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Teachers the blood and guts, the movers and shakers of TFOS Mux. Their primary responsibility lies in acting as the Referees for plots and scenes that involved PCs.

Teachers are also NPCs in their own right. When they are set to IC Duty, they can be interacted with as if they were any normal NPC. They all assume the names of Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss. as to be easily recognizable. Teachers also have the ability to run other NPCs, some of which may be public knowledge, some of which may not.

PCs wishing to become a Teacher must send a detailed resume to the Head of the Mux. LIst past experience with TFOS Mux or any other MU*, previous characters, code experience, and plot ideas that you wish to run. Being a Teacher is a very hard and difficult job that will require at least one plot per month to be run as well as random scenes. Applicants must have spent some time on TFOS prior to being accepted as a Teacher.

Counselors are Player Helpers, designated to assist PCs with any questions that they might have. The successful Counselor will have a good knowledge of the Mux's rules, news, and commands in order to assist new PCs. Having a great deal of patience and good communication skills helps as well.

Counselors are permitted to keep their normal PC.

Better known as BLDRs, these are the people who make and code the things that keep TFOS running smoothly. They have no power over Referee decisions or PCs, but they are pretty much free to build things as they wish to enhance the atmosphere of the Mux.

To become a BLDR, one must demonstrate an excellent knowledge of code.

Substitute Teacher
Substitute Teachers are Faculty members whose purpose is to help run plots and scenes on the Mux. They are 'part-time' Faculty in that they have a PC as well as limited Faculty abilities - namely they can run plots while not being able to handle other Faculty duties.

Applicants wishing to become a Substitute Teacher must have played on TFOS for three months and have a copy of the TFOS rulebook. They will be required to run at least one plot a month in addition to at least two short scenes (random events) per month. When not running plots or scenes, Subs will be available to assist other Faculty in developing plots. Subs are required to enforce the TFOS theme while running a plot or scene.

Substitute Teachers are permitted to keep a PC, but they are not allowed to involve that PC in any plot or scene. They must also log off that PC to prevent conflict of interests and allow the Sub to keep their full attention on the task at hand. Subs will be allowed to award Teener Points, but are unable to adjust other Stats.



These are just a few of the Special characters that exist on TFOS Mux.

The Vice Principal of the High School is a huge man. Eight foot tall, four hundred pounds of pure muscle, and a former Marine. He dresses in fine attire and nearly always looks snazzy, even with his smiley face lapel pin. Students quiver in his presence, except for those who suck up to him, and no one ever talks back to him. Mr. Mauler has the Knacks of Drag Offending Student to Detention by Scruff of Neck +10 and Inspire Fear in Students +8.

The Principal
No student has ever seen the Principal and survived. On rare occasion, parents will be called to the Principal's office and emerge saying only vague things such as "The Principal seems rather nice" and then change the subject. The Principal resides behind a two foot thick wooden door in the Main Office. Strange sounds and flashes of light sometimes come from beneath the door. The mere mention of having to report to the Principal's office inflicts four (4) Bonk. Actually seeing the Principal? 10 Bonk plus you remember nothing except the very meaning of utter fear.




Must MU*s have ON or OFF duty for their Staff. It is simple and easy to understand. TFOS Mux has one additional Duty - IC. As all Teachers on the Faculty are also NPC characters, this means that PCs can interact with them.

A Faculty member that is On Duty can handle pages, referee calls, and general other Faculty duties such as handling character approval. This may also mean they are running a plot or scene, so do not think they are ignoring you if they do not reply immediately.

A Faculty member that is OFF duty will not be available to PCs. This means they will not answer pages, referee calls, or any other such tasks. This may mean they are working on a project, running a plot, or possibly just hanging out for a short while.

A Faculty member that is IC is also typically ON Duty. If you spot them on the street, treat them as you would any other PC. Faculty members will sometimes do this to start a plot or simply to interact with the players. While Faculty are IC, they may also award Teener Points for good RP.



Teachers have two offices - IC and OOC. Counselors do not have IC offices as they are not IC characters on the Mux.

IC Offices are locations where PCs can go and interact with the Teacher as though interacting with another PC. These are usually attached to their classrooms or in the case of administration, the Main Office. Keep in mind that IC actions equal IC consequences. PCs caught sneaking into a Teacher's office will have to deal with it ICly.

OOC Offices are kept out of reach of PCs. These are where Teachers plot their adventures, code, and carry out their duties. PCs in an OOC Office must be invited there by Faculty.





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