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Alien Contact

The question that humanity has dreamed for such a thing for hundreds of years. The firm knowledge that we are not alone in this great, big universe. The ability to communicate with species so much more advanced than us. To exchange ideas. To live in harmony with the Universe.


Teenagers From Outer Space MUX has nothing to do with any of that.

Wake up! High School is never going to be the same again! Humanity is not alone in the universe and the Aliens are here! They've invaded our planet, enrolling in our High Schools, shopping in our malls, and eating the same fast food we do! The tribbles are hitting on your kid sister and silicon based life forms are poking at the cafeteria lunch and wondering if it's a distant relative.

Wait a sec...maybe High School won't be so different after all.

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Teenagers From Outer Space (TFOS) is based on the role-playing game by R. Talsorian Games. An RPG set on Earth where fun-loving, clueless space aliens go to our High Schools and try to act just like our Earthling teenagers. You can play as an Alien or a Human just like yourself (we're making an assumption here, go with it) and have epic adventures battling the Alien Control Officers or defending the planet from the Xerox copies from Neptune or the L33t hackers from Hackitopia all while trying to get your homework done in time so you can head out Friday night.

The rules are simple. You can learn to play in minutes and have fun doing so. Still not convinced? Trust us - if you thought battling dragons was tough, just wait until you meet the Vice Principal.

TFOS MUX is an RP heavy mux. Faculty Members will run plenty of plots (also known as Episodes), but it is entirely possible for PCs to have a grand ol' time without the intervention of a single Faculty.




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