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Build low-latency live streaming

Mux’s API lets you easily build interactive live streaming into your applications.

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Low-latency streaming with one API

Getting as low as 5 seconds of latency is as simple as an API call. Mux's Live Streaming API is developer-friendly and enables the delivery of amazing live experiences to your customers and their audiences.

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First player-agnostic solution to support Apple's LL-HLS

Because we’re built on open standards, your video will work on any device with any compliant player. No plug-ins or proprietary players required.

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Measure low-latency success

Get clear insight into what your audiences are experiencing. Measure the latency of your streams across dimensions like device, region, and browser with Mux Data.

Easy to use

Mux provides powerful video infrastructure accessible via simple API. We take away the complexity of video and provide hosting, encoding, and delivery services so your teams can focus on building the things that make your product special.

Easy to use

Data to build the best viewer experience

Just as you wouldn’t want to build your own video backend, the same goes for building a video analytics platform. That’s why we include access to industry-leading Mux Data, so you can:

  • Get insights into the latency of your stream
  • Know if your videos are gaining traction
  • Monitor playback performance
  • Quickly identify issues
  • Investigate opportunities for improvements
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Use any LL-HLS compliant player you want! Because we’ve built Low-Latency Live Streaming on an open standard, you’re not locked into using a specific player. Don’t have a player? Get started quickly with Mux Player.

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Player friendly

Powerful features for unique experiences

Our features make it easy to build the unique interactive experience your audience deserves.

  • Automatic recording for on-demand playback
  • Restream to social media platforms
  • MP4 support for offline viewing

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Powerful features

Engaging interactive experiences are made possible with:

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Low latency

A live streaming latency of as low as 5 seconds enables a natural interaction between the audience and content creators and vice versa while still feeling natural.

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Synchronize video playback

Synchronize live stream playback with other components in your app (like chat, activity feed, fitness tracking, etc.) or even create a co-viewing party for users watching the same live stream.

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Live audio streaming option

If you have a radio station or podcast, we can be the single platform for both your low-latency audio and video streaming.

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Stream live from any source with RTMP

Because we use RTMP for accepting live broadcasts, and HLS for output streams, your application has the ability to stream from a mobile app, broadcast software, or hardware encoder and broadcast to any device.

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Billions served

Mux is built for scale. We deliver over a billion minutes a month to audiences around the globe. Whether you're serving a few dozen streams or a few million, we handle scaling so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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Secure playback

With playback policies, you control the level of security for each video asset. Plus we offer increased security to prevent leeching and hotlinking of your video content.

Mux Video pricing

Pay only for what you use. Get $20 in free credits when you sign up. Volume discounts automatically applied as you scale.

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On-demand Encoding

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Live Encoding

starting at $0.032 /min

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starting at $0.003 /min

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starting at $0.00096 /min

They said it best
Our mission is to make attending a wedding remotely as enjoyable as in-person and Mux Low-Latency Live Streaming elevates the virtual weddings experience. Guests can interact near-instantly by sending live messages and throwing virtual rice, overcoming any distance for these precious life moments.
Neil Parker
CTO and co-founder at Lovecast
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