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The News & Rules files are in a constant state of flux. The information presented here is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but should be close enough.

Last Updated: 04/18/06

While every News and Rule should be read, memorized, and tattooed on your forehead, those items listed in Italics are the 'must-read' policies that you should pay special attention to.

Building Building/Code Policies
Code Code required for all buildings
BLDRs What they are and how to become one
Policy Mux Building Policy
Faculty TFOS Mux Faculty & Organization Structure
Types The types of Faculty
Special Special Faculty members
Duty On-Duty? Off-Duty? IC? What's it all mean
Offices IC vs OOC Offices
History IC History of the city of Pebble Beach
Internet Information about TFOS on the web
Policy Official Policies of TFOS Mux
Advertising Advertising other MU*s
Anti-idle Anti-Idle Tools
Discipline What happens when you break the rules
Disputes How to contest what happens when you break the rules
Harassment Dealing with harassment on the Mux
PC One (1) PC per Player rule
OOC Regarding OOC on the Mux
Retiring Retiring (or graduating) a PC
Spying Use of 'Spy' code on the Mux
Theft Regarding the old 5-Finger discount
Vacations Vacations/Long Term idling of PCs
Roleplaying Hints, Tips, and Facts
Aliens How to Roleplay, Names
Backgrounds Creating a Background for your PC
Conflicts Dealing with IC Conflicts
Equality PC vs PC vs NPC Equality

Your Family

Gadgets How to make new gadgets
Gossip The IC Gossip Channel
Groups A brief primer on some of the city's IC groups
Help Where to find help
High School How High School works on the Mux
Homes Your Home
Logs How to earn extra Teener Points
Media The 4th Estate in TFOS
Money Allowance and Money
Reading A suggested reading list
Sex The Golden Rule on TFOS Mux
Swearing Four letter words and You
Tips Helpful tips from Faculty and Players
Toggles Settings, Switches, and Toggles
Rules House Rules, Powers, and RPG Changes
Bands Get paid for making noise
Channels What Com Channel does what
Fake IDs How to go where you shouldn't be
I Know Them The 'I Know Them' rule
Knacks House Rules and customizing your Knacks
Powers House Rules and customizing your Powers
PRP Player Run Plots - Do It Yourself
Real PB The Real Pebble Beach
Rumormill The Rumormill, aka, the Gossip channel
RWP Getting Along with the Parental Units
Teener Points House Rules on Teener Points
Theme Song The Official Unofficial TFOS Mux Theme Song
Vehicles Where to get wheels and gas
Votes Giving Teener Points to those who deserve them




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