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Subject: Deeandee


Meanwhile, in the Underground Nightclub...

Jill and Kai have decided that teaching Minthe to play D&D is a good idea... they're wrong.

Underground Night Club
You have managed to find the most elusive hang out for teenagers. No one in their right mind would try to bust a night club in the sewer. But here it is! This bar is run by teenagers for teenagers. The walls are decorated in a motif resembling a good number of hotels. The lighting is supplied by many small, yet fancy looking, fixtures on the walls. There is a bar at the end, a few booths along the walls, and a couple tables in the middle of the room. The hole in the wall leading back to the sewer is the only unsightly thing in this room, and even that looks pretty nice... Off in one corner of the room, there is a rather elaborate electronic device set up.
     Places code is in effect here +tfoshelp places
     This area is equiped with a cyberjack. If you have bought a
Cyberjack Access Card from the mall StArcade, use +plugin to access the Construct.

Kai pulls off his poncho as they enter the club. "...and you both are /hot/!" he says then blinks, turning very red - again. "I just said that aloud, didn't I?"

Minthe blushes and giggles and picks a round booth near the back, and scootches in to the center, "Uhm... Thanks, Kai... so. Let's play. Can I get a Pearl of Power?"

Jill blinks faintly, sliding in next to Minthe. "Woah, it's not so simple. First, you have to make a character."

Kai slides in on the other side. "Yeah, which is a somewhat long process." he says.

Minthe blinks, "Uhm... OK... so... how do I do that?"

Jill says, "Well, first you have to come up with an idea. What kind of person do you want to play? Bearing in mind that the game is set in kind of a medieval-ish type world with magic and stuff."

Kai blinks. "Um... Do you think it might be better to give her a pre-fab? If we want to get her into the game tonight that is."

Minthe sits at a round booth between Kai and Jill. She giggles, "Uhm... OK. I'll play a princess! Everyone tells me I am one, anyway."

Jill shrugs lightly. "No prefab - I don't have an adventure on me." She strokes her chin faintly. "Okay, a princess... we can work with that. Tell me more about this princess."

Kai mmms then sits back to listen.

Minthe furrows her brow, "Uhm... well... she's beautiful... of course... and she lives in a huuuuuuuge castle, and she has musicians play her cool music all day, while she waits for her true love... who also happens to be a princess... to show up so they can get married."

Jill grins broadly at that. "Okay... well, maybe our description wasn't so concise. D&D stands for 'Dungeons and Dragons'. And normally it's about 'adventurers' running around and slaying monsters and getting treasure and stuff. Which is not to say you can't play a princess... she just might want to take a more active role in things."

Kai grins lopsidedly.

Minthe nods, "Oh... OK... she'll go on adventures then."

Jill nods a little. "Well, okay... so what kind of things do you generally want your princess to be capable of? D&D generally divides people into one of eleven 'character classes' that gives a person a set of skills and powers they can use."

Minthe shrugs, "Geez, I dunno... this sounds really complicated. What kinds of things is she supposed to be able to do? I mean I know a critical hit is good. Maybe I should make her be able to do that."

Jill grins a little broader. "Okay, maybe just throwing you in without a net wasn't the best idea. Any ideas, Kai?"

Vern scrambles out of the hole. He dashes across the room, stepping over the back of the booth and dropping into a seat. "So," he begins conversationally, about the same time as an angry-looking teenager bursts through the hole, dripping buttery goodness. "How's it-- Ack! I mean, er... hey, guys."

Kai blinks. "Uh..." he starts then glances at Vern and sweatdrops. "...yeah - get a safety net for all of us..." he murmurs as the teenager bursts through the hole. "I don't suppose there's a reader's digest version of why some buttrey-glazed teenager is on the rampage?" he asks Vern as he peers over the back of the booth seat.

Minthe blinks at Jill, "Uhm... OK. Then she should definitely be good with throwing nets," she says and waves to Vern, "Hiya!"

Jill collapses into a fit of the giggles at this point, missing the buttery guy.

Vern smiles enigmatically, offering a shrug of his shoulders. "No, and there never will be."

Kai shifts his eyes over to Vern. "Is it safe to say that said teenager is looking to extract some well-deserved pain from your bodily-checking account?" he asks.

Minthe looks back and forth between Jill and Kai, "So when do I get my Pearl of Power? Oh, Vern. We're playing Deeandee. Wanna join us?"

Jill chuckles to a halt. "Oh, hey Vern. Didn't see you there." She snickers a little more, then composes herself. "Okay, Minthe, maybe we better just forget about the rules for the moment. Try a short example game."

The buttered teenager scowls at the crowd, before stomping back to the exit, muttering darkly about revenge. Buttered revenge.

Vern gives Minthe a surprised glance. "Deeandee? I've heard of that. Isn't that like, a game for... um... Nevermind. What's next?"

Kai watches the teen move back through the hole. "Next - is that I get home. I'm in enough hot water as it is. Don't want to tempt fate. Jill, good luck with the lesson. See you ladies later. " he says, smiling. "And you, /try/ to stay outta trouble. I know it's a difficult thing to do but at least /make/ an attempt." he says to Vern.

Jill just shoots a bit of a glare at Vern, but remarks, "Later Kai."

Minthe looks over towards the hole, "Huh... my mom was right. Ignore boys coated in butter and they'll go away... Bye Kai!" she looks at Vern, its a game for who, now?"

Vern laughs, "I'll try... A little." He gives Kai a small wave, completely missing Jill's eye-lasers of Doom. "C'ya 'round. It's... Uh... I dunno. How do we play?"

Jill says, "Well, we're not really going to worry about rules right now. Okay, Vern, you're a guy with a sword, and a shield. And Minthe, you can be a princess with a bow and some arrows, and a knife. Alright, so, the two of you are standing at the mouth of a cave, and you know that there's treasure inside if you work together to get it. What do you do?"

Minthe blinks. She looks at Jill. Then at Vern. Then back at Jill. She blinks again. Finally, she says slowly, "We work together to get it."

Vern hmms. "Do I have some armor? Is it shiney? I mean, if it's shining, then I should probably hit on the princess..."

Jill shrugs lightly. "Well, you don't *have* to work together to get it, but it'd probably be nice to have help to fight off all of the monsters that you've heard in the cave. And yeah, I guess your shield is kinda shiny, Vern. But you don't *have* to do anything. That's the fun part."

Minthe shrugs, "Well... uhm... so long as my true love isn't playing... I guess I'd check out the guy with the sword. Is he cute?"

Vern nods his head. He pauses for a moment, then frowns. "Wait a second. There's monsters in the cave? Er... What kind of monsters? Like, big nasty ones? Ones that... uh... princesses can be used as bait for?" He shoots Minthe an apologetic grin.

Jill blinks faintly. "I'm not sure. Vern, is the guy with the sword cute?" She then nods a little. "Well, yeah. That's the name of the game - slay the monsters, and take the treasure. And it really does look better if you work together.

Minthe blinks at Vern and holds up her hands, "OK... well, sword-boy is a butt, and I'm not /about/ to go working with some guy who would use me for bait."

Vern laughs, "Alright, alright... Uh... He can be the ugliest guy you've ever seen, then."

Jill sweatdrops a little. "Alright, so, what do you do?"

Minthe blinks, "Uhm... well can't I just shoot the monsters and take all the treasure for myself, leaving the guy with the sword to wallow in his freakish misery?"

Vern grins, "Cool. Then ugly-guy can wait for, whack her over the head with a rock or something, and steal the stuff." He pauses for a moment, then nods to himself. "I like being evil. I'll be evil. Evil and ugly."

Jill says, "Well, theoretically, yeah, but you're still both standing outside the cave right now."

Minthe blinks, "We're just sitting at this booth."

Jill sighs a little, clarifies, "Okay, your *characters* are still both standing ouside the cave."

Vern peers around the room briefly. You never know-- There might be a princess hanging around after all. "So... Um... Well, Ugly steps inside..."

Minthe shrugs, "Oh. Well, OK. Uhm... I guess I'll shoot him in the back."

Jill picks out a few dice from her dicebag, tosses them, and inspects the results. "Hmm... Vern, your ugly guy just got shot in the shoulder. You stumble and fall as you're entering the cave, but you're not dead yet. What do you do?"
Vern glares at Minthe, "Hey! At least the ugly guy was going to leave you /alive/!" He frowns petulantly, "Alright... shot in the shoulder... He swears with lots of really naughty words at the princess."

Jill looks at Minthe. "Consider yourself sworn at."

Minthe shrugs, "You're evil and you were gonna hit me with a rock! It was self-defense!" she shoots back, "Uhm... OK... so I guess she'd wait for the monsters to eat him then she'll shoot 'em."

Jill says, "So you're just going to stand there waiting?"

Minthe says, "Well, I guess I could do my nails."

Vern looks between Jill and Minthe incredulously, "/I'm/ the evil one? Well, yeah, but... Like! You're as bad! Fine. Are there any big rocks lying around?"

Minthe shakes her head, "Oh no! Don't you come at her with a rock! She shoots him again."

Jill holds up a finger. "It's not your turn yet, Minthe - Vern hasn't done anything yet. Yeah, there are a few big rocks around, Vern, but they're really big - you don'tk now if you could lift them."

Minthe crosses her arms, "While he's trying to figure that out, can I shoot him?"

Vern frowns, sitting back further in his seat. "Fine. My guy /wont/ kill a girl, so... He... er... throws his shield at her?"

Jill rolls a few more dice. Looks at them a bit. "Okay, Minthe, you go to shoot another arrow at him, but Vern's thrown shield bonks you in the face, and you miss by a lot. Your nose feels kinda swollen, but otherwise you're okay."

Minthe nods, "OK.. this one's easy. She goes to a plastic surgeon."

Vern grins. "Ha! A trip to the plastic surgeon already! Score one for the ugly guy!"

Jill grins. "Sorry, cutie. No plastic surgeons in D&D land. And the nearest cleric is at least two day's walk away."

Minthe blinks, "What's a clerk gonna do for my nose? File some paperwork on it?"

Jill shakes her head. "Not a clerk, a cleric. Servant of the gods. They use healing magic."

Vern erms, "So... Uh, silly question, but what about the arrow in the ugly guy's shoulder? Like, wouldn't that be bleeding and stuff. It'll totally be wrecking his outfit."

Minthe nods to Vern, "Oh yeah... blood's the worst... Look, why don't you come with her to the clerk's office and get that fixed? You prolly could even get the outfit dry cleaned in the meantime."

Jill says, "It sure doesn't feel nice, but you should be okay." She blinks. "There's no dry-cleaners either, Minthe. It's a medieval world.""

Vern frowns. "So how do they get the stains out? Wait-- You're saying they /don't have conditioner/? The savages!"

Jill shakes her head. "they don't even have packaged food."

Minthe brightens, "I invent dry cleaning and packaged goods, and retire happy and rich. Those monsters can all just take a leap."

Vern nods, "And I'll leech off of her for years to come."

Minthe grumbles, "Just try it, uggo..."

Jill sweatdrops massively. "Okay, I officially declare this experiment over..."

Minthe claps, "Yay! That was fun!"

Vern nods, grinning. "Yeah! That was cool!" And a few moments later... "Hey! You shot me!"

Jill shovels all of her dice away. "Well, I don't think you two really got well into the spirit, but that could have gone a lot worse."

Minthe shrugs, "It was dark in the cave. I thought you were a monster..." she says, "Uhm... thanks, sweetie. You were a good Dudgeon Mistress," she says then yawns, "Uhm... I'd better go. I'm about to cra--" *crash* she hits the table and starts to snore, prettily.



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