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House Rules, Powers, and RPG Changes
Bands Get paid for making noise
Channels What Com Channel does what
Fake IDs How to go where you shouldn't be
I Know Them The 'I Know Them' rule
Knacks House Rules and customizing your Knacks
Powers House Rules and customizing your Powers
PRP Player Run Plots - Do It Yourself
Real PB The Real Pebble Beach
Rumormill The Rumormill, aka, the Gossip channel
RWP Getting Along with the Parental Units
Teener Points House Rules on Teener Points
Theme Song The Official Unofficial TFOS Mux Theme Song
Vehicles Where to get wheels and gas
Votes Giving Teener Points to those who deserve them


It has been a Teenager tradition for decades to create a band and TFOS Mux is no different. PCs are allowed to form their own bands and perform for money. Forming the band itself, purchasing the equipment, and getting a gig should all be handled through IC roleplay. The amount of money PCs can earn while performing vary on the Size of the venue, the Instruments, Knacks, and a bit of Luck. All of this equals Band Performance.

How To Determine Band Performance

1. Determine Performance Multiplier. At the Start, Middle, or End of the performance, one of the band members will roll 1d6 + Knack + Instrument Modifier + Venue Performance Multiplier Bonus as per the chart below for a Faculty member. Knacks that will affect a Band Performance could be Play Guitar, Sing, Drum, etc. Faculty members should choose the point at which the most PCs have come to watch the performance.

2. Figure out the PC Bonus by multiplying the number of PCs by the Per Attending PC amount on the chart below.

3. Use the chart below to determine the Venue Income gathered from the performance. The result is total income, not income per PC.

Venue Size
Performance Multiplier Bonus
Per Attending PC

4. Use the simple formula of (Performance Multiplier x Income) + PC Bonus to determine Total Income.

The Chalk Scrappers Band plays at Al's Grill, a Small venue. Six PCs show up for the gig to cheer/jeer the group on. At the end of the concert, Joe rolls 1d6 +2 (for his Knack of Scream Loudly into Microphone) and gets a 5. This is the Performance Multiplier. Joe then rolls 2d6 and comes up with 7. The band also has a great Amp and a Tiger Wilson Bass Guitar, each of which offers +1 bonus, bringing the Venue Income total to 9. A Small venue brings in an extra $3 for each attending PC resulting in a PC Bonus of $18. Thus, the band earns $63 ((9x6) = $45 + ($3x6)=$63)

Had the band played in a Large club, they would have gained a +4 bonus to their Performance Multiplier and an additional $4 per PC, resulting in a Total Income of $119.


When looking at the Com System (comlist), you will see a number of Channels. Only a few of these are IC. Discussing IC information on an OOC Channel is considered IC/OOC information. There are two special channels:

Public Channel
An OOC Channel for anyone and everyone. Chat, hang out, or help one another. Restrain from giving out any specific information that might lead PCs to certain places.

Covered more in the Rumormill section, the Gossip Channel is IC. No specific information should be passed over it, only sketchy details.

Fake IDs

Older TFOS PCs may remember Gwedo's Fake ID's on the east side of town. Aside from the obvious legal issues, the shop was shut down due to an error in destroying Fake IDs after a set period of time.

PCs, however, still have a need for Fake IDs. Anytime they purchase beer, try to sneak into a club, or an R rated movie, they'll wish they had one in hand. Being only Teenagers, none of the PCs on TFOS Mux will be old enough to pull this off. Aliens who live to be several centuries old are unfortunately restricted by their home planet laws, thus there are no loopholes.

At this time, only two organizations can make Fake IDs - The AHS and K^2. The following rules apply when making Fake IDs:

1. Fake IDs can only be made in certain areas with the necessary equipment. PCs will not have such equipment in their rooms. The HQs of the AHS and K^2 as well as the Newspaper room in the High School have the proper equipment.

2. Materials for Fake IDs cost $20 and the AHS and K^2 add an additional $10 to each Fake ID that goes directly into the organization's bank account. Anything else is given to the Teen making the ID. Thus a Teen can charge $45 for Fake IDs with $20 going to materials, $10 to the organization, and $15 to their own pocket.

3. Smarts is used to create Fake IDs but certain Knacks can assist in the process. Knacks such as Make Fake IDs, Photography, Calligraphy, or Forgery are all examples of what can assist the process but the final decision is up to the Faculty.

4. The Difficulty Number for Fake IDs is typically 10, be can be adjusted by other circumstances such as poor materials or making an ID of a well known person.

AHS Fake IDs last no more than 2 weeks before they are useless. They make up for this by charging less money.

K^2 Fake IDs last no more than 4 weeks before they are useless. They charge a higher price for this quality.

I Know Them

Teenagers from Outer Space has a trait that is not often found in other RPGs - the I Know Them trait. It is the only IC/OOC Crossover that is allowed on the Mux.

This trait manifests itself in this method - Every PC and NPC will have a &IC_INFO attribute on them that appears in their +finger. This is IC information that is known throughout Pebble Beach. The information is usually simple - 'Joe is a star athlete', 'Dawn is an aspiring actress', etc. PCs may have never met Joe or Dawn and may not be able to recognize them, but they know that much about either person.

TFOS Mux and the Faculty use this trait quite often. NPCs will show up for short plots and PCs should assume they know certain bits of information about them. This enables plots and episodes to start quickly without taking several months to play the NPC, get to know the players, etc. That is not saying the Faculty will not do that, but for shorter, quick episodes, this is a more preferred method.

The I Know Them trait is not meant to be a substitute for IC Roleplaying. It is simply a means to help the PCs and Faculty.


TFOS Mux has a few custom house rules regarding Knacks, plus some clarifications.

•No Knack may be higher than 6
•Knacks are Skills, not Powers.
•Type +knacks for suggestions/examples

Raising Knacks
•You may raise a Knack only once per week
•You may raise a Knack only one (1) point at a time
•To Raise a Knack, go through the Queues (+tfoshelp queues)

•When leaving CharGen, the highest Knack you can have is 3

Knack Stacking (Clarification, House Rule)
•Knack Stacking is the process of using more than one Knack on any given roll
•In a scene, you may use only one (1) Knack per roll
•If every person participating in the scene agrees to alter this, you may use more than one
•Faculty members have final say in any situation


Some of the Powers from the Teenagers From Outer Space RPG have been modified, adapted, or clarified for purposes of the Mux. This is not a listing of exactly what the Powers do. For that, see your TFOS book or go through CharGen.

Fake Out (Human)
The ability to tell an Alien teen almost anything about Human/Earth culture and have them believe it. This works wonderful against NPCs who accept it much more readily, but it will also work against PC Teens. If a Human PC wishes to Fake Out an Alien PC, they must RP it out. An Alien PC should fall for it. It is good RP on both parts (especially when the Alien PC finds out it is not true). If necessary, contact a Faculty member to observe the situation.

Note - No Alien PC race is immune to Fake Out.

Filthy Rich (Human)
PCs with this Power must contact a Faculty member to get access to the Unlimited supply of ready cash they have available. The PC must make a Current RWP roll against a roll from their Parents and a difficulty number assigned by the Faculty. The amount of money given is determined by your success (or lack thereof).

Note - Currently Filthy Rich is a restricted Power for Human PCs due to numerous issues. The Faculty is constantly working on getting this resolved.

Incredibly Cute (Human)
PCs wishing to make a roll involving their Looks (or possibly RWP if the situation warrants) may be able to add a bonus to their roll. Contact the Faculty for assistance with this.

Run Like Heck (Human)
This is an Roleplayed Power. While it makes you the fastest Human around in terms of speed, it does nothing to improve your reflexes or reactions.

Toughness (Human)
The Bonus provided by this Power will be added when the situation warrants. Otherwise, it should be Roleplayed as a tough dude/dudette.

Lose It Completely (Human)
PCs wishing to use this Power should contact a Faculty member.

Lucky Break (Human)
PCs may add two (2) points to their Luck rolls. This can be easily Roleplayed though to a certain limit (no winning lottery tickets, etc).

Connections (Human)
PCs wishing to use this Power should contact a Faculty member.

Fly (Alien)
PCs wishing to Fly can simply go Up from most city streets and areas. There is a limit to how how a person can Fly, however.

Shapechange (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this power can simply change their Description (@desc). If you wish to use this for purposes other than normal RP, contact a Faculty member.

Monster Out (Alien)
PCs with the Monster Out Power should have an attribute on themselves along the lines of &MONSTER_OUT_cmd me=$+monster out:@desc me=<description> to maintain a static description of how they appear when Monstered Out. RP as though you were a Monster as well. Contact a Faculty member if you wish to go on a rampage.

Super Strength (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this power can simply RP it unless they want to do something unique or not for show. Ex. - Lifting a car to impress a girl vs lifting a building to throw at the ACO.

Force Field (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this Power for means beyond normal RP should contact a Faculty member.

Bonk Drain (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this Power should contact a Faculty member.

Deep Freeze (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this power can simply RP it unless they want to do something unique or not for show. In those situations, contact a Faculty member.

Telephone (Alien)
PCs with this Power should purchase a Phone and contact a Faculty member. The Faculty will then refund the money and set the Phone Dark.

Get Small (Alien)
PCs with the Get Small Power should have an attribute on themselves along the lines of &GET_SMALL_cmd me=$+get small:@desc me=<description> to maintain a static description of how they appear when they Get Small. RP as though you were Small as well. Contact a Faculty member if you wish to do anything beyond the normal.

Temporal Funk (Alien)
PCs wishing to use this Power should contact a Faculty member. This Power can only be used one time every four hours (time altering devices do not speed up this process).

Teleport (Alien)
The Teleport Power works identical to the Rulebook with one exception - you must have the permission of another person if you wish to Teleport them. If they refuse and you still wish to try, contact a Faculty member.

Subspace Pocket (Alien, Custom)
Subspace Pocket is the Alien Power to pull/put inordinately large things into and out of seemingly nowhere. The object cannot be larger than the PC and they must be able to physically lift and move it. However, once placed in the Subspace Pocket, objects do not weigh anything or take up space. If the Subspace Pocket becomes too full, random things will fall out at random times. (Submitted by Blix)


PRP stands for Player Run Plots and emerged as a response to the small number of Faculty available at all times. PRPs are any plots that PCs instigate or plan by themselves that require minimal intervention of the Faculty (running of NPCs, minor coding, acting as Referees over planned scenes, etc). They have proven to be a valuable addition to TFOS Mux and will continue to be encouraged. Below is a list of Guidelines that all PRPs must follow.

Note - Player Run Plots are in a constant state of 'Beta'. These rules can change at any time and without notice.

All PRPs must be @mail'ed or E-mailed to the Faculty in advance. Examples can be found in the Episodes section of the TFOS Archives ( Information to include is :
•Length (one day, one night, one week, etc)
•Faculty Involvement (Coding, NPCs, etc)
•Synopsis (Brief description of plot including NPCs, location, etc)

The Faculty must approve the PRP before it is to be run. Faculty may ask for changes, explanations, etc. Knowing the rules of Teenagers from Outer Space will help a great deal in getting a PRP approved. If you have the rulebook, say so in the description of the PRP.

A PRP may also be rejected for any number of reasons. The plot may interfere with an existing or planned Faculty plot. New players may be asked to hold off on plots until they have gotten a better feel for the atmosphere. Running a rejected PRP is a serious violation that could result in punishment including bans from future PRPs.

All PRPs must be logged from start to finish. The Log must then be e-mailed to a Faculty member to ensure fairness and awarding of Teener Points.

PCs are not allowed to change their names to act as an NPC. NPCs should only be emitted (@emit) and roleplayed via that method. The only exception is when a Faculty member gives you direct permission to assume an NPC role. All events with an NPC must be logged.

PC as the Referee
When starting a PRP, all PCs must be notified that this is being run by a PC and if they have questions, to direct them to the proper person (i.e. - the PC running the plot).

Advice and Tips
•PCs must have something at stake. It could be pride, their clothes, money, a favorite CD, or a member of the opposite sex.
•If the PCs are slow in grabbing onto the plot, force their hands. Example - A man staggers up to the PCs and drops a tape into their hands saying "Deliver this to City Hall before noon!" Suddenly, a group of bad guys show up and vaporize the man.
•Things get blown up, cars smashed, CDs used as frisbees, and the newly purchased guitar may get smashed over someone's head.
•PCs always find trouble. Even if they do save the world, chances are they did it by breaking curfew or blew up the house. PCs should sign and accept it as the unfair life of a Teenager.
•Irony rules in Teenagers from Outer Space. A spitball may fell the Death Star from the sky or an errant chicken nugget may be sent into orbit and destroy the only satellite carrying the 'LOx - Live at Wembly' concert.
•Running Gags are essential to TFOS. They may appear several times during a PRP or just once every few weeks. PCs should recognize these.


Real Pebble Beach

Teenagers from Outer Space Mux is not related in any way, manner, shape, form, or philosophical way to the real life city or corporation of Pebble Beach.

When the creators of TFOS Mux first began playing the Teenagers from Outer Space in the late 80s, they developed a city. The name Pebble Beach came to mind as it sounds like a joyful ocean-side community that would be fun. It was not until the mid 90s that it came to their attention there was an actual city (actually seven cities at last count) and a golf course. We obviously were not big golf folks at the time.

We're about Aliens, Teenagers, High School, Anime, and the free wheeling chaos that comes with it all.



Teenage life revolves around the Rumormill (aka the Gossip channel) and TFOS Mux is no different. Through the +gossip command, PCs can anonymously gossip about themselves, friends, neighbors, or complete strangers throughout the High School and town.

The Gossip channel is treated differently than other channels. It is completely IC and no OOC information is allowed. It is also an anonymous channel to PCs, though Faculty can see who says what and when. Gossip, by its very nature, should not be 100% accurate nor does it have to be truthful at all. Conversation is not permitted.

Using the Gossip Channel
1. Join the Gossip channel (addcom gos=Gossip)
2. Type +gossip <rumor>
3. The Rumormill will display an anonymous message on the Gossip channel.


RWP or Relationship with Parents is used whenever a PC needs to convince, borrow, beg, or deal in general with his/her/its parental units or the authorities in charge of said being. RWP can go up or down depending on the number of favors the PC has asked for or how much trouble they have gotten into or how sadistic the Ref is feeling at the moment. It can never be higher than your original RWP.

Joe wants to borrow ten dollars from his father for a movie. His normal RWP is 4, however, earlier in the week he landed Frank's Jetbike on top of the neighbor's car (-3 RWP) and got an F in Multi-Dimensional Physics (-3 RWP) placing his current RWP at -2. Joe decides to be a model citizen for the next few weeks, earning 2 RWP per week, while shaking down his kid sister for a loan.

Things That Can Affect Your RWP
Sass the Old Man -3
Sass Mom -2
Sass a Teacher -1
Get Home Late -1
Get Home Real Late -2
Scratch Dad's Car -5
Wild Party at Home -6
F Grade in Class -3
Caught Clobbering a Sibling -1
Foul Language -2
Traffic Ticket -2
Don't Do Your Chores -1
Caught with Girl/Boyfriend -6


Results of Negative RWP
-1 RWP Lecture
-2 RWP Lose One Week's Allowance
-3 RWP Grounded for One Day
-4 RWP Grounded for One Week
-5 RWP Grounded Forever

RWP is regained at a rate of two points per week. Please note when you lose RWP and page or @mail a Faculty member when it comes time to readjust your RWP.

Teener Points

There are three ways to earn Teener Points and three ways to spend Teener Points.

How To Earn Teener Points
•Episodes (awarded by Faculty)
•+Votes (awarded by peer PCs for roleplaying)
•Logs (awarded by Faculty)

How to Spend Teener Points
•Raise Knacks (one Teener Point for each Knack raised)
•Cash (1d6 Bucks per Teener Point)
•Bonuses to Dice Rolls (see below)

Teener Points can be spent in either half or full increments to increase a dice roll. Spending .5 Teener Points will add +3 to a roll. Spending 1 Teener Point will add +6. You cannot receive a higher bonus than +6.

Theme Song

As Teenagers from Outer Space Mux is essentially based on a TV show, it was felt there was a need for Theme Song. In March 2001, the Mux held a contest with the winning entry being announced on an Internet Shoutcast (performed by Anglebert aka The Amazing Jake).

The Official TFOS Mux Theme Song is - Yamerarenai Yamerarenai (Can't Stop, Can't Stop) from Tenchi in Tokyo (submitted by Aria).

The Runner Up - Dare to be Stupid by Weird Al Yankovic.



Every Teenager on TFOS Mux gets a Car or Saucer for only one buck. Teenagers without a vehicle are the source of enormous amounts of ridicule and is often a dweeb, nerd, loser, squid, etc. Walking everywhere it the utmost sign of lack of coolness.

For help with your vehicle, type +lhelp vehicle while inside it.

Where to Purchase a Vehicle
Arnold's Used Car and Saucer Lot is located at 500 Elm Street. Humans are allowed to purchase Cars while Aliens are allowed to purchase Saucers. PCs are allowed to purchase only one vehicle during the duration of their character.

Note - it is a major penalty to be caught owning a vehicle designed for another race without IC reasons. The Faculty will destroy the vehicle and you will not be allowed to purchase another.

Where to Get Gas
The Gas Station is located at 100N Bluebird. If a PC does not have money, they may need to bum off friends.

If a vehicle runs out of gas, the PC may summon the Hyperdimensional Tow Truck () to tow the vehicle to the Gas Station. This costs 25 bucks.

The Gas Station also sells two gallon gas cans for 5 bucks. Cans are also sold at the Zoltar Wilson Stadium Parking Lot, the Beach Parking Lot, and the Mall Parking Lot.

Cars and Saucers move as fast as they like with only a handful of rules as listed by the following chart.

Vehicle Speeds
Normal Car
Car with New Engine
Normal Saucer
Saucer with Superdrive

Cars and Saucers may physically move around the city as fast as they would like so long as they respect the above speeds. It is also strongly recommended that vehicles pause for several seconds along each block, longer if a PC or another vehicle is present, for RP purposes. If the Faculty deem the vehicle is moving too fast, they can ticket you (35 bucks per speeding ticket plus RWP penalties).

Distances and Speed Limits
Pebble Beach is a fairly good sized city, measuring 6 miles from east to west and 4 miles from north to south. This means each block is roughly .5 miles, give or take. From the onramp to Highway 12 at Bleakhouse and BMDRH to the Stadium is 4 miles. To the Beach is another 3 miles, making Pebble Beach 7 miles from the ocean. At normal speed, it will take approximately five minutes to travel the curving Highway 12.

Speed Limit
City, Residential Areas 25 mph
City, Business Areas 35 mph
Highway 12 65 mph
Outer Space Unchecked

Highway 12 is locked so that only vehicles can enter it.

Vehicle Impounding
The Police Department has an Impound Yard where vehicles that have been abandoned or are parked in odd locations for extended periods of time are sent. The owner of the vehicle will no longer have access to it unless they visit the Police Station and pay a fine of 100 bucks. Owners under the age of 21 will require a parental signature. A separate RWP penalty may be applied based on the whim of the Faculty. Vehicles not claimed after several months will be auctioned off.

Contact a Faculty member for assistance in retrieving your vehicle.


Teenagers from Outer Space Mux has implemented a +vote code that allows PCs to reward their peers for exceptional RP or memorable moments. Information on how to cast a vote can be found with +tfoshelp vote. The system works as follows:

•PCs are granted 5 votes per week
•PCs are allowed to vote only for other Teenagers. Faculty, BLDRs, etc are not eligible.
•Votes are calculated every Sunday and posted to BBoard 1
•Each vote is worth .1 Teener Point.

The +vote system is setup in hopes of distributing the +votes about and to encourage more people to RP rather than confining it to a small crowd. It is heavily frowned upon to use Voting Circles to increase your vote tally.



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