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Official Policies of TFOS Mux
Advertising Advertising other MU*s
Anti-idle Anti-Idle Tools
Discipline What happens when you break the rules
Disputes How to contest what happens when you break the rules
Harassment Dealing with harassment on the Mux
PC One (1) PC per Player rule
OOC Regarding OOC on the Mux
Retiring Retiring (or graduating) a PC
Spying Use of 'Spy' code on the Mux
Theft Regarding the old 5-Finger discount
Vacations Vacations/Long Term idling of PCs


The simple rule is this - No advertising other MU* without the express permission of the Head of TFOS Mux and its Faculty.

Why? In a sense, advertising on someone else's MU* is using all of their hard work to say 'Hey, leave here and go somewhere else instead!'. People really do not appreciate it when you advertise in their newspaper without paying, so we are going to do the same here. If you wish to advertise, ask the Head of TFOS Mux for permission. If you see TFOS advertised elsewhere, you can be certain we asked for permission.


Anti-Idle commands/tools are banned.

Due to the fact that TFOS Mux allows PCs to determine how long they work, anti-idle commands are banned to prevent exploitation of that system. If you are found with such a command, it will be replaced with a Warning and one (1) Teener Point deduction. A second offense will result in losing five (5) Teener Points. Do not ask about a third offense.

An anti-idle command is defined as anything that sends commands so that you do not idle out and can stay active for long periods of time. The idle-out time for TFOS Mux is set to 60 minutes, long enough for you to accomplish whatever it is you need to do while idle.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if everything in the world was just fine and dandy and everyone got along great? But no. Someone out there just has to win. That includes places like TFOS Mux where you can't win. It's impossible. It's even in the rules that you can't win. There are no winners or losers in a place like this. But people are bound to try. Sad isn't it? As a result, TFOS Mux follows a Judge, Jury, and Executioner system of justice.

TFOS Mux is not a democracy. You do not get a vote. Decisions are made by the Faculty and ultimately the Head of the Mux. You can rest assured that the Head of the Mux did not get there by ignoring and trampling on other people's opinions. We do listen but sometimes we must act in the best interests of the Mux. Checks and balances are in place to prevent someone from going ballistic and @nuking the place.

The following are actions which warrant action by the Faculty. This list is by no means everything, but should serve as a baseline.

•Personal Insults (Non-IC)
•IC/OOC Crossover
•Damaging/Altering Mux Code or Database (immediate @nuke and siteban)
•Hacking other PCs (immediate @nuke and SUSPECT flag)
•Malicious Interference with Mux or Faculty
•False Accusations of the above (with intent to harm, not as in suspicion of wrong doing)


@boot Short term termination of your connection. You will be allowed to reconnect
Teener Point Deduction Removal of Teener Points, Negative is allowed
SLAVE Flag Allows connection, but not modification of database
Re-Passwording Temporary siteban which prevents you from logging on until password is reset by the Faculty
@nuke Destruction of PC. You may be permitted to create a new one.
Siteban Permanent restriction from TFOS Mux.


Now and then, you may find yourself disagreeing with a Faculty member over a Referee call or decision. Perhaps you noticed an error and wanted to bring it to their attention. Even Faculty make errors. To resolve this, try the following:

1. Page the Faculty member. Calmly and politely ask them if they are certain of their decision and why you believe it is inaccurate. Cite a rule if necessary. You may receive a cryptic answer (a secret of the plot perhaps) or you may hear the Faculty member admit a mistake.
2. If you continue to disagree, Log the remainder of the session and @mail or E-mail the log to the Head of TFOS Mux. They will review it from there.

Do not under any circumstance start an argument with the Faculty member. This not only slows down the scene, but also angers other players, angers the Faculty member (and it is in the rules they can be vindictive), and makes you appear as a pain in the rear (justifiable or not). If you have a legitimate complaint, follow steps 1 and 2 and it will be handled.


Teenagers from Outer Space is a game. As such, it is not the place to insult, cajole, harass, or otherwise get into OOC arguments with PCs or Faculty. Not only is it unacceptable and rude, it is also childish. Thus, follow the simple rule:

Do not pester or harass anyone on TFOS Mux with OOC Pages, @Mail, Channel Talk, or comments anywhere else.

IC actions have IC consequences, provided they are within the scheme of roleplay. Your PC might be beaten up, but chances are it's okay.

What is harassment? Harassment is continuing to page, @mail, or communication OOC with someone who has indicated offense are your tone, content, or statements after they have asked you to cease and desist. Harassment will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. If a complaint is made against you, you will be investigated by the Faculty. If we believe it is valid, you will be warned once (and only once) or banned if the offense is serious enough.

In today's increasingly legalistic world, one could be easily charged with a criminal offense for what is said on the Mux. This policy applies to both PCs and Faculty.


TFOS Mux does not allow multiple characters.

By setting your required E-mail address, you agree to play only one (1) Player Character. If you are found with more than one PC, both will be @nuked. Repeated offenses may result in harsher penalties.

For those wishing to bypass the system, the Faculty have tools that enable us to see IP and Site address. It is very easy for us to discover a pattern.


OOC stands for Out Of Character.
IC stands for In Character.

Information gathered OOCly is not to be used by your PC as if they knew it. If you happen to overhear a Faculty member's plot on Public channel or talk to your friend in Real Life who plays here, that information is not usable by your PC in any way, shape, or form.

You and your PC are two separate entities. While it is impossible to keep you from learning OOC information, the Mux would appreciate it if you kept that information to yourself and did not act on it. IC (In Character)/OOC Crossover is one of the easiest ways to ruin the fun.

Example #1
Bob and Frank are about to hunt for the Lust Stone to win Princess Karma. Karma has hidden the stone beneath the city so neither Teen knows its location. However, Joe ICly saw Karma hide the Lust Stone. Joe, a friend of Frank, learns via pages that Frank is looking for the Stone. Joe then proceeds to page Frank with the location of the Stone.

This is a perfect example of IC/OOC crossover and should be avoided. If Joe received a telephone call or met Frank ICly, then this exchange of information could be handled with no problem.

Example #2
Frank and Joe are friends in Real Life. Frank is dating a hot alien named Wendy and Joe would like to as well, but does not know that Frank is dating her. Over lunch in Real Life, Joe mentions this to Frank. Frank asks Joe not to do it as it would cause his PC considerable problems.

Joe should continue with his actions as his PC does not know that Frank is dating Wendy. It will be fun roleplaying and if it does indeed affect their Real Life relationship, they really need to get a life.

Accusations of IC/OOC Crossover are taken very seriously as they have a major impact on the Mux. We do not, however, accept an accusation as the truth. The Salem Witch Hunts died out a long time ago and we have no intent of reviving that practice. Please provide whatever evidence possible (Logs are the best) to assist us. First offenses are typically a warning with a note added to your PC and possibly Teener Point deduction. Second offense results in @nuke.

If you have questions or doubts, contact a Faculty member first.


Once in a while, you may wish to make a new PC. This could be because you've grown tired of your current PC or you have a new idea. The basic steps for retiring a PC are as follows:

1. Gather up all your PCs gear and return to your home or apartment.
2. @mail the Head of TFOS Mux and state - I wish to retire this PC to make a new one. Include a reason if you wish.
3. Log off your current PC.
4. Log in as a new PC.
5. @mail the Head of TFOS Mux with the name of your new PC and the name of your Old PC.
6. Play.

Note - do not attempt to give items from your old PC to your new PC. That will be considered cheating. Also, do not attempt to give away your items to other PCs. That's unrealistic. You will obviously need your things where ever your retired PC is going. You will not be allowed to return to your old PC.


Spying on TFOS Mux is defined as using code or objects that can 'shadow' or eavesdrop on communications without other individuals knowledge. A 'shadowed' command can grab input from other commands.

This action by PCs is highly illegal and punishable by immediate @nuke.

The Faculty has powers of Eavesdrop that is completely different. This monitors Public RP and not Private communications. The Faculty are bound by separate rules that have very harsh penalties (including siteban) for abuse.


On some MU*s, if it is not nailed down, it's free for the taking.

That is not the case on TFOS Mux. This Mux is based on RP which means if you wish to take something, you must +referee for a Faculty member to assist you.

Items may be laying about because a PC became disconnected or it could be there for a plot or perhaps someone just forgot to pick it up though they would have ICly. No matter the case, do not take the items. The same applies for doors - anyone caught trying multiple doors of Homes or Apartments in an effort to get inside will find themselves on the short end of the @nuke and siteban stick. Other penalties include Teener Point deduction.


Now and then the Mux needs to be cleaned up. This is a process of going through the database and removing old objects, PCs, etc.

Chargen: A PC will be nuked if they have not logged on in two (2) weeks while in Chargen.
Grid: A PC will be nuked if they have not logged on in six (6) months while IC.

If you are planning on being away for a long period of time (Vacation, School, Abduction, etc), you can set a simple attribute to make the Faculty aware. The command is simple:


Use of all Caps will make sure you get our attention.






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