taking care of proper opening and closing of doors and windows and similar items... but, hey, it's still in the prototype phase. It's more a proof of concept than anything else...", he says, gesturing towards the window.

Thu Jun 17 08:35:15 2004

Anne uhms, "That thing sounds rather dangerous to me... I mean... what if you hit somebody?"

Tal ponders. "Uhm... I hadn't thought of that..." He points at Anne. "You know? I think I'll have to solve that before trying again...", he comments trailing off. After some thinking he says, abruptly. "Oh, by the way, did you manage to get my gun back from Minthe?"

Anne shakes her head, "Uhm... no, sorry... we were too busy getting thrown out of KD Nickels."



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