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Building/Code Policies
Code Code required for all buildings
BLDRs What they are and how to become one
Policy Mux Building Policy


Standard Attribute Structure
Cmd Prefixes any $-command
li Prefixes any ^-listens
tr Prefixes @trigger targets
prog Prefixes @program targets and a-attr targets from @verb
dat Prefixes data elements
var Prefixes variables
ob Prefixes object references
fn Prefixes functions, targets for u(), get_eval(), map(), filter(), and other similar function evaluations
Note Include the following if applicable:
Name of person who created first draft
Person presently maintaining offline copies of this code
Comment block describing contributions to this code
Comment describing contents of all @va-@vz registers the code uses
Comment describing the setq() and setr() usage
Comment describing the use of object stacks
where_place Information about location (McDoggies, High School, etc)
notes Important information regarding the location (such as Goop Gun that protects entrance, alarm system, etc)
@succ, @osucc, @odrop, @desc Required for all rooms and exits
Locks on Exits and Rooms
All locks and exits must allow Faculty through. This is a non-negotiable item
IS_STAFF/1 Code for exit locks to allow Faculty passage
&IS_STAFF <place with lock>=[isstaff(%#)] Code for room locks to allow Faculty passage
High School Classrooms
1. Check hallway for MAX_CLASSROOMS attribute to see if maximum has been reached. Build elsewhere if needed.
2. Rooms all receive three digit numbers corresponding to their floor and order.
3. Add places to rooms where necessary.
4. Once room has been dug, set it as a child to the parent room - @parent here=#601




What is a BLDR?
BLDR is the term for those who wish to help out the MUX by coding or building items. In the past, they have built many of the clubs and other locations that populate the TFOS universe. This takes a great deal of work off the shoulders of the Faculty and enables them to create more fun for the PCs.

BLDRs have the power to code/design things off their rooms (known as Nexuses) and have complete control over their creations until they are placed on the actual Grid of the city. After that, they occasionally retain control, otherwise it will switch to the Faculty depending what is necessary. Some creations require Faculty only powers to work.

If you wish to become a BLDR, simply contact the Head of Build/Code or the Head of the Mux with your qualifications, experience in coding, ideas that you have, and previous characters you have played on TFOS. You will not lose your existing character. BLDR characters all have BLDR at the end of their names so people know they are not IC characters.

Note - It is recommend that you play on TFOS for a while prior to becoming a BLDR.




PCs may not build or own rooms or objects, nor may they modify any code on TFOS Mux. This is to avoid DB bloat and abuse of power.

All building and coding must be done by either Faculty or BLDRs. BLDRs are not permitted to code items for their PC use or to modify homes without offering it to the public.

JUMP_OK rooms and objects are NOT allowed on the Mux. Rooms set as ADOBE must have a detailed explanation. All code becomes Public Domain and can be used elsewhere on the Mux. Even if it is code you have designed, please ask the Faculty before transferring it to another MU*. The Faculty typically allow such requests (unless it is vital to TFOS), though we like to know where it is going and why.




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