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The IC History of Pebble Beach in TFOS

The City
Thomas Pebble had no intention of creating a city. In fact, history has shown that he was quite the loaner and despised practically everyone else in existence. Frankly, he was tired of traveling across the nation so he threw down his belongings and said "Gad nabit. I'm stayin' right here!"

And so he did.

It likely did not sit well with Thomas when other settlers traveling in the same direction found him and decided to build their homes next to him. After several failed attempts to rid himself of the pesky interlopers - including a shotgun, stampede, burning down their homes, etc - Thomas finally figured out that the settlers were too stupid to realize that he wanted them out of the way. At that point, he promptly suffered a heart attack and died on the spot.

In recognition of Thomas Pebble, the settlers that followed him declared the area to be the city of Pebble Beach. And that is how it has been since that wonderful day in 1823.

Pebble Beach is currently home to 60,000 to 75,000 residents, the number varying based on the season and how many Aliens have arrived for the school year. The city has a large industrial and commercial base that provides many jobs. In addition, the city is proud to have its own stadium (capable of hosting concerns, football, soccer, baseball, and track events), a glorious beach, and is also one of the regional headquarters for the Alien Control Officers. The city has two main schools - the exclusive Richmond Academy and the public Pebble Beach High School.

The Arrival
First contact with Aliens came in 1995 when a mothership from the Shaporoni Galaxy ran out of gas. Lacking a restraining order against the laws of physics, the ship fell straight down and flattened City Hall. After a brief moment of celebration, panic set in as citizens realized the Mayor was not in his office at the time and they began to search for someone to negotiate with the Aliens.

The only person found was Randall Wiley, last remaining successful businessman who had not yet fled the city. The choice did not sit well with many citizens because Randall owned the city dump. As a peace offering, Randall brought a fruitcake that he and his brother-in-law had been trading back and forth for the past six Christmas'. The general consensus was that the city was finished. Time to pack up and leave. Hit the road Jack, don't you come back no more. Kaput.

To the surprise of many, they watched as the Shaporonis devoured the fruitcake and quickly made peace. It was later learned that the Shaporonis considered fruitcake to be a heavenly delicacy. Randall was proclaimed a hero and given the key to the city. He was later immortalized in a statue following his death three months later at the hands of a tribe of Zarnelians who considered fruitcake to be a sacred, immortal god.

Peace and prosperity reigned. Not long after the Arrival, the Alien Control Officers built their headquarters. Their huge, gleaming towers kept control over the cities wild Alien Teenagers and on the rare occasion, helped with preventing the destruction of the city rather than hastening it.

Richmond Academy
In it's early years, the city attracted more than its share of wealthy individuals. As there was no formal schooling at that time, the richest people gathered together and build Richmond Academy in 1862. Because of its high standards (sometimes academic), students require a written letter of recommendation from at least half the Academy's teachers, a $10,000 per year tuition fee, and finally a vote from the current student classes to permit the incoming student. Richmond Academy has the Owl as their mascot and is proud to boast some of the highest grades in the state as well as some of the best athletes.

A prevailing attitude in Pebble Beach is that those who attend Richmond Academy are 'Snobs'. The typical clothing of a Richmond Academy student is usually more than the entire budget of the public High School. Only twenty aliens currently attend Richmond Academy, all of them Near Humans.

Note - No PC is allowed to be from Richmond Academy.

Pebble Beach High School
In 1870, the public High School was founded on its current spot at 200N Bleakhouse. This was done in response to the creation of Richmond Academy. The High School is much larger with 2,000 students compared to Richmond's 600 and easily the most diverse. At least half of the public school students are Aliens. Just about everything in the High School is average and many public students have earned a reputation for being misfits

Note - All PCs attend the High School.

Richmond Academy and Pebble Beach High School have never gotten along. Perhaps this is due to the Academy students having more money, better cars, best looking girls/guys, and being downright snobs or perhaps it could be because the High School students prefer a night of sneaking beer from Gwedo's and a beach party to listening to classic music at the local coffee shop.

Now matter what the reason, the two groups hate each other. At least twice a year, they meet head to head in sports including their respective Homecoming Games. The students of each school also try to one up another with practical jokes and revenge. To be frank - it is an old fashioned intercity rivalry.







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